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Progressed Joe Biden, For 3 November 2020


Progressed Horoscope and Map

Progressed Horoscope
Birth Date and Time:  
Joe Biden  
20 / 11 / 1942    
Time Zone:  
Birth Place: Scranton US Pennsylvania  
Lon: -75.39 Lat: 41.24  
2020-11-03 GMT: 1943-02-06 11:54:57
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Mars Capricorn 07°47'45'' First House * Body You

Mars advancing in the First House will give you plenty of vigor and self confidence, and you will never miss what the world calls "courage." You are courageous, energetic and sometimes, somewhat imagined and inclined to impose unnecessarily. Therefore, you must avoid giving up impulses and doing reckless things, as well as making hasty conclusions. You will rise to life with your own efforts and you can be promoted quite well when circumstances require it. However, you need to try to keep some of your energies, so that you keep your power for the period that will be most beneficial to use it. In other words, always think before you do.

Mars Capricorn 07°47'45'' * Body Industriousness

This post due to your progress gives you ambition, determination and the ability to open your way to the world and map your career. You have great practical executive ability, you can work hard and you are capable of doing a lot. You have a sense of authority, you can control and direct others and you are fit for a position of responsibility. This position can bring you to the world, give you some distinction or dominance over others, even in a limited way. But there is also a tendency to isolate you and make others fear you or respect you rather than love you. Mars is powerful in Capricorn and is suitable for the professions that are characterized by this planet, such as military, naval, surgeon, chemist, engineer, also a capacity for a government, state or municipal authority. When you are in bad directions, you may encounter hostility, criticism, competition, especially from superiors or from public figures. There is a tendency for rheumatic or related conditions.

Mercury Capricorn 24°57'42'' Second House * Clarity Financially

This position of progress promises you profits through literary occupations, agencies, publications, etc., in other words, through every sedentary work in which the mind is more minded than the body. You have a lot of business skills and you are resourceful and possessive in terms of money, but you have to watch out for fraud and theft and be careful when signing financial documents. You do well on all issues where a quick move is needed, and journalism or business and press, mission, agency, etc. They will offer you the most efficient income ways.

Mercury Capricorn 24°57'42'' * Clarity Industriousness

Mercury in Capricorn, makes your mind stable and careful, diplomatic and profound. This position gives you a truly intelligent mind and gives you the power to keep your secrets and use discretion in the conversation. It will bring you honor and recognition in all cognitive activities. You will be distinguished in life through ambition, assisted by discretion and resourcefulness and you should never be afraid to take on responsibilities and organization. You have a systematic and orderly mind that makes you capable of methodical work. You are absolute in every mental work. You can study astrology and related topics. It will always be to your advantage if you cultivate straight thinking.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter * Clarity Opposition Luck

The Planets of Mercury and Jupiter have now moved on to a Contrast aspect and this may make you mistaken or cause you losses that come from the state of mind or from correspondence or legal affairs. You should act very cautiously during this time, avoid trials, and also be as careful as possible in what you write or sign. Think and judge very carefully before you act, because you can make a serious mistake in your judgment, which will cause you financial loss. Your mind will be rather obscured as long as you are under that influence. You must pay close attention to signing any important document. You should not borrow or lend as much as you are but look closely at your financial affairs.

Sun Aquarius 16°49'30'' Third House * Energy Movements

The progress of the Sun in this position is rather favorable for whatever trips you make in your life but, in the general sense, it does not imply much mobility. During trips you may come in contact or meet people of noble origin because the Sun denotes all things related to social order and seniority. All your trips will be related to a superior mission, or you will have to perform a task that will require you to move from place to place. You have a much higher spirit. You match with your siblings and you will benefit from them or through them in some way. The mind is wide and generally impartial and there is agreement with relatives.

Sun Aquarius 16°49'30'' * Energy Progress

The progress of the Sun in Aquarius makes you patient, careful, faithful, determined, intriguing and sophisticated. You have a gentle, humanistic, honest, calm and peaceful nature and as life progresses you will become good knowledge and judges of character and human nature because you are detached to your judgment and feelings do not easily drag you away. You can easily become familiar with strangers and new environments.

Moon Pisces 07°50'45'' Third House * Mood Movements

The Moon moving from the moment of your birth has reached the Third House of your horoscope, the House of Mind. Your cognitive abilities will grow and become more active than usual. You will make a special trip or you will generally travel during this period. Also, because the Third House also relates to relatives and brothers, you may be dealing with their affairs a little bit. Traveling, but especially travel, will take you most of the time. This is a good time to study and activate your mind, either by reading or dealing with those mental quests that generally improve the mind.

