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Progressed Donald Trump, For 3 November 2020


Progressed Horoscope and Map

Progressed Horoscope
Birth Date and Time:  
Donald Trump  
14 / 06 / 1946    
Time Zone:  
Birth Place: Jamaica US New York  
Lon: -73.48 Lat: 40.41  
2020-11-03 GMT: 1946-08-27 23:30:52
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Sun Virgo 04°03'39'' First House * Energy You

The progress of the Sun in this position is very lucky because it gives dignity and honor to life and supports you in any stress and pressure you will need to pass through. You earn the respect and appreciation of those around you so that you are capable of taking responsible positions and exercising some authority over others. This is a favorable position, not just for worldly affairs, but it is also very favorable for your moral development. Discard any petty or devious act, and so you have to win the appreciation of others over time.

Sun Virgo 04°03'39'' * Energy Details

You who have the Sun in Virgo, are hardworking, practical, philosophical, constructive and discreet. You have critical perception, self-protection, attention, diplomacy and intelligence, but also great sensitivity, resulting in a withdrawn, calm and prudent attitude. The more you cultivate the distinction, the more wise you will become, because your innate capacity is to distinguish. But you should avoid over-reticence or indecision, otherwise you may become overly cold and indifferent, on the one hand, or overly ambiguous on the other. You have the character of an active and business and a tendency to engage with great energy with your interests and you know where it is right to move on to practical issues.

Moon Virgo 17°57'48'' First House * Mood You

The Moon, through your First Horoscope's First House, will now awaken your personality in full activity and gain more special and personal experience that will affect not only your environment but your mind and, in some Degree, your behavior. You will feel more intense about the vibrations around you, you will want changes or you will feel anxious and unstable. You will also be more distinguished by promoting your interests and seeking to stimulate the active aspect of your nature more than before. You can travel or move around or make desired changes to your environment and your circle.

Moon Virgo 17°57'48'' * Mood Details

The sign through which the Moon now proceeds is the Virgo. This will make you express your ability to discriminate and enhance your critical ability. Your mind will pursue different goals. All business issues will increase and there is a lot of activity in relation to them. This sign is not good for your health and you should not be disappointed or melancholy because your mind tends to be overly sensitive and critical and to see things less optimistic than needed. You can take advantage of the study of hygiene. You will turn more towards lower social classes, and maybe during this period you do a lot to help them.

Moon Square Uranus * Mood Problem Change

Moon and Uranus are now in opposition, so your assumptions may suddenly go upside down, causing disappointments and unpleasant consequences. You should be careful and guard against accidents when traveling. In fact, we advise you to avoid traveling as long as you are under this influence, because there is a possibility of unpleasant events. Be careful of your speech, because you will be more abrupt than usual, your mind more dogmatic, upset or angry. It is an unfavorable view that suggests a very critical era where your issues will unexpectedly go wrong and things you will not be able to control will be contrary. Avoid relationships with public organizations, companies and associations. Make sure you understand the opinions of others because you tend to be careless and make mistakes during this period.

Venus Libra 19°53'44'' Second House * Joy Financially

Venus's progress is now affecting your Horoscope's Second Home, which is very favorable in terms of your financial affairs in general and shows that you will have great success in all monetary issues. The themes governed by the planet Venus bring you luck and prosperity. Venus favors music, singing, fine arts and all those things that serve the satisfaction and happiness of others. You will be a bit lucky in all your financial transactions and you will earn, either through your inheritance or through your profession, business, or partner. It really does not matter in which direction you turn your attention to profit - you will always have great or little success.

Venus Libra 19°53'44'' * Joy Sociability

This is a place favorable to marriage and to all kinds of relationships with others. It increases the number of your friends and acquaintances, it gives you sociability and some degree of social popularity or ability to acquire it. It contributes, to some extent, to the sophistication of the mind and gives some tendency to seek out the nature of Venus, such as music, poetry, singing. It also helps you to develop your mind in the direction of imagination, idealism, sense of beauty and good taste, so that ugliness or grunts will bother you. Here, love and sympathy are mixed with thought rather than with desire and aesthetic abilities appear. You will earn money through professions that are of the nature of Venus, especially through collaboration with someone else or as a manager or agent. It can also make money through marriage.

