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Progress or Progressive Horoscope

With this program the prediction is made Metaphysically! The program makes general predictions for years and months based on the axiom: one day after birth corresponds to one year of life. It is worth meditating on this metaphysical conception of analogy!

It implies that the first three months after birth are crucial for the course and future of every newborn.

The events that take place in the environment of the newborn, from the positions of the planets in those early days, are the first that are engraved deep in his brain, and determine his development and subsequent behavior as an adult. They are the first impressions, the first images, the sounds, the tastes and the senses. These are retrieved, manifested and recognized by the subconscious, as many years after birth as the days when these progressive aspects occurred after birth.

It is very "quantum" as a conception and idea, but it stands theoretically, philosophically, scientifically, and is statistically verified, and therefore it is never missing from the "tools" of the astrologer.

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