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Kurt Cobain, Natal Horoscope


Read for Kurt Cobain 20-02-1967 19:38 Aberdeen US Washington Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

Natal Horoscope 1
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Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

NameKurt Cobain
Birthday20 / 2 / 1967
Birth time19:38:00
Birth PlaceAberdeen US Washington


The real purpose of Astrology is to serve as a guide to physical life. Astrology students are convinced that this is a perfect study system in which self-knowledge can be achieved. The author believes that the character is destiny and that we, in past lives, we weave the web of destiny with our own thought, and now, in a similar way we weave the fabric of our future horoscope. Every sin is the result of ignorance, so to know ourselves means to become wiser and thus to dominate the destiny. Every fate, good or bad, was originally made up of our own thoughts and actions and has its roots in our character. The horoscope is the indicator of the Divine Law in practice and therefore helps us to discover a great part of our destiny.

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Rising Sign or Ascendant

Ascendant Virgo at 23°21'38''

At the time of your birth, Virgo, a sign that belongs to the earthly element and in the common or variable property, was rising up. It gives a peaceful temper, withdrawn, moderate and restrained. You are careful and wise and able to think long before you do. You are kind and tender, but not too sensitive. Although you look fit and capable to be almost everything for everyone, you rarely show your true nature open and often difficult to understand. You have a lot of cognitive skills, you learn easily and you have a sophisticated nature. You have logic, reasoning ability and enough talent for scientific or philological studies. But you can also develop a lot of practical skill and deal with many small details effectively and methodically. Sometimes you worry unnecessarily, you are hesitant and you change your mind. You are timid, you lack confidence and you are too prepared to step back into the difficulties. You do not have enough optimism. You will work better and you will be very fortunate if you follow a leader and rely on him. Virgo is the sign of the servant, not the lord. You tend to be practical, analytical, discriminating, fastidious, careful, exacting, attentive to details, methodical, quiet, unassuming, shy, critical, thoughtful, and somewhat self-centered. You have an ingenious, active and alert mind. Gaining knowledge and putting it to good use are important to you. You strive for perfection and can be quite the person to live with or to be around because your standards for yourself and others are so high. At times others can never be "good" enough to meet those high standards. Finding fault with what's wrong with things is your forte. Sometimes, though, this can make relationships sour as you often turn your critical eye on the one you love and the things they do. Pessimism and being too self-critical are two faults you should try to improve upon. You may tend to worry too much, especially about the small stuff, the little details. Too much worry can lead to health problems. You need to learn to digest every experience and assimilate it without bitterness, regret, spite or resentment. You need to get rid of any negativity that stems from a feeling of inadequacy. You tend to look younger than you really are, no matter what your age. You are very restless and nervous, so you seldom have much weight on you. At times you can be very indecisive and unsure. Spiritual lesson to learn: Service. Mercury rules Virgo so Mercury will be important in your chart. Luck: You are luckier when working with others as assistants, associates or affiliates of that alone and independent. Medical and pharmaceutical activities can benefit you, as well as adaptability to various occupations, professional, or business. Ruler: Mercury. The planet Mercury is the ruler of the zodiac Gemini and Virgo. Its influence is more brain and nerves and has more to do with the mind than by the senses. Gives you great mental ability intelligence and adaptability, resourcefulness and spirit of fertility and possibly a good memory. You'll be able to talk and arguments, persuasive and eloquent in conversation, but they coexist with a dose of slyness and secrecy, as well as caution or withdrawal. Rarely will you show your entire life in the world and there will always be a view that will not ever show it, nor to your closest friends. Your mind is active, but it lacks a little concentration and perseverance. You tend to bother with too many issues, change somewhat abruptly and have many irons in the fire. You can easily adapt to the moods and opinions of others and you can tell the truth and under completely different views. To a degree Mercury hires himself to nature and other planets, for it must pay attention to the sign which occupies Mercury at birth.

Aspects Ascendant

0.11 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Uranus Conjunction Ascendant

You are unconventional, revolutionary, independent, and probably ahead of you. You seek to reform and change things and the people around you. You are likely to be nervous and nervous, and you have to be careful of your tendency to overthrow and pull things up to the bottom until you fall down. Your ideas are genuine, creative, intuitive and artistic. You do not want to be bound by anything or anything.

0.98 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Neptune Sextile Ascendant

You have emotional comprehension and compassion for others. There is the possibility that you have cultivated your intuitive and mental abilities in past lives and these talents appear in this life. You are probably creative and surely sensitive to the needs of others.

2.32 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Jupiter Sextile Ascendant

You tend to be social, optimistic, enthusiastic, open-minded and tolerant. People are naturally attracted to you because they feel that you are good to them or at least that you will help them whenever they need help. You are a friend of amusements and are keen to accumulate knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

3.19 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Venus Opposition Ascendant

It seems that you need the approval of others to feel well with yourself. Perhaps you lack self-confidence or trust in yourself. Find the things you need without actually making any effort for that. You like to be with cute, social people. You have a charming and delightful personality, but you may be disbelieving. There is also a tendency to get things out of donations and be a bit lazy sometimes.

3.57 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Pluto Conjunction Ascendant

People may have noticed the intensity with which you present your activities and follow your interests. People see you as a magnetic, very strong and possibly, sometimes, just dangerous person. They are not always sure whether the power they see will be used for their own sake or to hurt them. Since Pluto is the planet of power and power, you may find yourself in situations that require or force you to use courage and will. Others may try to use these qualities against you, so it is good to remember that "those who live with the sword must die from the sword." Additionally, you can spend a lot of time trying to eradicate or reshape some negative features you inherited. You may also possess the ability to intuitively know or understand people's thoughts, feelings or motives. You have physical skills detective.

4.90 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Mercury Opposition Ascendant

You love intellectual conflicts and you quickly grab every opportunity for sharp discussions and disputes. You have a lot of nervous energy and you can not sit quiet for a long time. You prefer spiritual people to confront their thoughts and ideas. Sometimes you lack the clarity to express your thoughts. There are moments too, you just talk too much.

5.36 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Saturn Opposition Ascendant

You are serious and inclined towards introversion, perhaps because of a lack of self-confidence, sweet sentiments, or because you lack faith in yourself. You probably prefer relationships with older, more mature people than you. You are too capable of many things, but you can exercise a great deal of criticism of yourself and your abilities.

Ruler Mercury at 7 House

This is likely to make you public to a degree, because it helps to get friends and acquaintances, draws attention to you and it will be good if you follow any career that brings you to the public. This attracts you particularly towards the opposite sex and you are likely to have great successes with it. It creates a great moment of marriage and it is almost unlikely to stay alone. In business or other jobs, you are likely to work better in partnership or companionship with others than if you are all alone and you can easily pull others and get along with them. In times when you are under bad influence, you may have enemies because of this position and suffer from contrasts, antagonisms, jealousy or quarrels.

Mercury at 18°27'36'' Pisces

You, your thoughts, and your ways of communicating tend to be idealistic, psychic, intuitive, imaginative, sympathetic, diplomatic, extremely sensitive, compassionate, and visionary. On the negative side you can be lazy, impractical, day-dreamy, over-sensitive, procrastinating, indifferent and absent-minded. You may lack a strong desire to work or to push yourself into doing anything that takes a lot of strength, organization, patience, and responsibility. You would rather be a poet or musician than a scientist or a mechanic. Formal book learning may not be your area of strength, yet you can absorb knowledge in the most remarkable ways if you are interested in the subject area. You are sensitive to your environment and thus you should be careful of which environments you hang around in. Your nerves and your mental health require you to periodically rest away from the noise of the work-a-day world. Take some time to be alone with yourself to regroup. But not too much time, as you have a tendency to get carried away with yourself and your problems. Healing using visualization techniques or healing through the laying on of hands may appeal to you. You may have great interest and talent in art, music, drama or poetry. Your imagination can be quite highly developed. Because you tend to think in terms of mental abstractions, translating your thoughts and impressions into concrete, everyday language may be difficult for you at times and consequently you may appear less intelligent or at least less quick-witted and verbal than others. You dislike being pinned down to facts and you follow your instinct rather than logic. You are intuitive and able to sense what others' thoughts and feelings are, even before they say anything to you. Sometimes you get so immersed in your own world of thought and imagination that you overlook things in your immediate, tangible environment. You are extremely open-minded and believe that anything is possible. Intangible or spiritual forces seem just as real to you as anything in the concrete world and you often form an opinion about a person or situation without much factual knowledge of them, and your impressions are usually correct. Keeping your mind positively occupied is important, as day-dreaming tends to go off in strange directions. Your mind will be very receptive, capable of feeling things without being able to give an explanation of how it acquired this knowledge, indeed, a mind that can act diplomatically, quietly and also in a systematic way. This position gives you the ability to talk, sing or write, but life's everyday affairs will help you more than peculiar and unusual. There is a liking to spirituality and mysticism and the mind is able to discover some of the secrets of the soul. However, sometimes, there is a tendency to be overly indifferent to mind and not quite active in mind. You should pay attention to mental superficiality.

Aspects Mercury

1.32 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Pluto Opposition Mercury

You are naturally suspicious and curious about all kinds of hidden and secret things. You love playing the detective, ferreting out any and all secret information. You are not content to scratch the surface of knowledge, you have to go as deep as possible in order to seek out the truth. You love a good mystery and subjects like death and dying, reincarnation, sex and mystical or natural methods of healing are of interest to you. You like to know what everyone is doing or thinking, but you rarely divulge what is on your mind. Because of your love of research and investigation you may well be attracted to the fields of psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychiatry or counseling in general. You have great powers of concentration and a penetrating mind. You are able to size up people and situations quickly and accurately. You are keenly observant and very little gets by you. You have sort of an x- ray vision regarding the motivations and intentions of others. The occult side of life fascinates you and gives you plenty of scope for your researching talents and interests. Stories of mystery, intrigue, espionage, science fiction, etc. are favorite reading for you. You may have a morbid side to you because of all this interest in underground or undercover subjects. But that is not the way you see it at all. You just want to learn everything you can about subjects that most people couldn't care less about. You have strong opinions with the power to influence others. Some may think you are almost fanatical or obsessive about your beliefs or what you choose to direct your thinking upon. Just remember to keep an open mind to all points of view. With that attitude you will learn even more about the things you study. Lastly, you may have a highly geared nervous system which can cause impatience and irritability. You must learn when you need to give your mind a rest. You tend to have a very suspicious, even paranoid, side. You need to learn not to be so intensely involved with your own ideas and beliefs, as some of your beliefs may be downright fanatical. When others do not believe the same way as you, you may have a tendency to get angry or self-righteous. You need to learn to listen calmly to other viewpoints and consider whether yours is in error. Be big enough to admit when you are wrong. The attitude you may have that you are always right is just not reality. Keep an open mind before ridiculing any idea. This aspect can give the "doubting Thomas" tendency whereby you believe in nothing unless the evidence is displayed to you first-hand. The only real way you can find the proof you want is for you to learn to tap your own Higher Self in order to find the truth from your own inner wisdom. This aspect makes you neurotic and sometimes you experience depression and sometimes mania. Criticizes others badly and you always hit them in their weak spots. You are resourceful, but individual and vain, trying to climb socially, in unfair ways.

4.79 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Uranus Opposition Mercury

You are a lightning quick thinker who is constantly coming up with new ways of doing things. You have an intuitive genius for originality. You are unconventional, weird, a bit eccentric and you demand complete freedom of expression. New ideas, discoveries and inventions thrill you to no end. You love keeping up with the latest state-of-the-art theories and products. Because you grasp ideas so quickly, you may have difficulty being patient with those around you who do not pick up on things as quickly as you do. You understand scientific and mechanical theory easily. You are indeed blessed with a sharp, brilliant, swift and clever mentality. You may be attracted to electronics, astrology or astronomy and metaphysics in general. You have a decidedly high-strung and nervous temperament and you find it difficult to relax. You get bored rather easily so you need lots of things going on at the same time. You enjoy travel as there is always something new to learn or think about. Your mind functions in an intuitive, non-linear fashion, and sudden insights and ideas often come to you "out of the blue". You do well in open, unpredictable atmospheres where flexibility and quick responses are required. You are self-reliant and demand freedom of thought and expression at all times. But, you have the tendency that if ideas do not fit in with your previously conceived pattern, then they are simply rejected. Your interest in knowing about everything can dissipate your mental focus and concentration. You tend to scatter your energies into too many directions at once and to make impulsive or hasty decisions. You jump from one thing to another without finishing what you've started. Your mind is rather antagonistic towards the ideas of others so that you have a tendency to disbelieve them out of hand. But, if your own mind comes to the same conclusion, then you find it totally believable. You usually like new ideas, but you don't want them "preached" to you. Thus, it's important for you to realize that others are not necessarily "preaching" to you when they present different viewpoints. Discipline yourself to stay with a subject long enough to master it. You may be carrying a chip around on your shoulder that is most unattractive. Let it go and become detached. This makes your mind critical and sometimes unstable. You should be aware of your transactions with foreigners and of the documents you sign. You will accept criticism and you will encounter the opposition of others when you do not expect it, but this may also be due to your own attitude because you tend to be sarcastic and misunderstand things. This is due to the state of your nervous system, which will occasionally be disordered. You have a strong reformist spirit, but you will not be overly reckless with the methods you adopt. In a nutshell, you're nervous, you talk all the time and most of the time you say things unrelated to each other. Look at marginal people, deny compromises, but you do not adopt a certain attitude of life. Your relationships do not last, because you are easily bored and you are constantly in need of change.

5.07 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Moon Trine Mercury

You have an excellent mind and you remember faces, names and past events with ease. You are a wonderful speaker and teacher as you can put your feelings and your heart into what you are trying to convey. Gaining knowledge and sharing that knowledge are important to you and you make great efforts to be on top of the latest developments. You are a natural counselor as you listen well to what people share with you, especially with respect to their problems. You give encouragement to others and are able to help them have confidence in themselves. People trust you and confide their problems in you, knowing that you will not judge them. You can read between the lines of what others are saying and you have the knack of being able to tell them what they really need to hear. You probably keep some sort of diary or journal to record your thoughts and emotions so that you can go back to them periodically and learn from your previous experiences. You have talent for learning foreign languages. You tend to think clearly and logically since your emotions and your thoughts are in harmony. Since you are so sensitive to other people's feelings, you are able to verbalize the other person's needs before they have spoken. This is very reassuring to people because they know you understand where they are coming from. You have the ability to communicate ideas and concepts to others, either verbally or in writing. You have a love of variety, travel, communicating and reading. There may be literary or writing talent with this aspect as it certainly strengthens and benefits the mentality. This aspect gives you wonderful mental capabilities and makes your brain accurate and active. You will succeed in life thanks to the spirit and speed of your perception. You have the ability to earn money and you are doing well with forms and writing. This aspect allows you to appreciate life and make the most of it, because you are intelligent and you can think for yourself. You have to cultivate the clairvoyance as well as your memory, which is a feature of this aspect when it is active and not latent. You have talent in speech or writing and you can very easily express your thoughts and ideas. Simply put, you have a great ability to transmit ideas and feelings, charisma that allows good relationships with others and employment in professions requiring persuasion and public relations. You are restless and inspire confidence because you are smart and fair.

