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Tom Waits, Natal Horoscope


Read for Tom Waits 07-12-1949 07:25 Pomona US California Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

Natal Horoscope 2

Birthday: Tom Waits 07-12-1949 07:25:00 Birth Place: Pomona US California Lon: -117.45 Lat: 34.03 Time Zone: -8

First House Sagittarius 23°16'06'' * You Horizons

At your birth Sagittarius was rising up, a sign of a fiery and varied sign. This gives you an honest and open-minded character, sincere and straight. You are generous, tender, sympathetic, honest and just. You have a strong sense of dignity and you like cleanliness, order, accuracy and correctness, both in individuals and in the environment. You also love the beauty of shape and appearance and you have preference for clothes, jewelery and decorations. You love freedom and independence - you are generally active and tireless, as well as happy and optimistic. You like sports and exercises and you can become competent in this field. You are somewhat impulsive and enthusiastic - sometimes too abrupt and violent, but usually only when they offend you. As a rule, you are typical of your behavior and do not like breaking the rules. You are generous, humanitarian and good-natured. You have a flexible mind and a natural ability to cultivate it in the direction of the higher and most difficult disciplines of learning such as philosophy, theology or law. You have a sense of respect and dedication, and you have a religious feeling, whether you cultivate it or not. You tend to be idealistic, aspiring, enthusiastic, religious or agnostic, interested in far away places and cultures or ideas, physically active, risk-taking, outgoing, breezy, extroverted, philosophical, perhaps dogmatic, prejudiced, superficial, looking for greener pastures, and on-the-go. Sagittarius, the Centaur, is half-human, half-horse and this is perhaps the way you are. You have great aspirations, yet may have a most unruly desire nature. You can shoot for the stars or wallow with the animals. There is love of animals, the outdoors, sports, gambling, adventure, and travel. You may lack concentration. You probably have many acquaintances, but few friends. You tend to have casual contacts rather than in-depth relationships. You have a great restlessness and a love to be on the move. You may always be looking for greener pastures, never stopping or slowing down to see where you really are and what's around you. You tend to be talkative and direct and to the point. You may be lacking in tact and diplomacy due to your frankness. Ideas are very important to you. You generally like working with the big picture and dislike all the little details. You may promise much and deliver less. You can rise to the heights or sink to the depths. Which will you choose? Spiritual lesson to learn: Restraint, of all that is given away (and stop procrastinating). Jupiter rules Sagittarius so Jupiter will be important in your chart. Luck: A flair for travel, sports and outdoor exercises - sometimes an inclination towards religion, philosophy, law, learning and working with people and aspirations about these things. Ruler: Jupiter. Planet Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Usually, gives an optimistic, cheerful and joyous mood, which will help you to become very popular and making many friends. You will gain social esteem and success and you'll be famous and generally liked. You are kind-hearted, generous and benevolent and you are always ready to help those in need and to support deserving cases. You value law, order and property, the rules and conventions of customs - dislike the anti-social, clumsiness or bad taste on opinions or conduct, as well as the ugliness and disharmony in the environment. You appreciate beauty both in external form and ideas. Like the beautiful surroundings, comfort and subtlety, in all things. You have energy, enthusiasm, zeal and faith. Feeling a natural respect for the law and religion, experience with typical courtesy, the ritual and formulas and have perhaps a tendency to be bound by the formalities. You have the ability to cultivate the superior qualities of mind towards the laws, religion or philosophy, if interested in something. Jupiter is a benefic planet, whether it is in a good position. Governs social and general welfare, religion, laws, charity and good will and gives an estimate for the beauty, harmony, imagination and idealism.

Mercury First House * Clarity You

This will highlight the mental characteristics - it will make you quick in spirit, sharp and penetrating, with gifts in writing and speaking, ready and versatile in the answers. Also, sometimes, prone to some exaggeration and some sarcasm. It will make you mentally enthusiastic and when you are under the influence of intense feeling, you will be rather affable. You are smart and have a slim spirit and an exceptional power to adapt to situations. But you should avoid anxiety and indiscipline and exercise control over your thoughts. This influence will make you competent writers with a very fertile mind that is original and inventive. You are adaptable, clever, inquisitive, eloquent, witty, and perhaps high-strung. You want to know something about a lot of things. Your speeches and writings reflect your own personal opinions. You may have jittery nerves which keep your body slim, but which could cause nervous disorders. You love talking about what interests you.

Mercury Sagittarius 23°52'55'' * Clarity Horizons

You possess idealism, vision, and foresight, and your mind is often occupied with big ideas, plans, and goals for the future. You are interested in what is possible and what is on the horizon, rather than what has already been done. Subjects like philosophy, religion, politics, or education interest you, and you are more concerned with theories, abstractions and concepts than with specific applications. You are not inclined to focus on any one practical, concrete area. You don't particularly like details and may find it difficult to concentrate long enough to carry your ideas through to completion. You seek mental freedom, yet your thoughts are usually along traditional lines. Having a gambling instinct, you may enjoy gambling, speculative enterprises and new ventures. You are forward, blunt and direct in speech and you always speak your mind. People who know you know that you don't beat around the bush. You are apt to say the first thing that pops into your head. Thus, you have to learn to control your tongue, develop tact, and to think before speaking. Business, advertising, and promotion might be good career areas for you. You have a keen mind and are impulsive and versatile. You have a tendency to study several similar subjects, to have more than one job and to have several projects going all at the same time. You tend to want to keep on the move, traveling, in order to gain experience, knowledge and wisdom. This gives you a fair, straight and generous mind. You really like religion or philosophy, although sometimes you are prone to change. You are able to study many topics at a time, but you do not have stability. Religion, philosophy and science are always of interest to you and you like studying or writing about profound and serious issues. You always talk about the subject and your words often have a prophetic significance. This Mercury position gives you diplomacy, but your discretion will be more useful in any inferior place in life than when you have full responsibility.

Mercury Square Mars * Clarity Problem Body

You have the capacity to be very clever and cunning, trying to take advantage of anyone if you get the chance. Your mind is alert, quick and always ready for an argument. Your speech is sometimes too hasty and you lack tact. Your tongue is a sword you use to lash out at other people when they have upset you or done something you did not like. You have a temper that can explode into swearing, name-calling and general ranting and raving. You are a convincing and forceful speaker and you have a way of bringing people over to your way of thinking, but you are not especially receptive to the ideas and opinions of others. You need to better learn how to rationally and logically control your desires. Your mental energy should be directed into creative channels instead of wasted in conflicts with others. You are irritable and fault-finding at times and this turns friends and family against you. You are argumentative and rather critical and aggressive in discussions and you like turning any conversation into a debate or verbal war. Try to choose an occupation where this talent is a plus and not a minus. Perhaps you could be a spokesman for a righteous cause, a lawyer vigorously defending a client, an analyst or critic. You love to read and you may have literary talent. You are high-strung and have a lot of nervous energy, thus you find it hard to sit still for very long. You love working on several projects at the same time because it keeps you from getting bored, but you may have difficulty finishing the things you have started. You need to take time out occasionally and give your mind a break so that it does not become overstrained. Inner tension and hostility find their outlet in angry outbursts, sometimes making little sense to listeners. Your anger destroys your ability to think clearly and so you are unable to logically present the reasons for your anger. Since your nerves are also stretched taut, you must be careful or you may suffer from some type of nervous disorder, such as shingles or an ulcer. Anger is very detrimental to the heart, also. You have a tendency to overwork, which is very hard on both your physical body and your nerves. Your approach to life can be too much hustle and bustle, with a lot of running around and nothing being accomplished. Slow down once in a while and chill out. This is in no way a favorable aspect with regard to your mind and tends to make you impulsive and overactive. You have enough hidden and obvious sarcasm in your nature, a quick spirit and a very capable mind. You also have intellectual intelligence and the ability to pursue scientific work. You have great courage, but sometimes you are too foolhardy. In speaking, you tend to be careless and it is good to be discreet when you are writing or speaking, because you tend to say more than you want and express your opinions too freely. In short, you have a vulnerable nervous system and do that comes to your mind without thinking about the consequences of your actions. You talk a lot and you demand the attention of others while you are not good listeners. You become aggressive and stupid when you realize that someone does not care.

