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Predictions for Joe Biden Solar Return 2020, 19 November 2020 06:45


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 Joe Biden Solar Return 2020: 20-11-1942 08:30:00 Time Zone: -4 Scranton-US-Pennsylvania Lon: -75.39 Lat: 41.24

Transits: 19-11-2020 06:45 Time Zone: -4

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Moon Second House * Mood Financially

On days when the Moon is in the second house, we need to be between our own things and our own people. We are very concerned about our financial affairs and we want to make as much money as possible. We want the people we love to pay close attention to us, and in order to gain their attention - many times - we become oppressive, making them tired. During this period, try not to dominate the person you love and think that excessive demands bring opposite results from what you want, because others defend themselves when you oppress them.

Moon Opposition Jupiter * Mood Opposition Luck Financially and Others

Your actions are characterized by some exaggeration. There is an obsession with discussions of philosophical interest and a tendency to present the image of xerola.

Exists in Natal Moon Square Jupiter * Mood Problem Luck Emotionally and Others

This aspect will not allow the beneficial planet Jupiter to give you its blessing for which it is known. It tends towards a loss in some way and either through exaggeration or through carelessness, you will have financial loss or difficulty in getting as much money as you would like. You have to be very careful in all your dealings with others, because there is a risk that you will fall victim to some scam or suffer because of accusations from others. That's why you should always deal with others in the most direct way, avoiding socializing with people you can not trust. Also, this look makes you a bit lazy, you like a lot of fun and you show a penchant for gambling. Your mood changes easily, depending on the environment. You are overly optimistic and leave things to chance, resulting in many mistakes. If you do not pay attention and cultivate self-control, there is a possibility that you will face legal problems, divorce and some liver disease. Restraint is recommended in all things.

Jupiter Second House * Luck Financially

During this period we are busy with our finances and we have the opportunity to increase our income, buy things of value and acquire many goods. When accepting this passage, it would be good to focus not only on material goods, but also on your interests and try to maintain your sensibilities. It would be a shame if the increase in your income makes you arrogant and privileged.

Saturn Second House * Time Financially

When Saturn passes through the second house, it causes financial problems, especially to those who believe that only money has value. He can also destroy these people financially, in order to prove to them that there are other values ​​in life. Otherwise, if you are a moral and honest person and you are not only interested in material goods, Saturn will bring some limitation to your finances to teach you to do better management and economy.

Saturn Sextile Sun * Time Benefit Energy Financially and Occult

This transition gives success and prestige, as long as the person has worked very hard to be able to claim success. However, there will be an upward trend and a steady development. Professional: This period is excellent for your professional development. You will be recognized by your superiors and you will assume positions. You are now laying the foundation for a brilliant career.

Pluto Second House * Wealth Financially

The transit of Pluto from the Second House creates financial problems for you. To overcome them and stand on your own two feet, you must make the decision that the previous cycle is closed and it is necessary to change your sources of income.

Neptune Third House * Inspiration Movements

You will tend to resort to your imagination, to seek the truth through metaphysics, parapsychology, mysticism and occultism. If you are not ready to accept such ways of escape, then you can resort to alcohol or drugs. For this Attention !!!

Mars Fifth House * Body Emotionally

When Mars passes through the fifth house, it makes us very creative and we feel that we can expand our activities. We are confident and believe that we do not need anyone, which is not always right. Many times we behave arrogantly. Love and sexuality are at their peak this season and enjoyment is a given. Imagination takes on flesh and blood. Love: Sexual desire and energy are intense during this planetary influence.

Uranus Fifth House * Change Emotionally

This period is very interesting, because we are constantly finding new ways of self-expression and we are very creative. The most important changes take place through love affairs, as the people we know show us another way of life that represents some aspects of ourselves that we had not discovered until then. The relationships that are created by the influence of Uranus alone, do not have duration, but they are very exciting, because they always have something to teach us and they do not stagnate.

Uranus Square Pluto * Change Problem Wealth Emotionally and Others

During this period you will have to make some radical changes in your life. A clearing and scrapping of things and situations that have gotten bogged down, or need renovation, or just the reason they existed is now gone. Sometimes this may seem unbearable and sad, but eventually, later, you will realize that it was to your advantage.

Exists in Natal Uranus Sextile Pluto * Change Benefit Wealth Duty and Others

This position gives a strange originality to love and a strange modern scientific thought on the subject: what matter means.