Moon Pisces 07°50'45'' * Mood Dreams

The Moon has proceeded to the Pisces sign, suggesting a very receptive period, experiences of binary nature, not entirely favorable. There may be grief and disappointment and you will not see things from the bright side. You will tend to explore spiritism or study the occult, but you must avoid being swept away by greater daydreaming because this is not a practical sign. You will be very interested in psyche or you will have some experience with mental institutions, asylums and large organizations. You have to be careful not to offend others. This sign awakens the inner and softer side of the character and usually makes the mind very receptive and with a tendency to mediumism or very sensitive to the other minds.

Venus Pisces 06°23'12'' Third House * Joy Movements

Venus in progress now has an influence on your horoscope's Third House, making trips, changes, and travels enjoyable and profitable. Not only will you earn from your travels, but you will also find the greatest pleasure and satisfaction in traveling in your life. This position of Venus greatly improves your mind and suggests that you are artistic and you like beauty, especially in nature. You will generally agree with your siblings and relatives and either you will gain through them or there will be some mutual benefit, directly or indirectly. At some point in your life you will travel for pleasure or profit, as this Venus position is very favorable.

Venus Pisces 06°23'12'' * Joy Dreams

This position gives a nice and cheerful character, with a feeling of compassion for those who need help either because of misery or poverty. You are happy, good-hearted and carefree - sometimes a little inactive and without energy. You will have good imagination, insight and sensitive mind and sociability. This position also gives good taste and appreciation for beauty in painting, music, interior decoration, clothing or jewelry and you can succeed in a profession that deals with them. There is also a slight tendency for display and display, for formulas and rituals. You are somewhat confused about issues of sympathy and feelings, and maybe you have two erotic comrades, two marriages or two occupations. When you are in bad directions, you are likely to lose money because of fraud or other means, or there may be some problems with money. This position sometimes implies a secret job or marriage.

Uranus Gemini 00°34'17'' R Sixth House * Change Duty

Uranus is now in progress at the Sixth House, suggesting a tendency for strange illnesses that may become incurable. In all cases, you should avoid surgery. Hypnotic treatment is not at all favorable to you, although in cases requiring special attention, electrical or strange treatment methods may be useful. Be sure to avoid hysteria because there is a risk of hypochondria. Generally speaking, this position shows momentum to peculiar nervous diseases.

Uranus Gemini 00°34'17'' R * Change Contacts

Uranus in Gemini gives originality, intuition and love for the rhythm. You like traveling by modern means of transport. You have somewhat irritable nature, inventive abilities, and during teenage years, you will have some original opportunities.

Uranus Trine Neptune * Change Gain Inspiration

The Bright face between the distant planets of our system, Neptune and Uranus, is an influence that will have little real effect on your outer life, as its effects are directed more towards inner nature or character. It implies that the subjective and objective elements of your character are in a harmonious balance, and therefore, external life is not likely to be disturbed by sudden energy outflows coming from within. Although it can be considered as a very favorable position, you should not over-estimate it in terms of the usual notion of "favorable" because its influence is far removed from physical life so that it has some direct effect on it And therefore the faces of the other planets on your birth horoscope will be comparatively much more powerful.

Saturn Gemini 05°35'06'' Seventh House * Time Familiar

Saturn in progress is now in the Seventh House at your horoscope, the House of Marriage. This planet tends to delay or hinder the prospects of marriage. But if the marriage is done, he promises a stable and faithful companion, who may be rather tough and serious, he is also very hardworking, persistent, cautious, self-conscious and unhappy. Your partner is likely to be bigger than you, with a tendency to like responsibility. It is not a good indication of prosperity, but it is a faithfulness to marriage, although caution must be exercised so that you do not let the cold go between you, because your partner will not be very excited about his feelings and he will prefer The acts of words and the practical love of the many sweethearts. Marriage: Saturn in the seventh house does not exclude marriage, but creates a tendency for the person to postpone it for much later in his life. It can attract people who are much older and much more mature than that. If Saturn is in good shape, the person can hope for a very good marriage. A marriage with the prospect of lasting all his life. If Saturn is in a weakness, this man has a lot to learn about marriage and relationships and he will probably go through very difficult situations in his relationships with others. If your match belongs to this guy, you will spend hard times in your relationship.

Saturn Gemini 05°35'06'' * Time Contacts

This Saturn position threatens you with problems in the early years of life, as well as with difficulties related to education, ecclesiastical or philological work, your brothers and short trips. But through perseverance and diligence you can gain great mental capacity. The power of character and the superiority of purpose, the depth of thought and the ability for scientific research can be cultivated considerably. At some point in your life, when Saturn is in good direction, you will gain success in matters of intellectual or family life, but when Saturn is offended, you will have problems from these sources. Avoid irritability and feelings of bitterness. Simply put, you are somewhat frivolous and sophisticated, and you often change positions and values ​​depending on the environment in which you are. But you are also adaptive and you can live and spend well anywhere.

Jupiter Cancer 16°57'19'' R Eighth House * Luck Others

Jupiter exerts a significant influence on the Eighth House, the House related to wills, bequests, and end-of-life issues, you will gain from heritage, or through a good marriage, or through partners and associates. This influence brings you good luck through others and either through collateral or in a direct or indirect way, you will benefit. Your life will have a very peaceful end because you will encounter a natural and easy death. There is no better influence than what comes from the planet Jupiter and all the issues that govern it are reaching a good end. SEX: It shows a healthy and enthusiastic treatment of sex. This person feels free and great comfort in externalizing his sexual behavior. He is also very patient and tolerant of the sexual behavior of others, even if they have a problem with his own. A man with Jupiter in his eighth house and a tough corner with Venus tends to become indiscriminate and still tends to fall in love with anything that can be ... desirable. Jupiter at a harsh angle with Uranus shows success in the person's sexual affairs that usually start and end abruptly. If he has a corner with Saturn, he shows sexual faith and devotion.

Jupiter Cancer 16°57'19'' R * Luck Transactions

This progress strengthens imagination and insight and gives you some tendency towards art. It is a favorable place for family life, it gives peace and harmony at home, it indicates a bond between you and your parents and gives happiness and prosperity. It can bring you some inheritance from parents, possibly the mother or her family. You may be making some trips, possibly by sea, or perhaps following a profession that involves travel. You can benefit by acquiring houses or land, or by professions related to them. You have talent in choosing furniture and decorating the home and you like the beauty and finesse at home. Understand the architecture and you may be able to do it. It will pull you to the mental or occult side of things or perhaps give you the ability to develop a mental attribute.

Pluto Leo 05°51'29'' R Eighth House * Wealth Others

Pluto in the Eighth House always gives an inheritance. Either from your family or your spouse's family. Another effect is that it gives excessive sexuality and as a result many children. SEX: Pluto's presence in the eighth, shows a person very sexual, dominated by passion. But his characteristic is that he has dominant attitudes towards his partner. In cases where Pluto is in conjunction with the Moon or Venus, it can give a sexuality that is slightly competitive. The person who has Pluto in the eighth is warm-hearted in love, has no inhibitions, and is sincerely happy to feel happy with his erotic partner. There is a possibility that the one who has Pluto in the eighth house to leave behind the victims of his sexuality and everyone has to say about his performance in love and his ability, while at other times this same person does years to come to Erotic contact. If Pluto has bad influences, violence may occur.

Pluto Leo 05°51'29'' R * Wealth Creativity

Pluto in Leona, gives you the ability to undertake some important and refreshing work and to be honored for it.

Neptune Libra 01°45'05'' R Tenth House * Inspiration Profession

Neptune is related to the profession (10th House) and your occupation, in life, implies that you have to follow those things that are rare, unique and unusual. In the general sense, this planet governs all things that are inspirational and psychic. Below this planet we find psychic and all unusual individuals in the professional world. It gives some literary talent as well as artistic tendencies of strange nature. It is difficult, if not impossible, to indicate with certainty a special or permanent profession, because so little is actually known about Neptune, so that most of our ideas around this mysterious planet are for the time being just a little hypothetical Nature.

Neptune Libra 01°45'05'' R * Inspiration Sociability

This position enables you to shape new artistic ideals because you have an intuitive temperament, very poetic or even spiritual. You have great mercy. It gives you a tendency to have somewhat cloudy political views and also has the tendency to decide your marriage under strange and cloudy situations.

Positives 1 Negatives 1
Houses Porphyry
JupiterCancer16°57'19'' R
UranusGemini00°34'17'' R
NeptuneLibra01°45'05'' R
PlutoLeo05°51'29'' R
JupiterCancer25°08'00'' R
SaturnGemini09°57'03'' R
UranusGemini02°46'14'' R
PlutoLeo07°13'20'' R

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