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The importance of the solar zodiac sign

Costas Tolis

And from where they get their attributes the signs.

I, say, I am a Capricorn, that is, I have the Sun in Capricorn. For me and for all the Capricorns, no matter where he is, Saturn, the characteristics that we have attributed to the planet Saturn, it is he, Saturn, who directs our energies and actions.

Saturn in Pisces at the Sixth House, which I have, shows:

Saturn = Time, old, ancient.
Saturn = Ancient Sciences, Religions and Philosophy.
Pisces = Bottom, depth.
Sixth House = Attention to details.

That is, I deal with Ancient Studies, in Depth and with Attention to Detail. My energy that I take from the Sun, because the Sun was in the sign of Capricorn, is directed, in the understanding, correction and enlargement of these Ancient Studies, because of Saturn's position on my horoscope.

However, I was not always like that. :) Saturn made me a construction worker first of all and then a little craftsman. :) It's Saturn in this 6th house, the House of Service and the Service, and that's why, after the construction, I worked as waiter in a restaurant. Until I said no more :) and I began to study in depth ancient scriptures to find the reasons I had to be a servant and a worker and after my remaining mission.

So find out who your solar ruler is in the table below, and then make your birthday horoscope and find out in what sign and house, your solar ruler directs, your energy!

So you who have the Sun at

zodiac - governor

Aries - Mars
Taurus - Venus
Gemini - Mercury
Cancer - Moon
Leo - Sun
Virgo - Mercury
Libra - Venus
Scorpio - Mars
Sagittarius - Jupiter
Capricorn - Saturn
Aquarius - Saturn
Pisces - Jupiter

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