Venus Eleventh House * Joy Friends

This period favors friendly relations and teamwork. The people around you love and affirm you, they want to be around you and you with them. Your partner with this effect takes special care of you and accompanies you in any of your social activities. Your friends support you and want you to attend parties and gatherings. Love is favored and it is possible to create a relationship with a person you will meet from your friendly environment or some of your friendship will develop into a love affair. Love: Your love affair will take a very friendly form and you will feel more friends than lovers with your partner. If there are other crossings on your map that indicate the beginning of a relationship, then a bond may begin with a person who until then was a friend or belongs to the friendly environment. Professional: Good day for teamwork.

Sun Twelfth House * Energy Occult

At this time all our fears and insecurities come to the surface. We also feel guilty about the things we consider our mistakes. Sadness and stress accompany this period, but the best reaction is to think that the past is over and you are trying to get rid of it. Past experiences can be useful to you for a better future.

Sun Conjunction Sun * Energy Meeting Energy Occult

This look is formed right on your birthday. The Sun returns to its natal position, which marks the beginning of a new astrological year. This rotation is based on a complex but reliable forecasting system, called solar return. It is the beginning of the year for you. A completely personal start.

Sun Conjunction Venus * Energy Meeting Joy Occult

Very good day because it shows that your partner will take special care of you today and will support you psychologically, showing you his unlimited love.

Exists in Natal Sun Conjunction Venus * Energy Meeting Joy Occult

The Sun in Synod with the beautiful planet Venus will awaken in you every happy and blissful vibration, so that all other aspects and positions of opposite nature will be greatly modified. But in order to fully awaken this influence, you must allow your inner world and your mental gifts to manifest more than the external form and appearance or otherwise the external tendencies of your character. It is a place that touches the most important moments of life and brings to activity issues related to satisfaction, joy or success. The artistic aspect of your character can be stimulated and cultivated to your advantage and you can work with other people with absolute confidence that great joy and happiness will result. This look gives artistic talents, love for the harmonious environment and very good taste. You make friends very easily and you really love them. You are affectionate and kind, sensual and attractive, you are usually in a good mood and you are very romantic. It is a very auspicious influence. You are lovable and others love you. You are charming and you are kind, nice, friendly and helpful. You are careful, prudent and discreet with other people's feelings. You have artistic and creative abilities and you want to do everything in a harmonious, kind and pleasant way. Aesthetics are very important to you, as is your appearance and attractiveness. Good things happen to you because you attract them, as well as whatever else you may need. You want a comfortable, attractive and even luxurious environment. You want your home to be a place of beauty. The comforts of creators are essential to your well-being, at least as far as you are concerned. You do not like to get your hands dirty. You have an appreciation of the arts. You have the ability to make friends easily because of your own friendliness and kindness. You are affectionate, but you may not show it if you also do not receive affection in return. You have the opportunity to tell others what they want to hear, whether it is good or bad.

Mercury Twelfth House * Clarity Occult

This period is a bit bad, because we are closed to ourselves and we are very secretive. On the other hand, we have a tendency to run away and we do not want to face everyday life, which creates anxiety, maybe even fear. At this time some enemies may create some intrigue behind your back, so keep your eyes peeled.

Positives 2 Positives 2 Conjunctions 3 Conjunctions 3 Conjunctions 3 Negatives 3 Negatives 3 Negatives 3
+2    =3    -3
House System Porphyry
  1 Sagittarius 03°12'26''
  2 Capricorn 08°46'47''
  3 Aquarius 14°21'08''
  4 Pisces 19°55'28''
  5 Aries 14°21'08''
  6 Taurus 08°46'47''
  7 Gemini 03°12'26''
  8 Cancer 08°46'47''
  9 Leo 14°21'08''
10 Virgo 19°55'28''
11 Libra 14°21'08''
12 Scorpio 08°46'47''
Sun Scorpio 27°33'25''
Moon Capricorn 24°33'51''
Mercury Scorpio 11°02'05''
Venus Libra 27°23'30''
Mars Aries 15°25'28''
Jupiter Capricorn 23°58'51''
Saturn Capricorn 27°25'29''
Uranus Taurus 07°55'25'' R
Neptune Pisces 18°11'11'' R
Pluto Capricorn 22°59'27''
Sun Scorpio 27°33'25''
Moon Taurus 00°58'57''
Mercury Scorpio 21°32'05''
Venus Scorpio 28°32'58''
Mars Scorpio 12°35'11''
Jupiter Cancer 25°08'00'' R
Saturn Gemini 09°57'03'' R
Uranus Gemini 02°46'14'' R
Neptune Libra 01°30'32''
Pluto Leo 07°13'20'' R

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