5.88 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Neptune Trine Mercury

You have an unusual amount of imagination and are very good at visualization. You have dreams and visions and can make these a reality by bringing them into your rational, conscious, and logical mind for practical implementation. You are open to metaphysical subjects such as astrology, telepathy and various other occult areas such as healing. In fact, you may have healing power through the laying on of hands. You have the ability to tap into your subconscious mind and bring the ideas found there into your consciousness. Your mind is inspired and you have an aptitude for art, creative writing, poetry, drama or music. You prefer the artistic world over the scientific and you learn more by soaking things up rather than forced book-learning. You have a love of the sea because of its ability to soothe your nerves. You have a high degree of intuition and inspiration. You have sensitivity to the higher realms that can be developed more fully. You may tap those higher realms in your dreams. This is favorable to your intellect because it makes you too receptive to the charm of music and poetry and to all the exuberant feelings and adds some mystical hue to your mental constellation. The romantic adventures that will happen in your life will have a great effect on your mind. Cognitive sympathies are wide and you will have many friends in the world of intellect, especially between mystic and pious writers. You have to try to live in the everyday life some of the superior ideas that you keep in mind, because this influence tends to leave them forever unrealized ideas. There is certainly an artistic influence that gives great ability to plot affairs or original designs. The sea will have a special attraction on you. In short, you have creative imagination and sensitivity, you are charismatic, kind and attractive people. You can become good writers, because you can perfectly describe the images of your imagination and expose your ideas.

Planets in House 1

Uranus at 1 House

Uranus rises at the moment of your birth, notes your horoscope as totally unusual, because Uranus is the planet of originality, inventiveness, and often of intelligence. But sometimes it will make you look strange, strange and eccentric, with a tendency to be steep and very incompatible. This position has much to do with your love of the mysterious and also gives you the ability to study astrology and metaphysical issues. You love everything that is wondrous and profound. Some romantic story will come into your life or some very sudden and unexpected change, either by inversion of fortune or by unexpected gain or benefit. You are strong-willed, independent, original, perhaps a bit eccentric, freedom-loving, and intuitive. You have an exciting and stimulating personality which tends to draw people to you. You may be willful, high-strung, nervous, and anxious. You may experience feelings of unrest and loneliness, perhaps because of the uniqueness you feel. Seeking new and unusual ways of expressing traditional ideas appeals to you. Listen to your intuition because it is probably very strong, or could be developed to a high degree. You can become a leader who will pioneer new paths for others to follow. You may be ahead of your time. You may not pay as much attention as you should to your physical state and appearance because of the myriad of thoughts that occupy your mind.

Uranus R at 23°15'02'' Virgo

The planet of radical changes in the sign of details can cause one's "genius" to come out in small ways rather than with major breakthroughs. Virgo is the sign of work and health, so Uranus (or any planet) is kept busy here. People with this placement will constantly tend to look for new ways to improve their work. They will also be attracted to the very latest in health technology. This can get them into big trouble because they will tend to think that something is good because it is new. This position predisposes you to struggle for social causes, to engage in trade unionism, to be interested in innovative medical science, cars, electronics, etc. It also shows good friends in the working environment and gives a sudden success in business and work and an unexpected promotion. When you are in bad directions, you may experience health problems and work difficulties for political reasons.

Aspects Uranus

1.09 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Neptune Sextile Uranus

You have the power, either dormant or active, to raise your consciousness through spiritual training, exercises or aspirations. You are idealistic and enjoy learning and hearing about all types of philosophies. You are tolerant towards others' beliefs. You are probably very intuitive and imaginative, possessing psychic potential. This is an influence, which will have little real effect on your external life, as its effects are directed more towards inner nature or character. It implies that the subjective and objective elements of your character are in a harmonious balance, and therefore, external life is not likely to be disturbed by sudden energy outflows coming from within. Although it can be considered as a very favorable position, you should not over-estimate it with regard to the usual notion of "favorable" because its influence is far removed from physical life so that it has some direct effect on it And therefore the views of other planets in your birth horoscope will be comparatively much more powerful.

2.43 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus

Unusual opportunities come to you in life, normally quite out of the blue. You have lofty goals and ideals and you are a bit of an eccentric. Others may see you as being slightly ahead of your time. You are optimistic with a pleasing personality and a warm sense of humor. You possess an ingenious, inventive and original mind along with a broad, humane, tolerant and benevolent disposition. There is a tendency to delve into the occult arts and sciences. You are kind, hospitable, sociable and gentle and give of yourself and your possessions with generosity. You are always there to help a friend. Being around unusual people and places gives you the opportunity to learn new things, which is why you do it in the first place. Your desire for new ideas causes you to continually question the whys of different situations. You like to be on the go and will probably move around a lot in the course of your life. Routine or repetitive jobs are extremely boring to you, and if you are forced to do them, you can become very discouraged. You need freedom and independence to pursue your own thing. The thought of being tied down frightens you because you do not know whether you can do that or not. Money and other financial resources come to you in unexpected and sudden ways. This aspect signifies that spiritual blessings and guardianship surround you because of good deeds done in past lives. This is an important aspect for those who move mentally and those who are prototype or tend to metaphysical and occult. In general, this face brings sudden and unexpected gains, through covenant or through inheritance. You may invent something or turn to a whole new direction and succeed, but anything you do to win will enter some unexpected element because of that aspect. But its tendency is more to originality in the sphere of thought and the overcoming of the conventional and the Orthodox. It adds great enthusiasm to all your ventures. In simple words, you are gentle. You have absolutely right judgment and you know how to change your wisdom into action. You are original and dynamic, fair, humble and well-being. You are interested in the public good and care as much as you can for it. You love traveling and thirst for knowledge.

3.30 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Venus Opposition Uranus

You are excitable, spontaneous, and easily aroused emotionally and sexually. You crave emotional excitement and you tend to fall in and out of love very quickly, having little self-restraint or concern for propriety when your feelings have been stirred. Relationships begin with sudden, electric attraction, but they often end abruptly. You are unique, a bit eccentric and unconventional in your tastes and you don't mind experimenting. You love adventure, especially in your emotional life. You enjoy the thrill of the chase and you split when things start to get boring. You tend to be faithless in love - your strong suit is not in hanging around for the long haul. You prefer non-traditional relationships, ones that give you plenty of freedom and independence as you do not like to feel tied down. You like playing the field and settling down in a permanent, one-to-one relationship may be asking too much from you. In fact, you may intentionally choose partners who are otherwise unavailable because it helps keep things from getting too close and involved. You don't like strings attached to relationships and you prefer to remain rather detached with it all. There is the possibility of clandestine relationships. You have a highly unusual and explosive emotional nature. You are temperamental and change emotionally as easily as the wind changes direction. You are troubled with the emotional ups and downs which you don't understand and you have the tendency to blame whoever is handy for your emotional lows. The crazy emotional tides which you feel are coming from within and they are because your creativity cannot find a decent outward expression. Use your wonderful creativity ability and your fine intuition in the pursuit of something artistically or musically creative. Then you won't be quite so at the mercy of your erratic emotions. You have a lot of personal magnetism and sex appeal. Others find you very alluring, exciting and interesting. Being restless by nature, travel would be good for you as it would give you an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and your wanderlust. Change is necessary for you and one way or another your life will be filled with it. In general, you do not care what people think of you or the ways in which you relate to the world and to others. You will do what you want. You need to exercise self-control over your sensual nature. You also need to discipline yourself so that your strange and unusual tastes and proclivities do not make it impossible for you to get along with your fellow man and woman. This is not a favorable influence on love affairs. You will be fascinated or influenced in some way by the magnetism of those of the opposite sex that will appeal to you. Sudden and unexpected disappointments threaten you - also sudden economic losses, against which you should be kept avoiding risky speculation. You can not be too careful in all your relationships with strangers, as in all affairs related to love and marriage. It threatens you with a danger because of jealousy and betrayal. This face causes splitting divorce and many alienations from friends and loved ones. In other words, this aspect makes you incompatible, you are not loyal and easily break your relationships. You are sexual, but with peculiar behavior in love, without limits. If you are looking for it, you may have success in fashion, cinema, etc.

3.46 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Pluto Conjunction Uranus

There is power here to help you change outdated social systems and structures should you desire to do so. Whether you use this power for your own selfish purposes or to help uplift humanity is up to you. You can be sure that ruin will follow you if you only use this power for your own gain. Some form of involvement with the masses is indicated. You have much willpower and stamina if you don't get side-tracked with too many different projects. Focus on one thing at a time before moving on to the next. If you are tempted to swerve from the straight and narrow remember that "those who live by the sword die by the sword". Here's another truth to remember - "You will always reap what you sow, so sow carefully and wisely". In some manner, you may make an imprint upon society. This position gives strange originality to love and strange contemporary scientific thought around the subject: what does matter mean.

5.47 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Saturn Opposition Uranus

This aspect indicates several possible and different tendencies, namely, to rebel and possibly break laws, to be so timid as to be unwilling to explore and take reasonable and calculated chances, to lose your independence and to rely too heavily on the support of others, to be unscrupulous and seek personal power at whatever the cost, to be unable to control a most sudden and violent temper, or to be simply treacherous, idle, dishonest, impatient, hard-hearted, unforgiving, lazy, malicious, eccentric and or dangerous. There is great inner anxiety and tension. Conflicting attitudes toward responsibility and freedom cause you emotional turmoil. There may be difficulty working in cooperative relationships because of frustration. Some of this frustration comes from your need to do what other people want you to do as opposed to your own desires or from wanting to do one thing when you are supposed to be doing another. The sooner you willingly do the required task, the sooner you will be free to pursue what you really want to do. Emotional flare-ups can occur for no seemingly good reason. Little things set you off. You need to develop tolerance for others' quirky ways, just as they must do concerning you and your ways. Forgive and forget. The challenge is to learn how to relax and release your tensions gradually, rather than allowing the tensions to build up to the point that they burst from you in an uncontrollable manner. This aspect is unlikely to affect you seriously with regard to ordinary everyday life because its effect is manifested mainly in the mental field. There will always be a strong inclination to the odd and the unusual and some peculiar tendency of the mind to have strange tastes and unorthodox views. At some point in your life, you may experience an experience that may overturn all of your previous views and which may prove to be a turning point in your career - if it is for good or bad, it depends on how Use your abilities and your inner strength or character that you have developed. In other words, you are revolutionaries without cause. You are confusing and you can not set specific goals. You are having trouble making decisions and being affected by your environment.

Planets in House 1

Pluto at 1 House

You are strong-willed, brave, self-sufficient and probably enjoy throwing your weight around. Yet you may lack self-confidence. Controlling others may become an issue for you. You crave experience and transformation. Regeneration is a topic that occupies your thoughts. There is a magnetism that surrounds you that draws other people to you, yet you may be a loner whom others find difficult to understand. You can be gentle and sensitive, yet will always fight for what you believe in. You don't back down from anyone. You are capable of great anger under the right circumstances and when this occurs, you can go off like an A-bomb. You may be a channel for healing and can perhaps develop this ability should you decide. Forgive and forget and don't brood over slights, whether real or imaginary. Trying to be a little more flexible wouldn't hurt either. You have great sexual ability and increased sexuality. It makes you sail, live in the mystery, and look at the depths of things. You have a mature, deep and just instinct.

Pluto R at 19°47'18'' Virgo

You are more concerned with work and health, preferring to be active in the background rather than being in the spotlight. This position gives you a penetrating spirit and a great sense of criticism and fairness.

Aspects Pluto

4.56 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Like all your generation, you have the opportunity to help others for the good of humanity. Use any physical or spiritual power to help those around you.

5.89 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto

You have the opportunity and ability to take on positions of leadership that will help groups of people rise to a higher standard of living, ethics and morality. You yourself probably have a strong sense of ethics and people respond to this quality in you. Planning and managing large group projects appeals to you. You can be the force for change and expansion of any group to which you belong. In previous lives you have developed a sense of humility and a tolerance and respect for other people's viewpoints. You have an inborn sense of right and wrong and this makes it easy for you to try and reform what you feel needs modification. You enjoy the challenge of helping yourself or others reach high and lofty goals. Other qualities which you tend to display are generosity, penetrating insight, the ability to size up situations and people quickly and correctly, and sympathy for the problems which others have. This gives you a powerful mind with the ability to analyze everything in depth. You divulge philosophy and you can pass it on, so you can succeed as a teacher. Also, this aspect gives wealth in old age. You have occult gifts. You can easily break old contacts and the old way of life if you need to, because you are willing to start from the beginning and you will gain from it. A successful distinction is possible in your life.

6.40 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Moon Sextile Pluto

You prefer emotional intensity and are attracted to the mysterious, the unknown, and to dangerous or challenging experiences which draw on all of your inner resources. You have the ability to handle emotional crises very well and you are interested in the deep roots of emotional problems and how to cure them. You insist on bringing feelings between people out into the open, for you want real closeness and intimacy with others, without barriers or secrets. You don't play games with people's emotions. You have great interest in scientific, religious or occult mysteries and you enjoy reading books on natural methods of healing, psychology, sex or science fiction. You are very sensitive psychically and use your sensitivity to understand others. You enjoy learning and absorb information easily. Your emotions have great depth that few are aware of. You are a hard and dedicated worker who has a great deal of endurance, inner strength and stamina. You have the ability to get right to the heart of the matter and figure out what is wrong or what is causing the difficulty. You love to analyze other people's problems and you make an effective counselor. You have a strong force of will and a never-say-die attitude. There may be interest in death or life after death. This gives you a creative imagination and the ability to judge and analyze others correctly, while you understand their motives very easily, so you may be inclined to choose psychoanalysis jobs. You are a sexual person, radiate wisdom and magnetize others.

6.76 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Venus Opposition Pluto

You are drawn to powerful and compelling emotional and sexual attractions and experiences that you may feel you have little choice or control over. You crave intensity and these incidents provide you with the opportunity to satisfy your wanton desires. You feel an overwhelming need for love and you may be emotionally or sexually greedy, insatiable, obsessive or compulsive. You tend to be very jealous of and possessive of the objects of your desires and although you keep tight reins on your partners, you do not want them to question or control you in any way. This makes for very one-sided types of relationships. You need to become aware that your jealous and possessive traits will drive away those you profess to love. Power struggles are likely in your relationships as you want to wear the pants, yet you continually attract that same sort of person for a partner. Your love life is passionate and often explosive and painful, but you don't seem to mind because the intensity helps make you feel that you are alive. The challenge here is to transform your values. Important psychological problems are being worked out because of and through your relationships with others. Because of this you may attract people and friends who act destructively towards you. The reason this happens is because these people are mirroring the same type of acts you yourself have done in former lives. You are now reaping what you have sown previously. You are being given the chance to wipe your slate clean if you do not respond to evil with evil. Release all thoughts of revenge and learn to turn the other cheek. When your debts are paid and your lessons are learned, then destructive people will no longer be part of your life. This aspect shows a readiness on your part to atone for past mistakes and cruelties. In matters of health, this aspect tends to interfere with the magnetic forces in the veins and prevents proper drainage of toxins and waste material from the tissues. It can also hinder the filtering process in the kidneys. This leads to improper cleansing of the blood, with the result that toxins and waste material seek exit through the lungs and skin in the form of lung congestions and skin eruptions. The spiritual lesson here is to let go of ill feelings (emotional toxins) and forgive (elimination, transformation), rather than trying to get even or seeking revenge. On the positive side, you do have the emotional power and unusual creativity to bring about beneficial and healing changes into the lives of others if you can focus on other's needs instead of your own. This shows that you have many obstacles in your relationships because your emotions are blocked. You are sexual but you show passion with aggression. You underestimate yourself to such an extent that you never admit your virtues, so that you are jealous of others for talents that you have many times.