Mars Libra 11°42'49'' Second House * Body Financially

Mars in progress is now in the House of Wealth (2nd House), although it is in many ways favorable, it is also unfavorable due to the nature of Mars, which has a very much wasting tendency. You will gain through others in some way either by will or by inheritance, or also through partners and associates. But you have to wait for losses because of your own or someone else's exaggeration. You tend to be very careless at times on financial matters and you should never borrow money without guarantee, otherwise you will lose them. Generally, you can prosper because you have the ability to make quick money, and you will find great joy and satisfaction in earning money.

Mars Libra 11°42'49'' * Body Sociability

This influence may vary quite, depending on whether you are in good or bad directions. The good result is that you are strongly attracted by others for cooperation, friendship, relationship of some kind or for marriage. You are very dedicated to individuals and you will be enthusiastic friends or lovers because you are warm and somewhat passionate about your sympathies and this can result in an early and hasty marriage. The companion of the marriage or business will be of the parent type, positive, active and rather sovereign. There may be winnings from marriage, cooperative or inheritance. There is a possibility of good work or profit from the relationship with others. When you are in bad directions, there is a risk of disagreement with others, friction, character disagreement, enemies appear and you create competition or jealousy, you can break bonds and marry your partner or marry. In a nutshell, you are impatient and without a specific action plan, you become compassionate to your environment, from which you have many demands. You have to learn to start your actions with courage and not to expect impetus from others. There is a possibility that the kidneys or the groin may be affected, or you may suffer from the acts or omissions of others.

Jupiter Libra 24°36'22'' Second House * Luck Financially

Jupiter in progress is now in your horoscope's Second Home, bringing good luck to finance issues. You will never be poor and with the right action you can accumulate wealth. Because Jupiter is the most prosperous planet, he promises the best of luck in relation to the issues he is in charge of, in this case the economics. You can earn through businesses that are related to abroad or travel, also from occupations related to land, food, shelter, clothes and things they need for the comfort of others. Beneath any beneficial directions to the benefactor Jupiter you will have a great success in life, winning through heritage or offerings and by people pleasing or rich or through them.

Jupiter Libra 24°36'22'' * Luck Sociability

This progress increases the social aspect of your nature. It brings to the surface those qualities that contribute to friendship, companionship and popularity through collaboration with others. So you will have many friends and you will be a person known and appreciated in your circle. You may attract public interest and gain some degree of greater importance than usual. It is also conducive to marriage, partnership and participation in companies, associations of organizations or large groups of people, either in companies or in other sectors. It favors travel by land and sea. It strengthens mental imagination and perhaps gives some religious feeling of mysticism or creative type. When you are in bad directions, it can cause some disharmony or inconsistency in marriage and something similar in terms of friendship and co-operation, where there may be falsehood, deception or secrecy.

Jupiter Square Saturn * Luck Problem Time

The planets of Jupiter and Saturn have now proceeded to a facet of Contrast. This does not promise success on any matter of law or financial matters, because it threatens you with problems and difficulties and significantly impedes your progress, including the loss of friends, along with many unpleasant experiences. It is good to avoid any new start under this aspect - also avoid getting caught in feelings of depression, controlling any tendency towards melancholy or hypochondria. Avoid anything that is likely to end up in problems that usually bring this unfavorable view. Also, you may suffer from the liver and from blood disorders. Do a lot of exercises and a light diet.

Neptune Libra 07°06'23'' Second House * Inspiration Financially

Neptune's advancing influence now in the Second House, has the tendency to make financial losses, either because of deception by others or because of investments in companies or businesses that prove to be catastrophic. For this, it is good to be careful in your relationships with others. Be careful not to sign documents that are likely to cause you financial losses and difficulties. The financial opportunities that will happen to you will come in the most peculiar ways, either from a vision or a dream or through contact with strange people and you can win from a completely unexpected source and get money in the most odd and eccentric way or by following A profession of unusual nature.

Neptune Libra 07°06'23'' * Inspiration Sociability

This position enables you to shape new artistic ideals because you have an intuitive temperament, very poetic or even spiritual. You have great mercy. It gives you a tendency to have somewhat cloudy political views and also has the tendency to decide your marriage under strange and cloudy situations.

Uranus Gemini 21°23'12'' Tenth House * Change Profession

Uranus in progress has an influence on your horoscope's Tenth House, suggesting that the occupations for which you are fit and capable lie are among those professions that have an original character, such as advertising or those related to inventions or requiring all Activities of the upper mind. This influence of Uranus will, however, upset many of your plans until you reach the right groove. In the end, you will discover that you have to chart your own career, because after many ups and downs you will realize that you have original talent, or you will adopt an unusual profession or become an inventive person with original work.