Mercury Square Saturn * Clarity Problem Time

Your mind is scientific, serious, deep and capable of great concentration. You are a relatively slow thinker, but you are very thorough. You enjoy studying or thinking in solitude and you rarely offer an opinion on any matter until you have thoroughly considered it. You are subject to periodic bouts of depression and melancholy and are cautious and reserved by nature. Conservatism is your natural mode of operation. You are something of a skeptic and may be narrow-minded and closed to new ideas, especially if you have no concrete proof or scientific evidence as to their validity and correctness. You have an aptitude for research or doing mental work which requires precise, organized thinking, attention to detail, and a methodical approach. Socially, you tend to be reserved, serious, uncommunicative and uncomfortable with light, frivolous conversation. Anything that doesn't accomplish something practical and productive is considered more or less a waste of time and energy. People who listen to you talk know that you speak with the confidence of authority. You have wonderful organizing ability and executive capacity. You are practical and deliberate and you have difficulty expressing your affection for others. You have a tendency toward tooth decay. Mental cruelty is possible. You tend to have fears and worries that are unreasonable. Instead of planning you focus on worry. You are distrustful or fearful of anything you cannot understand with your rational mind. You should develop more awareness so that you do not interpret what others say to you in a negative manner. You may have difficulties in verbally communicating what you mean to say to others, so that misunderstandings occur on both sides. You are such a conservative in your thinking that you prefer to stay with ideas that work for you rather than adopting new ones. It would at times, though, be to your advantage and listen to new concepts and to try them occasionally. Be careful that you do not get into the habit of rationalizing everything such that any means to an end is acceptable as long as you believe it. You have a tendency to go to extremes with details. Some of the details are not important. There is a tendency to strain on the nervous system through stress or overwork. This makes life rather unfortunate, especially if you are worried. It is a face that causes obstacles and delays, as well as the opposition of others towards you, especially those who are bigger. You will experience disappointments in life, so do not seek to be in responsible positions, because you can receive strong criticism, lose your credibility, etc. Because of misconceptions about yourself. You must be very careful about the documents you are signing, as well as your speech. You are somewhat monumental and you tend to be strict with those who have done bad. Also, you are rather stiff and absolute, you are not interested in the opinion of others and you try to impose in any way your own. You are lonely and lock yourself up and you do not like companions. Avoid worry.

Mercury Trine Pluto * Clarity Gain Wealth

Your mind is deep and penetrating and you are interested in anything secret, mysterious, or hidden, including the deeper aspects of the human psyche. You have an aptitude for research, private investigation, detective work, psychology and anything having to do with death or life after death. You are drawn to occult or esoteric studies and want to get to the truth. You prefer depth of knowledge rather than breadth of knowledge. You do not disclose your intentions easily, although you want to know what everyone else is up to or planning. You prefer to work behind the scenes as that way there are less people to disturb you and there are also less people that know what you're really doing. You may have healing ability with your hands and perhaps could be an excellent masseuse or physical therapist. You probably have mechanical ability and you enjoy taking things apart to see how they work. You are always up for a good mystery and ferreting out information is like a game for you. You have a fine ability to communicate your knowledge to others. You analyze all situations with logic and intuition. Your mind is geared toward reform and transformation. You have self-discipline, self-confidence and intellectual abilities which gain you recognition from your peers. You are always interested in why people act the way they do and say the things they say. You have the knack for being able to study any subject in depth. Very little escapes your notice and you have the ability to quickly and accurately size up people and situations for what they really are. This means that you are a multifaceted person with an excellent structure of thought. You can easily understand the feelings of others and fully understand their psychosis. You express eroticism and quickly create sympathy. You have the talent to engage in all the occupations that concern team psychology. You will also easily repel the troubles and refresh your thoughts to overcome any obstacles and in this way relieve your nervous system of tension.

Sign in beginning of House 1 Sagittarius Ruler Jupiter at House 2 * Financially

This brings to the forefront the economic issues and everything related to money and acquisitions. You will be dealing with financial issues - whether you will be interested in financial matters, or will be forced by conditions. Generally speaking, this position is too lucky and implies ability to earn money through employment or people denoted by the planet and the sign in which it is located. This position of the governor increases to some extent the power of will and the emotional or thymic nature.

Second House Capricorn 28°58'56'' * Financially Industriousness

The 2nd House in Capricorn: the tendency to tighten the cords in the pouch. Mining and related activities.

Venus Second House * Joy Financially

Venus has an influence on your horoscope's Second Home, this is very favorable with regard to your financial affairs in general and shows that you will have great success in all monetary matters. The themes governed by the planet Venus bring you luck and prosperity. Venus favors music, singing, fine arts and all those things that serve the satisfaction and happiness of others. You will be more or less fortunate in all your financial transactions and you will earn, either through your inheritance or through your profession, business, or an associate. It really does not matter in which direction you turn your attention to profit - you will always have great or little success. You attract money and personal possessions, especially when needed. You spend money as fast as you earn it, sometimes faster. Your hidden talents can be beneficial to others, if you apply yourself. Don't be afraid to work. Your money is used to buy beautiful, artistic, and or musical things. You like a certain amount of luxury to surround you. Money may come to you through a partner or relationship.

Venus Aquarius 01°12'08'' * Joy Progress

Your affections are expressed in an open, unconventional and rather detached way. Socializing, bringing people together and having many friends and acquaintances very much appeal to you. Because you value friendship so highly, you may be more comfortable being a friend than a lover. One thing's for sure - you highly dislike possessive, clingy relationships. You want to be free to do whatever you want with whomever you like. You want an intellectual or spiritual connection with your partner and this may even be the preferred substitute over a very intimate or emotional bonding. You need a partner who will give you plenty of freedom, allowing you to be your own person, and not be too demanding emotionally. You are charming, happy and original, but also, cool, calm and detached. This detachment is beneficial because you, as a rule, are never possessive of people or things. The feelings you have tend to be filtered through your mind and intellectualized. You need to learn warmth and understanding. This influence will contribute to your popularity and social success and will give you many friends and acquaintances, some of whom can be successful in life and able to help you socially, if not professionally or financially. It is favorable to love and marriage, but it is also likely to cause delay or disappointment, especially when it is under bad directions and in such cases you may suffer because of unbelieving friends. This position also gives you faith and stability in your friendship and friendship and gives you affection for the children and their satisfaction. It refines the mind and gives some imagination and taste for music or the fine arts. You will have some ability in money and business and you can earn through investment or speculation. In short, you are friendly and charming. You like to have a common ideology with your mate, but you do not want to be particularly committed and you are somewhat impersonal and selfish with him. You are original and intelligent.

Venus Conjunction Jupiter * Joy Meeting Luck

You are a generous, warm-hearted and open-handed person who shares every resource with others. You give of both yourself and your possessions to those whom you favor. You do not want to be limited in any way, either with your affections or with your personal possessions. You enjoy luxury and refinement and you desire to always be in comfortable, elegant surroundings. You hate having to get your hands dirty. You are charming, gracious and charitable and you are the model host or hostess. This aspect brings material good fortune, which has been earned from previous lives. If there is a negative here, then it is your tendency towards self-indulgence, over-extravagance and laziness. Sometimes things come to you so easily that you do not appreciate them. Things are most appreciated if one has to work hard for them. There may be a love of rich, sweet food as well as too much of it, hence a tendency to gain weight. You are a very gentle and social person who loves harmony, beauty and travel. There may be vulnerability through emotional, ethical or moral naivete. This is a very favorable and harmonious position - it gives success to life at certain times when the photodot have good looks with this part of your birth horoscope. This position alone is not very strong - so much of its good influence will only be felt in good directions, because then, the natal horoscope will have moved to the position necessary to activate the influence of these two beneficial Planets - but, until then, it will remain latent. It is a good and favorable position for social affairs and, in some respects, it favors financial firms - but, as I said above, much depends on the future directions. Generally, however, it gives artistic talents and gives grace and elegance to your appearance, you love goodness and social life, you are attractive and pleasant, so you get a lot of friends and become good companions. It shows numerous love ties. You will feel and work better in cooperatives than yourself. Enjoy the trips and enjoy your traveling.

Jupiter Second House * Luck Financially

Jupiter rules your horoscope's Second Home, bringing good luck to finance issues. You will never be poor and with the right action you can accumulate wealth. Because Jupiter is the most prosperous planet, he promises the best of luck in relation to the issues he is in charge of, in this case the economics. You can earn through businesses that are related to abroad or travel, also from occupations related to land, food, shelter, clothes and things they need for the comfort of others. Beneath any beneficial directions to the benefactor Jupiter you will have a great success in life, winning through heritage or offerings and by people pleasing or rich or through them. You have the ability to be financially successful. Money seems to come to you and you have probably never missed a meal in your life. You have confidence and optimism in your talents and abilities. Your visionary ideas and investments usually prosper due to your intuitive appraisal of situations. You enjoy material possessions and may be termed "lucky". You inspire trust in others and may benefit from receiving financial assistance from others in order to develop your visionary and idealistic ideas. You must guard against self- indulgence and over-extravagance. Curb your desire for rich, sweet food and desserts.

Jupiter Aquarius 01°18'37'' * Luck Progress

You are a humanitarian and are concerned with the welfare of all people. You believe in the universality of life and the brotherhood of man. Reform and large group projects appeal to you as they give you wide scope for your own personal growth and expansion. You work well with others because of your inventive mind, your keen judgment, your fine intellect and your friendliness. You are intuitive, tolerant and sociable. You make an ideal diplomat, labor relation specialist or personnel manager because of your knack for handling various groups of people. This place will give you many friends and acquaintances, some social reputation and success as well as goodwill from and to those with whom you are socializing. It is favorable within the family circle, as well as in society, and gives satisfaction through the brothers. It tends to collaborate with others in various ways - joining religious bodies, participating in organizations, clubs, brotherhoods or corporations, or in social or business matters. There is power of will, stability and independence - some dignity and self-confidence - the ability to command, control and manipulate others. It gives you some business talent and some success in monetary matters. Sometimes it is accompanied by an attraction to occult or mysticism or, otherwise, to some secret or unusual form of religion.

Sign in beginning of House 2 Capricorn Ruler Saturn * Time Financially

Saturn exerts influence on the Second House of your birth horoscope, this is not a very good indication because it causes delays and obstacles to progress and economic growth. However, it promises profits from industriousness, slow and steady persistence and thanks to caution, austerity and the economy. Through pure incentives you can gain wealth over time and through careful investments, you may have some success greater than usual. It is not conducive to those who have not been born in a good environment because it implies more labor and truly hard work than good fortune in economic matters. However, you are very fair in your financial transactions. You tend to be thrifty, practical and responsible, especially with money and possessions. This placement does not deny money, but you must work hard for it. Sometimes you are so busy squirreling away money that you forget to enjoy it. Having money set aside for a rainy day is fine, but you probably don't need as much as you tend to want to have set aside. Poverty is possible with this placement due to a lack of understanding of the true value of money and possessions. There is a tendency to become depressed over material matters. Your possessions are apt to bring worries rather than happiness because you may need to learn to share with others. There may have been too much emphasis on materialism in past lives. You may need to re-evaluate your values. Attitudes of possessiveness toward others must be changed. Feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and unappreciated occur with this position. You must value yourself before others can value you. Love yourself first.

Third House Pisces 04°41'47'' * Movements Dreams

You have a mind that draws from the source of dreams, poetry or religion. You often drive by boat. You have many relationships but are unstable.

Sign in beginning of House 3 Pisces Ruler Jupiter * Luck Movements

Jupiter has an influence on the Third House of your horoscope, it is very favorable for all travel-related issues, especially with regard to relatively short trips. It brings you in contact with very helpful and positive influences and when you travel, either for fun or for profit, you will have success and benefit. This subdivision of the sky also relates to the siblings and the state of the mind. By placing in this House, Jupiter, all these issues will roll peacefully and successfully. Your relatives will have good attitude, your mind will be devotional and your mental state generally harmonious. You can practice meditation advantageously. You are philosophical, optimistic, conventional and considerate. You have strong intuition. This position expands and broadens your mind enabling you to comprehend easily. You are well liked by siblings, neighbors and relatives. There may be mental restlessness which can be helped through occupations that keep you moving. You must be careful not to scatter your energies. There is a tendency to be impractical or self-satisfied. Your mind tends to think in broad terms, not in details.

Sign in beginning of House 3 Pisces Second Ruler Neptune * Inspiration Movements

Neptune occupies your horoscope's Third House, this shows that you will experience some strange experiences during a trip. You may be experiencing very peculiar mishaps. This is not a good or optimistic look for your relatives, because maybe some of them are strange characters, either good or bad, but difficult to understand. There are not enough things known to Neptune to be sure how his vibrations will work in every horoscope. For some, his nature is undoubtedly bad, and only those who are spiritually sophisticated can feel his influence on the affairs of the Third House. You are idealistic and artistic. Your mind soaks up information rather than acquiring it by brute force. Your ability to visualize and imagine is probably quite pronounced. Flashes of inspiration can come to you quite suddenly. There may even be traces of clairvoyance. Perhaps you have felt as if you could read people's minds? Concentration on book work may be difficult for you. Did you ever try sleeping with the book under your pillow? Possible karmic obligations to siblings or neighbors may need to be reconciled. Some feelings of insecurity may cause nervous disorders. You may have a tendency to be unreliable or negative. Avoid procrastination and idle day-dreaming. Avoid all negative psychic practices and drugs.

Fourth House Aries 10°24'38'' * Home Confidence

Maybe you grew up in an unstable family environment that has had many impulsive situations and tears. It is good to watch the use of fire inside the house.

Sign in beginning of House 4 Aries Ruler Mars * Body Home

Mars rules your Fourth House of your horoscope, suggests some disagreements and difficulties with family affairs, and warns you to take care of the problems that may arise in some periods of your life due to turmoil or disharmony. This aspect is not good for parents or those who have some power or control over you and rather favors moving away from the place of residence, despite staying for long in one place. There is an early striving for independence and a desire for security and a home of your own. There may be tension or antagonism in your family environment. Perhaps you are too demanding of those closest to you. You must overcome your hidden antagonisms and quarrelsomeness. Your strong emotions must be toned down and controlled. Go out and do some yard work to work off the excess energy.

Fifth House Taurus 04°41'47'' * Emotionally Stability

You are patient, jealous and dedicated to love affairs, without excluding that you may also have some financial aspirations from your relationship. Sometimes the engagement is long.

Sign in beginning of House 5 Taurus Ruler Venus * Joy Emotionally

Venus influences your horoscope's Fifth House, promises success in all monetary affairs related to investment and speculation. You will profitably invest your money and there will be profit on all issues related to the pleasures. He is a lucky and, in the general sense, very favorable House and because he is under the influence of Venus, love and satisfaction will give you happiness. Your ability for pleasure and enjoyment is great and few can enjoy as truly as you do. This influence promises a fruitful as well as happy union with the opposite sex - also, happiness from their children and their affairs. Avoid excessive pleasures. You are affectionate, creative and attractive to the opposite sex, perhaps too attractive for your own good. You probably have talent in drama, art, or music and these may be your favorite hobbies. Perhaps there is love of the stage and of performing. You might make a delightful and expressive teacher because of your love of children. You certainly enjoy having a good time and people may consider you a party animal. Over-indulgence needs to be watched. Love: Venus in the fifth house is one of the most characteristic signs of a sensual person with artistic tendencies. Love is the "alpha and omega" for those who have Venus in the fifth house and these people feel intimate in periods of loneliness, and sometimes they reach the point of not being able to return to their jobs when they pass some ugly A period in the emotional field (This also depends on the rest of the map and it usually happens when there is a Saturn in weakness in the horoscope). The person with Venus in the fifth house can surprise everyone with his charm. More loving and even more generous than what the Sun has in the fifth, it gives great value to romance and love. He believes in the value of the bond and makes efforts to maintain his relationships, so he has very few temporary relationships in his life and is embroiled in even fewer "adventures". He is a kind of man who, even after many years of separation, even loves lovers or mistresses of him or her who betrayed him or her. When she is an artist, she feels love and love as a source of inspiration. Venus in the fifth house gives us a loving and loyal person to his erotic comrades. If you've gotten involved with this type of man, you can rely on his credibility, unless there are other factors on his map that affect him adversely. If Venus is in a weakness, can this person be self-centered in terms of love. This does not mean that he is selfish but that he can not understand how his partner is experiencing his life. The sure thing is, if your mate has Venus in the fifth house, he will never let you feel a lack of affirmation, you will have fun and you will always feel safe to share all your problems with him and definitely have His sympathy.

Sixth House Taurus 28°58'56'' * Duty Stability

Your work may have to do with banks, credit institutions, etc. You are patient and strong on your job. Finally, the illnesses you may experience will be sore or related to nourishment.

Sign in beginning of House 6 Taurus Ruler Venus * Joy Duty

Venus has an influence on the Sixth House, showing a tendency to suffer from the genitals because of excessive or carelessness about your diet and habits. For this, it is a good thing to show restraint in all things and if you are never in any way overwhelmed with excesses, remember that you can render yourself sick in this event. When health is lost, the kidneys, the throat and the genital system are likely to be affected. You are diplomatic, well liked by employees and or fellow workers and you have a desire to bring about better working conditions for them so that working will be enjoyable. This is a fairly good position for health unless you abuse your body through self-indulgence and rich, sweet food. An excess of sugar and starches should be avoided. You can be the mediator when differences of opinion occur on the job or in the office. You can bring peace and understanding.

Seventh House Gemini 23°16'06'' * Familiar Contacts

Your marriage can be based on a mental relationship. The other half will be flexible and smart.

Moon Seventh House * Mood Familiar

This is a rather favorable indication for your marriage and, although it may not be considered a social success, however, it can be happy. You will have several opportunities for marriage, but you will be swinging or you will be undecided. Your partner will be sensitive and will have a serious mood and a tendency for change. You should be aware of the external influences, which can seriously affect the prospects of your marriage. Dark and perhaps moderately stature individuals will be attracted to you or people who are very charming and magnetic. You seem to attract sensitive people as partners, perhaps those who want to "mother" you or be mothered. There can be many changes of partners and many relationships because of the need to find someone who can bring an ultimate security. This search continues because security can only be found within, not without. You desire companionship, hence many relationships. Your feelings are greatly influenced by those with whom you are in close personal contact. You want to be popular with others. You are inclined to seek partners who can bring out your sympathetic side and play on your emotions. For men there is often a tendency to seek a "mother figure" and to bring out in others a desire to mother, protect and care for them. You are therefore likely to attract a partner who is kind and domesticated. Both you and your partner may need to be on your guard against moody or fickle behavior. Marriage may be undertaken with the object of establishing a home. More than one marriage is possible. There is probably a compelling emotional need for a partner and for marriage. In order to get the best results from any partnership you must learn to control any tendency to be continually at the mercy of your moods, which may result from over-vulnerable feelings. Try to control a tendency to be too dependent on others for your emotional stimuli and you should discipline a constant desire for changes in the nature of the relationship. Concerning vocation: Your work situation is tied to the public, partnerships, a keen awareness of public expectation and the need to meet it. Perhaps marriage is essential to give clear focus to work security. For many with this position, the work profile can be labeled a "public personality." You are dependent upon others for the fulfillment of work needs. The process of relationships is extremely important. Marriage: The man with the Moon in the seventh house is the guy who insists on marriage because with the commitment he finds the security he is looking for through a relationship. If the Moon is weak, this man can try to marry anyone interested, without thinking whether or not his partner wants to. If you have such an indication on your map, you should learn to self-check. Your efforts to secure emotional security by pushing and promoting a commitment without a future will be unfortunate unless the candidate also has the Moon in the seventh house! If you are embroiled with such a type of person, never talk to him for engagement before you feel completely confident about him. Just contact and ask him if he can be patient with you and ask for the time to think better about the wedding prospect. Many times these people are much more patient than they seem.

Moon Cancer 08°24'43'' * Mood Transactions

You very easily respond to the emotional environment in which you are placed. You soak up feelings like a sponge. Perhaps this is why you so easily become moody, irritable and inconstant in thought and feeling. Learning to control your own moods may be very difficult, yet necessary, for you. Your greatest need is to nurture and mother someone or ones. You often appear irrational to others because you can't always explain the reason or source of your feelings. Anyone who lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your need for times of withdrawal. You are also very sympathetic and understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. You take slights very personally and though you may forgive a mistake by a friend or loved one, you never forget it. Security is very important to you and you look for it in your home and family life. Your senses and emotions are quite strong and it would be wise for you to listen to your intuitive side as you can be quite psychic. You are very tenacious and you do not give up or let go of things or people easily. Your mother was a strong influence for good or ill in your life. You are basically an introvert, but will do whatever it takes to protect and defend your family or loved ones. You tend to be a pack- rat because everything has an emotional memory behind it and you find security in all those memories. Nothing or no one is ever gone if they leave their memory behind. Thus, you can become quite possessive. You have the memory of an elephant, but you must learn to forgive and forget past hurts. Because of this position, you will be greatly influenced by the environment and the people you come into contact with, you will be very sensitive to disharmony and you will be upset more than others. You like home and you are home-made and although conditions can cause you to travel, you always feel happier at home. There will be a lot of changes in your life and maybe you can make a trip by sea. You like your variety and mood and your moods vary greatly from day to day. You have a tendency towards austerity, economy and attention, appreciate money and property, and you do not like seeing them being wasted. You have some administrative capacity in family affairs, businesses, or other areas, and become good and useful workers and governors. This position often shows a close bond with your mother and relatives, and you might look quite like your mother.

Moon Conjunction Uranus * Mood Meeting Change

The Moon in Conjunction with the mysterious planet Uranus will force you, at some point in your life, to make very important changes of unexpected and unpredictable nature. You will have a lively life and this will be due to a peculiar behavior, which is implied by the nature of Uranus. Your very strong magnetism will attract others and sometimes at your expense. You tend to be rather steep and also irritable. Never allow any strange thing to stand in the way of your progress, because although you have inventive or unusual skills in terms of personal behavior, you may miss out on many things that will help you more in your evolution. This position gives a touch of intelligence to those who are free of all prejudices and personal tendencies, but not to others. You are independent and you crave emotional excitement. You need a lot of emotional freedom and you like to break the rules and take risks. Your moods change as quickly as the wind and one never knows which mood will show itself next. You have a weird and unusual sense of humor and you get a kick out of acting a little bit crazy or outlandish at times. Anything that is new or untried appeals to you and you have little or no patience for traditional and restrictive customs or thought patterns. You are attracted to unusual, creative or offbeat people and non-traditional lifestyles and living arrangements. You have a highly tuned intuition and you like to go with your hunches as often as possible. You can be quite stubborn at times and there is a need for you to learn how to control your emotions. You need to develop self-control. You may be accident-prone because you are always in such a hurry and have trouble paying attention to what you are doing. You can be very careless at times. You have a strong electric personality and people enjoy being around you because you are the proverbial "live wire". You like life to be exciting and you make it so. You are constantly on the go and have a difficult time settling down. You get bored easily so you take up many projects hoping that the thrills will continue. You are not very good at completing what you have started, though. You have an original mind with a very vivid imagination. You have inventive ability and are attracted to the occult arts, possibly even astrology. Your relationships tend to come out of the blue and end as quickly as they have started.

Uranus R Seventh House * Change Familiar

Uranus rules your Seventh House of Horoscope. This mysterious planet will give some very strange experiences to your marriage status and is likely to bring you frustration or alienation. It always threatens to be separated from those you love and this can happen either before or after marriage. Suddenly and very unexpected events occur in all the regions that Uranus rules and under his dominance there are more divorces than on any other planet, so make sure your partner is original and like metaphysical issues. Then you will know that you have known the right person that Uranus suggests, who favors mystics, etc. Your partnerships are unique or unusual, usually possessing a wonderful rapport or a total lack of understanding. You and or your partner are generally unconventional and you do things for their shock appeal. Plenty of freedom is desired in the relationship and there may be a lack of desire for commitment. In fact, maybe you search out special situations in your relationships that ensure little commitment. Perhaps you are most attracted to those who are already in relationships or who are otherwise "unavailable". Because of the uniqueness that exists within your partnerships, it is likely that others will not understand them. You may not understand them yourself. You meet the most interesting and unconventional people in your life. Any need to control the other person in your relationships will probably lead to disaster. Partner and you will have to find your own comfort level regarding time and attention spent on the other. A lot of elbow room may be required. A relationship in which you feel you are free to grow is one that makes it possible for you to do so. Any limits or constraints placed on the relationship are likely to be met with a certain "hit the road" attitude. Sudden and unexpected turns are likely. Perhaps one person is required to be away from the other for long periods of time. This position may give many long distance, "casual" types of relationships. You probably seek a partner who provides the thrills and spills for you in your life. A partner who challenges you mentally and emotionally is desired. Your relationships may be lab experiments where you hope to learn who-knows-what. Someone who is inventive, individualistic, creative, original, out-going, eccentric or radical appeals to you. Your partner may possess considerable personal magnetism and occasionally a degree of genius, but eccentricities, erratic tendencies and even fanaticism may be present. Your approach to marriage may be highly idealistic or utopian and there may be an inclination to favor platonic unions. You want and need your partner to be your friend. Most of your relationships probably started as friendships. On the other hand, there may be a tendency to seek excitement in partnerships and a marked interest in romantic adventures may result in passing infatuations that can cause a rift with the marriage partner. The greatest threat to marriage may occur when one partner's capacity for self-development expands at a rate greatly in excess of the other's, so that one spouse may no longer be recognizable as the person they were when the marriage took place. For a successful partnership, you and your partner will need to develop the qualities of tolerance, cooperation, detachment and freedom. Marriage: Uranus in the seventh house shows separation tendencies. These people still feel attracted to their former comrades in a strange way. Many times they manage to create amazing friendships and nostalgia for most of their affections. If you have Uranus in the seventh house, or if you have become involved with such a man, you have to be ready to accept a relationship that has nothing to do with the conservative relationships you have so far known. You have to be psychologically prepared because Uranus in the seventh seeks a relationship based on unlimited freedom. Addiction and jealousy have no place in life in these people's lives. Many times these people maintain a long-lasting relationship when and only when they do not live with their partner.

Uranus Cancer 03°42'27'' R * Change Transactions

If Uranus is the only planet in a Water Sign or a Cardinal Sign, then it will be able to focus much of the energy of the horoscope here. Watch out. If Uranus is the only water planet, it will strongly affect feelings. People with this one tend to be a bit hysterical and have extra trouble committing to an emotional relationship. Their urge is to run. This placement is similar to Uranus in aspect to the Moon. This influence sometimes breaks with the family and the home, as well as leaving it. It also gives revolutionary and violent behavior. It causes divorces. On the other hand, it favors shipping and gives unexpected celebrity and fame.

Sign in beginning of House 7 Gemini Ruler Mercury * Clarity Familiar

Mercury as a marker of marriage shows that your partner will be very smart and intelligent, capable of speaking and tended to be very honest sometimes, but critic and nervous. This influence implies some anxiety and uncertainty and favors a marriage with a companion younger than you. There is likely to be frequent correspondence with your marriage, and it is advisable to be careful about the letters, as there may be problems with documents or authorship. Your relationships tend to gravitate towards people who are intelligent, thought-provoking, witty and learned. You desire your spouse or business partner to be sharp, curious, clever and alert. You need to communicate and exchange ideas and information with your partner. Promotion of ideas to and from others appeals to you and you are always up for a good debate, discussion or argument. You may spend much time thinking about your relationship or relationships in general. Marriage may be quite often on your mind. You desire a marriage or business partner that provides you with mental satisfaction and challenge. A partner who challenges you mentally and one who helps you function on more of an intellectual level is what you are looking for and need. Their value is enhanced if they help you better adapt and more effectively communicate with others. The person who gives you a lively flow of ideas, ideas that challenge and test your own mental processes, one who brings out your best mentally, stimulates you in a way that others may not understand. Yet that is what you seek in a partner. Your partner may be quick-witted, fluent, volatile, restless, high- strung as well as outspoken, argumentative, wordy and critical. Nervousness or mental imbalance may be present. Your partner may possibly be connected with education, writing, traveling, sales, language interpretation or clerical, secretarial, typing or computer work. In order to achieve the most positive results from any partnership you should learn to control your argumentativeness and your desire to criticize. Marriage: The person who has Mercury in the seventh house marries someone or someone younger. It is usually very interesting to find those people who are intelligent and precise and whose relationships, in the first stage, rely on spiritual communication. This type of person feels very much among the crowd and has the gift to magnetize with the speech of all the other people who surround him. Nevertheless, his partner should not be afraid and consider his sociality a threat. If you have relationships with such a person, you have to realize that your partner just has fun with the fact that he is in contact with different types without having a bad and cunning purpose. Its essential need is communication.

Eighth House Cancer 28°58'56'' * Others Transactions

Watch out for your diet. Probability of inheritance of real estate.

Pluto R Eighth House * Wealth Others

Pluto in the Eighth House always gives an inheritance. Either from your family or your spouse's family. Another effect is that it gives excessive sexuality and as a result many children. You possess strong intuition and good business sense. You have an analytical mind, with courage, fortitude and an interest in the metaphysical world. You may have clairvoyant abilities. There is a possibility of an inheritance. There may be concern or difficulty over money through marriage or through a business partner. There can be financial upheavals and transformation may come through this means. You search for the meaning to life and may develop a fascination or interest in death and the afterlife. You want to know how the Universe ticks. This position develops insight, self-awareness, independence and regeneration. Any tendency to dominate, control, or possess others must be dealt with in a positive manner. A strong desire nature will need to be overcome if regeneration is to occur. SEX: The presence of Pluto in the eighth, shows a very sexual person, dominated by passion. But his characteristic is that he has dominant attitudes towards his partner. In cases where Pluto is in conjunction with the Moon or Venus, it can give a sexuality that is slightly competitive. The person who has Pluto in the eighth is warm-hearted in love, has no inhibitions, and is sincerely happy to feel happy with his erotic partner. There is a possibility that the one who has Pluto in the eighth house to leave behind the victims of his sexuality and everyone has to say about his performance in love and his ability, while at other times this same person does years to come to Erotic contact. If Pluto has bad influences, violence may occur.

Pluto Leo 18°07'15'' R * Wealth Creativity

You are obsessed with self-expression. Your motto is "Do your own thing". You are never going to grow old. You may become fanatic about trying to stay young, hence the proliferation of health clubs. You would splurge on the things most important to you and skimp on everything else. You always defy authority, unless, of course, you are the authority. This position gives you the ability to undertake some important and refreshing work and to be honored for it.

Pluto Trine Sun * Energy Gain Wealth

You are very confident and have great faith and trust in your own abilities. You believe that you can survive anything that life throws your way. You expect to conquer any obstacle, problem or bad habit that you may have. Your willpower is very strong and you have the necessary self-control and self-discipline to go with it that practically guarantees success in life. You have tremendous inner resources, strength and stamina. You use all these potent talents to help reform the things around you that need changing. You stand up for your rights as well as for the rights of others. You have leadership qualities and executive skills. People look to you to show them the way. You are very intense and pursue your goals with complete dedication and singleness of purpose, almost to the point of compulsion or fanaticism. You find it difficult to respect people who are weak-willed or those who avoid confronting their lives and problems head-on. You feel in charge of your own destiny and you believe that is the way it should be. You have the intuitive perception to see right through things and get to the heart of the matter. You recognize your need to dissolve negative attitudes and thought patterns and you go about this in the same way that you go about everything else - with intensity, focus and concentration. You are a winner and people instinctively feel this when around you. This shows that your will is in harmony with your sexuality, which in simple terms means that you are good at love and especially in sexual act. It also gives you remarkable creative gifts and abilities. You tend to free yourself from ties and borders, and easily remove what you do not want. There is the possibility of playing a higher role in a rebellion. Also, this aspect gives you good health and "quick recovery" ability, both in psychological and physical illnesses. You have an impressive personality that never goes unnoticed, because you express eroticism and self-confidence.

Pluto Sextile Neptune * Inspiration Benefit Wealth

Like all your generation, you have the opportunity to help others for the good of humanity. Use any physical or spiritual power to help those around you.

Sign in beginning of House 8 Cancer Ruler Moon * Mood Others

There is a slight chance of gaining some inheritance and perhaps someone not directly associated with you, or otherwise, you will gain something from a public donation or through affairs that involve the general public and which will want to reward you for a service or For some public good you did. It also favors profit from affiliates, partners, or those associated with you in public enterprises. You desire security and perhaps look for it through other people's possessions or resources. You have self-doubt and worry. You may be subject to jealousy, envy and possessiveness. Psychic sensitivity is noticeable and psychic abilities can be developed, hopefully along positive lines. There may be financial gain through a partnership, business or through marriage. You are intrigued by what motivates others. Preoccupation with sex or death can exist for you. Concerning vocation: A work situation dependent upon others' resources is noted. Work involving reform, transformation, rehabilitation, mystery, psychology, playing detective, or research work appeals to you. SEX: This position shows that sex is an expression to show your deep and pure feelings towards your erotic partner. You are a very sexual person and you can fully satisfy the other half, but be careful not to try to "imprison" it through sex, instead speak freely and express it to your needs. Be sure to understand it.

Ninth House Virgo 04°41'47'' * Organizer Details

Your superior arrests are rather limited. You have more scientific trends.

Mars Ninth House * Body Organizer

Mars ruled the Ninth House, the House of Subjects under the title "Philosophy," is not very conducive to peace and tranquility, as one would expect if another part of the horoscope ruled. But, it shows that you are enthusiastic about everything that you are focusing on your mind and heart - and you will collide or disagree with any system of thought that does not have your absolute approval. You are very independent in thinking and feelings about religion or philosophy. Avoid litigation or disagreements and do not become overly expressive or too frank on issues related to religion, otherwise you will suffer. Your mind is enthusiastic, but restless. You are independent in thought. Your religious zeal must be watched so that it doesn't turn into fanaticism. You have strong opinions and are happy to tell anyone who will listen what they are. You have a strong desire to travel, not necessarily physically, but mentally. You have a liberal, broad, and progressive philosophy about life and do not want anyone else imposing their beliefs on you. There is a possibility of strife with in-laws. You will fight for your convictions. You may need to watch a tendency towards believing you are always right.

Mars Virgo 21°52'04'' * Body Details

You are an energetic worker, a perfectionist, and you have high standards for your own work. You often feel that if you want something done right, then you must do it yourself, for others never do as thorough a job as you do. Doing a task well is very important to you, and you may labor over minute details that others wouldn't bother with. You constantly work for accuracy, efficiency, and precision, and you become very irritable when things are not done "right". On the other hand, you can become so much of a perfectionist and so self- critical that you will not even attempt many activities and projects, feeling that your efforts simply won't be good enough. You are usually very realistic in assessing what you can accomplish and, if anything, you underestimate yourself. You are good at conserving your energy and pacing yourself so that you do not waste or diffuse your efforts. Sometimes an unwillingness to take risks or venture from the tried, beaten track can sometimes limit your opportunities. You may not aim high enough and may settle for too little in life. You can be a worry-wart and a fuss-budget who gets lost in too many details. You will be a practical, energetic and competent worker, but you will succeed better if you work on behalf of another or under a superior, if you are independent. You have some ambition, but you will get better luck as employees, governors or agents, rather than as masters or leaders. Your nature has more attention and self-restraint than is usual with Mars and you can design and express cunning and diplomacy. You have inventive and creative skill. When you are in bad directions, you may suffer because of employees or subordinates, from hostility, betrayal or dishonor, as well as from dishonest friends. This ability gives an ability for scientific work, for intellectual or philological quests, especially if put into practical use. You can run a project that was designed or suggested by others - you can take care of and observe the details, as well as being careful and accurate. There may be liver, intestinal or digestive disorders. In a nutshell, you have a perception and you are a fool, so you always have good arguments in the conversations. Many times your mood for criticism leads you to a sharp and offensive attitude toward others.

Mars Square Sun * Energy Problem Body

You are more concerned with your own self-preservation than with the needs or interests of others. You have a fighting spirit and are in competition with those around you. You need to learn how to cooperate and to compromise. You enjoy picking little fights and going head-to- head with others over almost any matter, no matter how trivial. Your desires get the better of you because you lack self-control. You are selfish at times, you often feel that you need to fight to get what you want, and you tend to have a "me-first" attitude that angers or irritates others. You have a need to be right, even when you aren't. You have difficulty in forgiving others and in saying you are sorry. You have a great deal of energy and vitality but you must be careful that you do not dissipate it in unproductive or sensual living. You are hasty, impatient and sometimes reckless. You have a need to think before you act. You do not like any form of restraint and you rebel against taking orders. You have trouble with superiors because of this and this can affect your career. You have a fiery temper and a tendency towards accidents and fevers. You need to be careful of overexertion as you tend to do things until you simply burn out. You become frustrated easily and you throw fits if you do not get your way. Your impulsive actions can lead you into many difficulties, including perhaps becoming a compulsive gambler. You become frustrated easily and this triggers impatience and anger, which you tend to take out on the ones closest to you. If you can learn how to properly channel all that drive and energy, then there is no limit to your accomplishments and success. But this will take self-discipline, self-control, restraint, patience, persistence and willpower. You need to realize that your own personal desires may not be in line with your Spirit's desires and that is what is causing all the stress you feel inside. Seek your Higher Self and you can then turn a lot of these negatives into positives. The obstacles that occur concerning the obtaining of your personal desires are to help you remain in agreement with your Spirit's desires. You have the necessary confidence and courage which are of considerable help to you in flowing with the obstacles that this aspect brings into your life. You simply need to develop more self-control. This shows that there is some conflict between the individual's will and the look of desires and because of these two influences you will suffer. So try to reinforce your individual will, not allowing yourself to be dragged by desires that you can not reach. I think it's good to avoid any kind of upsetting and maybe, in some times of your life, you'll need to watch out for accidents. Before you undergo any surgery, you must think very carefully and you should also watch out for fire and firearms. You are by nature prone to feverish illnesses and generally tend to be overly frivolous. In other words, you are ambitious, selfish and competitive in your relationships with others, while you can not express an intense aggressive attitude. You constantly ask for confirmations from your environment and when you do not get them, you become tough and absolute. You have intense sexual impulses with a "natural" consequence of being dependent on your mate. You are wasting your energy and you can endanger your life through some of your overdue activities. Finally I say that this aspect gives a huge difference of opinion and friction with the father. Health This aspect may cause vision problems, which will appear from childhood. I think it's good to avoid any kind of upsetting and maybe, in some times of your life, you'll need to watch out for accidents. Before you undergo any surgery, you need to think about it very carefully and you should also watch out for fire and firearms. You are by nature prone to feverish illnesses and generally tend to be overly frivolous. You are wasting your energy and you can endanger your life through some of your overdue activities. This aspect resembles a volcanic eruption and is dangerous, so you should never get upset too much. As there is a risk that your blood rises to your head and you may become faint. When you feel unbearably pressed and angry, take slow and deep breaths until you calm down completely.

Mars Conjunction Saturn * Body Meeting Time

You are serious about your ambitions and your goals and you know that hard work and dedication is the best way of assuring that you will succeed. You understand that anything valuable takes time to build and you are more than willing to put in the time and effort for whatever is required. You are capable of great self-denial until the job is finished. You don't mind applying lots of elbow grease and keeping your nose to the grindstone for as long as the job takes. You are self-controlled, dedicated, organized, systematic, thorough, disciplined and patient in the way you go about things. You are a born leader who has executive ability and great powers of concentration. People may see you as a bit of a stuffed-shirt, but they know they can count on you as you take your duties and responsibilities very seriously. They trust you to come through for them, regardless. You meet obstacles and life without emotion and you will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. Most of the time you feel that you must rely on yourself alone, that it's all on your shoulders. You can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much from yourself and others. There are times when you doubt your own power and ability. You fear failure and that is why you will do anything in order to keep it from happening. There are times when it seems that every roadblock in the world is thrown at you, keeping you from initiating the things you have planned. Your solution is to dig down deep and work longer and harder. Your powers of determination and endurance are what make you succeed. You have great drive, ambition, vitality and strategy. You desire to build and leave lasting structure. There is focus upon power and leadership. At times you may be too conservative and unwilling to take the risks that are sometimes necessary for success. Do not let fear keep you from making calculated, educated risks. Develop confidence in your own abilities. You may not be a genius but remember what Thomas Edison said, "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration". Remember that you do have an extraordinary capacity to sustain your concentration until your projects are completely finished. When you are frustrated, you may have difficulty controlling your anger, which can be quite explosive since you tend to hold in your hostilities. You should learn to verbally express your resentments before you become so uncontrollable. If you find it impossible to talk about your resentments, then you should write them down and then reread them. If your anger goes away upon re-reading your notes, then you can destroy them. If not, then you should deliver them to whomever has caused your frustration, with the idea of talking about the frustrations when the paper has been read. You need to remember that bottling anger up inside you is one of the primary causes of gall and kidney stones. Controlling passionate desires may also need doing as unruly desires can get you in a lot of trouble if left unchecked. The Conjunction of the two so-called unfavorable planets, Saturn and Mars, is generally considered to be a very bad position. But since true Astrology teaches that there is no real harm but relative, it is within your ability to make this look good - and you will succeed if you let your ambition dominate your senses. Be careful, however, not to get away from the danger of falling into someone else, because the mind is much more difficult to deal with than the senses. It gives you a mighty and powerful will and an assurance that will be beneficial only if the self-interest has been removed. You are capable of holding unique and very responsible positions where courage and skill are needed, but do not become overly ambitious.

Saturn Ninth House * Time Organizer

Saturn ruled your Horoscope's Ninth House, the House of Religion and Philosophy, because Saturn is the planet of stability and concentration, this position shows a serious enthusiasm for all the religious issues that will mind your mind. You are philosophical, and you will advocate advanced views on all matters related to the superior mind, and all questions of occult nature will prove to be of deep interest to you. This position on the planet Saturn is, however, unfavorable to legal affairs or travel related to distant movements and foreign affairs. Truth is the best way to awaken the qualities of this Ninth House. Your religious and philosophical beliefs are probably quite orthodox and traditional. You take these beliefs very seriously. Your concentration upon deep subjects is probably quite good. You may be intolerant and critical of others and their beliefs. You may question absolutes, God and religion in general. There may be difficulties connected with foreign travel or foreign cultures. Frustrations and delays can occur during long journeys. Take care not to deplete your energy to the point of exhaustion through over-concentration.

Saturn Virgo 18°58'19'' * Time Details

You tend to be industrious, efficient, practical, exacting, scientific, organized, shy, thrifty, studious, economical, and punctual. You have common sense and the ability to manage others, but may be a bit of a perfectionist. Detailed work does not bother you and you are able to focus and concentrate on the various minutia of any project. Your mind is deep and analytical and you probably have a good head for numbers. You may be prone to periods of depression or be prone to hypochondriac tendencies. Your work is usually neat and orderly and you dislike messes and dirt. There may be a desire for solitude. You need to stay busy because boredom brings unnecessary worry. Do not allow yourself to be critical of others. This gives you class, critical and analytical mind of seriousness that will make you original and capable of dealing with deep issues - but this, during the early years of life, may not be an advantage. This tendency of severity can sometimes change into melancholy when you are overly indifferent and cautious. There is the possibility of frustration or change in the profession and your ambitions may be threatened - or, you may stay in obscurity because of some unpopular profession, poor health, or some cause from older people. The occult significance of this position is "a distinction" through which you can gain wisdom and improve your inferior nature. Generally, you are good employees and very crafty. You know what you want and you have the ability to organize your time and space perfectly in order to fulfill your obligations. You are conservative, but you do not reject those who are fashionable. You can practice a supervisor, a tutor, a teacher or even a politician. You like class, economy and austerity.

Saturn Square Sun * Energy Problem Time

You tend to be selfish, cold, unfeeling and uncaring, worried, fearful and insecure. You may have a ruthless ambition that lets nothing stand in the way of its goals. You have a cautious, careful, realistic attitude toward life and are highly responsible and disciplined with regard to your obligations and duties. You tend to work and struggle more than you need to, and to take yourself too seriously. You need to lighten up. You prefer the patterns and activities that you are already used to rather than new experiences. You struggle with feelings of personal inadequacy, inhibitions, self-doubt and loneliness. Everything you try to accomplish has to be worked at very hard and perhaps for a very long time. You are subject to delays and frustrations at every turn, it seems. You may have difficulties with your father or those in authority. This is not an easy aspect, but it does give great persistence, endurance, patience and staying power. You need to learn how to give yourself to others with no thought of reward for yourself. Share your love and possessions and open yourself up to the needs and concerns of others. You have been much too selfish and self-absorbed in previous lives and now you must learn to share with others. You are being asked to compromise and cooperate with others in order to remove any tendency towards self-interest. Another challenge for you is to overcome your self-criticalness. You have a very high standard of what constitutes achievement and perfection and you expect yourself and others to live up to it. But you go overboard with your attitude. First, it is unrealistic. Second, it is impossible to reach. This causes you a great deal of stress and frustration. Then, you feel that others are working against your achieving this perfection, when in reality, it is your Spirit which is attracting inefficiency around you in order to force you to stop judging yourself and others too harshly and critically. Again, the message is for you to lighten up. This is a very unfortunate position that weakens somewhat your individual character and brings many sorrows into your life. Somehow you are confined and tangled, without being able to achieve your ambitions, either because of the indifference of your greatest ones or because of the lack of opportunities. Delays and obstacles overturn your plans and frustrate your progress. Your health will also be afflicted a few times, due to poor blood circulation, so avoid the cold as cold as possible. Improving your moral nature will improve your overall financial situation. Get rid of selfishness, jealousy and hostility.

Sign in beginning of House 9 Virgo Ruler Mercury * Clarity Organizer

This position is an indication that the superior mind is often more active than the inferior. You have the ability, in a certain field, to become philosophical, but only if you gain concentration and perseverance. You are fast in your perception and lecture so that you can significantly improve your mind during your present life, being in many ways quick in learning and understanding. You will travel a few times, or you will go to foreign countries because this influence is an indication that you like travels, especially distant. You have a metaphysical cognitive attitude and you love mystical themes. You are flexible, with an adaptable mind which has an interest in perhaps intellectual pursuits, law, religion or philosophy. You have many ideas and beliefs with the ability to express them well verbally. You probably enjoy travel and foreign culture and it is particularly educational for you. You have the ability to learn foreign languages or to be a translator. You may be a teacher or be involved in higher learning in some other way. Interest may exist in publishing or advertising.

Tenth House Libra 10°24'38'' * Profession Sociability

You have skills for justice, diplomacy, the arts but for your career development, you have to count on others. You like sociality and compliments.

Neptune Tenth House * Inspiration Profession

Neptune is related to the profession (10th House) and your occupation, in life, implies that you have to follow those things that are rare, unique and unusual. In the general sense, this planet governs all things that are inspirational and psychic. Below this planet we find psychic and all the unusual people in the professional world. It gives some literary talent as well as artistic tendencies of strange nature. It is difficult, if not impossible, to indicate with certainty a special or permanent profession, because so little is actually known about Neptune, so that most of our ideas around this mysterious planet are, for the time being, Very hypothetical nature. Strange and confusing things can happen with respect to your career and your drive to be successful within it. Strong idealism attends this position so keep your eyes open with your feet on the ground. Your career may involve something artistic, inspirational, humanitarian, dramatic, promotional or psychic. The theater, chemistry, psychic activities, photography or dealings with drugs are possible career outlets. Your public image may have its ups and downs due to forces beyond your control. A feeling of rejection by one or both parents is possible.

Neptune Libra 16°51'21'' * Inspiration Sociability

You are conformist, a company person. The illusion of this may makes you to think that if you don't rock the boat, everything will be alright. There is a love of fairness and justice. This influence enables you to shape new artistic ideals because you have an intuitive temperament, very poetic or spiritual. You have great mercy. It gives you a tendency to have somewhat cloudy political views and also has the tendency to decide your marriage under strange and cloudy situations.

Neptune Sextile Sun * Energy Benefit Inspiration

You are imaginative and quite sensitive to the conditions with which you surround yourself. You love the colorful, the beautiful, the musical and the magical. You are attracted to metaphysics and want to understand the deeper truths of life. You feel connected to the whole universe and feel rapport with all living creatures. You are sympathetic, compassionate and caring and will always go out of your way to help someone in need. In order to be fulfilled you need to express yourself through some creative pursuit, either art, music, photography, dance or drama. You tend to be very idealistic, a bit romantic, and at times somewhat impractical. You are filled with many ideas and much inspiration and with a little effort you could bring all your dreams and fantasies into reality. In previous lifetimes you have started the work of developing your psychic potential into concrete abilities and you may continue that work in this life by serving those around you who need your help. You are able to contact your Higher Self for wisdom, truth and guidance. You have a love of art, music and painting and you appreciate refinement and high ideals. You may have visions and dreams that you do not understand. Because of your extreme sensitivity, you tend to avoid direct confrontation with others. You are blessed with a certain ethereal charm and magnetism. This shows that the effect of this mysterious planet is conducive to your spiritual development, and you may see that greater conscious enlargement comes from experiences that you have too much difficulty in describing to others. The real paradoxes of life will appear more or less in your consciousness, and some truths that can be expressed in the form of paradox will have a special significance and reality for you if you can get to the upper face of this influence. You are lucky, with the general meaning of the term (although you may not think of yourself as such) and as a rule you will be liked by others. You must, however, be careful that the sensual aspect of life does not dominate you. You also have creative imagination, artistic abilities, inspiration and courtesy, delicacy and romance. Pay attention to the weaknesses of your fellow human beings and you like to join groups that are involved in raising the standard of living.