* * *


Sun at 01°48'47'' Pisces

You are sympathetic, compassionate, unassuming, idealistic, intuitive, congenial, adaptable, psychic, emotional, creative, secretive, versatile, imaginative and self-sacrificing. You can also be impressionable, indecisive, self-pitying, hypersensitive and changeable. You need to serve others. You are sentimental and romantic in love. At times you expect too much from others and then feel hurt if the other person doesn't come through for you. You have a strong tendency to place your loved one on a pedestal. This leads to disillusionment when you discover your loved one has faults, too. The symbol for Pisces is two fish going in opposite directions connected by a cord. One fish represents the personality and the other represents the spirit. These two opposing forces operate within you, causing insecurity and indecisiveness. Handling these forces in a positive manner is very difficult for you. Some will seek to escape these pressures through eating, alcohol, drugs or other excesses. That is what one of the fish represents. The other fish represents you rising to great heights through self-denial, sacrifice and then ultimate attainment. You learn through suffering and you need to learn perseverance. You tend to absorb the information and environment around you. Thus it is important that you surround yourselves with uplifting people and circumstances. You are creative, self-sufficient people whose minds are extremely active, due to your strong imagination, which you can sometimes get carried away with. You sense and feel things that others are not aware of. You generally do not possess strong willpower nor do you have a dynamic approach to life. Although you can appear to be very determined on the outside, underneath, inner doubts are brewing. This insecurity causes you to need reassurance from others. One of your greatest needs is to learn to understand your emotional ups and downs. Since you have a tendency to doubt your own conclusions, you need to learn to believe in yourselves. You are very generous with your time in helping other people. You always feel your best when you are serving others in some capacity. By using your compassion outwardly for others, you will not become as moody and introverted. Service to others is the safest, shortest road to God. Since you are reluctant to hurt others or to face any sort of confrontation, you can become involved in very difficult emotional situations which you find extremely difficult to break. You have a difficult time saying no sometimes and will stay in bad situations thinking that you can somehow change the other person and then all will be well. Some times you love to play the martyr, while others need to play the savior. You tend to think with your heart rather than your head and can be easily used by others. Many fall for any kind of sob story, much to your own detriment. Your heart are in the right place, it's just you need to be more realistic and down- to-earth. You can be highly secretive, but you make friends rather easily and are quite loyal to them. You do not particularly like verbal or combative fights, but will defend your friends in subtle ways. You sometimes lack vitality which often gives people the idea that you are lazy. Well, some times you are and in general do like to procrastinate. You needs sufficient time each day to be alone while you regain your fluctuating energies. Your innate desire to escape from physical living can be used constructively through creativity. Many forms of art, dance and music appeal to you. You instinctively seem to know your own capabilities and limitations. Unfortunately, though, your knowledge of your limitations can create an inferiority complex. You enjoy drama and acting because it gives you the opportunity of being someone else. This enables you to temporarily lose your inferiority complex. Because of your hypersensitivity, you can become instantly depressed over little things that are said to you. You can appear to be deceitful because of an inborn need to justify your words and actions. If in trouble, you may attempt to rationalize your way out rather than face the consequences of your behavior. You who have the Sun in Pisces are trusted, honest and compassionate with great sympathy for the animals. You feel deep and intense, although you express your feelings rarely. You also want to go well with everyone. You do not have great ambitions and somehow you lack confidence, although you sometimes show somewhat greater will and certainty. You may have a tendency toward the middle-low, and you are still social, good-natured, honest, and religious. Because you are very kind, you will always feel pleasure with occupations related to hospitality and sociability. Well, you do not pay too much attention to the details.

Aspects Sun

0.00 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Mars Trine Sun

You are bold, daring, confident, active, vital, energetic and positive. You love friendly competition and your initiative, self- esteem and self-confidence make you a winner at all you undertake. You have learned how to control your desires by using your willpower and that brings added power, for the person that can control themself can control the world. You have wonderful physical vitality and excellent recuperative powers. You need to be involved in some sort of physical exercise program or sports in order to release some of your excess energy in a healthy way. You have a strong sense of fair play and do not resort to underhanded means to get ahead. You have leadership skills and executive ability. You are a tireless worker and command respect from those around you. You are self-assertive with inborn courage and you will fight for your rights as well as the rights of others. This is too good for health and vitality in general. It gives you courage and a strong body. The power of will and the nature of the desires are mixed, which enables you to open your way to life with intense intensity, energy and perseverance that rarely, if ever, fails. You can control and manage others. Generally, you will promote your views more through energy and power than through tactics and diplomacy. You can achieve great things if you let your individuality act more often than your personal desires and cravings. This powerful influence often gives you too much vitality, and it is necessary to exercise a lot or to live an active life to distribute it throughout the system evenly.

* * *


Moon at 13°23'11'' Cancer

You very easily respond to the emotional environment in which you are placed. You soak up feelings like a sponge. Perhaps this is why you so easily become moody, irritable and inconstant in thought and feeling. Learning to control your own moods may be very difficult, yet necessary, for you. Your greatest need is to nurture and mother someone or ones. You often appear irrational to others because you can't always explain the reason or source of your feelings. Anyone who lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your need for times of withdrawal. You are also very sympathetic and understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. You take slights very personally and though you may forgive a mistake by a friend or loved one, you never forget it. Security is very important to you and you look for it in your home and family life. Your senses and emotions are quite strong and it would be wise for you to listen to your intuitive side as you can be quite psychic. You are very tenacious and you do not give up or let go of things or people easily. Your mother was a strong influence for good or ill in your life. You are basically an introvert, but will do whatever it takes to protect and defend your family or loved ones. You tend to be a pack- rat because everything has an emotional memory behind it and you find security in all those memories. Nothing or no one is ever gone if they leave their memory behind. Thus, you can become quite possessive. You have the memory of an elephant, but you must learn to forgive and forget past hurts. Because of this position, you will be greatly influenced by the environment and the people you come into contact with, you will be very sensitive to disharmony and you will be upset more than others. You like home and you are home-made and although conditions can cause you to travel, you always feel happier at home. There will be a lot of changes in your life and maybe you can make a trip by sea. You like your variety and mood and your moods vary greatly from day to day. You have a tendency towards austerity, economy and attention, appreciate money and property, and you do not like seeing them being wasted. You have some administrative capacity in family affairs, businesses, or other areas, and become good and useful workers and governors. This position often shows a close bond with your mother and relatives, and you might look quite like your mother.

Moon at 10 House

The Moon in the Tenth House at the time of your birth gives you a desire to pursue a public life and gain recognition. It will put you in good places, which will sometimes be difficult to keep, because there will be a moment of change. It arouses every hidden ambition and stimulates business instinct. You will not be completely happy if you do not get a prominent place in any field you are moving, therefore, you will undoubtedly be distinguished in life. This position almost always gives fame and sometimes celebrity. For this, you should be careful about scandals, slander and betrayal, by paying attention to your relationships with the inferior or those who envision your position.


Sun Pisces - Moon Cancer

The mixing of this influence suggests that you have a very sensitive nature and a tendency towards excessive labor, which can sometimes lead to the exhaustion of your power. You love the knowledge and want the flowering of educational institutions, you are also very interested in the education of the family and the improvement of family affairs. You tend to generality, rather than the details. You have a strong and persistent will and you do not like working under others, but you prefer your own profession. You are very sensitive to the influence of others and you have to be careful about the choice of friends and acquaintances.

* * *

Mind Skills

Mercury at 18°27'36'' Pisces

You, your thoughts, and your ways of communicating tend to be idealistic, psychic, intuitive, imaginative, sympathetic, diplomatic, extremely sensitive, compassionate, and visionary. On the negative side you can be lazy, impractical, day-dreamy, over-sensitive, procrastinating, indifferent and absent-minded. You may lack a strong desire to work or to push yourself into doing anything that takes a lot of strength, organization, patience, and responsibility. You would rather be a poet or musician than a scientist or a mechanic. Formal book learning may not be your area of strength, yet you can absorb knowledge in the most remarkable ways if you are interested in the subject area. You are sensitive to your environment and thus you should be careful of which environments you hang around in. Your nerves and your mental health require you to periodically rest away from the noise of the work-a-day world. Take some time to be alone with yourself to regroup. But not too much time, as you have a tendency to get carried away with yourself and your problems. Healing using visualization techniques or healing through the laying on of hands may appeal to you. You may have great interest and talent in art, music, drama or poetry. Your imagination can be quite highly developed. Because you tend to think in terms of mental abstractions, translating your thoughts and impressions into concrete, everyday language may be difficult for you at times and consequently you may appear less intelligent or at least less quick-witted and verbal than others. You dislike being pinned down to facts and you follow your instinct rather than logic. You are intuitive and able to sense what others' thoughts and feelings are, even before they say anything to you. Sometimes you get so immersed in your own world of thought and imagination that you overlook things in your immediate, tangible environment. You are extremely open-minded and believe that anything is possible. Intangible or spiritual forces seem just as real to you as anything in the concrete world and you often form an opinion about a person or situation without much factual knowledge of them, and your impressions are usually correct. Keeping your mind positively occupied is important, as day-dreaming tends to go off in strange directions. Your mind will be very receptive, capable of feeling things without being able to give an explanation of how it acquired this knowledge, indeed, a mind that can act diplomatically, quietly and also in a systematic way. This position gives you the ability to talk, sing or write, but life's everyday affairs will help you more than peculiar and unusual. There is a liking to spirituality and mysticism and the mind is able to discover some of the secrets of the soul. However, sometimes, there is a tendency to be overly indifferent to mind and not quite active in mind. You should pay attention to mental superficiality.

Mercury at 7 House

Mercury in the Seventh House, creates a tendency for cognitive employment with issues related to cooperatives, marriage, and issues that concern more than yourself. Be careful to avoid quarrels or disagreements, otherwise you may find yourself entangled in a quarreling and be seduced into trials for insignificant things. This position is not conducive to arguments because your opponents may be stronger than you. It threatens with loss and brings anxiety and worries, and if you let yourself be affected, you may suffer from dissatisfaction. Your associates will be smart with a quick spirit but more wicked than you.

* * *

Money, Property

Mars at 2 House

Mars ruled the House of Wealth (2nd House), although it is in many ways favorable, it is at the same time unfavorable due to the nature of Mars, which has a much wasting tendency. You will gain through others in some way either by will or by inheritance, or also through partners and associates. But you have to wait for losses because of your own or someone else's exaggeration. You tend to be very careless at times on financial matters and you should never borrow money without guarantee, otherwise you will lose them. Generally, you can prosper because you have the ability to make quick money, and you will find great joy and satisfaction in earning money. Much energy and action will be expended with respect to money, personal possessions and resources. You may have trouble controlling your spending habits and are likely to be an impulsive shopper. Saving is probably not your strength, but you should try to improve your savings ability. You might sometime need it for that rainy day. Money may come and go in order to de-emphasize its importance. Concentrate on developing your talents instead.

Mars at 01°48'18'' Scorpio

You are extremely strong-willed and you pursue your goals and desires with passionate dedication and determination. You are capable of total concentration and tremendous discipline, and you are very difficult to influence once your mind is made up. When you want something, you can be very one-sided and almost obsessed with it. You tend to be secretive and you do not want others to know what your plans are. You tend to be instinctive, perceptive, determined, strong-willed, stubborn and magnetic. You have deep emotions and may occasionally show a primitive side. You need to learn self-discipline or your desire nature will rule your life, probably causing great sorrow in the end. You must learn to control your jealousy and possessiveness in matters of love. A certain amount of detachment in relationships would probably be good and this, of course, would include your tendency to treat loved ones as possessions. You are very forceful in a quiet and subtle way and others may have difficulty in seeing or understanding your motives. You can manipulate people in a way that is not obvious to them or others. Direct confrontation with others is not your preferred style. You like operating behind the scenes. In any case, you are a formidable opponent when riled. In matters of health, there may be a tendency towards hemorrhoids. This is a very strong place for Mars and makes you positive, stable, determined and strong will. You are ambitious - your mind adheres to every subject that appeals to you or to any idea you like and temporarily give your entire life in pursuit of the acquisition of the object or the search for the idea. You can show great dedication to a person or a case and make great sacrifices. You are attracted to the satisfaction, feelings and moods, but you can also be quite stable, rigid and unchanging. You have great practical executive capacity and when you want, you can work hard - you are fit for any Mars nature employment such as military, surgeon, chemist, engineer, etc. This position increases vital energies but gives rise to a trend towards accidents, fever and infectious diseases. You have a strong sense of dignity and a pride, and you may have a tendency to offend people or offend, rather easily, and suffer because of hostility, jealousy and opposition. You may earn money through inheritance, marriage, co-operation, or partnership with others, but there is some tendency of exaggeration.

Aspects Mars

6.11 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Jupiter Square Mars

You tend to put your desires ahead of other's needs. This leads to selfishness, an egotistical attitude that others do not like, and a withdrawal from wanting to help others because of the inconvenience, expense, etc. Yet you are fully capable of using your great energy and determination to help all those around you who ask for your help. You are also able to become so devoted to something or someone that you give up all personal desires and passions. You have to decide which path you are going to follow. You are ambitious, enterprising, self-confident and you have a strong desire to succeed in a big way. But, you can come across at times as being too forceful or aggressive in your desire to succeed in life. You are constantly looking for new opportunities, new experiences and new knowledge. Travel, either physical or mental, can be an avenue for you in this quest. You love taking risks if you think this will help you come out ahead, either financially or otherwise. But you should be careful as you are prone to bad judgment, bad luck and overdoing your speculative activities. Stay away from gambling because if you happen to "catch the bug", it could ruin you. You have the tendency to overextend yourself, promise more than you can deliver and at times you exaggerate the truth for effect or for personal gain. You do so because of an overly optimistic or overly confident assessment of your own capacities and abilities. No matter how much you accomplish, you never seem to be completely satisfied. You always feel you can do more or that you should be doing more, so you set your sights on yet another goal. Perhaps you need to search for yourself within. Get in the habit of planning ahead so that you do not rush yourself and thus put yourself at greater risk of an accident through carelessness and hurry. Forethought will also help you to be more considerate of others, as you are apt to be thoughtless, without meaning to cause pain. You enjoy competition and challenge. You like the chase more than the conquest. Life at times is a big game for you. You will find that you will get along far better with others if you learn to work in cooperative harmony rather than in competition. Although you have potential athletic ability, which would be a constructive use of your energy and competitive nature, it is wondered whether or not you possess the necessary self-discipline in order to be truly great or successful. You have an abundance of physical energy and are generally very optimistic. There is danger of dissipating yourself through extravagance or self-indulgence. Self-control is required. There may be trouble through legal matters. Practice balancing your enthusiasm and your aggressiveness in how you deal with others. Guard against working too fast as this sometimes makes your work sloppy or half-finished. Part of the reason for working too fast is your restlessness, which creates a need to be on the move a lot. This is an unfortunate facet in many respects. It implies financial losses, either because of exaggeration or because of some kind of loss. You tend to be overly generous and if you ever get a lot of wealth, you are more likely to become wasteful than stingy. Always avoid litigation, because you may be involved in losing a large amount of money and you may find that legal affairs are devastating to you in many ways. However, you are very enthusiastic about anything you adopt and you will be putting a lot of energy into everything you are doing. Make sure your blood is clean, otherwise your health will suffer.

Venus in 7 Corner House

The Venus's Angular Position on your horoscope will always be favorable to your financial affairs, and you will never be in real need or poverty unless "directions" to birth horoscope You are extremely unfavorable; but this is no reason not to have luck and success in your life on economic prosperity. Venus in corner positions, gives money through marriage or through friends, as well as through the profession and female sex in general. This influence makes people who have it in their horoscope be the so-called "lucky people." So you will have success in all economic affairs and money in general.

Basic Sign in beginning of 2 House

A fundamental zodiac governs your horoscope's financial house. This means you will show ambition about economic success in life, you will spend great energy in gaining wealth, and you will accumulate more through your own action and diligence than through other means. So you are able to get to higher places in life when there is an economic incentive to continue. The changes are good for your financial situation and there is enough speculative spirit within you that enables you to quickly see where you can earn the most money and the type of investments and ventures that are likely to prove profitable. Your possessiveness is quite developed.

2 House Libra at 22°50'29''

The 2nd House in Libra: financial fluctuations, contract profits, marriage, art.

Venus Ruler of Libra

Venus has an influence on your horoscope's Second Home, this is very favorable with regard to your financial affairs in general and shows that you will have great success in all monetary matters. The themes governed by the planet Venus bring you luck and prosperity. Venus favors music, singing, fine arts and all those things that serve the satisfaction and happiness of others. You will be more or less fortunate in all your financial transactions and you will earn, either through your inheritance or through your profession, business, or an associate. It really does not matter in which direction you turn your attention to profit - you will always have great or little success. You attract money and personal possessions, especially when needed. You spend money as fast as you earn it, sometimes faster. Your hidden talents can be beneficial to others, if you apply yourself. Don't be afraid to work. Your money is used to buy beautiful, artistic, and or musical things. You like a certain amount of luxury to surround you. Money may come to you through a partner or relationship.

* * *

Communications, Short Journeys

Neptune at 3 House

Neptune occupies your horoscope's Third House, this shows that you will experience some strange experiences during a trip. You may be experiencing very peculiar mishaps. This is not a good or optimistic look for your relatives, because maybe some of them are strange characters, either good or bad, but difficult to understand. There are not enough things known to Neptune to be sure how his vibrations will work in every horoscope. For some, his nature is undoubtedly bad, and only those who are spiritually sophisticated can feel his influence on the affairs of the Third House. You are idealistic and artistic. Your mind soaks up information rather than acquiring it by brute force. Your ability to visualize and imagine is probably quite pronounced. Flashes of inspiration can come to you quite suddenly. There may even be traces of clairvoyance. Perhaps you have felt as if you could read people's minds? Concentration on book work may be difficult for you. Did you ever try sleeping with the book under your pillow? Possible karmic obligations to siblings or neighbors may need to be reconciled. Some feelings of insecurity may cause nervous disorders. You may have a tendency to be unreliable or negative. Avoid procrastination and idle day-dreaming. Avoid all negative psychic practices and drugs.

Neptune at 24°21'00'' Scorpio

The illusion here is that people could be reborn through drugs. There is also great concern about pollution, with very little action taken. Neptune changes minds. Action comes later. This influence shows that the invisible forces come into the service of creation, to your advantage. You have occult gifts, you are insightful and you can practice a secret job. You are very sensitive and receptive to inspiration and impression, either mentally or through many forms of the arts. You have a very fast and intuitive perception when you are in love. Sometimes, when you have your bad things, you can become sensitive to all insignificant issues and if you are able to understand the subtle and secret feelings of others, you have the potential to hurt them.

Aspects Neptune

1.33 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Jupiter Trine Neptune

You have the opportunity and ability to use your creative imagination to help those around you. Your emotions can find constructive outlet through music, art, painting, poetry or perhaps dance. You have interest in metaphysical, spiritual or religious pursuits. Church music uplifts and comforts you and you seek to pass this peace to others in helping them to find the Way. Trust in your intuition and seek the guidance of your Higher Self, for you are probably in close contact with it. Your sensitivity and compassion towards people makes it easy for others to trust in you and to seek your wisdom. Your powers of visualization can help bring your dreams into reality. Strive to seek the Truth in all that you do. This is a lucky place, both for your material prosperity and for your spiritual progress, if you can use it in this direction. Beneficial influences will flow to you and you can use them as you wish: spiritually or cosmically. However, because of this influence, there is a tendency to exaggeration, and you must try to correct it by disciplining yourself with other lines of thought, such as science or mathematics, so that the sensual and emotional nature (which is likely to be Very strong) not to gain great dominance. Finance programs may be important in your life, either directly or indirectly. You must try to follow the so-called rigorous virtues, as well as simplicity and austerity. This aspect develops spirituality, fertility and occult powers. You have a kind soul, you are an idealist and you sympathize with your fellow human beings. You become dear to friends, you enjoy philosophical discussions and have artistic talents. Have good sleep with frequent dreams and react well to anesthetics.

2.20 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Venus Trine Neptune

You are a sensitive person with a lot of artistic imagination and a flair for creating beautiful things or environments. You find peace in listening to good music and many times it will be the catalyst for your trips of fantasy. You are romantic and would like to have a story-book kind of life where you live in bliss with your one and only soulmate. These are indeed high ideals, but it's okay for you to dream because at the same time you are dreaming, you are able to keep your feet on the ground and not get carried away by it all. You are compassionate and seek to help others who are in need. You are a natural "giver" and it makes you happy to serve. You want what's best for all concerned and you do not have a problem with your ego getting in the way. You find it difficult to be too assertive as you like peace and harmony, without making waves. You are capable of great sacrifice for those you love and you do not necessarily need to be recognized for that or receive anything in return. You have a mystical side to you and you like being around artistic or mystical people. Church music stirs your soul and is as a breath of fresh air from your true home, the heaven worlds. You may have real talent with music or singing. You are devoted and devotional. You generally root for the underdog and can sometimes be a sucker for a sob story. You will attract people in this lifetime who will help you continue the soul growth you started in previous lives. This influence widens the likes and sophisticates your erotic nature, making you deeply sensitive to the beauty of nature while easily earning the superior ideals of life and behavior. But it will be much harder to live these ideals in practical life because you have a tendency to remain a dreamer of beautiful dreams. For this, you have to try to realize in some practical form the beautiful ideas with which you feel full of yourself. This may take the form of some decorative work, painting, music, theater or some more practical work, such as patient care, etc., depending on your general horoscope's general trends. This aspect shows that you have creative imagination, artistic abilities, emit harmony and you have very delicate ways. You become irritable when the harmony around you is disturbed. You create excellent relationships, with different types of people, and show understanding and sympathy to the problems of the world. You like the sea though you may not be good sailors.

4.37 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Saturn Trine Neptune

You have the opportunity to reach a high spiritual purpose in this life by serving others through hard work and sacrifice. You can set aside your own needs for the needs of others you trust and you gladly work in doing so. You blend well the qualities of practicality and idealism. You are capable of detaching yourself emotionally from situations and this allows you to see things through to the end. Whatever your hopes and dreams, you will work hard to achieve them. You can make do with very little if you believe it necessary in order for you to accomplish your goal. Practical creativity is your talent. Spiritual protection has been earned in previous lives by your willingness to help and serve others. This suggests the ability to concentrate your efforts in a certain direction with great persistence. In fact, this aspect gives an extraordinary power of persistence, despite the obstacles and defeats, if its influence is fully utilized. You will always have a liking for strange and unusual and you will be able to follow your path satisfactorily, whether it is welcomed by others or not. It creates a tendency for hardness in the character, and you should try to widen your sympathy and develop your love for others to compensate for it. This aspect is very good because it allows you to take advantage of your imagination creatively. You can take advantage of the profession of decorator, director, journalist, etc. Music has a strange effect on your inner nature.

Stable Sign in beginning of 3 House

Steady Zodiacs rule the House of Trips at your birth and this is an indication that, or you will experience fewer trips in your life, or that you do not like to move away from the place of birth your. Therefore, all trips will be more or less necessarily or as a result of circumstances that you can not control; which can be seen by studying that part of the horoscope that is related to the future and called "directions". There are times when it is better for you to avoid traveling or traveling deliberately because it is obvious that your experience will earn it from a steady and static position. Of course, there will be times when the journey will be absolutely necessary and this will be seen from the "directions".

3 House Scorpio at 22°19'21''

Have gifts for libelography and skills for psychoanalysis, surgery or forensics. You have critical sense and strong instinctive tendencies.

Mars Ruler of Scorpio

Mars exerts influence on the Third House and this is not good for trips made for business or entertainment. It threatens with accidents or serious trials, due to circumstances that arise during the trip. In the general sense, this planet does not have a good influence because it causes the mind to be sometimes too inattentive and impulsive, so it is possible that you yourself can cause the accidents either directly or indirectly. This influence also implies problems from relatives or through them, the siblings will cause you annoyance and create disagreements. You should always keep an eye on your speech and correspondence. This position will give you plenty of mental courage when you need to use it. You are restless, perhaps high-strung, and probably have an abundance of nervous energy. You have an intense belief in your own ideas. You are alert, determined, and enthusiastic. You possess an abundance of mental energy. Developing analytical thinking is important, as impulsive thinking will bring difficulties. There can be problems with siblings or neighbors. There will be many short journeys. Energy is expended in neighborhood activities.

Pluto Second Ruler of Scorpio

Your mind is versatile, inspired, probing and original. You perhaps have a keen ability to size up people and circumstances. You are probably good at understanding people's true motives. You want to know the answers to all your many questions. Research and figuring out puzzles or brain teasers may appeal to you. Perhaps you enjoy playing detective. You may be searching for that something that will give meaning to your life or searching for that area that will help you regenerate yourself or your thinking. Frustration, depression or anxiety may arise when the answers you seek are not forth-coming. Keep at it! Expressing yourself in writing may help alleviate the tension. This may help purify your thoughts, then allow new thoughts to enter. Once your thoughts and feelings have been purged, you may want to destroy the material as its purpose has been served.. This position shows that your intellect is turning to disasters and hidden things and you have the ability to judge these situations correctly. It gets you sex, crime and punishment, you could be a journalist on forensics, etc. Changes and secret movements are possible in your life.

* * *

Base, Home, Seat

4 House Sagittarius at 21°48'12''

There is a possibility of moving abroad. You are interested in teaching or even sports. Perhaps success is a little delayed.

Jupiter Ruler of Sagittarius

Jupiter affects your horoscope's Fourth House and promises a good environment at the end of your life. Indeed, the end of your life will be better and clearly implies a good end of your existence. It is much better for you to stay in your own country and at home or near it, rather than staying in a foreign country or traveling away in search of success. You will gain through all those activities that are related to social or domestic affairs and generally to family life. This look better shows some good that comes from the parents and promises you a heritage. Every time of your life will be more and more prosperous and comfort is guaranteed in the end. You are generous, self-confident, hospitable and patriotic. Prosperity usually increases in later years. You desire a home that is spacious and comfortable. Parental influence is strong in shaping your character. Perhaps your parents shared a strong faith with you. Usually, considerable help and or an inheritance is received from the parents. With Jupiter well-aspected, it is better to stay where you were born rather than move away from your birthplace. Guard against becoming ostentatious and watch out for self-indulgence.

* * *


5 House Capricorn at 22°19'21''

Maybe your erotic adventures are not that many, and they will have a big difference in age. Still, you are faithful, heartfelt and methodical in your relationships. With regard to offspring, there will probably be few.

Saturn Ruler of Capricorn

Saturn exerts influence on the Fifth House, suggesting that you should pay close attention to investment and speculation. It is better to prefer old, established companies and not to invest in new businesses. This position, however, is not good for heart issues and will directly affect all affairs related to emotion and children. Also, there are threats to frustrations that cause delays and barriers to all business and speculation issues. You will see that older age is more favorable and helpful than younger and you may like people older than you, especially of the opposite sex. You perhaps feel unloved and unappreciated. Romances can turn cold. Love affairs are serious and you may feel emotionally and creatively inhibited. Because of your emotional restriction, you can appear to be cold, unloving, and unresponsive. This prevents you from being as popular as you would like to be. You have a desire for others to look up to you. It is difficult for you to relax. Personal interests and hobbies need to serve a practical purpose for you in order for you to enjoy them. Parenthood may be a burdensome responsibility and you may be too restrictive towards your kids. It is difficult for you to show your love and appreciation. You need to learn how to express your feelings towards those you love, and not just through the giving of presents and material things. It is important for you to forget yourself and to learn to project warmth to others. Love: Saturn in the fifth house gives love relationships that make it difficult for the individual. Often these people are abandoning the effort to conquer the happiness that comes from love, which is because they have been seriously hurt by their relationships and are trying to find outcomes either by making contracts or by dedicating their lives to their careers and social recognition. The worst for their psychological complexion is that they tend to be attracted to people who are unable to repel their feelings, people are cold and, at times, indifferent. Sometimes they can not themselves be given to someone who is worthy to give them happiness, which is often the case because Saturn in the fifth creates fear and introversion in relation to love. People with Saturn in the fifth are speechless and do not exaggerate their romantic feelings. Candidate lovers can sometimes come close to each other, but what will remove them is the lack of enthusiasm. If Saturn is in a weak position from Neptune, this person may fall in love with someone who in fact only cares about "playing." Usually such people are afraid of relationships that are long-lasting and that's because - very often - their parents did not show them the love they were looking for. If you have this combination on your map, you have to overcome your fears and not hesitate to extort your feelings and learn to accept the fact that you may be vulnerable. Otherwise, you will never live the love and happiness that a relationship can bring to you. Saturn, on the other hand, does not deny anything. A Saturn in the fifth does not block you nor prevent you from losing your whole life. Usually, it brings love after 30. At a younger age, the person with Saturn in the fifth can find love and romance, but there are practical obstacles and not allowing him to enjoy his love. In these cases, individuals are usually forced to live in different cities because of studies or work with a natural result that they are not often together. Because Saturn is the planet that teaches us perseverance and patience, the fifth house creates a tendency for individuals to maintain their relationships and often to retreat, even when it is not necessary. Their relationships are lengthy and do not make mistakes. If your mate has Saturn in the fifth, he will have difficulty extorting his feelings and saying a lot of words, but he will never tell you lies or deceive you. As for you, the worst you could do in such a formula would be to take it in recklessly and show a lack of consistency in the relationship.

* * *

Diseases - Work

Sun at 6 House

You will not have many illnesses in your life, but those that you will have will be rather lengthy and difficult to cure. They will mainly come from the state of your recommendation, which will have been shocked or damaged by a basic problem. However, when you become ill, you will find good care and if appropriate treatment is adopted, you will be able to take over. Sunbathing is good for you and the abundant clean air will make you better than medication or treatment because the Sun is the best remedy for those who are ill or not. You will win through yours. You feel a need to serve others or to be of service to them. Or perhaps it's that you simply want to be served yourself. There may be a tendency to wallow in self-pity, seek sympathy for any little thing, or to develop hypochondriac tendencies. You are a faithful, diligent and loyal employee who is usually helpful to fellow employees. Some with this position are domineering and develop a false pride with those they work with or for. You can be an administrator, but you may prefer to be an employee. If you are in a position of authority, be careful not to be the office tyrant. You are very happy when you are busy and you hate being bored. You take great pride in your work and your workplace. This is where you want to shine and be better than all others. Worry and anxiety, especially over the desire to do things perfectly, can be detrimental to your health. You need to learn how to relax and not let stress and tension get to you. With this position you should be especially careful to take good care of your physical body.

6 House Aquarius at 22°50'29''

Maybe your work is collective. Work on rail, radio, television, etc. You will make progress in your work and some unexpected events in it will benefit you. The diseases you may experience will have to do with weakness of the heart or blood vessels.

Saturn Ruler of Aquarius

Saturn exerts influence on the Six House, showing the risk of many diseases at some point in your life. Diseases that are likely to be long-lasting and difficult to heal. The cold will affect you badly and you will be predisposed to suffer from asthma as well as liver and stomach problems due to the condition of the body in general. Take care of your diet and maintain circulation through appropriate exercises. Obstructions of or limitations in health can come into play with this position. Diet may need to be watched and improved as your body may not assimilate everything it needs from the food you eat. Perhaps taking vitamins would help in this regard. Exercise would certainly be beneficial. There may be difficulties at the workplace, possibly because of your attitudes toward others. Perhaps the environment is not conducive to your best efforts or perhaps your fellow employees make life miserable for you. You cannot always expect others to work as hard as you or to grasp details as rapidly as you can. You may be a workaholic or you may simply need to learn "how" to work. In general, though, you are probably a practical, conscientious, hard worker who can work with details well. You may not be at your best with strict time deadlines, but you do try to always do your duty. Do not overwork to the point of exhaustion. The tendency to worry and to harbor anxieties may affect your health causing depression and perhaps hypochondria.

Uranus Second Ruler of Aquarius

Uranus rules the Sixth House, suggesting a tendency for strange illnesses that may become incurable. In all cases, you should avoid surgery. Hypnotic treatment is not at all favorable to you, although in cases requiring special attention, electrical or strange treatment methods may be useful. Be sure to avoid hysteria because there is a risk of hypochondria. Generally speaking, this position shows momentum to peculiar nervous diseases. You have unique abilities and original methods, especially in your work. You may suffer from extreme nervous tension and strange accidents on the job. Your appearance and manner of dress are apt to be quite unusual. You like the kind of work that has irregular hours, is different, and has a lot of variety. You are a good worker, but must watch out so that you do not overwork. You can develop clever ideas which will aid you in your work. You are at your best when you can be independent and be your own boss. You may be impatient with others and can appear to be abrupt to and detached from your fellow workers. Strange and unexpected turns in your health can occur. Spasmodic health is also a possibility. Many times the cause is simply nervousness, anxiety, stress, and tension. Relax.

* * *

Marriage - Partnerships

Mercury at 7 House

Mercury as a marker of marriage shows that your partner will be very smart and intelligent, capable of speaking and tended to be very honest sometimes, but critic and nervous. This influence implies some anxiety and uncertainty and favors a marriage with a companion younger than you. There is likely to be frequent correspondence with your marriage, and it is advisable to be careful about the letters, as there may be problems with documents or authorship. Your relationships tend to gravitate towards people who are intelligent, thought-provoking, witty and learned. You desire your spouse or business partner to be sharp, curious, clever and alert. You need to communicate and exchange ideas and information with your partner. Promotion of ideas to and from others appeals to you and you are always up for a good debate, discussion or argument. You may spend much time thinking about your relationship or relationships in general. Marriage may be quite often on your mind. You desire a marriage or business partner that provides you with mental satisfaction and challenge. A partner who challenges you mentally and one who helps you function on more of an intellectual level is what you are looking for and need. Their value is enhanced if they help you better adapt and more effectively communicate with others. The person who gives you a lively flow of ideas, ideas that challenge and test your own mental processes, one who brings out your best mentally, stimulates you in a way that others may not understand. Yet that is what you seek in a partner. Your partner may be quick-witted, fluent, volatile, restless, high- strung as well as outspoken, argumentative, wordy and critical. Nervousness or mental imbalance may be present. Your partner may possibly be connected with education, writing, traveling, sales, language interpretation or clerical, secretarial, typing or computer work. In order to achieve the most positive results from any partnership you should learn to control your argumentativeness and your desire to criticize. Marriage: The person who has Mercury in the seventh house marries someone or someone younger. It is usually very interesting to find those people who are intelligent and precise and whose relationships, in the first stage, rely on spiritual communication. This type of person feels very much among the crowd and has the gift to magnetize with the speech of all the other people who surround him. Nevertheless, his partner should not be afraid and consider his sociality a threat. If you have relationships with such a person, you have to realize that your partner just has fun with the fact that he is in contact with different types without having a bad and cunning purpose. Its essential need is communication.

Venus at 7 House

Venus has a basic influence on your horoscope's Seventh House, the Wedding House. This is a very lucky marker and promises a companion who, not only is happy and good, but also, is a person who will bring luck in your life, designed to help you financially and socially. Your marriage will be happy and all your relationships after the wedding will be harmonious and tranquil. Venus is the planet that rules all erotic affairs and tends to improve life according to the House that governs it. It will make your union fruitful and all children will bring blessing, greater joy, happiness and happiness. You are charming, sociable and friendly and it is easy for people to see your loving nature. Partnerships are generally happy and harmonious. But your desire for peace and harmony at all costs may be detrimental to you if you do not stand up for your own needs. You desire a spouse who is attractive and probably well off financially. Creature comforts and enjoying them with your partner are desired. Take care that you do not get in the habit of expecting too much from others, though. You have a deep appreciation of the value of relationships. Too great an emphasis on affection might cause problems for you. A desire for the perfect relationship may be so strong that any imperfections in your relationship could be blown up beyond proportion. Balance and poise are necessary. You seek a partner that can supply you with "the good life". You want beauty, luxury and the finer things in life and you seek a partner who can provide these. Perhaps marriage will bring you to a higher station in life. Over-indulgence and over-emphasizing the sensual side of life can lead to problems. You must have a partner you feel is cooperative rather than competitive. If Venus is aspected poorly in your chart, then perhaps your partner's moral standards are subject to question.

Venus at 26°33'13'' Pisces

Your affections are expressed in sympathetic, compassionate, softhearted, romantic ways. You unselfishly give of yourself to those you love or to those who need or ask for your help. You may be a sucker for any sort of sob story and perhaps give too much at times which make some overly dependent on you. You are very idealistic in matters of love and this sometimes plays itself out whereby you become the martyr or the savior in relationships. You tend to be more compassionate than passionate and you become involved with others because they need love or need to be "saved" and you want to help them rather than out of mutual attraction or pleasure. You attract and are attracted to those who are sensitive, imaginative, or musically or artistically inclined. Your desire is to find someone you can have a deep, spiritual relationship with. You idealize love and have a very beautiful, romantic vision of what love can be. At times you can simply be in love with love. You may be highly emotional, perhaps overly so, sensitive, artistic, compassionate, gentle and psychic. You can be too easy-going or submissive and allow yourself to be taken advantage of because you do not want other people to feel let down and you don't like to make waves. You may have the attitude that somehow you must suffer in love, and do so willingly. This position gives a nice and cheerful character, with a feeling of compassion for those who need help either because of misery or poverty. You are happy, good-hearted and carefree - sometimes inactive and without energy. You will have good imagination, insight and sensitive mind and sociability. This position also gives good taste and appreciation for beauty in painting, music, interior decoration, clothing or jewelry and you can succeed in a profession that deals with them. There is also a slight tendency for display and display, for formulas and rituals. You are somewhat confused about issues of sympathy and feelings, and maybe you have two erotic comrades, two marriages or two occupations. When you are in bad directions, you are likely to lose money because of fraud or other means, or there may be some problems with money. This position sometimes implies a secret job or marriage.

Aspects Venus

0.86 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Jupiter Trine Venus

You are a generous, warm-hearted and open-handed person who shares every resource with others. You give of both yourself and your possessions to those whom you favor, although you will rarely put yourself out too much in order to do so. You enjoy luxury and refinement and you desire to always be in comfortable, elegant surroundings. You hate having to get your hands dirty. You are charming, gracious and charitable and you are the model host or hostess. This aspect brings material good fortune, which has been earned from previous lives. If there is a negative here, then it is your tendency towards self-indulgence, over-extravagance and laziness. Sometimes things come to you so easily that you do not appreciate them. Things are most appreciated if one has to work hard for them. There may be a love of rich, sweet food as well as too much of it, hence a tendency to gain weight. You are a very gentle and social person who loves harmony, beauty and travel. Be careful not to take things too much for granted or take the easy way out. This aspect will bring you some profit, either through religious people or through covenant or inheritance. It is one of the most harmonious and peaceful aspects, which greatly improves the natal horoscope, because it holds other aspects of the opposite nature. Thanks to this look you will gain from travel and love affairs will roll calmly so that the marriage will be happy and good. Great sorrow that would otherwise happen to you would be hindered by this beneficial influence and there is the prospect of a certain philosophical tendency that will help you a lot.

2.17 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Saturn Conjunction Venus

Intimacy with another does not come easy for you. You have been hurt in the past and you are reluctant to open up to others because you fear being hurt again. It is painful to relive bad experiences and you have sort of resolved within yourself that if you do not get involved, then you won't get hurt. As Simon and Garfunkle once said, "I am a rock, I am an island". As a result of your experiences, people may think you are cold, aloof, unfeeling and uncaring. The challenge here is for you to learn to open up and warm up to people, regardless of the possible consequences. You need to remember that you cannot find true love if you are unwilling to first give love, regardless of the results. Love is not barter and you cannot expect everyone you love to love you back. That is not how it works. This aspect is trying to teach you that love is universal, all-encompassing and should be doled out with no strings attached. You find it difficult to trust people because of past painful experiences, so it takes time for you to take down all your barriers and defenses. You perhaps feel that you are unworthy of love and you cannot think of many reasons why someone should be able to love you. But, that type of thinking is an illusion. You are entitled to as much love as the next person, but love does carry responsibilities. You are worthy of love and there is a lot to love about you, but you must change your attitudes before you can experience the truth of what I have said. People do care about you, but they will tend to leave you alone if they feel that you are trying to shut them out. Open up your emotions and take your chances. It won't kill you, unless you let it. And that would then be your fault. So, here it is. You need to learn to value and love yourself more and to express your appreciation for others more openly. Not with material gifts, but with honest and true emotion. You have a complex emotional nature and it needs to be examined. You are very loyal and steadfast towards those you love once your emotional needs are understood and that is an admirable trait. You tend to be very serious and responsible in relationships. You may involve yourself with noticeably older or younger partners. Try to be less sensitive and more forgiving when you think a loved one has slighted you. You have a need to feel secure and if you do not, then that tends to throw you for a loop. All manner of negative emotions surface then. You find it difficult to show love physically. Stop being such a miser with your affections as well as with your possessions. You have a stingy streak in you that does not serve you well. After all, you can't take it with you when you go. So use some of it now in order to spread a little happiness. You may have a tendency to equate having things to having security. This is another illusion. You don't really become less secure by giving away possessions. In fact, the only true wealth you have and retain is that which you give away to others. This is another lesson for you to learn. To end on the bright side, you are a reliable friend who can be trusted. This is a quirky and somewhat unique position, which is very difficult to interpret, due to the fact that only few are able to respond to these vibrations caused by this. You will create an excessive liking for all things mystical and all things that are ancient and outdated, old and antique. Respect the ancient customs, are somewhat conservative and possess a peculiar kind of clairvoyance, which make you look very shrewd and perceptive. It makes little housekeepers and competent judges of finance, through stimulating your economy, prudence and chastity - but will bring disappointment and sadness in emotional issues. You distinguish the severity and therefore become good companions and create lasting relationships, but do not show your feelings, while others require to be very expressive.

Saturn at 7 House

Saturn ruled the Seventh House in your horoscope, the House of Marriage. This planet tends to delay or hinder the prospects of marriage. But if the marriage is done, he promises a stable and faithful companion, who may be rather tough and serious, he is also very hardworking, persistent, cautious, tame and unhappy. Your partner is likely to be bigger than you, with a tendency to like responsibility. It is not a good indication of prosperity, but it is a faithfulness to marriage, although caution must be exercised so that you do not let the cold go between you, because your partner will not be very manifest in his feelings and he will prefer The acts of words and the practical love of the many sweethearts. There may be the tendency to attract older, more serious partners. Partnerships may involve much duty, responsibility and hard work. There may be a karmic tie from the past to the partners in this life. Whatever the case, there may be a feeling of restriction, bondage, depression and anxiety in your relationships. They certainly can be enduring, though. Saturn here indicates you need to learn to cooperate with and to develop empathy for others. You are perhaps cautious about marriage, but, when committed, may find it very difficult to leave your marriage partner, even if you are unhappy. You may marry for security rather than love. Discipline is needed in relationships. There may be a very self-controlled and sometimes calculating attitude towards all forms of partnership. You are inclined to seek a partner who will awaken your sense of responsibility and give you a greater sense of purpose and will to succeed. For a woman there may be a subconscious desire to marry a "father figure" and the partner may well feel an urge to organize your life on a more effective basis. The responsibilities of marriage or the fear of marriage may delay marriage. If Saturn is well aspected in your natal chart, then this position usually indicates that one loyally abides by marriage vows and faithfully carries out marital duties. With a well placed and well aspected natal Saturn, the partner is likely to be a person of integrity, faithful, steady, reliable, industrious, persevering and economical, perhaps not over-demonstrative and preferring deeds to words, and providing a real anchor for the partnership. If natal Saturn is badly aspected, then there is a tendency to endure an unhappy marriage rather than to lose face by breaking up. If you neglect to make your partner happy, your own happiness will be affected in the same proportion. This position can also mean a second choice marriage, which endures in spite of boredom, unhappiness and a lack of love. In other words you may have wanted to marry someone else but settled on a second choice instead. The partner may act in such a way as to become a burden, and may be uncommunicative, narrow in outlook, cold, and over-critical. In some cases the spouse may be much loved, but prone to ill health. Marriage to a widow or widower is possible. Marriage: Saturn in the seventh house does not exclude marriage but creates a tendency for the person to postpone it for much later in his life. It can attract people who are much older and much more mature than that. If Saturn is in good shape, the person can hope for a very good marriage. A marriage with the prospect of lasting all his life. If Saturn is in a weakness, this man has a lot to learn about marriage and relationships, and he will probably go through very difficult situations in his relationships with others. If your match belongs to this guy, you will spend hard times in your relationship.

Saturn at 28°43'26'' Pisces

It may be difficult for you to set boundaries for yourself and others, or to be as disciplined and organized as you want or need to be. Things have a way of getting lost in the shuffle of everyday life and it may be hard for you to keep your touch on the pulse of things around you. Sometimes you just get lost in the fog and can't see your way clearly. You are intuitive, sympathetic, sensitive, imaginative and self-sacrificing. You are a practical idealist and have a tendency to take life perhaps too seriously. You may have the sense that your present life's troubles are due to actions from the past. And this is probably the truth. You must reap what you have sown in previous lives and Saturn comes to exact his payment. Perhaps this is why you tend to feel more sorrow, perhaps, than the usual person. There can be success in working behind the scenes, away from the public eye, perhaps doing research or working in institutions. On the negative side you can be indecisive and moody, with a tendency to react emotionally to negative conditions or people. Depression can set in if success escapes you or if you feel that you have been unfairly treated. You need to develop faith in the future and let go of the past. Disidentifying from other people's troubles will allow you to help them in their own sorrows. Teaching what you have learned in your experiences is a fine road to soul growth. This is favorable for professions, public positions, reputation and popularity. You may encounter indignation or defamation, fair or unfair. The seniors, the authorities and those in a position will be unfavorable because you have critics, enemies, and false friends. There is the possibility of attacks from inferiors, but when Saturn has good looks, you will benefit if you are related in any way to hospitals, charities, shelters, private professions, secret companies or unpopular employment. Self-restraint, tolerance and stability will benefit you very much and help you overcome the misfortunes mentioned above. Boost your will and avoid as much as possible making mistakes in your judgments. Also, this position predisposes to lonely life and philosophy and gives occultic abilities. You are unstable due to excessive romance. Wait for the others to do the right thing first to decide how to work in practice and you, which means you are dependent and need a boost to make life.

Aspects Saturn

3.03 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Jupiter Trine Saturn

Your goals are achieved through the application of patience, persistence, endurance, organization, good planning, forethought, good judgment and sometimes just plain old good luck. You are reliable and people know they can count on you. Your word is your bond and you don't make promises you do not intend to keep. This endears you to people because they know that they can trust you. You have the habit of always being able to get what you need, even if it's just in the nick of time. You possess good balance between idealism and practicality and your sense of duty and responsibility is highly polished. Although you may prefer to work alone because of your self- motivation, you are nevertheless very capable of working with others as well. You will stick to any task, no matter how long it takes to accomplish, since you feel the results of your work are well worth your efforts. This is a very favorable position for these so important planets and the nature of their vibration is such that they will help you in any difficult situation you will need to spend. It favors your financial well-being, mitigates any other influence that is not favorable in this respect, and makes your life path much more comfortable. Deep within you you hide a true devotional spirit, and a respect for what you know is your superior. You can be original, also very pleasant and good-natured, and you will never be in need or suffer from great poverty. As life progresses, you will experience happiness. You are also serious, respectable, honest, moral and you know justice, so you could become a good judge. You know exactly what your capabilities are and you set goals that you can conquer. Your success is certain.

Venus Pisces

A Venus on Pisces, a binary sign and an outburst of this planet, will bring success to love affairs if you do not have more than one relationship at the same time. Because, because this sign is variable, it is likely to cause the creation of two relationships, and this will bring slander or difficulties to some righteous. However, you may just get married more than once and there is a great chance of it if you survive your first mate. This influence favors all relationships that originate in issues related to diseases or organisms and promises a happy marriage if done under "favorable directions". You may come across someone who will seriously affect your life under strange conditions. Marriage: You are very romantic, to the extent that you live out of time. You absolutely believe in the existence of this unique love that only novels can meet. The angle you see on this issue is not realistic. However, you have a unique courtesy and an overly sensitive nature that makes others love you a lot. But your expectations for love can cause you pain and frustration. Your idea of ​​marriage is idealized. You want to make the perfect marriage based on the unique love. Eventually, you are exploited because they can exhaust your last drop of romance until you realize your choices are wrong. Typically, such an Venus brings a delay in marriage and even more likely is to bring divorce and second marriage to a much older age.

Venus at 7 House

A man with Venus in the seventh house can not separate love from marriage. When Venus is weak, wealth or even social glory can promote a relationship. Even then, however, he is loyal to his partner and will never mock him. This man feels unsafe and mute without emotional commitment and almost never longes for a very long time. Typically, these people are very generous with their erotic comrades and like to share everything. However, if Venus is weak, there may be a tendency to give a lot to his partner. If you have relationships with such a person, you should never take advantage of his generosity. Marriage: You belong to those who have the gift to create and maintain relationships. Your discretion, your good behavior and your sensitivity fascinate others and allow you to have very harmonious relationships. Marriage is a very serious matter for you, and although you get married early, you always get married. You know how to handle your mate, and make patience when needed. Your talent to make a right companion choice, helps you to develop all of your abilities.

Sun in double sign

This suggests that you may get married twice or have two relationships before you come to a final decision because this influence favors association with others rather than wanting to live Alone and free from family ties. You have the right nature that allows you to love and appreciate family life and I think you will be happier if you get married than if you stay alone. When the Sun is in a "double" sign and there are no other clues about the subject of marriage beyond it then it is likely that a dual experience is necessary for the progress of the soul so that in some way you can become acquainted with the marriage Life in two distinct phases.

7 House Pisces at 23°21'38''

There is a risk of hiding hope and fraud on wedding matters. So be careful about all the parameters.

Jupiter Ruler of Pisces

Jupiter rules the House of Marriage (7th). This is a good sign for a happy union because Jupiter is the most prosperous planet and promises success and great happiness in all matters that governs. Your partner will be very kind and very generous and after marriage luck will smile. Sometimes it suggests a companion, who is rather proud, though with a noble mind. If you get married in the best directions, great success will come after your marriage, because the union will be fruitful and prosperous. This position sometimes shows that the partner, either married previously or may be older, a few years. However, in general, it is the best place. Benefit, opportunities and wealth may come about as a result of marriage or partnerships in general. You seek a partner that can expand your visions, open up opportunities for expansion and help you grow. Your partner can strengthen your faith and deepen your religious or philosophical attitudes and ideas. You may feel that you need a partner to help you develop your moral outlook and social conscience. Your partner, who may be a member of one of the professions, may be more affluent than you. If Jupiter is badly aspected in your natal chart, then your partner may be somewhat opinionated, lazy, self- indulgent, extravagant and self-willed, sometimes untrustworthy, immoral, shameless and wasteful. You are able to bring out the generous and good-natured impulses of others, but in order to get the best results from the marriage partnership you may need to control any extravagant tendencies and prevent false pride from unduly affecting the smooth course of your relationships. Marriage: Jupiter in the seventh house surely gives us many weddings. People with this planetary position rejoice in the unity and common purpose that comes with marriage. They are the people who, when they divorce or lose their partner, are quick to get married again, and they do so because they believe in companionship and have a great need to coexist with a mate. This type of person takes marriage very seriously and embraces faith in married life. If Jupiter is in a weakness, it can be blocked in the process of gaining a relationship, it is difficult to break it, even if it should. If Jupiter is at an unfavorable angle to Uranus, this person can experience many separations and broken relationships. If Jupiter is in a weakness due to Neptune, he gives a man who believes in the ideals of marriage and tends to be sacrificed to all his erotic companions even to those who know in advance that they are not worthy of trust.

Neptune Second Ruler of Pisces

Neptune rules your Seventh House of Horoscope. This planet is one of the newly discovered and therefore we are not yet fully familiar with its influence. It is supposed to emit a much higher and more spiritual vibration than other planets and in this respect it is said to favor those kinds of marriage that are more likely to arise from a mental union than from the senses. However, it has also been found that the Neptune planet is associated with inferior states as well as with the higher ones, and can cause some very strange and unusual associations, suggesting marriage to individuals who are either disabled or physically, mentally or morally. There may be a tendency to idealize marriage or the marriage partner. Many sacrifices may be made for the spouse. The marriage partner can be spiritually minded, artistic or just plain confusing. Communication may be a problem due to your concepts and ideals not coinciding. There is the tendency to attract a partner whereby you or they play the role of martyr or savior. The feeling may be that your partner "needs" saving and that you're the only one who can "save" (change) them. Because of this your partner may be an alcoholic or a drug (ab)user. Your imagination and your idealization of your partner may be more real to you than what your partner is in reality. If this is so, then there will come the day when your blinders are removed and you will see their true nature. This then may lead to great disappointment and discouragement when you find out that they or you have been living a lie and that things are not as they have appeared. With this position you must make absolutely sure you are dealing with the hard, cold facts of your relationship and not the romantic notions dreamed up from storybook tales. You are likely to seek a marriage partner who can provide a source of inspiration and bring out your capacity for compassion and loving understanding. There can be a tendency to see a prospective partner through rose-colored glasses or to weave imaginative fantasies about new contacts or hoped-for encounters. Consequently there is a possibility that the partner may not be the type of person conjured up by your imagination. There is some tendency to form partnerships based on admiration or pity. If your natal Neptune is afflicted, such admiration may have resulted from your having been dazzled by glamorous externals, while an over-active sense of pity may be exploited by a prospective partner so that you marry out of sentiment or misplaced sympathy. Possibilities exist that the partner is very sensitive and may need to be treated with kid gloves. The partner may be artistic or musically inclined or have some connection with drama or the stage. The material side of life may not concern them. Your relationship may be quite spiritual and above the sordid things of this life, hence it may be more platonic than sexual. The other side of the coin is that you may become involved with unreliable, inconstant and somewhat shiftless types whose sympathies may be largely focused upon themselves, or they may be underprivileged in some way, or neurotic or invalids suffering from chronic ill health. An unconscious willingness on your part to indulge in self-deception regarding your partner is possible. This may keep you in a bad relationship because you refuse to see the truth or you falsely believe that only you can change things. In order to get the best results from the marriage relationship you must learn to overcome vague desires for an unattainable ideal, to control any tendency to get carried away by shallow romanticism and to be as clear-headed and practical as possible when assessing the virtues and attractions of prospective mates. Stay well-grounded. Marriage: Neptune in the seventh house makes the person believe that marriage is very important, not only for its function but also for its social purpose. Can this man believe so much in the power of marriage as a few at this time in the world. If Neptune is in a strong position in the horoscope, this person will surely be rewarded for his beliefs through his relationships. If Neptune is in a weakness, it will prove utopia and probably this person will be permanently associated with wrong comrades.

* * *

Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

8 House Aries at 22°50'29''

Beware of accidents in the head, stroke, sunburn. Possibility of inheritance by the spouse (for a woman) or the father.

Mars Ruler of Aries

Mars is influential in your eighth horoscope, the house associated with wills and bequests. There are no serious indications that you will gain from these issues in particular, but if that happens, it will be sudden and somewhat unexpected, because Mars is not a good planet in terms of monetary issues. You will discover that you may have relied on some false hope and did not win as much as you expected. I advise you to take care of the accidents and avoid any danger that is not absolutely necessary. There may be energy, desire, and enthusiasm for research, for getting to the heart of things, and for playing detective and uncovering secrets. There may be financial problems, probably through a partner, in order to de-emphasize the importance of money. There may be financial benefit through marriage or inheritance. There is a need to share willingly of personal resources in any cooperative relationship. You must learn to control your desires (passions) and your lower nature. There may be interest in healing or surgery. SEX: It shows that the person is enthusiastic about sex and has a huge energy reserve in sexual activity. A woman with Mars in this position is more "aggressive" than others. But if Mars is not in an advantageous position, there may be a tendency for violence or cruelty. This man, with Mars's inconsistent views in the eighth, satisfies his sexual instincts without thinking of his partner at all. Traditionally, Mars is linked to sex because it is the planet that expresses the energy of an individual in erotic action. However, as Mars appears in the horoscope, when he relates to the eighth, he shows a fierce erotic temperament and over-reliance on sex.

* * *

Religion - Philosophy - Long Trips

9 House Taurus at 22°19'21''

You have rather materialistic perceptions. You have stability and solidity, but unilateral examination of the superior arrests. You have skills in finances and you probably make big trips beneficial to your finances.

Venus Ruler of Taurus

Venus has an influence on the Ninth House, the House of Philosophy and the Supreme Mind, will bring you peace, either through religion or through a deep inner knowledge of the soul and the post-mortem conditions, which will ultimately give you happiness and calm. You have a very intense philosophical tendency and you have a clairvoyance that will help you with the problems you may encounter on the journey of life. You have the right spirit and the right attitude towards all the issues related to the superior mind and you will make great, true and lasting progress in your mental achievements. You will get good relatives through marriage and you might earn from them in a way because this is a good influence. You probably have a love of travel and the ability to benefit from these travels. You may move far away from your place of birth. You possess the ability to promote understanding between different cultural or aesthetic groups. Beauty, art and music from foreign cultures appeals to you. You can be fair in legal dealings. There may be love of and attraction to religion or ceremony, philosophy, law or higher learning.

* * *

Career - Public Image

Moon at 10 House

This influence favors all professions of a common or public nature and of a global nature. You will engage in activities that are related to the general public supplying and those in which there is a common or known requirement. There will be major changes in your occupations in life, so it is a good idea to adapt to any requirement or environment that is necessary to gain success from small or ordinary things. Do not pursue an occupation or profession based on stability and permanence, but those in which there is change and volatility in everyday order. What others think is very important to you. A desire for achievement can dominate your feelings. You may hold a public position managing or dealing with change, women or publicity. You have a personal charisma which enables you to influence others. Many changes of career are possible. You feel a need to be socially useful to society. Concerning vocation: You desire a take-charge position within work situations. Your individuality is emphasized, often to the point that no subordinate position within work can be easily tolerated. Your emotions must be controlled.

Mutable Sign in beginning of 10 House

Variable signs are influential in your profession and show a tendency to engage in more or less ordinary habits, but this does not give you any great opportunity for reputation or success in business matters. You may be more successful when working for others than on your behalf. But, if you ever assume this responsibility, it will be better to deal with jobs that have the support of the majority and with which the general public is concerned, rather than individuals. Probably two or more occupations may concern you at the same time because this position implies duality.

10 House Gemini at 21°48'12''

You have skills in selling books, literature and journalism. Your career plays an important role in intellectual skills, including diplomacy, travel and transport. Possible success at an early age.

Aspects Midheaven

1.44 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Uranus Square Midheaven

It is best to become a freelancer, or at worst have a boss to leave you quiet to do your job. Works related to electrical, electronics, television, radio, computer, programming etc. are favored in this aspect. Actresses who have this look tend to be better at TV than in cinema. Your boss can be a very independent or eccentric man, a crazy genius, or just sell madness. At least one parent can also be so, independent, eccentric, frantic.

2.01 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Pluto Square Midheaven

This position is good for any career related to death or rehabilitation, medicine and psychotherapy, working in demolition companies. Careers who need power are also good. Good place also for those who handle money from others like stock brokers, etc.

3.34 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Mercury Square Midheaven

This aspect strengthens your writing skills. Good place for salespeople or anything to do with public speaking. Also for travel agents, flight attendants, pilots, even taxi drivers. One of the two parents was probably very talkative or moving frequently from place to place.

4.75 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Venus Square Midheaven

This position shows an arts career. Painting, music, art vendors. Also a good place for jobs requiring sociability, such as the public sector and even designers and developers.

6.92 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Saturn Square Midheaven

Excellent position for businessmen, but also for prospective business employees. You have organizational and practical skills, and you do not worry about hard work, attention to detail, and discipline.

Mercury Ruler of Gemini

All hermetic professions such as literary work, writing and the secretary's profession are the best for you. It is not a very favorable influence on the permanence in the profession, and you may try changes in your life. A relaxing job is the most suitable for you and you will be in your element where travel or travel is required. There are many professions under Mercury sovereignty, such as publishing, writing, selling books, stationery etc. - but, all of those mind-occupying activities such as: factoring, interpretation, teaching, etc. will be more suited to you. Perhaps you will write or speak as a career. The teaching profession may hold promise for you. You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to be recognized for them. Your manual dexterity and mental alertness may lead you to a field where this is a real necessity. You may have several jobs, as you have a variety of talents. There is a possibility of travel in your profession.

* * *

Friends - Hopes

Jupiter at 11 House

Jupiter ruled the House of Friends (11th), it is very good and a good indication that you will never miss a friend in your life and your friends will not only be very willing but will also be able to help you When you need their help. You will have friends or acquaintances, people who are engaged in religion or who have a philosophical inclination, in a very good position and willing to do what they can for others. Your friends will be among those born under the planet Jupiter or, generally speaking, from November 21 to December 21. You will realize many of your hopes and cravings during your life if you are thinking clearly. You probably have lots of friends who are willing to do almost anything for you, and you for them. These friends are knowledgeable, idealistic and may be of foreign culture or descent. The social life appeals to you and this may be the cause of over-indulgence or over- extravagance on your part which could get you into trouble. You are popular, with faithful and influential friends. You have a natural ability to organize and plan large group activities. You are a strong supporter of groups, foundations and philanthropies.

Jupiter R at 25°41'16'' Cancer

You are loving, peaceful, friendly, sociable, sympathetic and probably very patriotic. You have a most vivid imagination and have many Utopian dreams. There is probably interest in mystical things. You have good financial judgment, especially in real estate, with the ability to accumulate money and possessions, especially after mid- life. Much help is received from the parents. You may have weight problems, especially later in life because you do enjoy the delicacies of the dinner table. Your full potential may not be reached until middle or later life. There may be a tendency towards stinginess, holding on too long to memories and possessions. You may be a pack- rat. Maudlin sentimentality and over-emotionalism may also be problems for you. This strengthens imagination and insight and gives you some tendency towards art. It is a favorable place for family life, it gives peace and harmony at home, it indicates a bond between you and your parents and gives happiness and prosperity. It can bring you some inheritance from parents, possibly the mother or her family. You may be making some trips, possibly by sea, or perhaps following a profession that involves travel. You can benefit by acquiring houses or land, or by professions related to them. You have talent in choosing furniture and decorating the home and you like the beauty and finesse at home. Understand the architecture and you may be able to do it. It will pull you to the mental or occult side of things or perhaps give you the ability to develop a mental attribute.

Water Sign in beginning of 11 House

Aquatic Triplet has the main influence on your horoscope's Eleventh House; so you will have many emotional friends, some of whom will have trouble and many personal problems. You will never be able to rely entirely on your friends and acquaintances because they will be unstable like water and prone to great fluctuations in feelings and sympathies. Some will be dreamlike and sensitive, while others, mentally and mentally, while others will be stable or self-sufficient, so that you will be influenced by your friends at some point in your life. Never be sure about anyone or borrow money unless you are absolutely sure that your help will not be used badly, nor will it result in bad results. You can be practical about your friends and acquaintances if you are not overly affected by their feelings.

11 House Cancer at 22°19'21''

You have a certain popularity and you are engaged in democratic activities.

Moon Ruler of Cancer

You will have many friends and acquaintances, some of whom will belong to the vast masses and many who will be willing to help you. Your main experiences will come from your relationship with friends and colleagues, because you are very easy to co-operate with those who suit you. Your career will be greatly influenced by your friends, who will play an important role in your life. You are likely to come in contact with some peculiar and eccentric individuals. Your best friends will be among those born from 21 June to 21 July. Popularity with women often comes with this position. Many of your friends will be female. The feeling of belonging to a group increases your feelings of security. If you feel you do not "belong", then negative emotions surface that all basically have to do with your own needs for security. Humanitarian projects may be important to you as you can develop your nurturing instincts with or for the group. You enjoy working for the good of the group instead of just your own good. You are responsive to the feelings of others. Concerning vocation: The network of friendships within the work situation is emphasized. Friends may help get the job, make the job rewarding and will probably endure after the job is done. A friend's advice about work opportunity or direction is perhaps more important than that of a professional counselor.

* * *


The 12th is not covered by any planet

Your twelfth House, the House of Occult and Secret Matters, was not occupied by any planet at birth, so its influence on your life will not be as intense as it is In the event that a planet would incite this House in activity. This may result in the delay of any particular effort on your part to follow occult life, and any tendencies you may have to the occult will come from other influences of your horoscope. There is an advantage that gives you this situation: it does not show any significant sadness due to betrayal or deliberate mischief of enemies, and the problems that will come from hostility or jealousy will be more momentary impulse effects rather than premeditation.

12 House Leo at 22°50'29''

You are likely to experience a sensual test. And you probably have powerful enemies.

Sun Ruler of Leo

It is a good influence on all aspects of occult nature and gives you a rather deep interest in things that are psychic, or beyond the material world. But at the same time, you are somewhat restrained or limited and you can not fully express yourself because of situations surrounding your birth or your environment, which are not favorable nor contribute to secular well-being. For this, let your life be devoted more to the interior than to the outside, because then you will come in contact with those who will be willing to help you in the right direction. The Sun in this House is rising and therefore promises you a great improvement in worldly affairs as life progresses. There is the desire or the need to serve others in this lifetime. At times this is in direct conflict with a desire to seek seclusion from the world and or wallow in self-pity seeking sympathy and service from others. This life may be a contemplative life due to the need to reshape negative character traits from past lives. You have an awareness of the oneness of life. You may lack confidence in your abilities. You have an empathy with sick or mentally disturbed people. You may develop or have clairvoyant powers and an interest in occult subjects and psychic phenomena. You may enjoy playing the martyr.

* * *

Personal Color - Aura

Moon at 13°23'11'' Cancer

This moon position will color your personal aura with a light violet ray, and because it will paint your whole life, you will look at the world through the light of this violet ray, Which increases your sensitivity and makes you much more receptive to your environment, affecting you considerably when you come into contact with other people as long as the violet ray tends to absorb the colors of other planets and is generally significantly affected by the different planets In the horoscope. It makes you too sensitive, very capable of feeling all the impressions around you and the psychological situations in which you are, especially if you are studying occult issues and turning your mind to issues related to the psychic world. You have to live as pure as you can, if you want to purify this shade, because much depends on the circumstances of your life as to how this influence will infuse your entire aura.

* * *


Results of Aspects

Conjunction 4 X Power = 20
Sextile 7 X Power = 29
Square 6 X Power = 20
Trine 8 X Power = 36
Opposition 8 X Power = 25

In your horoscope we found these aspects:

15 Positives with sum Power 65
14 Negatives with sum Power 45
4 Conjunctions and Inconjunct with sum Power 20

With these facts we can say that,

You have a favorable horoscope and you will find opportunities to develop your character and wisely use your cognitive abilities. You will gain by studying your horoscope because you have the ability to benefit from the good influences that were working at your birth, and your planetary positions give some power to the world, which is no less powerful because it may not be obvious or public . The judgment was made as clear as possible and you should study well what has been said, so that you can grasp the inner meaning that may exist in each paragraph, remembering that the whole analysis is given in order to help you in your progress. (The following is a brief judgment of all the combinations suggested by the horoscope).


Planets Positions

Majority of Planets Rising

You will come to life with your own energy, entrepreneurship and perseverance, and you will reach a good place where you will have the power and power in the circle you are moving into. You will have many opportunities and the ability to exploit them, so you will prosper and you will advance. You have the ability and self-control and "like a small ancient god, you keep the planets in your hands".

Majority of Planets in Water Signs

You have emotional as well as mental nature. Your instinctive and sensitive tendencies are very intense and so you are receptive, and, to a certain extent, sensitive. Much will depend on your circumstances, your circle and your environment, in terms of how much you will enjoy and appreciate life, because you have a discerning and active perception and you feel things in a peculiar way through your feelings. You are subliminal and very often influenced by feelings and thoughts coming from others who are in this or the other world. Live purely to be happy.

Majority of Planets in Mutable Signs

You are moody and sometimes overly undecided and not quite stable and decisive. However, you are compassionate and inclined towards sensitivity, although if you want to make your life more useful, you need to cultivate more diligence, otherwise you will be unstable and you will feel a sense of depression and dissatisfaction for yourself. You have a somewhat changeable nature and you should try to lead yourself to the pattern of steady self-confidence, which will make your life much happier and happier. Sometimes you are very anxious and uncertain, but you always like intellectual pursuits.

Sun in Water Sign - Moon in Water Sign

No difference between your inner self and your external attitude. What you are showing to others is exactly what you are. What you say, believe them.

Sun in Mutable Sign - Moon in Cardinal Sign

You have a great desire for reputation and recognition, but you often lack the necessary internal motivation that enables you to promote your various plans and aspirations. You should not let yourself be moody or individually very uncertain. Try to remember that during this life you are weaving the web of future destiny and that, although you may not be able to do everything you plan in this life, in the future ahead of you, you will have the opportunity to reap Everything you've been spraying up to now. Your nature seems to be inwardly serene, while on the surface you are overactive and somewhat hastily. However, you will learn much more through your external activity than through internal conditions, which tend to be very uncertain to rely on them.


Here ends the first and most important part of the basic analysis of your natal horoscope. In the preceding paragraphs, I managed to offer you a purely scientific analysis of your horoscope. Up to the point where the general knowledge of Contemporary Astrology has brought us to date, you have on the pages that preceded the experience of a great spirit of astrology, Alan Lios, combined with my many years of experience, research and quest. The judgment given to you is based solely on the laws of astrology as it has been taught us since antiquity to this day.

Here is a description of the secondary elements of your natal horoscope and it is a collection of various ancient and new sources of astrology. Their role and their relationship with you are presented to you here more as a trigger for more deepening when you first understand all the above and the main elements that make up your birth horoscope and would like to be deeply involved in astrology.

* * *

More Informations

Positions and Aspects of Asteroids

Chiron at 24°16'32'' Pisces

Make an extra effort to get rid of your unjustified guilt. And please do not wander around the world looking for people to "save", at least not before you save yourself first. Pay attention to your tendency to play the "victim" (or more often, be the victim). You have the ability as well as having to help anyone to be more imaginative and creative. In fact, doing so may be the perfect antidote to handle the negative aspect of this zodiacal position.

Chiron at 7 House Marriage - Partnerships

You always help and spend a lot of time for your comrades who may have a problem. You also give extraordinary marriage advice, even if you may not be married, or if you are, your marriage is not in the best possible condition. You do well in business as a partner and you can give professional advice to others.

Aspects Chiron

0.07 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Neptune Trine Chiron

You have creative imagination and realistic use. Your intuition is working properly and helps you avoid the pitfalls.

1.02 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Uranus Opposition Chiron

Love and peace for you abstract ideas rather than objective. Can you give battles such abstract topics, but when courting practice will find it very difficult to apply. You are from those who can produce brilliant work requiring genius, while at the same time you feel that you are doing something stupid. You shook your views or the other may be opposed to anything new or innovative. If you manage and you are down to earth with reality and your own feelings your true genius will spring free.

1.41 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Jupiter Trine Chiron

You are generally optimistic and enthusiastic and transmit this to others around you, so that others would want to be near you.

2.27 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Venus Conjunction Chiron

Try to get some pleasure for you and your relationship instead of always helping your partner to enjoy. This aspect can make a great art teacher who can teach their students to create art better than you trying alone forever. You are also able to give good financial advice to those who are unable to manage their own finances.

4.44 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Saturn Conjunction Chiron

Tend to exercise in control and you are forced excessively organizational. The reason could be a fear of the rent running, or possibly even trying to please a restrictive parent. The other side of the coin may be that you are completely disorganized and messy, or look too fearful or despondent to make a move. A distant migration can be helpful in such a situation to challenge for leadership of the trends of your parents.

4.48 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Opposition Chiron

This aspect brings cowardly tendencies. Want to dominate others with tyrannical way to compensate their subconscious fears you say that you are weak and helpless. You may also be act silently and covertly trying to bring the enemies knocking them back. The reason for all this may be that during childhood as any attempt made to release your parents to suppress quickly made compatible filling frustrations. The solution here is to recognize and accept responsibility for your power and find ways to externalize creatively.

5.81 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Mercury Conjunction Chiron

The face is somewhat confusing. Can you believe that we clear as you like someone, when in fact the other does not have the same opinion. Or you may feel that you are not right colluded with each other, while the other believes the opposite.

Ceres at 23°33'13'' Gemini

You are pleased with speech, writing and generally any kind of communication. You also like variety and excursions. Traveling and doing a lot of things together are some other things that fill you with satisfaction.

Ceres at 10 House Career - Public Image

This place can make you famous, even if you do not want to be. The sooner you become famous, people will start to visit you and ask for your care. Not privately, thankfully. In the end you will be safe in your personal life. Even your boss can come to you for care or you will tend to care for your boss. You may also attract bosses who will want to take care of you. You may still be attracted to careers that are related to food or dressing.

Aspects Ceres

0.30 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Uranus Square Ceres

This aspect shows that the affection and care for accepting small of your parents was problematic with creating problems in your relationships with others and the rest of your life. Probably panic when you feel that you need care from someone else and maybe break up for this reason.

2.99 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Venus Square Ceres

This aspect shows that the need to feel your happiness and your emotional needs are not compatible. Maybe the clothes you wear to give your small Kannada to feel ugly. Can the adversarial care between lovers or partners be discussed. It looks like it comes out liking mates or lovers who always want to show you care. Or otherwise, can the care you receive from them is never correct. Certainly there is need to address the issue as something fatal, but as something to be solved or as an obstacle to be overcome.

3.76 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Pluto Square Ceres

Probably in your childhood your parents, you were asked to do something first for them to look after you and show you affection. So too in your turn ask others, even your children if you have to do something for you, before dealing with them. But this is not the right way. He is selfish and compulsive way.

5.09 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Mercury Square Ceres

This aspect shows that the words were listening when you were child was not very fondly. Be careful not to do the same to your children.

5.17 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Saturn Square Ceres

Maybe you had during your childhood affection and care they need as a child of your parents, so that the solid and you like bigger than others considering such events as sensitivities or impractical. You must learn that it is really impractical to allegedly crappy one.

Pallas Athena at 21°21'40'' Aries

You are the right person to solve problems that require quick and dynamic solutions.

Pallas Athena at 8 House Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

This is a good place for those who deal with therapies, eg therapists. It's also good for others who manage money. This position increases the likelihood that the way you deal with others, makes them change their moral or other values.

Aspects Pallas Athena

4.32 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Jupiter Square Pallas Athena

You tend to inflate your views and believe that only your own is correct and that you know everything better than anyone else.

Juno R at 01°15'19'' Leo

You need a matchable, creative and very playful match. He may also be somewhat sullen, authoritarian as a child, or immature.

Juno at 11 House Friends - Hopes

You can marry a former friend, or become friends with your mate after marriage. Can your match be mixed with organizations or social affairs, or you can engage in these activities after your marriage.

Aspects Juno

0.54 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Mars Square Juno

Marriage and companionship will awaken to action. In fact, you may need a partner to do business generally. Individuals who comes out liking tend to be energetic, positive and aggressive. Or maybe having a partner, you may experience these symptoms. Anyway there are indications that it may regularly disagree with your mate. One of you has for leadership trends and want to dominate the other.

2.53 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Saturn Trine Juno

People comes out liking for relationship tend to be older than you at least in spirit if not in years. Distinguished by stability, it is practical and reliable, but do not expect to be types of parties. Can the relationship to bring these results to you.

4.70 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Venus Trine Juno

You elxete a cute companion with good artistic skills and sense of art.