Uranus Gemini 21°23'12'' * Change Contacts

Uranus in Gemini gives originality, intuition and love for the rhythm. You like traveling by modern means of transport. You have somewhat irritable nature, inventive abilities, and during teenage years, you will have some original opportunities.

Uranus Opposition Moon * Mood Opposition Change

Moon and Uranus are now in opposition, so your assumptions may suddenly go upside down, causing disappointments and unpleasant consequences. You should be careful and guard against accidents when traveling. In fact, we advise you to avoid traveling as long as you are under this influence, because there is a possibility of unpleasant events. Be careful of your speech, because you will be more abrupt than usual, your mind more dogmatic, upset or angry. It is an unfavorable view that suggests a very critical era where your issues will unexpectedly go wrong and things you will not be able to control will be contrary. Avoid relationships with public organizations, companies and associations. Make sure you understand the opinions of others because you tend to be careless and make mistakes during this period.

Mercury Leo 18°01'23'' Twelfth House * Clarity Occult

During this time you are likely to be very busy with occult phenomena and issues related to other worlds. Indeed, you have some ability to research spiritualism and occultism in general, because you are capable of turning your mind to these issues. At the same time, you have to be careful not to let yourself be too busy with the seeming side of these things. You should be very careful in your speech because you risk suffering from betrayal, so you may be stripped of freedom because this influence is very opposed to material assumptions but very good for the occult.

Mercury Leo 18°01'23'' * Clarity Creativity

This position greatly raises logic, makes you overly positive and positive, but also good-hearted, generous and sometimes careless. It enables you to hold positions of responsibility, giving you the ability to manage and control others. It is highly appreciated by mental harmony, while you possess a wisdom, which comes more from the heart than from the head, so this position makes you intellectually insightful. You should take care to avoid excessive work or mental fatigue because you tend to be overly rigid and rigid in terms of mental work. However, you can always use your mind positively for tasks related to the administration, control or management of others. You have a mind of an authoritarian type.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter * Clarity Benefit Luck

Because Mercury governs knowledge and Jupiter wisdom, you can now turn much of your knowledge into the wisdom of wisdom, through calm thinking and meditation on everything you see during this time. It will improve your judgment and it will be good to obey the intuition, because your mind will be in better shape than before. You will gain a lot through your study and your philosophical attitude towards everything that matters to superior thinking, because wisdom is the objective that must be pursued. Economic affairs will improve, especially the occupations in which you are mindful.

Mercury Sextile Uranus * Clarity Benefit Change

The mental planes of Mercury and Uranus have advanced to a favorable aspect. This suggests a very good period for as long as this influence lasts, that is for a few years. This influence will awaken the occult study and will make you show some originality in your mental activities. It also activates the mind, making it intelligent, energetic philosophical and source. You will be drawn to occultism and you can start astrology's study beneficial. You will be able to handle all of your affairs with care and thus settle the issues so you can find yourself in favorable conditions that will allow you to take advantage of your opportunities as much as possible. Under this extraordinary influence you will win in many ways.

Saturn Leo 03°08'12'' Twelfth House * Time Occult

Saturn is so positioned to have a major influence on all the occult issues in your horoscope, and you may be the cause of your self-destruction and perhaps enter into occult life through perseverance, patience, and foresight. But you can also experience sorrow, difficulty and delay with regard to occult life. However, whatever you achieve will be permanent, so the difficulties will simply make you build for the future on a very solid and solid basis. In many ways, you are drawn to the secret and the occult, and you are able to undertake the study of astrology and related topics, but use caution in the occult subjects.

Saturn Leo 03°08'12'' * Time Creativity

Saturn in Leona will help you in life, giving you power, authority or responsibility, and, to a certain extent, you will stand out from the crowd. It slightly reduces circulation and vitality and may affect the heart. It will give you the favor of the superiors and those who are in a superior social class. You are rather steady and self-sufficient. Problems may arise due to overwork, erotic affairs or misfortunes, unless you can exercise self-restraint without getting cold. Your basic experiences will come through your feelings and if you can control passion and kill the lion of anger, you will avoid many of the problems of your destiny.

Pluto Leo 12°05'25'' Twelfth House * Wealth Occult

Pluto in the Twelfth House. It gives some testing in the sexual field, as well as secret enemies.

Pluto Leo 12°05'25'' * Wealth Creativity

Pluto in Leona, gives you the ability to undertake some important and refreshing work and to be honored for it.

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