Sign in beginning of House 10 Libra Ruler Venus * Joy Profession

Venus influences your horoscope's Tenth House, promises success on all issues related to the pleasures and needs of others. Your occupation in life should have some relation to female sex, because Venus favors women in all their needs. The professions that are under the influence of Venus are numerous to describe, but, generally speaking, they are those that relate to objects and themes that give satisfaction to others. All the activities that are relaxed and sophisticated will be very suitable for you in terms of profit and pleasure. Thanks to this post you will know the success in life and you will have many good friends to help you. Your pleasant disposition and harmonious nature make you popular in your career and with the world at-large. People seem to want to do nice things for you, which can lead to laziness if you abuse this energy. You have a loving and friendly approach to the world with a general attitude of optimism. This placement can be favorable for public speaking and singing. Your voice may be used to please and inspire people. This position usually grants comfortable financial circumstances.

Eleventh House Scorpio 04°41'47'' * Friends Passion

There is a chance that your goals will be overturned. Also, your sexual desires can hinder the development of friendship. You have rather low popularity and you have secret cravings.

Sign in beginning of House 11 Scorpio Ruler Mars * Body Friends

Mars is influencing your horoscope's Eleventh House, this is not conducive to friendships, as it suggests some controversy and controversy between you and friends at some point in your life. You will get acquainted with people in the medical or military profession or with ambitious and adventurous people - but avoid serious disagreements or controversies and watch out for your dating. This influence implies a strong nature of desires and means that you have very intense hopes and cravings, but many of your desires will be satisfied with your own energy and through great strength and sincere effort. Do not be sure of anyone, or lend your friends money, etc., because you will also lose friends and money. You have strong desires and wishes, social leadership ability and many casual associations with energetic and enterprising friends. You probably put a lot of energy into your friendships. It is important that you seek the right type of friendships. You can be taken advantage of by friends or you can take advantage of them. Active participation in group activities suits you well. Leadership within the group also appeals to you.

Sign in beginning of House 11 Scorpio Second Ruler Pluto * Wealth Friends

Shows some reversals to the goals and creates a tendency for hidden friendships. Loyalty of friends is important to you. Some friends may try to be quite controlling of you or you may be quite controlling of them. Intensity of friendships really appeals to you. Your friends may find you rather charismatic. They perhaps see you as the rebel or the reformer or idealist. Friends will come and go as the need for your own growth changes. This is all part of the cosmic process. What ceases to grow, dies. This includes friendships and all relationships you may have with different groups of people. Groups and organizations can play major roles in your regeneration or transformation. Your dedication to high ideals can be used for the benefit of all mankind, if you apply yourself. You have leadership ability and the will to fight for "causes" that are beneficial to others.

Twelfth House Scorpio 28°58'56'' * Occult Passion

Maybe you have secret and occult hostility. Some sexual ailments are also possible.

Sun Twelfth House * Energy Occult

It is a good influence on all aspects of occult nature and gives you a rather deep interest in things that are psychic, or beyond the material world. But at the same time, you are somewhat restrained or limited and you can not fully express yourself because of situations surrounding your birth or your environment, which are not favorable nor contribute to secular well-being. For this, let your life be devoted more to the interior than to the outside, because then you will come in contact with those who will be willing to help you in the right direction. The Sun in this House is rising and therefore promises you a great improvement in worldly affairs as life progresses. There is the desire or the need to serve others in this lifetime. At times this is in direct conflict with a desire to seek seclusion from the world and or wallow in self-pity seeking sympathy and service from others. This life may be a contemplative life due to the need to reshape negative character traits from past lives. You have an awareness of the oneness of life. You may lack confidence in your abilities. You have an empathy with sick or mentally disturbed people. You may develop or have clairvoyant powers and an interest in occult subjects and psychic phenomena. You may enjoy playing the martyr.

Sun Sagittarius 15°12'13'' * Energy Horizons

You tend to be idealistic, optimistic, dependable, open- minded, friendly, honest and versatile. But, you can also be tactless, irresponsible, showy, boastful, self-righteous, arrogant, quarrelsome, fanatical, dogmatic and dictatorial. You like any work where foresight and a willingness to take a chance is offered, while at the same time, you try to avoid detailed work. You are usually outspoken, sometimes to the point of bluntness. Simply blurting out your ideas and opinions is due to their never-ending search for truth and wisdom. Others think you are pretty tactless and the statement that "truth hurts" fits your way of thinking. Regardless of your undiplomatic remarks, others instinctively feel as if you means you no real harm and is only interested in raising their consciousness. You love the outdoors, large animals, nature and sports. Some times you have reckless gambling tendencies and will bet it all on the drop of a hat. Travel and even long walks appeal to you because they make you feel free - and you needs to feel free. You are philosophical and you want to understand the deeper issues and abstractions of life. You have a certain faith in higher things that generally always keeps you of an optimistic bent, no matter what difficulties are currently besetting you. You want to understand the meaning of life. This helps to keep you growing and expanding, which is something you need to do. This desire for expansion can cause you to overextend yourselves with too many activities and to use up your energy too rapidly. You need to take intervals of rest to recuperate between projects. You need to learn how to concentrate on your current projects and stick with them to the end. Always full of enthusiasm, you tend to show it more at the start of new endeavors, then it tends to lessen as the project goes along and gets stuck in details, or the going gets a little rough, or it simply gets a little boring. Although you are ordinarily healthy, you can run into trouble due to overindulgence in food and drink. You are known for your friendliness, helpfulness and subtle humor. You are good conversationalists and enjoy debating merely for the sake of debating. You have a real gift for making friends and you can go anywhere in the world without ever feeling lonely, for you acquire friends along the route. You have humanitarian instincts and are practical in expressing them. You will tend to help anyone who is in need. Others can usually depend on your loyalty and honesty, for there is nothing devious or manipulative in your nature. You are extremely independent and restless, with a real need for personal freedom. You can experience claustrophobia, either physical or emotional. This is why you are reluctant to get into total commitment situations and often shy away from marriage. In love, you are highly romantic, but you need your partner to be intelligent and communicative. You hate jealousy and possessiveness on the part of your partner, especially since you are fond of flirting. You enjoy the chase more than the capture. Careerwise, you are reluctant to become tied down to a set schedule, so will experiment with a variety of jobs. You do best in careers that permit you to travel about, either locally or widely. You also like dealing directly with people, either selling or promoting ideas, products, etc. You may overlook small details, but your overall sense of planning is excellent. You have good memories. The challenge of a problem is what interests you, for it caters to your enjoyment in exploring the unknown. Playing games comes easily to you and it is the journey you enjoy rather than the destination. You who have the Sun in Sagittarius, are insightful, prophetic, self-sufficient, humble, optimistic and happy, though somewhat anxious, overactive, and sometimes overly naughty, straight and categorical. If you do not pay attention, you can say and express more than you would be wise. You are very honest and honest, generous and loyal to those with whom you relate. You always seek to be philosophical, but you need to add some scientific knowledge as a solid foundation to all your thoughts and actions. You have a religious spirit and you are devoted to those you love.

Sign in beginning of House 12 Scorpio Ruler Mars * Body Occult

Mars ruled your 12th Horoscope's House, is not at all favorable to matters of occult nature. It warns you to pay close attention to your concerns with issues that you do not fully possess, and it will be better for you never to have a lot of relationships with phenomena or unseen situations. This influence threatens you with a limitation at some point in your life, due to an accident, unjust imprisonment, or some thing that will deprive you of your freedom for a while. So be very straightforward in all your actions, avoiding the problems. Watch out for spirituality. You may have intense emotional reactions and perhaps repressed desires and paranoia. People may sense this and cause problems for you. There can be trouble through slander or with secret enemies. You may have need to overcome deep, hidden, inner resentments. You may be subject to false accusations by hidden enemies. You feel an aloneness. Your energy should be directed toward gaining an understanding of the meaning of life and for the development of harmony and oneness with humanity. A love of working in secret or behind the scenes can make you effective in getting the job done.

Sign in beginning of House 12 Scorpio Second Ruler Pluto * Wealth Occult

It gives some testing in the sexual field, as well as secret enemies. You feel a need to search for truth and wisdom so that you can understand life. Perhaps life has enslaved you in some way and you are searching for transformation or regeneration. Occasional upheavals in your life come about in order to bring you back to the correct path. There is a desire to retreat from society in order to re-analyze your life. You can become a champion of the downtrodden masses. Serving others in this life may be important for you. You enjoy working behind the scenes.

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