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Which are the bases of astrological thinking?

Costas Tolis

The rationale and scientific explanation of astrology.

Until now, no astrologer has spoken with facts and arguments on this subject. Whether scientifically or metaphysically.

Scientific because the statistics only sees faces-angles and positions of some essentially UFO ... That is, now in the last few decades we begin and discover how and from what was created our Solar System and what the planets make up of it.

And metaphysically because the metaphysical and internal reading of astrology speaks in terms of documented science, they are not evidence, but they tend more to religious and philosophical views of the good.

So I decided, I do it now, that I have it fresh and clear in my mind even, before I lose this little mind of mine ... and you and astrology are left without scientific explanation!

Astrology is the science of the study of Light-Fire of our Sun!

Generally speaking, the planets of our solar system have no light outside, except in their core. The Sun is the Positive Pole of the Magnet, which is our solar system, and Planets (and all accessories), the Negative Pole of our Solar System; and the attraction between them creates all this Energy Complex of different densities and frequencies.

Imagine the Light to travel from the Sun, to jump on Zeus, to change course and come to us and see Zeus in the sky in the evening. We do not see the Light of Jupiter, we see the Sunlight, refracted like a mirror in Jupiter and came accidentally to us!

Imagine the same for all the planets and the moon and you will have the explanation for how astrology works.

Now, what do we mean when we say that Zeus is a good planet, a benefactor, brings luck, knowledge, travel, education, etc?

So the Light of the Sun when it reaches us through Jupiter is more powerful than when it comes from other planets because Jupiter is the largest planet of our Solar System and reflects more Light, which is somewhat altered by its contact with Jupiter and its original simplicity when it left the Sun. Its Frequency and Density, which in their original form was inactive (or a relative lull :), changed Sizes and gained clearer features. These characteristics, tell us the statistics now, that they are in general, Positive, obviously because the Original Light Mixed with a Giant Planet Giant, it remains more pure about it, in relation to another planet, eg Mars, whose surface is rocky.*

Mars is "fired" by the Sun and its "flame" is burning our body.
Jupiter, due to its size and composition, shares the blessings of the Sun in our pursuits.

The Sun is doing nothing but spreading light and life! If you are born when a Sun Triangle with Jupiter dominates, means that in relation to someone who does not have this aspect, It has been imprinted in you, this particular light quality we described above its path. And because of this special light, you magnetize and dominate your surroundings, without making any special effort!

* The example is rudimentary, since Saturn is also a gaseous planet, but it is considered to be simplistic as a cruelty. But we could easily say that Saturn is also surrounded by rock rings and apparently for this the Light "takes them to the skull", when it comes to us from there. ;) Capis? in time...