5.56 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Jupiter Conjunction Juno

The match will tend to be overly optimistic and smiling. The marriage or relationship can also have the same effect on you. It can make you more optimistic. Be careful not only makes you thick too.

6.90 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Neptune Trine Juno

The match will be sensitive, emotional and powerful imagination. The marriage or relationship can also bring these results to you. In any case there will be a tendency to over idealize your mate, watch what you want to see.

Vesta at 24°15'44'' Scorpio

Your attention is focused on searching for secret secrets, or on issues of reformation or destruction. You are good at any work that requires reformation or destruction, or for work on exploring hidden things or situations.

Vesta at 3 House Communications, Short Journeys

To renew you need to stop talking and communicating for a while. If you have siblings or sisters, you should not be constantly on top of them because they will absorb all of your energy. You have to go away. Neighbors can also have the same effect.

Aspects Vesta

0.08 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Neptune Conjunction Vesta

You have increased ability to focus on imagination. This is a good place for artists and scientists, why do you envision the final product more easily.

1.01 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Uranus Sextile Vesta

This aspect helps you focus more easily on any innovative your abilities.

1.42 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Jupiter Trine Vesta

You are able to focus your attention on large-scale operations, especially mentally, philosophical, or religious issues.

2.29 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Venus Trine Vesta

You are able to focus and concentrate on your social gatherings, artistic creations in general, as you make merry and happy and coping well in these areas.

4.46 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Saturn Trine Vesta

Your attention is particularly focused on discipline in an organization that you belong to and may be at work.

4.47 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Sextile Vesta

You are able to focus your attention on tasks that need to transform or reconfigure something, or also in work having to do with the discovery of any hidden state or thing. Good place for doctors, paramedics and detectives.

5.80 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Mercury Trine Vesta

You have increased ability to focus on discussions and communications and other mental tasks.

North Node R at 10°36'22'' Taurus

You tend to rely heavily on the goods and property of others. You also tend to induce turmoil and turmoil. You have to concentrate your efforts on your rebirth, not to let your life be taken from below. The most important thing for you is to build your own property and cultivate your own value system. Although this is something that everyone has to do, it is especially important for you to grow further.

North Node at 8 House Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

You like the beatings and the upset. It's good for you. You may also be overly greedy and inflexible. You have to learn to throw away the waste of your life. Such may be some of your habits, and some of your personal values ​​about material goods. This is a good place for one who works with funeral offices, or with work of regeneration, reformation, transformation, therapies, or monks and monks.

Lilith at 06°21'11'' Aries

Your sensuality is lively and is at the root of your personality. You have to outsource it. You tend to rush situations in terms of your passion.

Lilith at 7 House Marriage - Partnerships

Feeling of justice, harmony, love, companionship. Flirt and create or break relationships and partnerships. You want to be both committed and free !! Analyze everything with good psychological judgment. You desire from your partner eternal devotion and acceptance on your face.

Part of Fortune at 11°47'23'' Taurus

Your good fortune depends mainly on your financial situation and how much you manage your inventory. It is most likely that you were born in a rather well-preserved but conservative environment and you have probably learned and fully assimilated conservative principles in terms of material possessions and property, but that does not mean that you are spanked or stingy. You just do not waste it, so you have to do it, but when someone asks for your help and you are at that moment you have the power, you give it, because above all you are powerful people and you like to help whenever you weak.

Part of Fortune at 8 House Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

Your engagement with the unknown and hidden, sex, life insurance, spouse's finances, inheritances and death, in all or some of These are areas that your good fortune can thrive.

Vertex at 13°49'49'' Pisces

With the Pisces Summit, the need for a relationship is almost identical to the Christian compassion. There is a sense of pain for the other, but also for humanity in general. This feeling is not always discernible but inherent and coloring every individual's relationship. The carnal union with the other has the character of the Pisces, it has the intensity, the depth and the passion of the representative of the aquatic element but mixed with the indescribable pain for human nature.

Vertex at 6 House Diseases - Work

In the sixth house, the Summit faces sacrifice and service to others. The person is in danger of losing the meaning of the relationship within the need (desperate many times) to find the perfect companion. The person strives to prove to others that he is committed and needs support and acceptance.

* * *

The Degrees of the Zodiac that affect you

Ascendant at 23°21'38'' Virgo

"A naked man, sitting on a rock surrounded by the sea, covers his eyes with his hands." The Squadron of Loneliness. Character of a mischievous man who could be condemned or exiled.

Midheaven at 21°48'12'' Gemini

"A young woman lying under a tree while eating food in the birds near her." Fate of Collaboration. Character charming, passionate about poetry and harmony.

Sun at 01°48'47'' Pisces

"A box that floats in the sea." Fate of Indifference. Character serene and quiet that has the capacity of inspiration.

Moon at 13°23'11'' Cancer

"A bouquet of spring flowers that shines a star on them, throwing rays and sparks in a dark blue atmosphere." Success Squadron. Poetry, high office, abilities for botany etc.

Mercury at 18°27'36'' Pisces

"Two crossed swords." The Squad of Trauma. Nature to fight, spirit war.

Venus at 26°33'13'' Pisces

"An earthquake." Reverse Squadron. Sudden and unpredictable disaster. The person can feel great powers inside him.

Mars at 01°48'18'' Scorpio

"A cape that protrudes from the sea and on it rises the sun." Squad of the Greater. Stability and hope. The person will progress until he / she succeeds.

Jupiter R at 25°41'16'' Cancer

"A meteorite or a piercing star." Squad of Uncertainty. Nature artistic, position subject to change. Mind scrupulous.

Saturn at 28°43'26'' Pisces

"A man on a raft floating in the middle of the sea." The Fate of Despair. Lack of initiative, idiosyncrasy temperament and uncertainty.

Uranus R at 23°15'02'' Virgo

"A naked man, sitting on a rock surrounded by the sea, covers his eyes with his hands." The Squadron of Loneliness. Character of a mischievous man who could be condemned or exiled.

Neptune at 24°21'00'' Scorpio

"A wolf standing on a horse's skeleton." Fate of Salvation. Mind panicked and greedy.

Pluto R at 19°47'18'' Virgo

"Two men who swing around. A man in black looks at them." The Fate of the Struggle. Predisposition to quarrels or quarrels. Life fighter.

Chiron at 24°16'32'' Pisces

"A crown and a blade." Victory Squadron. From the strength and conviction of the person we expect a great title.

Ceres at 23°33'13'' Gemini

"A lot of gathered sparrows cheat and sink into the dust." Squadron of Friendship. Character social, gifted with the art of persuasion.

Pallas Athena at 21°21'40'' Aries

"A man with a step uncertain and unstable, pouring on the water he is carrying." Fate of Instability. Character weak and unstable who can lose his goods. Destiny doubtful.

Juno R at 01°15'19'' Leo

"A banner like the sailors used to point the direction of the wind." Fate of Weakness. A person wobbly, an opinion that changes frequently.

Vesta at 24°15'44'' Scorpio

"A wolf standing on a horse's skeleton." Fate of Salvation. Mind panicked and greedy.

North Node R at 10°36'22'' Taurus

"A dead man who sits on a throne and holds his scepter while there are specimens of wealth around him." Fate of Occupation through your own actions. Many benefits from your own actions.

Lilith at 06°21'11'' Aries

"A fox that runs on a path under the shadow of a wall." The Silence of Wisdom. Courage and thoughtfulness. At the time of danger, an intense presence of the spirit can become a means of getting rid of it (danger).

Part of Fortune at 11°47'23'' Taurus

"A hollow orange blossom resting on him two butterflies hitting their wings." Squadron of Reciprocity. Character nice, good marriage or cooperatives.

Vertex at 13°49'49'' Pisces

"A man naked to the middle that cuts wood." Job Squadron. Medium financial means, life full of toil but simple and natural life.

East Point at 20°17'21'' Virgo

"A man carrying a bag of money in each hand." Squad of Greedy Desire. Wealth, facilities, major holdings.

Part of Spirit at 04°55'53'' Aquarius

"A naked woman looking at her image in a pond." Squadron of Philately. Emotional character that reflects his environment, artistic preferences.

Part of Love at 00°13'08'' Capricorn

"A man and a young woman standing up and embracing." The Squadron of Alternation. Fine and Supremacy. Possibility of double life.

Part of Destiny at 10°13'57'' Aquarius

"Two bulls hit at the edge of a cliff." Squadron of Unity. Force and energy but only for competitive reasons. The person should learn moderation.

Cupido R at 18°30'11'' Libra

"A square marble stone carved on it with a scepter and a crown." Squadron of Administration. Character proud and ambitious, probability of career in state post.

Hades at 14°19'09'' Taurus

"A venerable man, sitting in an undefined light, with many books in front of him and scientific instruments around him." Fate of the Mystery. Nature intuitive and invasive, intimate sense of the works of nature in which the person mixes his secret intentions. Mystery and isolation.

Zeus R at 08°10'08'' Virgo

"A stagnant marsh full of weeds and a lush vegetation." The Silence Squadron. Character lazy and wasteful, marriage with bad consequences.

Kronos at 04°04'24'' Gemini

"Two men are fighting in a forest, among them a fall, purple and a jewel case." Fate of Fortune. Bad battles and matches with opponents.

Apollon R at 00°22'59'' Libra

"A man with a sword pulled from the sheath in a threatening attitude." Squadron of Injury. Character of war and racial that does not count the others.

Admetos at 29°52'07'' Aries

"A rider armed as if going to battle, while gazing at the moon in his loser." The Quest of Isolation. Independent character that can suffer for a woman.

Vulkanus R at 01°47'22'' Cancer

"A dog standing on a scraped bone - in front of two other dogs hungry by hunger." The Fate of Abuse. Character selfish, refinement and dexterity at the expense of others.

Poseidon R at 18°31'24'' Libra

"A square marble stone carved on it with a scepter and a crown." Squadron of Administration. Character proud and ambitious, probability of career in state post.

* * *


As the time passes, you have to awaken opportunities that are latent within your horoscope, and depending on your sincerity and ability, you will be able to experience all that your planets imply. You may not recognize all of the previous features, but if your birth time and time are right, each word will match you. Astrologers believe that the Character is Destiny and that during this lifetime we must work to develop our character. In the distant future, we are destined to take an active part in promoting the evolution of the world and for this purpose we must make ourselves fit, for in the end we must become perfect.

* * *


Houses PorphyrySign
123°21'38'' Virgo
222°50'29'' Libra
322°19'21'' Scorpio
421°48'12'' Sagittarius
522°19'21'' Capricorn
622°50'29'' Aquarius
723°21'38'' Pisces
822°50'29'' Aries
922°19'21'' Taurus
1021°48'12'' Gemini
1122°19'21'' Cancer
1222°50'29'' Leo
Planets Sign House
Sun 01°48'47'' Pisces6
Moon 13°23'11'' Cancer10
Mercury 18°27'36'' Pisces7
Venus 26°33'13'' Pisces7
Mars 01°48'18'' Scorpio2
Jupiter R 25°41'16'' Cancer11
Saturn 28°43'26'' Pisces7
Uranus R 23°15'02'' Virgo1
Neptune 24°21'00'' Scorpio3
Pluto R 19°47'18'' Virgo1
Asteroids Sign House
Chiron 24°16'32'' Pisces7
Ceres 23°33'13'' Gemini10
Pallas Athena 21°21'40'' Aries8
Juno R 01°15'19'' Leo11
Vesta 24°15'44'' Scorpio3
Minor Objects Sign House
North Node R 10°36'22'' Taurus8
Lilith 06°21'11'' Aries7
Part of Fortune 11°47'23'' Taurus8
Vertex 13°49'49'' Pisces6
East Point 20°17'21'' Virgo1
Ascendant 23°21'38'' Virgo1
Midheaven 21°48'12'' Gemini10
Part of Spirit 04°55'53'' Aquarius5
Part of Love 00°13'08'' Capricorn4
Part of Destiny 10°13'57'' Aquarius5
Uranian Sign House
Cupido R 18°30'11'' Libra2
Hades 14°19'09'' Taurus8
Zeus R 08°10'08'' Virgo12
Kronos 04°04'24'' Gemini9
Apollon R 00°22'59'' Libra1
Admetos 29°52'07'' Aries8
Vulkanus R 01°47'22'' Cancer10
Poseidon R 18°31'24'' Libra2
Fixed Stars Sign House
ACHERNAR 14°49'30'' Pisces6
POLARIS 28°06'24'' Gemini10
ZETA RETICULI 23°21'34'' Pisces7
PLEIADES 29°55'01'' Taurus9
ALDEBERAN 09°19'24'' Gemini9
CAPELLA 21°23'31'' Gemini10
RIGEL 16°22'05'' Gemini9
BELLATRIX 20°29'07'' Gemini10
ALNATH 22°06'32'' Gemini10
ORION 23°00'09'' Gemini10
BETELGEUSE 28°17'25'' Gemini10
MENKALINAN 29°27'04'' Gemini10
MURZIM 06°43'31'' Cancer10
CANOPUS 14°31'07'' Cancer10
ALHENA 08°38'28'' Cancer10
SIRIUS 13°37'30'' Cancer10
ADARA 20°18'22'' Cancer11
WEZEN 22°56'21'' Cancer11
CASTOR 19°47'01'' Cancer11
PROCYON 25°20'01'' Cancer11
POLLUX 22°45'29'' Cancer11
SUHAIL 10°44'19'' Virgo12
AVIOR 22°42'00'' Virgo1
MIAPLACIDUS 01°31'31'' Scorpio2
ALPHARD 26°49'18'' Leo12
REGULUS 29°22'18'' Leo12
DUBHE 14°44'17'' Leo11
ACRUX 11°24'33'' Scorpio2
GACRUX 06°16'34'' Scorpio2
BECRUX 11°11'16'' Scorpio2
ALIOTH 08°28'16'' Virgo12
SPICA 23°23'00'' Libra2
ALKAID 26°28'19'' Virgo1
AGENA 23°20'01'' Scorpio3
ARCTURUS 23°46'20'' Libra2
RIGEL KENTAURUS 29°03'30'' Scorpio3
ANTARES 09°17'35'' Sagittarius3
SHAULA 24°07'10'' Sagittarius4
SARGAS 25°08'03'' Sagittarius4
KAUS AUSTRALIS 04°36'29'' Capricorn4
VEGA 14°50'24'' Capricorn4
ALTAIR 01°18'08'' Aquarius5
PEACOCK 23°20'33'' Capricorn5
DENEB 04°51'27'' Pisces6
ALNAIR 15°26'05'' Aquarius5
FORMALHAUT 03°23'10'' Pisces6
ANDROMEDA 27°23'06'' Aries8

Retrograde Planets


The retrograde Jupiter shows that you may be somewhat pessimistic and lacking imagination.


The retrograde Uranus shows that while externally there seem unconventional or different person, internally feel you, but take care not to show it. There is a possibility that the areas seen by the house, sign and aspects of Uranus on your map may be subject to continuous or extreme sudden changes. By positively using this retrograde motion of Uranus, you can become someone who is unique and true and can lead the projects he will undertake to positive change and development.


The retrograde Pluto shows that you tend to hide from others the great difficulties that can pass on some phases of your life. The positive thing about this is that your enemies will not learn about your problems and will not hurt you anymore. The negative thing is that your friends will not know it and they could help you. If you are confident about your friends and you know they can help you, then it's good not to hide them too.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.

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