Costas Corfu


I am Costas Tolis and I live in Corfu island in Greece. I work in many projects like, astrology, coding, arts, web, etc. This is my name site, as it feats almost exactly my name and it can be used as a short name for all my activities that you must know as my customer of some or all of them.

My main project is astrology in 108 languages. If you are involved with astrology, you will find a friendly environment to expand your knowledge. This project started at the year of millennium 2000 and now I can say for sure that is established well in it's feet.

This year 2021, that I am for first time on a dedicated server all mine :) and with high speed, I offer cheap trusted managed web hosting to anyone who have this need - the need of a trusted and recognized web partner, to host his/her site. If you are interesting contact me at top-right of the page. Special packages for astrologers and for web money makers.

That's all about TOLIS.CO and Costas Tolis Corfu you have to know and remember: Internet Services since 2000.

Early Life

I started posting astrology predictions on a Corfu newspaper at the age of 24 and from 30 to 33 my astrology phone number advertised to all big newspapers of Greece.

From 40 to 41 I was living like holidays in Netherlands just for the fun of it!

My best years was the early years in my parents village in Heperus with my grandfather and grandmother. Beside a river full of fishes and crayfish... Unforgetable memories.

But the years always past and gone and now I have another big project to complete. A project that involves all humanity. The healing of humanity. Humanity is ill by her own actions. How I and others like me can change the own actions of humanity, is a big question, and the answer is not easy, because the change happens to a level higher than most of the humanity cannot even think nor talk about it. Let's call it the TAO level that where everything looking always as first time.

Full Name: Konstantinos G. Tolis
Short Name: Costas Tolis
Internet Name: