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Steve Jobs, Natal Horoscope


Read for Steve Jobs 24-02-1955 19:15 San Francisco US California Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

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Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

NameSteve Jobs
Birthday24 / 2 / 1955
Birth time19:15:00
Birth PlaceSan Francisco US California


The real purpose of Astrology is to serve as a guide to physical life. Astrology students are convinced that this is a perfect study system in which self-knowledge can be achieved. The author believes that the character is destiny and that we, in past lives, we weave the web of destiny with our own thought, and now, in a similar way we weave the fabric of our future horoscope. Every sin is the result of ignorance, so to know ourselves means to become wiser and thus to dominate the destiny. Every fate, good or bad, was originally made up of our own thoughts and actions and has its roots in our character. The horoscope is the indicator of the Divine Law in practice and therefore helps us to discover a great part of our destiny.

* * *

Rising Sign or Ascendant

Ascendant Virgo at 22°17'20''

At the time of your birth, Virgo, a sign that belongs to the earthly element and in the common or variable property, was rising up. It gives a peaceful temper, withdrawn, moderate and restrained. You are careful and wise and able to think long before you do. You are kind and tender, but not too sensitive. Although you look fit and capable to be almost everything for everyone, you rarely show your true nature open and often difficult to understand. You have a lot of cognitive skills, you learn easily and you have a sophisticated nature. You have logic, reasoning ability and enough talent for scientific or philological studies. But you can also develop a lot of practical skill and deal with many small details effectively and methodically. Sometimes you worry unnecessarily, you are hesitant and you change your mind. You are timid, you lack confidence and you are too prepared to step back into the difficulties. You do not have enough optimism. You will work better and you will be very fortunate if you follow a leader and rely on him. Virgo is the sign of the servant, not the lord. You tend to be practical, analytical, discriminating, fastidious, careful, exacting, attentive to details, methodical, quiet, unassuming, shy, critical, thoughtful, and somewhat self-centered. You have an ingenious, active and alert mind. Gaining knowledge and putting it to good use are important to you. You strive for perfection and can be quite the person to live with or to be around because your standards for yourself and others are so high. At times others can never be "good" enough to meet those high standards. Finding fault with what's wrong with things is your forte. Sometimes, though, this can make relationships sour as you often turn your critical eye on the one you love and the things they do. Pessimism and being too self-critical are two faults you should try to improve upon. You may tend to worry too much, especially about the small stuff, the little details. Too much worry can lead to health problems. You need to learn to digest every experience and assimilate it without bitterness, regret, spite or resentment. You need to get rid of any negativity that stems from a feeling of inadequacy. You tend to look younger than you really are, no matter what your age. You are very restless and nervous, so you seldom have much weight on you. At times you can be very indecisive and unsure. Spiritual lesson to learn: Service. Mercury rules Virgo so Mercury will be important in your chart. Luck: You are luckier when working with others as assistants, associates or affiliates of that alone and independent. Medical and pharmaceutical activities can benefit you, as well as adaptability to various occupations, professional, or business. Ruler: Mercury. The planet Mercury is the ruler of the zodiac Gemini and Virgo. Its influence is more brain and nerves and has more to do with the mind than by the senses. Gives you great mental ability intelligence and adaptability, resourcefulness and spirit of fertility and possibly a good memory. You'll be able to talk and arguments, persuasive and eloquent in conversation, but they coexist with a dose of slyness and secrecy, as well as caution or withdrawal. Rarely will you show your entire life in the world and there will always be a view that will not ever show it, nor to your closest friends. Your mind is active, but it lacks a little concentration and perseverance. You tend to bother with too many issues, change somewhat abruptly and have many irons in the fire. You can easily adapt to the moods and opinions of others and you can tell the truth and under completely different views. To a degree Mercury hires himself to nature and other planets, for it must pay attention to the sign which occupies Mercury at birth.

Aspects Ascendant

1.12 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Venus Trine Ascendant

You are happy, entertaining, charming, comfortable and have a pleasant personality. You love the beauty and harmony you are happier when things go smoothly. You do not like disharmony and disagreements, and you do not come out of your way to shake the waters. You may have artistic gifts.

1.13 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Saturn Sextile Ascendant

You are loyal, trustworthy and serious. You have no difficulty in taking responsibility and doing the duty you believe requires. You will have the opportunity to use your realism, practicality and organizational skills to help yourself and others. Large groups of people do not make you feel comfortable and it can be hard for you to calm down. You like to work and that's your way to calm down.

1.78 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Jupiter Sextile Ascendant

You tend to be social, optimistic, enthusiastic, open-minded and tolerant. People are naturally attracted to you because they feel that you are good to them or at least that you will help them whenever they need help. You are a friend of amusements and are keen to accumulate knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

1.84 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Uranus Sextile Ascendant

Your ideas are clear and you want to be very independent. Your mind is creative, innovative, very quick to understand new information, data and knowledge. You like to work with a variety of tasks all at the same time. You are easily adaptable to situations and changes that are necessary in life. You prefer to experience everything with firsthand experience.

Ruler Mercury at 5 House

This brings to the surface the appearance of your nature that is social and hedonic - it gives warmth to sympathy and passion for feelings. You follow the fun and the more engaging jobs for the satisfaction they give you than for their usefulness and you enjoy life a lot. In some cases the person born with this post follows a profession or a hobby that gives satisfaction to others, such as music, art, theater, and so on. And there is often a decisive inclination in one of these areas. You must make sure that you do not get too much of pleasures and sensations. You may be able to gain through a prudent view in favorable directions. You will be interested and will love the children. Your love nature will be strong and thrilling. You are generous, honest and honest. This position enhances vitality and physical health.

Mercury R at 14°21'24'' Aquarius

Your thoughts tend to be unique, unusual, rapid and coming completely out of the blue, eccentric, unconventional, scientific, weird and perhaps a bit ahead of their time. You are a progressive and non- traditional thinker and are very open and receptive to new technologies and breakthroughs and the latest discoveries in any field. You believe that humanity can resolve their problems through creative intelligence using inventive minds and scientific principles. You are a bit impatient with those who are conservative and unimaginative and those who are afraid perhaps to think about and try new things and ideas. Keeping abreast of the latest developments and technologies is fun for you. Reading science fiction helps give you food for thought regarding radically new ways of looking at things. You have a strong humanitarian impulse, an aptitude for organization and you enjoy being involved in cooperative group efforts or businesses that are contemporary and innovative. You have a versatile, disciplined, practical and original mind. You are intuitive and resourceful, with the ability to correctly judge human character and penetrate the mask that others wear. You follow your own convictions regardless of what others think of you and you have the ability to express your ideas clearly so that others easily comprehend. On the negative side you can be eccentric, bohemian, radical, revolutionary and stubborn. This position adds power to your intellect, giving you good memory and a powerful and perceptual mind. It increases the trend towards mental culture or science, literature or religion, but you tend to have unchanging views, being opposed to change and not easily affected. You are capable of clear mental work, you can become original and with good training you can achieve great things. Mercury is very powerful in this sign, giving strength to concentration, which can be cultivated beneficial. It also enhances the clairvoyance and gives you some ability to study and judge human nature. You can have fun with others and you will have great social success if you turn to the fun or guidance of others.

Aspects Mercury

6.61 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Moon Sextile Mercury

You have an excellent mind and you remember faces, names and past events with ease. You are a wonderful speaker and teacher as you can put your feelings and your heart into what you are trying to convey. Gaining knowledge and sharing that knowledge are important to you and you make great efforts to be on top of the latest developments. You are a natural counselor as you listen well to what people share with you, especially with respect to their problems. You give encouragement to others and are able to help them have confidence in themselves. People trust you and confide their problems in you, knowing that you will not judge them. You can read between the lines of what others are saying and you have the knack of being able to tell them what they really need to hear. You probably keep some sort of diary or journal to record your thoughts and emotions so that you can go back to them periodically and learn from your previous experiences. You have talent for learning foreign languages. You tend to think clearly and logically since your emotions and your thoughts are in harmony. Since you are so sensitive to other people's feelings, you are able to verbalize the other person's needs before they have spoken. This is very reassuring to people because they know you understand where they are coming from. You have the ability to communicate ideas and concepts to others, either verbally or in writing. You have a love of variety, travel, communicating and reading. There may be literary or writing talent with this aspect as it certainly strengthens and benefits the mentality. This aspect gives you wonderful mental capabilities and makes your brain accurate and active. You will succeed in life thanks to the spirit and speed of your perception. You have the ability to earn money and you are doing well with forms and writing. This aspect allows you to appreciate life and make the most of it, because you are intelligent and you can think for yourself. You have to cultivate the clairvoyance as well as your memory, which is a feature of this aspect when it is active and not latent. You have talent in speech or writing and you can very easily express your thoughts and ideas. Simply put, you have a great ability to transmit ideas and feelings, charisma that allows good relationships with others and employment in professions requiring persuasion and public relations. You are restless and inspire confidence because you are smart and fair.

6.80 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Saturn Square Mercury

Your mind is scientific, serious, deep and capable of great concentration. You are a relatively slow thinker, but you are very thorough. You enjoy studying or thinking in solitude and you rarely offer an opinion on any matter until you have thoroughly considered it. You are subject to periodic bouts of depression and melancholy and are cautious and reserved by nature. Conservatism is your natural mode of operation. You are something of a skeptic and may be narrow-minded and closed to new ideas, especially if you have no concrete proof or scientific evidence as to their validity and correctness. You have an aptitude for research or doing mental work which requires precise, organized thinking, attention to detail, and a methodical approach. Socially, you tend to be reserved, serious, uncommunicative and uncomfortable with light, frivolous conversation. Anything that doesn't accomplish something practical and productive is considered more or less a waste of time and energy. People who listen to you talk know that you speak with the confidence of authority. You have wonderful organizing ability and executive capacity. You are practical and deliberate and you have difficulty expressing your affection for others. You have a tendency toward tooth decay. Mental cruelty is possible. You tend to have fears and worries that are unreasonable. Instead of planning you focus on worry. You are distrustful or fearful of anything you cannot understand with your rational mind. You should develop more awareness so that you do not interpret what others say to you in a negative manner. You may have difficulties in verbally communicating what you mean to say to others, so that misunderstandings occur on both sides. You are such a conservative in your thinking that you prefer to stay with ideas that work for you rather than adopting new ones. It would at times, though, be to your advantage and listen to new concepts and to try them occasionally. Be careful that you do not get into the habit of rationalizing everything such that any means to an end is acceptable as long as you believe it. You have a tendency to go to extremes with details. Some of the details are not important. There is a tendency to strain on the nervous system through stress or overwork. This makes life rather unfortunate, especially if you are worried. It is a face that causes obstacles and delays, as well as the opposition of others towards you, especially those who are bigger. You will experience disappointments in life, so do not seek to be in responsible positions, because you can receive strong criticism, lose your credibility, etc. Because of misconceptions about yourself. You must be very careful about the documents you are signing, as well as your speech. You are somewhat monumental and you tend to be strict with those who have done bad. Also, you are rather stiff and absolute, you are not interested in the opinion of others and you try to impose in any way your own. You are lonely and lock yourself up and you do not like companions. Avoid worry.

* * *


Sun at 05°44'46'' Pisces

You are sympathetic, compassionate, unassuming, idealistic, intuitive, congenial, adaptable, psychic, emotional, creative, secretive, versatile, imaginative and self-sacrificing. You can also be impressionable, indecisive, self-pitying, hypersensitive and changeable. You need to serve others. You are sentimental and romantic in love. At times you expect too much from others and then feel hurt if the other person doesn't come through for you. You have a strong tendency to place your loved one on a pedestal. This leads to disillusionment when you discover your loved one has faults, too. The symbol for Pisces is two fish going in opposite directions connected by a cord. One fish represents the personality and the other represents the spirit. These two opposing forces operate within you, causing insecurity and indecisiveness. Handling these forces in a positive manner is very difficult for you. Some will seek to escape these pressures through eating, alcohol, drugs or other excesses. That is what one of the fish represents. The other fish represents you rising to great heights through self-denial, sacrifice and then ultimate attainment. You learn through suffering and you need to learn perseverance. You tend to absorb the information and environment around you. Thus it is important that you surround yourselves with uplifting people and circumstances. You are creative, self-sufficient people whose minds are extremely active, due to your strong imagination, which you can sometimes get carried away with. You sense and feel things that others are not aware of. You generally do not possess strong willpower nor do you have a dynamic approach to life. Although you can appear to be very determined on the outside, underneath, inner doubts are brewing. This insecurity causes you to need reassurance from others. One of your greatest needs is to learn to understand your emotional ups and downs. Since you have a tendency to doubt your own conclusions, you need to learn to believe in yourselves. You are very generous with your time in helping other people. You always feel your best when you are serving others in some capacity. By using your compassion outwardly for others, you will not become as moody and introverted. Service to others is the safest, shortest road to God. Since you are reluctant to hurt others or to face any sort of confrontation, you can become involved in very difficult emotional situations which you find extremely difficult to break. You have a difficult time saying no sometimes and will stay in bad situations thinking that you can somehow change the other person and then all will be well. Some times you love to play the martyr, while others need to play the savior. You tend to think with your heart rather than your head and can be easily used by others. Many fall for any kind of sob story, much to your own detriment. Your heart are in the right place, it's just you need to be more realistic and down- to-earth. You can be highly secretive, but you make friends rather easily and are quite loyal to them. You do not particularly like verbal or combative fights, but will defend your friends in subtle ways. You sometimes lack vitality which often gives people the idea that you are lazy. Well, some times you are and in general do like to procrastinate. You needs sufficient time each day to be alone while you regain your fluctuating energies. Your innate desire to escape from physical living can be used constructively through creativity. Many forms of art, dance and music appeal to you. You instinctively seem to know your own capabilities and limitations. Unfortunately, though, your knowledge of your limitations can create an inferiority complex. You enjoy drama and acting because it gives you the opportunity of being someone else. This enables you to temporarily lose your inferiority complex. Because of your hypersensitivity, you can become instantly depressed over little things that are said to you. You can appear to be deceitful because of an inborn need to justify your words and actions. If in trouble, you may attempt to rationalize your way out rather than face the consequences of your behavior. You who have the Sun in Pisces are trusted, honest and compassionate with great sympathy for the animals. You feel deep and intense, although you express your feelings rarely. You also want to go well with everyone. You do not have great ambitions and somehow you lack confidence, although you sometimes show somewhat greater will and certainty. You may have a tendency toward the middle-low, and you are still social, good-natured, honest, and religious. Because you are very kind, you will always feel pleasure with occupations related to hospitality and sociability. Well, you do not pay too much attention to the details.

Aspects Sun

6.66 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Mars Sextile Sun

You are bold, daring, confident, active, vital, energetic and positive. You love friendly competition and your initiative, self- esteem and self-confidence make you a winner at all you undertake. You have learned how to control your desires by using your willpower and that brings added power, for the person that can control themself can control the world. You have wonderful physical vitality and excellent recuperative powers. You need to be involved in some sort of physical exercise program or sports in order to release some of your excess energy in a healthy way. You have a strong sense of fair play and do not resort to underhanded means to get ahead. You have leadership skills and executive ability. You are a tireless worker and command respect from those around you. You are self-assertive with inborn courage and you will fight for your rights as well as the rights of others. This is too good for health and vitality in general. It gives you courage and a strong body. The power of will and the nature of the desires are mixed, which enables you to open your way to life with intense intensity, energy and perseverance that rarely, if ever, fails. You can control and manage others. Generally, you will promote your views more through energy and power than through tactics and diplomacy. You can achieve great things if you let your individuality act more often than your personal desires and cravings. This powerful influence often gives you too much vitality, and it is necessary to exercise a lot or to live an active life to distribute it throughout the system evenly.

* * *


Moon at 07°44'26'' Aries

Adaptability and inconstancy in your efforts to initiate are present here. Frequent emotional upheavals due to a fiery temper are possible. Patience is not your strong suit and if things don't happen the way you want, and now, well, you can go off like a bolt of lightning. Your tendency is to be spontaneous, temperamental, impetuous, headstrong and you dislike restraint. You are very direct in thought, action, and speech and everyone knows how you feel. You pull no punches. You can be a very bossy individual if you do not try to control your moods. A desire to be in the limelight or in charge of things is present. You hate showing any personal weakness or that you need any support, comfort, or nurturing from others. Your enthusiasm for starting new projects is contagious and you are probably a better starter than a finisher. You are adventurous, courageous, and independent. You don't like complainers and are always ready to meet any challenge. A fair amount of physical activity is good for you so you can work off those moods you get into once in a while. You have a creative, flamboyant personality that likes to trail-blaze in unusual ventures. Perhaps your accomplishments cover inferiority feelings that lie beneath the surface. This position will give your personal character a materialistic and rather aggressive attitude. It increases your personal independence and makes you self-reliant, revolutionary against power, with a tendency to drive, control and lead the way. It gives you a prudent mental, lively, obscene and observant nature. You are ambitious, categorical and fully aware of your abilities. But if you do not cultivate self-control, you will have an irritable and irresistible temper, insisting on imposing your own in every way and at all costs. It will do you good if you deepen tolerance and avoid excesses. Also beware of impulsive speech and hasty action.

Moon at 7 House

The Moon in the Seventh House will bring you close to the audience and you will be popular in your circle, though sometimes you will have to face some public opposition. You will come in contact with those who travel a lot and you will meet people who are bohemian or wandering. The chances of success in legal cases vary, sometimes they go well and others, depending on the views. Undoubtedly another life will be mixed with yours, causing you anxiety but also happiness and happiness, because your fate, in a strange way, will always be associated with someone else's luck, either in marriage or in co-operation, or in issues where there is something More than a simple and separate interest.


Sun Pisces - Moon Aries

The mixing of this influence suggests that you have an active, restless and very determined nature. You may be very persistent, head-on, positive, and difficult to handle. You have a nature that can not be forced, but more easily driven than drifting. You have great love for knowledge and great strength, self-confidence and self-control, however, there is a risk of overdosing and weakening your nervous system. You have to try to learn the habit of the measure, remembering that you are in a physical body and that you should use this body well, otherwise it will disappoint you when you need more services.

* * *

Mind Skills

Mercury R at 14°21'24'' Aquarius

Your thoughts tend to be unique, unusual, rapid and coming completely out of the blue, eccentric, unconventional, scientific, weird and perhaps a bit ahead of their time. You are a progressive and non- traditional thinker and are very open and receptive to new technologies and breakthroughs and the latest discoveries in any field. You believe that humanity can resolve their problems through creative intelligence using inventive minds and scientific principles. You are a bit impatient with those who are conservative and unimaginative and those who are afraid perhaps to think about and try new things and ideas. Keeping abreast of the latest developments and technologies is fun for you. Reading science fiction helps give you food for thought regarding radically new ways of looking at things. You have a strong humanitarian impulse, an aptitude for organization and you enjoy being involved in cooperative group efforts or businesses that are contemporary and innovative. You have a versatile, disciplined, practical and original mind. You are intuitive and resourceful, with the ability to correctly judge human character and penetrate the mask that others wear. You follow your own convictions regardless of what others think of you and you have the ability to express your ideas clearly so that others easily comprehend. On the negative side you can be eccentric, bohemian, radical, revolutionary and stubborn. This position adds power to your intellect, giving you good memory and a powerful and perceptual mind. It increases the trend towards mental culture or science, literature or religion, but you tend to have unchanging views, being opposed to change and not easily affected. You are capable of clear mental work, you can become original and with good training you can achieve great things. Mercury is very powerful in this sign, giving strength to concentration, which can be cultivated beneficial. It also enhances the clairvoyance and gives you some ability to study and judge human nature. You can have fun with others and you will have great social success if you turn to the fun or guidance of others.

Mercury at 5 House

This position will make your mind somewhat carefree, with a preference for pleasures and sometimes with a tendency towards absolution. You like children, music, poetry, singing and theater. You should not study too much, otherwise you will affect your heart. Your mind is affectionate and loving, but you must watch the instability and exaggeration of satisfaction. You should never be seduced into speculation, because a spirit of gambling can be enhanced. You are capable mimes and there is some hidden acting talent. The kids you will be doing will be intelligent and very smart.

* * *

Money, Property

Neptune at 2 House

Neptune has an influence on the Second House, it tends to bring monetary losses, either because of deception by others or because of investments in companies or businesses that prove to be devastating. For this, it is good to be careful in your relationships with others. Be careful not to sign documents that are likely to cause you financial losses and difficulties. The financial opportunities that will happen to you will come in the most peculiar ways, either from a vision or a dream or through contact with strange people and you can win from a completely unexpected source and get money in the most odd and eccentric way or by following A profession of unusual nature. You have a strong imagination and psychic sensitivity which can be used to tap your inner talents. You receive intuitive hunches and are apt to have vivid dreams. You have an appreciation of beautiful objects. You seldom worry about money, which may be just as well, since your finances can be complicated and sometimes confusing. This placement can tend to make you extremely generous or extremely dishonest. If dishonesty is present, you will experience losses through theft, fraud and deception. Do everything on the up-and-up and money matters will go smoother. Avoid risky speculations and investments. Be completely honest with respect to money matters.

Neptune R at 28°03'02'' Libra

You are conformist, a company person. The illusion of this may makes you to think that if you don't rock the boat, everything will be alright. There is a love of fairness and justice. This influence enables you to shape new artistic ideals because you have an intuitive temperament, very poetic or spiritual. You have great mercy. It gives you a tendency to have somewhat cloudy political views and also has the tendency to decide your marriage under strange and cloudy situations.

Aspects Neptune

1.03 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mars Opposition Neptune

The danger with this aspect is that you tend to want to escape from reality and avoid your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. If this escapism tendency is carried too far, you may seek outlet through drugs or alcohol, both of which will eventually ruin your life. Ordinary life seems dull and drab to you and you feel a need for something that stirs your imagination, some vision or ideal or cause that motivates you. Without such an impetus you tend to procrastinate doing the things in your life that you need to be doing. People count on you and you let them down in any manner of ways. People then lose their respect for you and eventually avoid having anything whatsoever to do with you. You may have difficulty separating truth from fiction or fantasy from reality. You need to stay grounded and disciplined so that you can remain functional. Yes, it's true that your real home is in the spiritual worlds, yet you must live your earth life here and learn as much as you can from your experiences in concrete existence. That is what we are all here for. So stop thinking about skipping out on the school of life and get back to business. It is possible, though, that you can really pursue your dreams and bring them into reality. You have the ability to do this if you approach it the right way. The right way is in staying focused, centered and disciplined. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplished without discipline and you need to realize that if you do not already. You are an artist at heart, whether your medium is song, dance, drama, poetry, music, art or painting. Any of these allow you to express the feelings you have inside and that gives your emotions release from the day-to-day tribulations of living. Your imagination is capable of quite a great deal if you will simply keep it in check and not allow it to run away from you. Work that serves only your own narrow personal interests does not satisfy you. You need something more in your life than just living for yourself. You may lack the competitive edge, the fighting spirit, the me-first attitude that is often required for material advancement and success. Of course you simply may not have much earthly ambition. You also have the tendency to either overestimate or underestimate your own power and abilities. There is deception and self-delusion present, either on your part or on the part of others that you come into contact with. You are an easy target for swindlers and con-men because you are a sucker for a sob story. You must realize that most people have to learn to help themselves. You cannot save the world, as much as you might like to do so. The only one you can save is yourself. And that is no easy task for any of us. There is the tendency here to get involved in co-dependent relationships. Either you or your partner or both knowingly or unknowingly play the role of martyr, victim or savior. You must realize that any relationship that isn't based on equality is eventually doomed to failure. This aspect may make your nature coarse and sensual, impulsive and irascible, militant and extravagant in speech and action, self- indulgent to a degree in whatever direction your passions may lead you and unable to exercise restraint over yourself in any direction. It tends to give a fanatical spirit which may express itself in either religion or atheism. There can be tendencies toward lawlessness. Self- control is the saving grace that you need to develop. You do have talent, even though it is easier for you to doubt your abilities and to question your own worth. Your lack of self-esteem is distorting the truth and you must work your way through the illusion. The challenge is to conquer discouragement. You see failure as an indication of your unworthiness to merit rewards or success. To dissipate your feelings of unworthiness, you may resort to placing the blame for your failure upon others until your gossiping even convinces you it is the truth. Eventually, when the real truth is revealed, you suffer greatly, for you have made yourself unbelievable to others. You could save yourself much inner distress if you would recognize that failures are simply spiritual stumbling blocks which test everyone's courage in picking themselves up again without emotional turmoil. Any suffering you experience will, in the long run, teach you obedience and that is one of the roads that leads to God. Self-forgetting service to others is another road that is safe and sure. Be careful of the people and situations you associate with as not everyone is really whom they say they are. Some may be secret enemies from past lives who are conscious or unconscious agents of God acting so that you may reap what you have sown previously. Stay away from negative psychic influences such as Ouija boards, seances, hypnotism and mediums. There is an urgent need for you to be totally honest with yourself and others. This influence is certainly disadvantageous because it makes you prone to unbridled enthusiasm of various kinds and sometimes drives you to companions that you'd better avoid. You must try to avoid any exaggeration in any direction, mentally, emotionally or in your material habits - in short, all forms of exaggeration must be avoided. Some moments in your life will tend to come into violent conflict with the lower classes and you should be careful not to feed a bias against them. If the stresses of exaggeration mentioned are tested, this aspect becomes a good benefactor because it adds a lot to your physical energy and makes you able to meet the great demands of your ability. Avoid all drugs and do not engage in sensual experiments. In summary, this aspect is difficult because it creates self-destructive tendencies. You are violent and impulsive, you do not think about the consequences of your actions and you are in very bad situations. You are easily dragged and let others control you. You have a propensity for drugs, and if you get involved, it's hard to get away.

2.73 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Pluto Sextile Neptune

Like all your generation, you have the opportunity to help others for the good of humanity. Use any physical or spiritual power to help those around you.

3.91 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Uranus Square Neptune

You are a very sensitive individual who might experience trouble if you dabble in any negative psychic practices, such as Ouija boards, seances, hypnotism, crystal-ball gazing, mediums, etc. You can be and probably are influenced a great deal by other people's suggestions, thoughts, words and ideas. You can snatch vibrations and ideas from the ether, as it were, and use them to your benefit if you discipline your mind and emotions. You must not allow your great desire to be different take you away from Truth and wisdom. You will not find your true Self through drugs or alcohol abuse. Service to others will help keep you on the right Path. Keep an open mind and ask your Higher Self to show you the Way. Find emotional and creative release through enterprises such as music, art or writing. This is an influence, which will have little direct effect on the outside life. But as far as your inner nature is concerned, this aspect shows that there is within you a struggle between the subjective and the objective elements of your nature and this sometimes is likely to lead you to very sudden and unexpected changes in thought and Maybe your habits. This controversy will continue, almost always, and can therefore be reflected to some extent in the external world because you will always be in places where you have to choose between a temporary and a spiritual profit.

6.88 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Venus Square Neptune

You tend to be what some people call the hopeless romantic. You are very idealistic about love and romance and many times it isn't so much the case that you love someone or that you are in love with someone as it is that you are in love with love. You tend to put your loved one on a pedestal and this can bring problems because when the loved one eventually does something to "fall from grace", then huge disappointment and disillusionment set in and you are crushed. You need to stop looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and see things for how and what they really are. Your ideas about how people ought to relate and love each other get in the way of your actual relationships. Another facet of this aspect is that you may have such an ideal mate built up in your own imagination that no real person could ever come close to your fantasy. You may spend your entire lifetime looking for Mr. or Ms. Perfect such that you miss Mr. or Ms. Right. You become very disillusioned when you discover that no real, flesh-and-blood person ever quite lives up to your dream image of the perfect mate. Come down to earth and realize that no one is perfect and there are no white knights ready to come dashing along to save you. Stop the dreaming but don't give up the dream. Although you frequently fantasize about love and romance, you may avoid becoming intimately involved with anyone or making definite commitments. You can be evasive and dishonest with yourself and others when it comes to love. There is danger of falling into the wrong type of relationship, a relationship of co-dependence. Either you or your partner may enjoy or feel obligated to play the role of martyr, victim or savior. Remember that no good relationship is unequal. Two equal partners who neither feel the need to save or be saved make the best couple. You are a sensitive person who enjoys the finer, aesthetic things in life. You desire harmony and beauty and are probably attracted to the arts in some way, either painting, music, dance, theater or drama. You are perhaps attracted to those with artistic or mystical inclinations. This is a certain charm about you that others find unworldly. The unusual and the intuitive, the sensual and the explorative appeal to you. You are insecure in matters of love. Simply remember that you have human frailty, but do the best you can as that is all the Universe asks of you. Recognize, too, that human weakness exists even in those you love. Sometimes others cannot live up to your expectations, which may be quite unrealistic at times. You may be unrealistic in matters of love. You may believe that if someone loves you enough that they can read your mind. This will set you up for many disappointments because that is just not true. You need to tell people what you want and how you feel. They cannot read your mind no matter how much they love and care about you. You need to transform your material values into spiritual values and to turn personal desires into universal desires. Personal property and possessions may disappear in strange, mysterious ways in order to teach you that material possessions are easily replaced and therefore are of limited value. The only thing you can take with you when you die are your spiritual and personal growth, your experiences. You need to learn to love without expecting love in return. You must learn to forgive and thus release inner resentments. You need to learn how to turn the other cheek while not becoming a doormat for all to walk on. One last thing, do not turn to drugs or alcohol when you feel sorrow or when you feel like escaping from the world. Life must be faced head-on if you are to get anywhere and resorting to drugs or alcohol will only make things much worse. This aspect is very serious and unfavorable because it affects the whole of emotional life as these two planets represent respectively personal and global love and the conflict between the two means that you have to purge your erotic nature from the selfish element , Seeking that which is personal make it global. There is a dangerous aspect of this aspect, that is, the tendency to fall completely under the control of the senses. You yourself will know if there is such a fear in your case, but if it exists, you must fight against it with all your might, for Neptune's influence when it is bad is very insidious. Avoid all the drug drugs like plague. In a nutshell, you are very sensitive, even fragile and timid, you are hurt easily because you make mistakes in your relationships. You deny the reality and you want to believe that the whole world is good and loves you.

Basic Sign in beginning of 2 House

A fundamental zodiac governs your horoscope's financial house. This means you will show ambition about economic success in life, you will spend great energy in gaining wealth, and you will accumulate more through your own action and diligence than through other means. So you are able to get to higher places in life when there is an economic incentive to continue. The changes are good for your financial situation and there is enough speculative spirit within you that enables you to quickly see where you can earn the most money and the type of investments and ventures that are likely to prove profitable. Your possessiveness is quite developed.

2 House Libra at 21°57'49''

The 2nd House in Libra: financial fluctuations, contract profits, marriage, art.

Venus Ruler of Libra

Venus has an influence on your horoscope's Second Home, this is very favorable with regard to your financial affairs in general and shows that you will have great success in all monetary matters. The themes governed by the planet Venus bring you luck and prosperity. Venus favors music, singing, fine arts and all those things that serve the satisfaction and happiness of others. You will be more or less fortunate in all your financial transactions and you will earn, either through your inheritance or through your profession, business, or an associate. It really does not matter in which direction you turn your attention to profit - you will always have great or little success. You attract money and personal possessions, especially when needed. You spend money as fast as you earn it, sometimes faster. Your hidden talents can be beneficial to others, if you apply yourself. Don't be afraid to work. Your money is used to buy beautiful, artistic, and or musical things. You like a certain amount of luxury to surround you. Money may come to you through a partner or relationship.

* * *

Communications, Short Journeys

Saturn at 3 House

Saturn exerts influence on your horoscope's Third House, will cause obstacles and delays in traveling and traveling. Better be prepared for frustration in relation to travel. You will gain many experiences, which will come through grief or distress about traveling. This position is opposed to your agreement with relatives or siblings and you may be estranged from them or suffer from their actions because their attitude towards you will sometimes be cold and distant. You like the occult and the mystic and you will seek to immerse yourself in those matters that favor psychic things. It gives you the ability to study in depth astrology and related topics. Your mind is serious, exacting, patient and orderly plus you have the ability to concentrate on deep subject matter. With this ability comes a tendency to depression, pessimism, loneliness or despondency. You have organizational ability and are probably conservative and traditional in your thinking. Mathematics and strategy games may appeal to you. Time consuming projects do not bother you. You may feel a bit isolated from siblings and neighbors or they may give you trouble. There may be issues of communication with either. Try to stay optimistic in your thinking and in the meantime simply keep working hard. Your lungs need plenty of oxygen, so try to sleep in a well-ventilated room.

Saturn at 21°09'27'' Scorpio

You can be very self-disciplined. You have executive ability and are perceptive and extremely capable. You may have psychic ability. People may find you difficult to understand because of your reserved exterior and secretiveness. Your mind may be mechanically oriented and you are resourceful, even under the most adverse circumstances, patient and persistent. The action and energy of Mars is combined with the forethought of Saturn in a most wonderful combination. Whatever you do is done with intensity. On the negative side, though, there is danger of stubbornness, revenge, lack of forgiveness, resentment, and ruthlessness. Tendencies to grub for money and prestige can cause harm. There can be health problems with constipation or hemorrhoids. There is a need to transform your desires. You need to learn when and how to let go. This also applies to eliminative bodily functions. Holding onto anger can cause stones to develop in the gall bladder or kidneys. This will increase the will and power of the character, as well as the love for you for strength and power, creating within you an indulgence towards opposition and limitation. It gives you a character violent, strong and hectic, unless it is offset by good influences. Your tendency is rather critical. It damages your honor and reputation and may create a bad reputation. Sometimes there is the threat of falling and collapse. It is not conducive to occultism, but it will give you some power in all things that are secret, hidden, occult and mystical. You will tend to become overly cautious and restrained, and you should avoid pride and jealousy because these are the two greatest dangers of your life.

Aspects Saturn

0.01 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Venus Sextile Saturn

You are loyal and steadfast in matters of love and affection. The feelings of others are a serious matter to you and you don't play games with people's affections. Fidelity is highly valued and you don't want to settle for less. Security plays an important part in your life and you have a fine enough opinion about yourself and your own self-worth that problems with insecurity don't cause you much aggravation or upset. Still, you are somewhat reserved in showing your affections as you want to be sure you can trust whomever you are involved with. Your tastes and needs are simple and although you appreciate beauty and luxury, you do not need every luxury and convenience in the world in order to be happy. A person's character and inner nature matter more to you than their appearance. Casual or superficial relationships are not what you want and you aren't looking for them. You understand that the best kind of love takes time to develop and real love only gets better, deeper and more satisfying with age. The friendships you form are generally solid and long- lasting. Stability of emotions is one of your hallmarks. You have an innate sense of duty and responsibility towards your loved ones. Self- control is relatively easy for you to practice. You wouldn't be considered a party animal as your outlook on life is a little more serious and reserved than that. Still, others appreciate the fine qualities you have spent lifetimes developing. You have an inborn strength and courage to face life's difficulties. This is a much higher vibration for Planet Venus, as the purifying and stabilizing influence it receives from Saturn tends to establish many of the harmonic qualities implied by it. It makes you a steady character, giving you a love of austerity and wise economy, allowing you to accumulate wealth if you ever want it. You have tactics and good abilities, and also the power to hold back your energies. You are a very loyal friend and very sincere in all your relationships, attracting in this way those whom you can honestly love and who will respond to your love.

0.65 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Jupiter Trine Saturn

Your goals are achieved through the application of patience, persistence, endurance, organization, good planning, forethought, good judgment and sometimes just plain old good luck. You are reliable and people know they can count on you. Your word is your bond and you don't make promises you do not intend to keep. This endears you to people because they know that they can trust you. You have the habit of always being able to get what you need, even if it's just in the nick of time. You possess good balance between idealism and practicality and your sense of duty and responsibility is highly polished. Although you may prefer to work alone because of your self- motivation, you are nevertheless very capable of working with others as well. You will stick to any task, no matter how long it takes to accomplish, since you feel the results of your work are well worth your efforts. This is a very favorable position for these so important planets and the nature of their vibration is such that they will help you in any difficult situation you will need to spend. It favors your financial well-being, mitigates any other influence that is not favorable in this respect, and makes your life path much more comfortable. Deep within you you hide a true devotional spirit, and a respect for what you know is your superior. You can be original, also very pleasant and good-natured, and you will never be in need or suffer from great poverty. As life progresses, you will experience happiness. You are also serious, respectable, honest, moral and you know justice, so you could become a good judge. You know exactly what your capabilities are and you set goals that you can conquer. Your success is certain.

2.97 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Uranus Trine Saturn

Difficult tasks can be completed because of your persistence, endurance, patience and hard work. You combine the best qualities of idealism and practicality. The difficulties you experience in life give you a chance to show your ability to persevere when the going gets tough. Much learning and soul growth can come from these situations. Your ambitions take you on unique, unusual and perhaps even eccentric paths. Unusual people come into your environment to help you experience the things you need to experience to grow and mature. You have the ability to balance your need for personal freedom and your sense of responsibility. With this balance you can accomplish a great deal. Your organizational ability and your ability to work with details help you to succeed and to come through for others. You perhaps need to learn how to relax, though, as your ability to endure extra tension may be too much for your physical body or your nervous system to withstand. This is a vibration that you may not be able to reach during your life. It is a face that endows those who are able to respond to its superior note with clairvoyance or mental capacity known as intercession - but, as pure and sophisticated as your thoughts and feelings become, the more you will come to The awakening of your mental attributes. You can take advantage of concentration and you should also keep your mind free of the objective conditions that bind the soul if you want to do all that this great vibration implies. Whatever it is, this position gives you an amazing combination of originality and practical mind, resulting in a lot of business qualities. You are capable people, you can succeed in life and become very popular.

4.16 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Square Saturn

You experience power struggles and roadblocks to your ambitions. Things or people always seem to get in your way of doing things. You must examine then, your reasons for doing the things you are doing. Do they help just you or are they beneficial for mankind in general? Competition with and through others is designed to teach you how to better cooperate with people. Great personal and soul growth can come about with this aspect, but you must be willing to put others first instead of yourself. In previous lives you have been too domineering and now you must learn to listen to other people's viewpoints and opinions with an open mind. If you choose not to do this, then things will go from bad to worse. Power must be used wisely, for the good of all, not just for the good of self. This is why people are put into positions of power, so they can learn these lessons. Great reform and regeneration is possible but your selfish nature must be put aside first. Practice humility, patience and keep working hard. Your revolutionary spirit needs to learn flexibility. You dislike change and want to be in a position of authority over others. Perhaps with all the emotional turmoil this aspect can cause, you will develop a hunger for the answers about life and this will lead you on the search for Truth. This aspect is called self-destruction, and practically means that you are somewhat pessimistic and do not adapt to social circumstances. You are in constant rivalry with yourself, but also with others around you. In sexual matters, you are experiencing sexual anarchy.

Stable Sign in beginning of 3 House

Steady Zodiacs rule the House of Trips at your birth and this is an indication that, or you will experience fewer trips in your life, or that you do not like to move away from the place of birth your. Therefore, all trips will be more or less necessarily or as a result of circumstances that you can not control; which can be seen by studying that part of the horoscope that is related to the future and called "directions". There are times when it is better for you to avoid traveling or traveling deliberately because it is obvious that your experience will earn it from a steady and static position. Of course, there will be times when the journey will be absolutely necessary and this will be seen from the "directions".

3 House Scorpio at 21°38'18''

Have gifts for libelography and skills for psychoanalysis, surgery or forensics. You have critical sense and strong instinctive tendencies.

Mars Ruler of Scorpio

Mars exerts influence on the Third House and this is not good for trips made for business or entertainment. It threatens with accidents or serious trials, due to circumstances that arise during the trip. In the general sense, this planet does not have a good influence because it causes the mind to be sometimes too inattentive and impulsive, so it is possible that you yourself can cause the accidents either directly or indirectly. This influence also implies problems from relatives or through them, the siblings will cause you annoyance and create disagreements. You should always keep an eye on your speech and correspondence. This position will give you plenty of mental courage when you need to use it. You are restless, perhaps high-strung, and probably have an abundance of nervous energy. You have an intense belief in your own ideas. You are alert, determined, and enthusiastic. You possess an abundance of mental energy. Developing analytical thinking is important, as impulsive thinking will bring difficulties. There can be problems with siblings or neighbors. There will be many short journeys. Energy is expended in neighborhood activities.

Pluto Second Ruler of Scorpio

Your mind is versatile, inspired, probing and original. You perhaps have a keen ability to size up people and circumstances. You are probably good at understanding people's true motives. You want to know the answers to all your many questions. Research and figuring out puzzles or brain teasers may appeal to you. Perhaps you enjoy playing detective. You may be searching for that something that will give meaning to your life or searching for that area that will help you regenerate yourself or your thinking. Frustration, depression or anxiety may arise when the answers you seek are not forth-coming. Keep at it! Expressing yourself in writing may help alleviate the tension. This may help purify your thoughts, then allow new thoughts to enter. Once your thoughts and feelings have been purged, you may want to destroy the material as its purpose has been served.. This position shows that your intellect is turning to disasters and hidden things and you have the ability to judge these situations correctly. It gets you sex, crime and punishment, you could be a journalist on forensics, etc. Changes and secret movements are possible in your life.

* * *

Base, Home, Seat

4 House Sagittarius at 21°18'47''

There is a possibility of moving abroad. You are interested in teaching or even sports. Perhaps success is a little delayed.

Jupiter Ruler of Sagittarius

Jupiter affects your horoscope's Fourth House and promises a good environment at the end of your life. Indeed, the end of your life will be better and clearly implies a good end of your existence. It is much better for you to stay in your own country and at home or near it, rather than staying in a foreign country or traveling away in search of success. You will gain through all those activities that are related to social or domestic affairs and generally to family life. This look better shows some good that comes from the parents and promises you a heritage. Every time of your life will be more and more prosperous and comfort is guaranteed in the end. You are generous, self-confident, hospitable and patriotic. Prosperity usually increases in later years. You desire a home that is spacious and comfortable. Parental influence is strong in shaping your character. Perhaps your parents shared a strong faith with you. Usually, considerable help and or an inheritance is received from the parents. With Jupiter well-aspected, it is better to stay where you were born rather than move away from your birthplace. Guard against becoming ostentatious and watch out for self-indulgence.

* * *


Mercury at 5 House

This position implies great intellectual entrepreneurship. It favors quick and light action on speculative issues but warns you against signing or accepting documents and items that you do not fully know. You will have frequent mail about erotic affairs and some romance will be on your way, either through books or through the mind. Better to live purely and avoid those speculation that can change into gambling. All of your investments should be made in businesses that have rapid changes. You will have a lot to do with young children. You have a need to prove your intelligence and to use that intelligence in creating things of a mental nature - mental children, as it were. You desire to pass on your knowledge to others and to learn from them as well. Teaching children or young adults may provide quite a lift for you. Games of strategy and skill challenge your intellect. You desire to communicate your thoughts in a clever, inspiring and dramatic manner. You may have acting, writing, or speaking ability. As a teacher, you enjoy stimulating the minds of others and encouraging your students to greater things. Romances probably need to involve someone with whom you can communicate intelligently and relate to mentally. For you, sexiness is in the brain. Love: You have charm that you use as your strongest weapon for the opposite sex. You are creature smart and ambitious. You may be a charismatic or even a writer, because you have your way of handling speech. You like to feel and feel like a teenager and this has the effect of creating relationships with much younger people. Even if you are married or even if you have found the "love of your life," you will still look slanted at young people, but you go to the point of admiration usually. The sure thing is that your mate will never bore you and make him believe he lives in a fairy tale. That's because you will talk to him constantly, you will tell him a question mark and the best of all is that what you will tell him will not be cartoon or copies, but your own words full of admiration and love. So you will save yourself from many scenes of jealousy that may be caused by your tendency that we described above to look at.

Venus at 5 House

Venus influences your horoscope's Fifth House, promises success in all monetary affairs related to investment and speculation. You will profitably invest your money and there will be profit on all issues related to the pleasures. He is a lucky and, in the general sense, very favorable House and because he is under the influence of Venus, love and satisfaction will give you happiness. Your ability for pleasure and enjoyment is great and few can enjoy as truly as you do. This influence promises a fruitful as well as happy union with the opposite sex - also, happiness from their children and their affairs. Avoid excessive pleasures. You are affectionate, creative and attractive to the opposite sex, perhaps too attractive for your own good. You probably have talent in drama, art, or music and these may be your favorite hobbies. Perhaps there is love of the stage and of performing. You might make a delightful and expressive teacher because of your love of children. You certainly enjoy having a good time and people may consider you a party animal. Over-indulgence needs to be watched. Love: Venus in the fifth house is one of the most characteristic signs of a sensual person with artistic tendencies. Love is the "alpha and omega" for those who have Venus in the fifth house and these people feel intimate in periods of loneliness, and sometimes they reach the point of not being able to return to their jobs when they pass some ugly A period in the emotional field (This also depends on the rest of the map and it usually happens when there is a Saturn in weakness in the horoscope). The person with Venus in the fifth house can surprise everyone with his charm. More loving and even more generous than what the Sun has in the fifth, it gives great value to romance and love. He believes in the value of the bond and makes efforts to maintain his relationships, so he has very few temporary relationships in his life and is embroiled in even fewer "adventures". He is a kind of man who, even after many years of separation, even loves lovers or mistresses of him or her who betrayed him or her. When she is an artist, she feels love and love as a source of inspiration. Venus in the fifth house gives us a loving and loyal person to his erotic comrades. If you've gotten involved with this type of man, you can rely on his credibility, unless there are other factors on his map that affect him adversely. If Venus is in a weakness, can this person be self-centered in terms of love. This does not mean that he is selfish but that he can not understand how his partner is experiencing his life. The sure thing is, if your mate has Venus in the fifth house, he will never let you feel a lack of affirmation, you will have fun and you will always feel safe to share all your problems with him and definitely have His sympathy.

Venus at 21°10'04'' Capricorn

Love and affections are expressed in cautious, reserved and serious ways. You are probably not that demonstrative towards the ones you love. You care very much about what other people think of you and you fervently desire love and appreciation, yet your reserved responses make it appear that you are really very detached. Casual, superficial relationships don't interest you at all. You are cautious and serious about love and you want a deep, genuine, lasting love. You are old- fashioned and traditional regarding courtship and love, and will remain faithful to your loved one in good times and in bad. You may be attracted to persons older than yourself, someone who is emotionally mature and reliable and who can provide the security you desire. You tend to be loyal, trustworthy, patient and steadfast. For you love may be weighed against practical concerns or on the basis of security needs. Perhaps you'll marry for money or status. You have a strong desire to protect yourself from being hurt and this may keep you from being as outgoing and forward in love matters. You may be very fearful, selfish and jealous or cold and calculating if Venus is badly aspected. There may be an intense ambition and desire for prestige and status. This shows that, although you have a compassionate nature, you also have enough caution, tactics, self-control, and are unlikely to let your feelings drift you away. You have faith and stability and when you accept a person, either in love or in friendship, you do not change or forget easily. This position sometimes delays marriage or has some obstacles, and if you are in bad directions, this may be due to financial problems, social status, employment or because of one of the parents. But when you are in good direction, you can benefit greatly from all these sources. You have practical, financial capacity and you can easily learn to handle money, investments or business. You are likely to win in life if you show the necessary attention. You will gain the appreciation of your elders and higher and you may gain the reputation and friendship of people with a superior social position. Also, you are somewhat personalized, you are looking for visibility and social affirmation, you like volition, you have classical taste, stable feelings and decisive reactions and you are patient and persistent. This influence sometimes gives you an energetic commitment to you, by a woman who is high in social life.

Aspects Venus

0.66 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Jupiter Opposition Venus

There are many possibilities with this aspect. Perhaps you will try to have a relationship with one who has completely different interests than you. Perhaps your devotion to some pet cause is annoying to the one who is nearest and dearest to you. Or you may be financially wasteful or extravagant, or perhaps bombastic in your appearance. There are tendencies here for self-indulgence and over-extravagance and your love or cravings for rich, sweet food can cause you trouble with your health in the form of circulation and weight problems due to excess. Perhaps you do not value what you own because it has all come too easily. Maybe you never really had to work all that hard to accumulate it, since you seem to have the ability to effortlessly attract most everything you need. The challenge here is to balance your desires for material things with your desires for philosophic ideals. Your values will be called into question and you may need to rearrange your priorities. You have an expansive emotional nature and you have the tendency to become involved with that type of love that is commonly referred to as "blind" love. Perhaps your feelings of love are motivated by considerations of money, property or social status. But in spite of all that is said above, you are basically a warm- hearted and generous person who will come to the aid of friends if they are in need. People know they can count on your emotional and material help without your judging them in the process. You tolerate and accept other people's shortcomings and this goes a long way in keeping harmony, which is something that is really important to you and necessary for your well-being. At times, though, you avoid confronting difficult issues because you don't want to make waves or upset people's feelings. At times you need to be more self-assertive, though, not only because it is right to stand up for your beliefs but also because your needs have to met in order for you to retain a healthy balance. You are a lover of social situations and you like to be surrounded by people. You know how to handle people and still be liked. Being alone with yourself makes you somewhat uncomfortable. You need to learn self-restraint. This position is generally insignificant, although it implies some loss due to disregard for economic issues, but only for those who are by their nature wasteful and exaggerated. It is advisable to take care of all your relationships with women as regards religious matters, because there is a possibility that differences and unpleasant situations may arise due to religious confrontation. This aspect is likely to bring deception into your life - that's why the best you have to do is to act with perfect honesty in your dealings with others, especially in all family or home affairs.

2.96 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Uranus Opposition Venus

You are excitable, spontaneous, and easily aroused emotionally and sexually. You crave emotional excitement and you tend to fall in and out of love very quickly, having little self-restraint or concern for propriety when your feelings have been stirred. Relationships begin with sudden, electric attraction, but they often end abruptly. You are unique, a bit eccentric and unconventional in your tastes and you don't mind experimenting. You love adventure, especially in your emotional life. You enjoy the thrill of the chase and you split when things start to get boring. You tend to be faithless in love - your strong suit is not in hanging around for the long haul. You prefer non-traditional relationships, ones that give you plenty of freedom and independence as you do not like to feel tied down. You like playing the field and settling down in a permanent, one-to-one relationship may be asking too much from you. In fact, you may intentionally choose partners who are otherwise unavailable because it helps keep things from getting too close and involved. You don't like strings attached to relationships and you prefer to remain rather detached with it all. There is the possibility of clandestine relationships. You have a highly unusual and explosive emotional nature. You are temperamental and change emotionally as easily as the wind changes direction. You are troubled with the emotional ups and downs which you don't understand and you have the tendency to blame whoever is handy for your emotional lows. The crazy emotional tides which you feel are coming from within and they are because your creativity cannot find a decent outward expression. Use your wonderful creativity ability and your fine intuition in the pursuit of something artistically or musically creative. Then you won't be quite so at the mercy of your erratic emotions. You have a lot of personal magnetism and sex appeal. Others find you very alluring, exciting and interesting. Being restless by nature, travel would be good for you as it would give you an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and your wanderlust. Change is necessary for you and one way or another your life will be filled with it. In general, you do not care what people think of you or the ways in which you relate to the world and to others. You will do what you want. You need to exercise self-control over your sensual nature. You also need to discipline yourself so that your strange and unusual tastes and proclivities do not make it impossible for you to get along with your fellow man and woman. This is not a favorable influence on love affairs. You will be fascinated or influenced in some way by the magnetism of those of the opposite sex that will appeal to you. Sudden and unexpected disappointments threaten you - also sudden economic losses, against which you should be kept avoiding risky speculation. You can not be too careful in all your relationships with strangers, as in all affairs related to love and marriage. It threatens you with a danger because of jealousy and betrayal. This face causes splitting divorce and many alienations from friends and loved ones. In other words, this aspect makes you incompatible, you are not loyal and easily break your relationships. You are sexual, but with peculiar behavior in love, without limits. If you are looking for it, you may have success in fashion, cinema, etc.

5 House Capricorn at 21°38'18''

Maybe your erotic adventures are not that many, and they will have a big difference in age. Still, you are faithful, heartfelt and methodical in your relationships. With regard to offspring, there will probably be few.

Saturn Ruler of Capricorn

Saturn exerts influence on the Fifth House, suggesting that you should pay close attention to investment and speculation. It is better to prefer old, established companies and not to invest in new businesses. This position, however, is not good for heart issues and will directly affect all affairs related to emotion and children. Also, there are threats to frustrations that cause delays and barriers to all business and speculation issues. You will see that older age is more favorable and helpful than younger and you may like people older than you, especially of the opposite sex. You perhaps feel unloved and unappreciated. Romances can turn cold. Love affairs are serious and you may feel emotionally and creatively inhibited. Because of your emotional restriction, you can appear to be cold, unloving, and unresponsive. This prevents you from being as popular as you would like to be. You have a desire for others to look up to you. It is difficult for you to relax. Personal interests and hobbies need to serve a practical purpose for you in order for you to enjoy them. Parenthood may be a burdensome responsibility and you may be too restrictive towards your kids. It is difficult for you to show your love and appreciation. You need to learn how to express your feelings towards those you love, and not just through the giving of presents and material things. It is important for you to forget yourself and to learn to project warmth to others. Love: Saturn in the fifth house gives love relationships that make it difficult for the individual. Often these people are abandoning the effort to conquer the happiness that comes from love, which is because they have been seriously hurt by their relationships and are trying to find outcomes either by making contracts or by dedicating their lives to their careers and social recognition. The worst for their psychological complexion is that they tend to be attracted to people who are unable to repel their feelings, people are cold and, at times, indifferent. Sometimes they can not themselves be given to someone who is worthy to give them happiness, which is often the case because Saturn in the fifth creates fear and introversion in relation to love. People with Saturn in the fifth are speechless and do not exaggerate their romantic feelings. Candidate lovers can sometimes come close to each other, but what will remove them is the lack of enthusiasm. If Saturn is in a weak position from Neptune, this person may fall in love with someone who in fact only cares about "playing." Usually such people are afraid of relationships that are long-lasting and that's because - very often - their parents did not show them the love they were looking for. If you have this combination on your map, you have to overcome your fears and not hesitate to extort your feelings and learn to accept the fact that you may be vulnerable. Otherwise, you will never live the love and happiness that a relationship can bring to you. Saturn, on the other hand, does not deny anything. A Saturn in the fifth does not block you nor prevent you from losing your whole life. Usually, it brings love after 30. At a younger age, the person with Saturn in the fifth can find love and romance, but there are practical obstacles and not allowing him to enjoy his love. In these cases, individuals are usually forced to live in different cities because of studies or work with a natural result that they are not often together. Because Saturn is the planet that teaches us perseverance and patience, the fifth house creates a tendency for individuals to maintain their relationships and often to retreat, even when it is not necessary. Their relationships are lengthy and do not make mistakes. If your mate has Saturn in the fifth, he will have difficulty extorting his feelings and saying a lot of words, but he will never tell you lies or deceive you. As for you, the worst you could do in such a formula would be to take it in recklessly and show a lack of consistency in the relationship.

* * *

Diseases - Work

Sun at 6 House

You will not have many illnesses in your life, but those that you will have will be rather lengthy and difficult to cure. They will mainly come from the state of your recommendation, which will have been shocked or damaged by a basic problem. However, when you become ill, you will find good care and if appropriate treatment is adopted, you will be able to take over. Sunbathing is good for you and the abundant clean air will make you better than medication or treatment because the Sun is the best remedy for those who are ill or not. You will win through yours. You feel a need to serve others or to be of service to them. Or perhaps it's that you simply want to be served yourself. There may be a tendency to wallow in self-pity, seek sympathy for any little thing, or to develop hypochondriac tendencies. You are a faithful, diligent and loyal employee who is usually helpful to fellow employees. Some with this position are domineering and develop a false pride with those they work with or for. You can be an administrator, but you may prefer to be an employee. If you are in a position of authority, be careful not to be the office tyrant. You are very happy when you are busy and you hate being bored. You take great pride in your work and your workplace. This is where you want to shine and be better than all others. Worry and anxiety, especially over the desire to do things perfectly, can be detrimental to your health. You need to learn how to relax and not let stress and tension get to you. With this position you should be especially careful to take good care of your physical body.

6 House Aquarius at 21°57'49''

Maybe your work is collective. Work on rail, radio, television, etc. You will make progress in your work and some unexpected events in it will benefit you. The diseases you may experience will have to do with weakness of the heart or blood vessels.

Saturn Ruler of Aquarius

Saturn exerts influence on the Six House, showing the risk of many diseases at some point in your life. Diseases that are likely to be long-lasting and difficult to heal. The cold will affect you badly and you will be predisposed to suffer from asthma as well as liver and stomach problems due to the condition of the body in general. Take care of your diet and maintain circulation through appropriate exercises. Obstructions of or limitations in health can come into play with this position. Diet may need to be watched and improved as your body may not assimilate everything it needs from the food you eat. Perhaps taking vitamins would help in this regard. Exercise would certainly be beneficial. There may be difficulties at the workplace, possibly because of your attitudes toward others. Perhaps the environment is not conducive to your best efforts or perhaps your fellow employees make life miserable for you. You cannot always expect others to work as hard as you or to grasp details as rapidly as you can. You may be a workaholic or you may simply need to learn "how" to work. In general, though, you are probably a practical, conscientious, hard worker who can work with details well. You may not be at your best with strict time deadlines, but you do try to always do your duty. Do not overwork to the point of exhaustion. The tendency to worry and to harbor anxieties may affect your health causing depression and perhaps hypochondria.

Uranus Second Ruler of Aquarius

Uranus rules the Sixth House, suggesting a tendency for strange illnesses that may become incurable. In all cases, you should avoid surgery. Hypnotic treatment is not at all favorable to you, although in cases requiring special attention, electrical or strange treatment methods may be useful. Be sure to avoid hysteria because there is a risk of hypochondria. Generally speaking, this position shows momentum to peculiar nervous diseases. You have unique abilities and original methods, especially in your work. You may suffer from extreme nervous tension and strange accidents on the job. Your appearance and manner of dress are apt to be quite unusual. You like the kind of work that has irregular hours, is different, and has a lot of variety. You are a good worker, but must watch out so that you do not overwork. You can develop clever ideas which will aid you in your work. You are at your best when you can be independent and be your own boss. You may be impatient with others and can appear to be abrupt to and detached from your fellow workers. Strange and unexpected turns in your health can occur. Spasmodic health is also a possibility. Many times the cause is simply nervousness, anxiety, stress, and tension. Relax.

* * *

Marriage - Partnerships

Moon at 7 House

This is a rather favorable indication for your marriage and, although it may not be considered a social success, however, it can be happy. You will have several opportunities for marriage, but you will be swinging or you will be undecided. Your partner will be sensitive and will have a serious mood and a tendency for change. You should be aware of the external influences, which can seriously affect the prospects of your marriage. Dark and perhaps moderately stature individuals will be attracted to you or people who are very charming and magnetic. You seem to attract sensitive people as partners, perhaps those who want to "mother" you or be mothered. There can be many changes of partners and many relationships because of the need to find someone who can bring an ultimate security. This search continues because security can only be found within, not without. You desire companionship, hence many relationships. Your feelings are greatly influenced by those with whom you are in close personal contact. You want to be popular with others. You are inclined to seek partners who can bring out your sympathetic side and play on your emotions. For men there is often a tendency to seek a "mother figure" and to bring out in others a desire to mother, protect and care for them. You are therefore likely to attract a partner who is kind and domesticated. Both you and your partner may need to be on your guard against moody or fickle behavior. Marriage may be undertaken with the object of establishing a home. More than one marriage is possible. There is probably a compelling emotional need for a partner and for marriage. In order to get the best results from any partnership you must learn to control any tendency to be continually at the mercy of your moods, which may result from over-vulnerable feelings. Try to control a tendency to be too dependent on others for your emotional stimuli and you should discipline a constant desire for changes in the nature of the relationship. Concerning vocation: Your work situation is tied to the public, partnerships, a keen awareness of public expectation and the need to meet it. Perhaps marriage is essential to give clear focus to work security. For many with this position, the work profile can be labeled a "public personality." You are dependent upon others for the fulfillment of work needs. The process of relationships is extremely important. Marriage: The man with the Moon in the seventh house is the guy who insists on marriage because with the commitment he finds the security he is looking for through a relationship. If the Moon is weak, this man can try to marry anyone interested, without thinking whether or not his partner wants to. If you have such an indication on your map, you should learn to self-check. Your efforts to secure emotional security by pushing and promoting a commitment without a future will be unfortunate unless the candidate also has the Moon in the seventh house! If you are embroiled with such a type of person, never talk to him for engagement before you feel completely confident about him. Just contact and ask him if he can be patient with you and ask for the time to think better about the wedding prospect. Many times these people are much more patient than they seem.

Venus Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn, suggests obstacles and delays in marriage, as well as the possibility of some peculiar and dangerous relationships, because you are somewhat volatile and at the same time prone to engaging in very strange relationships, Older age. You may be too ambitious in relation to your feelings and thus bring yourself to a critical position where your reputation may be hurt. It takes a lot of effort to touch the depth of your feelings because you exercise great control over them or are difficult to manifest in their fullness. Jealousy can make you suffer severely, because when your feelings awaken you become overly attached. Marriage: You are a companion loyal and very responsible. You are the person who will make a lot of effort to maintain his relationship and will examine in detail the marriage issue before deciding to marry. You decide marriage not so young and you want to keep all the traditional habits. Your views on this subject are conservative and you want to follow your parents' footsteps on the subject. Usually, make sure you make open and impressive weddings. Many times you get married to get more social exposure or even to get more wealth. Nevertheless, you are not easily separating.

Venus at 5 House

Are you highly erotic! You have the gift of magnetizing and creating around you a whole circle of fans. You are generously sharing your love, and for you the emotional area is the most important for your happiness. Your perception of marriage is that it is the natural outcome of love. You are married only by love and have the need to maintain your sensuality. Although you have many conquests and after your marriage, although you like to flirt, you are basically loyal, because you only stop playing. You are one of the people who can not coexist with a mate if your life does not allow you to keep your humor and cheerfulness.

Sun in double sign

This suggests that you may get married twice or have two relationships before you come to a final decision because this influence favors association with others rather than wanting to live Alone and free from family ties. You have the right nature that allows you to love and appreciate family life and I think you will be happier if you get married than if you stay alone. When the Sun is in a "double" sign and there are no other clues about the subject of marriage beyond it then it is likely that a dual experience is necessary for the progress of the soul so that in some way you can become acquainted with the marriage Life in two distinct phases.

7 House Pisces at 22°17'20''

There is a risk of hiding hope and fraud on wedding matters. So be careful about all the parameters.

Jupiter Ruler of Pisces

Jupiter rules the House of Marriage (7th). This is a good sign for a happy union because Jupiter is the most prosperous planet and promises success and great happiness in all matters that governs. Your partner will be very kind and very generous and after marriage luck will smile. Sometimes it suggests a companion, who is rather proud, though with a noble mind. If you get married in the best directions, great success will come after your marriage, because the union will be fruitful and prosperous. This position sometimes shows that the partner, either married previously or may be older, a few years. However, in general, it is the best place. Benefit, opportunities and wealth may come about as a result of marriage or partnerships in general. You seek a partner that can expand your visions, open up opportunities for expansion and help you grow. Your partner can strengthen your faith and deepen your religious or philosophical attitudes and ideas. You may feel that you need a partner to help you develop your moral outlook and social conscience. Your partner, who may be a member of one of the professions, may be more affluent than you. If Jupiter is badly aspected in your natal chart, then your partner may be somewhat opinionated, lazy, self- indulgent, extravagant and self-willed, sometimes untrustworthy, immoral, shameless and wasteful. You are able to bring out the generous and good-natured impulses of others, but in order to get the best results from the marriage partnership you may need to control any extravagant tendencies and prevent false pride from unduly affecting the smooth course of your relationships. Marriage: Jupiter in the seventh house surely gives us many weddings. People with this planetary position rejoice in the unity and common purpose that comes with marriage. They are the people who, when they divorce or lose their partner, are quick to get married again, and they do so because they believe in companionship and have a great need to coexist with a mate. This type of person takes marriage very seriously and embraces faith in married life. If Jupiter is in a weakness, it can be blocked in the process of gaining a relationship, it is difficult to break it, even if it should. If Jupiter is at an unfavorable angle to Uranus, this person can experience many separations and broken relationships. If Jupiter is in a weakness due to Neptune, he gives a man who believes in the ideals of marriage and tends to be sacrificed to all his erotic companions even to those who know in advance that they are not worthy of trust.

Neptune Second Ruler of Pisces

Neptune rules your Seventh House of Horoscope. This planet is one of the newly discovered and therefore we are not yet fully familiar with its influence. It is supposed to emit a much higher and more spiritual vibration than other planets and in this respect it is said to favor those kinds of marriage that are more likely to arise from a mental union than from the senses. However, it has also been found that the Neptune planet is associated with inferior states as well as with the higher ones, and can cause some very strange and unusual associations, suggesting marriage to individuals who are either disabled or physically, mentally or morally. There may be a tendency to idealize marriage or the marriage partner. Many sacrifices may be made for the spouse. The marriage partner can be spiritually minded, artistic or just plain confusing. Communication may be a problem due to your concepts and ideals not coinciding. There is the tendency to attract a partner whereby you or they play the role of martyr or savior. The feeling may be that your partner "needs" saving and that you're the only one who can "save" (change) them. Because of this your partner may be an alcoholic or a drug (ab)user. Your imagination and your idealization of your partner may be more real to you than what your partner is in reality. If this is so, then there will come the day when your blinders are removed and you will see their true nature. This then may lead to great disappointment and discouragement when you find out that they or you have been living a lie and that things are not as they have appeared. With this position you must make absolutely sure you are dealing with the hard, cold facts of your relationship and not the romantic notions dreamed up from storybook tales. You are likely to seek a marriage partner who can provide a source of inspiration and bring out your capacity for compassion and loving understanding. There can be a tendency to see a prospective partner through rose-colored glasses or to weave imaginative fantasies about new contacts or hoped-for encounters. Consequently there is a possibility that the partner may not be the type of person conjured up by your imagination. There is some tendency to form partnerships based on admiration or pity. If your natal Neptune is afflicted, such admiration may have resulted from your having been dazzled by glamorous externals, while an over-active sense of pity may be exploited by a prospective partner so that you marry out of sentiment or misplaced sympathy. Possibilities exist that the partner is very sensitive and may need to be treated with kid gloves. The partner may be artistic or musically inclined or have some connection with drama or the stage. The material side of life may not concern them. Your relationship may be quite spiritual and above the sordid things of this life, hence it may be more platonic than sexual. The other side of the coin is that you may become involved with unreliable, inconstant and somewhat shiftless types whose sympathies may be largely focused upon themselves, or they may be underprivileged in some way, or neurotic or invalids suffering from chronic ill health. An unconscious willingness on your part to indulge in self-deception regarding your partner is possible. This may keep you in a bad relationship because you refuse to see the truth or you falsely believe that only you can change things. In order to get the best results from the marriage relationship you must learn to overcome vague desires for an unattainable ideal, to control any tendency to get carried away by shallow romanticism and to be as clear-headed and practical as possible when assessing the virtues and attractions of prospective mates. Stay well-grounded. Marriage: Neptune in the seventh house makes the person believe that marriage is very important, not only for its function but also for its social purpose. Can this man believe so much in the power of marriage as a few at this time in the world. If Neptune is in a strong position in the horoscope, this person will surely be rewarded for his beliefs through his relationships. If Neptune is in a weakness, it will prove utopia and probably this person will be permanently associated with wrong comrades.

* * *

Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

Mars at 8 House

Mars is influential in your eighth horoscope, the house associated with wills and bequests. There are no serious indications that you will gain from these issues in particular, but if that happens, it will be sudden and somewhat unexpected, because Mars is not a good planet in terms of monetary issues. You will discover that you may have relied on some false hope and did not win as much as you expected. I advise you to take care of the accidents and avoid any danger that is not absolutely necessary. There may be energy, desire, and enthusiasm for research, for getting to the heart of things, and for playing detective and uncovering secrets. There may be financial problems, probably through a partner, in order to de-emphasize the importance of money. There may be financial benefit through marriage or inheritance. There is a need to share willingly of personal resources in any cooperative relationship. You must learn to control your desires (passions) and your lower nature. There may be interest in healing or surgery. SEX: It shows that the person is enthusiastic about sex and has a huge energy reserve in sexual activity. A woman with Mars in this position is more "aggressive" than others. But if Mars is not in an advantageous position, there may be a tendency for violence or cruelty. This man, with Mars's inconsistent views in the eighth, satisfies his sexual instincts without thinking of his partner at all. Traditionally, Mars is linked to sex because it is the planet that expresses the energy of an individual in erotic action. However, as Mars appears in the horoscope, when he relates to the eighth, he shows a fierce erotic temperament and over-reliance on sex.

Mars at 29°05'01'' Aries

You are aggressive, pioneering, adventurous, and always on the outlook to start new projects. You hate restraint and don't like to be told to do something or how to do it. You want to lead, not follow. At times you can be headstrong, impulsive, and impatient. Waiting is not something that appeals to you. You go after what you want with great zeal and you do not take "no" for an answer. You love competition and anything that allows you to test or prove yourself. Cooperation is not your strong suit and you can be very self-willed, self-absorbed, and selfish at times. The "me-first" attitude is strong in you. You are self-reliant and hate depending or relying on others. You need to be your own person and do things your way, even if it might not be the best way. Your best talent is in getting things off the ground quickly. If initial success does not come quickly, you may get tired of that project and move to the next. Sustaining is not your strong side. Long term efforts are not as appealing to you as quick, short term affairs that you can finish with quickly so you can start something else. Energy and enthusiasm are your strong side. Self- control is important for you to learn so you don't burn out. Physical activity and keeping in shape appeals to you. You may be prone to accidents due to haste. You need to learn to stick to a project until it is finished before rushing off on a new endeavor. You must learn to control your temper and impulsiveness. This position is a strong and lucky place for Mars because it strengthens the best aspects of the planet and deeply impresses its influence over the character. It gives you energy, positivity, determination and courage. You have confidence, courage and you are risky, but sometimes you tend to exaggerate and show a lack of temper and restraint. You can face the risk and stand alone, but you are rather unsympathetic and aggressive. You attack easily and quickly repel the insult, true or fantastic. You yourself will be the cause of many misfortunes you will suffer from. It gives you plenty of vitality and strength, but there is a risk of fever, infections, accidents and surgical procedures. It is a favorable position for any Mars-owned employment such as military, naval, engineer, surgeon, etc.

Aspects Mars

3.76 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Pluto Trine Mars

You believe in yourself and the missions you undertake. You have a strong sense of self-confidence and will power that will not admit defeat. You know what you want and how to go about getting it in the most constructive manner. You are a natural leader and people look to you to show them the way. You have strong opinions and are not afraid to voice them or to stand up for what you believe. You are interested in making reforms when something could be made better. You have the drive, the stamina and the persistence to succeed at anything you desire. Sometimes you can become so engrossed in a project that you are unable to quit, even when you are physically worn out. You need to listen to your physical body and stop before you are exhausted. Your ego is strong but you are usually understated about it as you do not always need to be the center of attention. You like to be in total control of your life and prefer to be the leader in any situation. Since this is not always possible, you may need to learn how to cooperate and compromise better. You like the unknown and the mysterious and want to get to the bottom of things. You want answers. Issues of life after death may be particularly interesting to you. Perhaps one of the healing arts is of significance to you. For all you know, perhaps you have healing ability. You are a natural detective and ferret and you can size up people and situations accurately and relatively quickly. Little escapes your notice. You prefer depth rather than breadth. You do not care to fight verbally, but will if necessary. Although you may control your anger quite well, when you do lose your temper, it is very explosive. This means that you are a creative person, you know you are struggling for your goals and supporting your positions without being offensive or aggressive. Your power to discover the hidden secrets of others gives you the ability to offer great help to people with psychological problems. In love matters you will do well because you have a special mastery in the way you express your sexuality. This aspect gives you the ability to keep secrets, to practice some secret work and to keep a revolutionary and progressive attitude of life.

4.94 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Uranus Square Mars

You are dynamic, inventive, original, mechanically inclined, quick, alert, nervous, high-strung, reckless at times, impatient, energetic, independent and unique. You have a temper that can explode from out of the blue and lay waste to anything or anyone in its path. You are a rebel at heart and you seek to reform, sometimes without regard for the consequences or whether the new situation is better than the last. Sometimes you want change just to have change. You are forever on the move because your restless nature won't allow you to stop and relax. You get bored easily and are always on the lookout for excitement, adventure and danger. You have no fear of taking risks and sometimes those risks are quite foolish. You want what you want when you want it and you don't want to take 'no' for an answer. You often do what you want regardless of the consequences for others. Many people see you as very self-centered and egotistical. Your goals change so often that it is difficult for you to stick with anything long enough to be good at it. Cooperating with others is not your strong point, but you need to learn how to do so more effectively or you will continue to be at odds with the people in your environment. You tend to be brutally frank, abrupt and honest with people and you pull no punches. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. Your temper can explode if you do not get your way. You need a lot of personal freedom to do things in your own style and at your own pace. Perhaps you should be self- employed because of this. You must learn patience and if you are unwilling to do so on your own, then the Universe will send you the people and the situations necessary so that you will learn. And that is not the pleasant of doing it, on the Universe's terms instead of your own. You attract disruptive people to yourself in order to learn how to handle explosive situations. You have intuition and can be quite creative if you would simply follow your hunches. You are subject to accidents because you find it difficult to slow down and because you act quite impulsively much of the time. Think before acting and plan your actions beforehand. That is your mission with this aspect, along with trying to develop more self-control and self- discipline. This position tends to make you somewhat aloof or eccentric. You are enthusiastic and sometimes irritable, inclining towards over-activity, as well as overly robust. All of this arises because of a state of over-stimulation of the nervous system governed by Uranus. You have to be trying to be quieter, not so reckless and you should never let yourself upset. This aspect is likely to bring you legal problems and risks in relation to the opposite sex. It is unfavorable because of the fact that, during your life, most events will tend to be sudden and unexpected. Avoid getting bogged down in disagreements and be careful not to expose yourself to any unnecessary chance of accidents.

8 House Aries at 21°57'49''

Beware of accidents in the head, stroke, sunburn. Possibility of inheritance by the spouse (for a woman) or the father.

Mars Ruler of Aries

Mars is influential in your eighth horoscope, the house associated with wills and bequests. There are no serious indications that you will gain from these issues in particular, but if that happens, it will be sudden and somewhat unexpected, because Mars is not a good planet in terms of monetary issues. You will discover that you may have relied on some false hope and did not win as much as you expected. I advise you to take care of the accidents and avoid any danger that is not absolutely necessary. There may be energy, desire, and enthusiasm for research, for getting to the heart of things, and for playing detective and uncovering secrets. There may be financial problems, probably through a partner, in order to de-emphasize the importance of money. There may be financial benefit through marriage or inheritance. There is a need to share willingly of personal resources in any cooperative relationship. You must learn to control your desires (passions) and your lower nature. There may be interest in healing or surgery. SEX: It shows that the person is enthusiastic about sex and has a huge energy reserve in sexual activity. A woman with Mars in this position is more "aggressive" than others. But if Mars is not in an advantageous position, there may be a tendency for violence or cruelty. This man, with Mars's inconsistent views in the eighth, satisfies his sexual instincts without thinking of his partner at all. Traditionally, Mars is linked to sex because it is the planet that expresses the energy of an individual in erotic action. However, as Mars appears in the horoscope, when he relates to the eighth, he shows a fierce erotic temperament and over-reliance on sex.

* * *

Religion - Philosophy - Long Trips

9 House Taurus at 21°38'18''

You have rather materialistic perceptions. You have stability and solidity, but unilateral examination of the superior arrests. You have skills in finances and you probably make big trips beneficial to your finances.

Venus Ruler of Taurus

Venus has an influence on the Ninth House, the House of Philosophy and the Supreme Mind, will bring you peace, either through religion or through a deep inner knowledge of the soul and the post-mortem conditions, which will ultimately give you happiness and calm. You have a very intense philosophical tendency and you have a clairvoyance that will help you with the problems you may encounter on the journey of life. You have the right spirit and the right attitude towards all the issues related to the superior mind and you will make great, true and lasting progress in your mental achievements. You will get good relatives through marriage and you might earn from them in a way because this is a good influence. You probably have a love of travel and the ability to benefit from these travels. You may move far away from your place of birth. You possess the ability to promote understanding between different cultural or aesthetic groups. Beauty, art and music from foreign cultures appeals to you. You can be fair in legal dealings. There may be love of and attraction to religion or ceremony, philosophy, law or higher learning.

* * *

Career - Public Image

Mutable Sign in beginning of 10 House

Variable signs are influential in your profession and show a tendency to engage in more or less ordinary habits, but this does not give you any great opportunity for reputation or success in business matters. You may be more successful when working for others than on your behalf. But, if you ever assume this responsibility, it will be better to deal with jobs that have the support of the majority and with which the general public is concerned, rather than individuals. Probably two or more occupations may concern you at the same time because this position implies duality.

10 House Gemini at 21°18'47''

You have skills in selling books, literature and journalism. Your career plays an important role in intellectual skills, including diplomacy, travel and transport. Possible success at an early age.

Aspects Midheaven

4.00 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Sextile Midheaven

This position is good for any career related to death or rehabilitation, medicine and psychotherapy, working in demolition companies. Careers who need power are also good. Good place also for those who handle money from others like stock brokers, etc.

6.73 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Neptune Trine Midheaven

This look can make the career have many ups and downs. You can start in one direction and then find something else completely different and follow it. Neptune-related work is anything to do with film or the related industry, the arts, especially dance and music. Everything that has to do with the care of the poor, the sick, etc. In hospitals or social work. Everything to do with the sea, sailors, fishermen, oceanographers, etc. Neptune, however, tends to sometimes confuse those who have this position on what career to follow, so it is good to think carefully if the career you choose is really what you are happy with.

6.95 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Mercury Trine Midheaven

This aspect strengthens your writing skills. Good place for salespeople or anything to do with public speaking. Also for travel agents, flight attendants, pilots, even taxi drivers. One of the two parents was probably very talkative or moving frequently from place to place.

Mercury Ruler of Gemini

All hermetic professions such as literary work, writing and the secretary's profession are the best for you. It is not a very favorable influence on the permanence in the profession, and you may try changes in your life. A relaxing job is the most suitable for you and you will be in your element where travel or travel is required. There are many professions under Mercury sovereignty, such as publishing, writing, selling books, stationery etc. - but, all of those mind-occupying activities such as: factoring, interpretation, teaching, etc. will be more suited to you. Perhaps you will write or speak as a career. The teaching profession may hold promise for you. You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to be recognized for them. Your manual dexterity and mental alertness may lead you to a field where this is a real necessity. You may have several jobs, as you have a variety of talents. There is a possibility of travel in your profession.

* * *

Friends - Hopes

Jupiter at 11 House

Jupiter ruled the House of Friends (11th), it is very good and a good indication that you will never miss a friend in your life and your friends will not only be very willing but will also be able to help you When you need their help. You will have friends or acquaintances, people who are engaged in religion or who have a philosophical inclination, in a very good position and willing to do what they can for others. Your friends will be among those born under the planet Jupiter or, generally speaking, from November 21 to December 21. You will realize many of your hopes and cravings during your life if you are thinking clearly. You probably have lots of friends who are willing to do almost anything for you, and you for them. These friends are knowledgeable, idealistic and may be of foreign culture or descent. The social life appeals to you and this may be the cause of over-indulgence or over- extravagance on your part which could get you into trouble. You are popular, with faithful and influential friends. You have a natural ability to organize and plan large group activities. You are a strong supporter of groups, foundations and philanthropies.

Jupiter R at 20°30'16'' Cancer

You are loving, peaceful, friendly, sociable, sympathetic and probably very patriotic. You have a most vivid imagination and have many Utopian dreams. There is probably interest in mystical things. You have good financial judgment, especially in real estate, with the ability to accumulate money and possessions, especially after mid- life. Much help is received from the parents. You may have weight problems, especially later in life because you do enjoy the delicacies of the dinner table. Your full potential may not be reached until middle or later life. There may be a tendency towards stinginess, holding on too long to memories and possessions. You may be a pack- rat. Maudlin sentimentality and over-emotionalism may also be problems for you. This strengthens imagination and insight and gives you some tendency towards art. It is a favorable place for family life, it gives peace and harmony at home, it indicates a bond between you and your parents and gives happiness and prosperity. It can bring you some inheritance from parents, possibly the mother or her family. You may be making some trips, possibly by sea, or perhaps following a profession that involves travel. You can benefit by acquiring houses or land, or by professions related to them. You have talent in choosing furniture and decorating the home and you like the beauty and finesse at home. Understand the architecture and you may be able to do it. It will pull you to the mental or occult side of things or perhaps give you the ability to develop a mental attribute.

Aspects Jupiter

3.62 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Uranus Conjunction Jupiter

Sudden material good fortune is possible with this aspect. You like to take chances and you get excited about new ideas, new knowledge and new experiences. You enjoy travel because of the opportunities it gives you to learn. You have interest in philosophy and your beliefs tend to be rather unorthodox, perhaps even a bit eccentric. You are socially aware, interested in the betterment of all people and you possess a fine mind with good judgment, intuition and mental quickness. You are inventive and creative and you have the ability to abstractly plan large undertakings. You have a great need to feel free and independent. You are tolerant of other people's viewpoints. Your love of freedom and your insatiable desire for new experiences and knowledge will probably keep you on the move quite a lot. This will only affect you in one way or in one direction, that is, if you have some hidden talent. Because Uranus can only favor Jupiter by awakening anything that is stranded in your character, and Jupiter's meeting can only be a moderate means for Uranus to reach you. For those who have a musical or artistic talent, this influence is very favorable, because its nature is such that it touches more of the upper part of the character, despite the inferior or more material. To those who have religious or philosophical thinking, it allows them to feel the spiritual vibration, but it is a purely subjective influence and is more bad than good for those who have not woken up and can not appreciate the vibrations it brings.

Uranus at 11 House

Uranus is influenced by your horoscope's Eleventh House, promises a rare and excellent friendship, and suggests that at some point in your life's journey you will be helped by people who are interested in the aspect of life that is related to the secret and the occult. This influence gives friends and acquaintances of a romantic or bohemian type - some very strange or charming and remarkable experiences with friendship are implied by this influence of Uranus. You have the ability to study human nature and attract the true people and those who think more than the ordinary person. During a trip you will meet those who are most likely to become your best friends. This confers intuition, originality, inventiveness and creativity. Humanitarian ideals are important to you. Unusual friendships with unusual people are indicated. Friendships, goals and dealings with groups can change rather suddenly. You make friends easily, but prefer many acquaintances with only a few intimate friends. Your friends may see you as being somewhat aloof. You could be quite a rebel or reformer and it would be best if you use these energies along constructive lines rather than the opposite.

Uranus R at 24°08'02'' Cancer

If Uranus is the only planet in a Water Sign or a Cardinal Sign, then it will be able to focus much of the energy of the horoscope here. Watch out. If Uranus is the only water planet, it will strongly affect feelings. People with this one tend to be a bit hysterical and have extra trouble committing to an emotional relationship. Their urge is to run. This placement is similar to Uranus in aspect to the Moon. This influence sometimes breaks with the family and the home, as well as leaving it. It also gives revolutionary and violent behavior. It causes divorces. On the other hand, it favors shipping and gives unexpected celebrity and fame.

Water Sign in beginning of 11 House

Aquatic Triplet has the main influence on your horoscope's Eleventh House; so you will have many emotional friends, some of whom will have trouble and many personal problems. You will never be able to rely entirely on your friends and acquaintances because they will be unstable like water and prone to great fluctuations in feelings and sympathies. Some will be dreamlike and sensitive, while others, mentally and mentally, while others will be stable or self-sufficient, so that you will be influenced by your friends at some point in your life. Never be sure about anyone or borrow money unless you are absolutely sure that your help will not be used badly, nor will it result in bad results. You can be practical about your friends and acquaintances if you are not overly affected by their feelings.

11 House Cancer at 21°38'18''

You have a certain popularity and you are engaged in democratic activities.

Moon Ruler of Cancer

You will have many friends and acquaintances, some of whom will belong to the vast masses and many who will be willing to help you. Your main experiences will come from your relationship with friends and colleagues, because you are very easy to co-operate with those who suit you. Your career will be greatly influenced by your friends, who will play an important role in your life. You are likely to come in contact with some peculiar and eccentric individuals. Your best friends will be among those born from 21 June to 21 July. Popularity with women often comes with this position. Many of your friends will be female. The feeling of belonging to a group increases your feelings of security. If you feel you do not "belong", then negative emotions surface that all basically have to do with your own needs for security. Humanitarian projects may be important to you as you can develop your nurturing instincts with or for the group. You enjoy working for the good of the group instead of just your own good. You are responsive to the feelings of others. Concerning vocation: The network of friendships within the work situation is emphasized. Friends may help get the job, make the job rewarding and will probably endure after the job is done. A friend's advice about work opportunity or direction is perhaps more important than that of a professional counselor.

* * *


Pluto at 12 House

It gives some testing in the sexual field, as well as secret enemies. You feel a need to search for truth and wisdom so that you can understand life. Perhaps life has enslaved you in some way and you are searching for transformation or regeneration. Occasional upheavals in your life come about in order to bring you back to the correct path. There is a desire to retreat from society in order to re-analyze your life. You can become a champion of the downtrodden masses. Serving others in this life may be important for you. You enjoy working behind the scenes.

Pluto R at 25°19'12'' Leo

You are obsessed with self-expression. Your motto is "Do your own thing". You are never going to grow old. You may become fanatic about trying to stay young, hence the proliferation of health clubs. You would splurge on the things most important to you and skimp on everything else. You always defy authority, unless, of course, you are the authority. This position gives you the ability to undertake some important and refreshing work and to be honored for it.

12 House Leo at 21°57'49''

You are likely to experience a sensual test. And you probably have powerful enemies.

Sun Ruler of Leo

It is a good influence on all aspects of occult nature and gives you a rather deep interest in things that are psychic, or beyond the material world. But at the same time, you are somewhat restrained or limited and you can not fully express yourself because of situations surrounding your birth or your environment, which are not favorable nor contribute to secular well-being. For this, let your life be devoted more to the interior than to the outside, because then you will come in contact with those who will be willing to help you in the right direction. The Sun in this House is rising and therefore promises you a great improvement in worldly affairs as life progresses. There is the desire or the need to serve others in this lifetime. At times this is in direct conflict with a desire to seek seclusion from the world and or wallow in self-pity seeking sympathy and service from others. This life may be a contemplative life due to the need to reshape negative character traits from past lives. You have an awareness of the oneness of life. You may lack confidence in your abilities. You have an empathy with sick or mentally disturbed people. You may develop or have clairvoyant powers and an interest in occult subjects and psychic phenomena. You may enjoy playing the martyr.

* * *

Personal Color - Aura

Moon at 07°44'26'' Aries

Your personal aura is painted by an open red or purple and pink hue. This will make you look at the world through pink glasses, making your personal attitude more telescopic than tiny. So you have to make some of your ideals more practical and stable than you want, otherwise you may become adventurous, speculative and sometimes over-intellectual and imaginative. This position makes you bold, with great enthusiasm, capable of organizing, planning and planning so that you will never feel embarrassed because you have not taken advantage of an opportunity that was on your way during your present life. For you the will color all the things more or less red and this will give you the hope and the energy needed to make your plans.

* * *


Results of Aspects

Conjunction 1 X Power = 4
Sextile 8 X Power = 35
Square 5 X Power = 12
Trine 6 X Power = 24
Opposition 3 X Power = 18

In your horoscope we found these aspects:

14 Positives with sum Power 59
8 Negatives with sum Power 30
1 Conjunctions and Inconjunct with sum Power 4

With these facts we can say that,

You have a favorable horoscope and you will find opportunities to develop your character and wisely use your cognitive abilities. You will gain by studying your horoscope because you have the ability to benefit from the good influences that were working at your birth, and your planetary positions give some power to the world, which is no less powerful because it may not be obvious or public . The judgment was made as clear as possible and you should study well what has been said, so that you can grasp the inner meaning that may exist in each paragraph, remembering that the whole analysis is given in order to help you in your progress. (The following is a brief judgment of all the combinations suggested by the horoscope).


Planets Positions

Majority of Planets in Water Signs

You have emotional as well as mental nature. Your instinctive and sensitive tendencies are very intense and so you are receptive, and, to a certain extent, sensitive. Much will depend on your circumstances, your circle and your environment, in terms of how much you will enjoy and appreciate life, because you have a discerning and active perception and you feel things in a peculiar way through your feelings. You are subliminal and very often influenced by feelings and thoughts coming from others who are in this or the other world. Live purely to be happy.

Majority of Planets in Cardinal Signs

You have a great ambition and a business and energetic spirit. You are very enthusiastic and you have to be the head of things to feel happy. You are "Leaders" with all the meaning of the word and always seek to take the lead in every case you are interested in. You are in many ways categorical, independent and very active. You will gain some reputation throughout your life and you are or will become an important personality in the circle in which you are moving. There is a clear preference for change, which will sometimes make you quirky and uncertain - however, the changes are good for you.

Sun in Water Sign - Moon in Fire Sign

These are not quite related elements to mix. It is an indication that your personality will be ahead of your individual situation and, with the general experiences of life, you will try to elevate your feelings and emotions to a higher field. Often feelings will be drawn to you and your dangers will be due to uncontrollable impulses that often lead you beyond the safe place in terms of feelings. You are internally mentally and externally positive, that is, exactly the opposite of what you would like to be. Often this makes you behave in a way that is contrary to your inner desires, causing discontent.

Sun in Mutable Sign - Moon in Cardinal Sign

You have a great desire for reputation and recognition, but you often lack the necessary internal motivation that enables you to promote your various plans and aspirations. You should not let yourself be moody or individually very uncertain. Try to remember that during this life you are weaving the web of future destiny and that, although you may not be able to do everything you plan in this life, in the future ahead of you, you will have the opportunity to reap Everything you've been spraying up to now. Your nature seems to be inwardly serene, while on the surface you are overactive and somewhat hastily. However, you will learn much more through your external activity than through internal conditions, which tend to be very uncertain to rely on them.


Here ends the first and most important part of the basic analysis of your natal horoscope. In the preceding paragraphs, I managed to offer you a purely scientific analysis of your horoscope. Up to the point where the general knowledge of Contemporary Astrology has brought us to date, you have on the pages that preceded the experience of a great spirit of astrology, Alan Lios, combined with my many years of experience, research and quest. The judgment given to you is based solely on the laws of astrology as it has been taught us since antiquity to this day.

Here is a description of the secondary elements of your natal horoscope and it is a collection of various ancient and new sources of astrology. Their role and their relationship with you are presented to you here more as a trigger for more deepening when you first understand all the above and the main elements that make up your birth horoscope and would like to be deeply involved in astrology.

* * *

More Informations

Positions and Aspects of Asteroids

Chiron at 02°19'34'' Aquarius

This place can either make you devoted to extreme new thinking systems, or become the most conservative person. There is no intermediate status for you. Yet the golden incision is to develop your conservative positions with new radical positions, but slowly and carefully, after trying out both the old and the new fragmentation.

Chiron at 5 House Enterprises

You are the right person for anyone who needs a romantic advice, even if it is better not to ask someone for your own erotic life, because it will make you embarrassed. You can also advise others about children, games, sports and the market situation. This position is done by coaches, trainers, coaches, etc. You are also good lovers as you always make sure you please your partner or partner as much as possible.

Aspects Chiron

3.24 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Mars Square Chiron

Present excessive aggression as a cover for some feelings of inadequacy you feel, or can behave passively and hide your inner rage and hostility. You must ask yourself honestly what is it that makes you feel inadequate and try to bring it to the surface, to troubleshoot and to neutralize or to clear completely.

4.27 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Neptune Square Chiron

Trying to avoid reality that you find unpleasant. So can you reject anything that has to do with mysticism. Or follow the completely opposite end and you can not make a step without consulting your psychic mentor. You may feel that your intuitive powers are blocked or do not exist. Or they may act in a vindictive and constant opposite logic consultative manner. It may also be that guy constantly pretending illness to avoid any unpleasant situations (anything that requires work or contact with reality). Or you may be a person who works hard, responsible person with a very ordinary way and suppress imaginative-creative side. Then suddenly all of life can lead to alcohol or drugs. You can also fall in love with someone who has the same problems (or a scammer artist who plays that is) and completely exhausted, and perhaps destroyed. To avoid these situations, you should leave the sympathy and imagination to work and yet without leaving the reality is. Start an art class or dance better. Do some voluntary charity work. If it happens to be the truant described above, understand that feigned illness is not the real problem. Is the veil that you put on to hide your real problems. Stand up and solve them.

5.41 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Moon Sextile Chiron

You have the ability to listen to the emotional problems of others and helping them to overcome whenever needed. Take care with love and affection your kids without you become oppressive and burdensome and make them feel your feelings for them.

Ceres at 08°40'47'' Capricorn

You are pleased to organize and control the situations around you. Perhaps the early upbringing you received was not enough, and even if your parents were wealthy, they thought they should not "groan you", now how they meant these peculiarities is another matter ... Whatever the way you Tell others that you care for them is to make them feel that everything has been arranged and organized perfectly. But you need to give some more human care to your perfectly organized system.

Ceres at 4 House Base, Home, Seat

Being home, you like it very much and you tend to care whoever you are at home. But you also like to care for others in all homes in general, so this is a good place for a real estate broker.

Aspects Ceres

0.93 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Moon Square Ceres

Early care and affection you received from your mother was not compatible with your emotional needs. For example, you wanted the emotional need, the attention and respect and all you'd get was a lot of food and clothes. You might also be looked after other than your parents, so stay emotionally overdrawn. But it might happen the opposite, ie looking steadily treat you and your bringing up someone else, a demand that can never be satisfied by any amount of care, because there seems to be an emotional void that can never be filled.

2.93 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Sun Sextile Ceres

To care for others is part of your character. You had probably a father that cared enough and was compatible with you and your needs.

Pallas Athena at 19°50'44'' Sagittarius

You like to engage in large-scale designs and knowledge and then look after what you've discovered.

Pallas Athena at 4 House Base, Home, Seat

When you have a difficult problem that needs a solution, go home to think about it. Because there your ability to solve any problems is growing. As you grow older and especially at the age of 3, your ability to solve any problems will increase significantly.

Aspects Pallas Athena

5.47 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Pluto Trine Pallas Athena

You are from those who can distinguish things and situations that others can not. Good look for a doctor, therapist, or spy. Good location also for those engaged in other money, such as insurers, tax inspectors, etc.

5.48 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Mercury Sextile Pallas Athena

You are able to solve problems and discuss solutions that discover with others and your positions be accepted. Collateral face if your profession requires good handling speech because you are very proficient in this area.

Juno at 18°07'19'' Scorpio

You need a mate that is intense, powerful and a little secret. And of course it's very good in bed.

Juno at 3 House Communications, Short Journeys

Communication is a very basic factor for you and for the partner you are looking for. So you want to talk a lot with your mate and it can also stand up to your debates.

Aspects Juno

2.38 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Jupiter Trine Juno

The match will tend to be overly optimistic and smiling. The marriage or relationship can also have the same effect on you. It can make you more optimistic. Be careful not only makes you thick too.

3.03 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Saturn Conjunction Juno

People comes out liking for relationship tend to be older than you at least in spirit if not in years. This aspect shows that the marriage can be done in old age or not done at all. Maybe it is better for you not to get married before 28 to 30, why an early marriage may be just a bad marriage made for practical - in your opinion or your greatest - reasons, like safety say. Also may have the tendency to continue a poor wedding day to maintain social image abroad you or because you simply match you feeding. If this is the case you should get the judgment and dissolve the bad marriage and look to make a fresh start.

3.04 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Venus Sextile Juno

You elxete a cute companion with good artistic skills and sense of art.

3.76 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Mercury Square Juno

The match will not be silent. When you marry you should like to discuss with you constantly.The problem is that they will often agree. One of the two will try to stifle the voice of the other as you attempt to speak both together.

6.01 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Uranus Trine Juno

Tend to comes out liking people for relationship to be independent, or radiation, which is a bit quirky and lonely. The link will be open in each State to make its own activities and make his life. Make sure you and your mate to feel independent enough to be able to continue together.

Vesta at 17°57'15'' Gemini

Focus on communications and information. Particularly good place for work with multiple programs.

Vesta at 10 House Career - Public Image

At regular intervals, you have to stay away from your professional obligations and social contacts to renew your energy.

Aspects Vesta

3.59 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Mercury Trine Vesta

You have increased ability to focus on discussions and communications and other mental tasks.

North Node R at 02°30'09'' Capricorn

In your job you need to be more practical, efficient, organizational and ambitious. But you may be seduced by your sentimentality and look immature as a ghastly child. Do not expect your mom to look after you and take care of you forever. Do it yourself. If you overcome the past, and without falling into the completely opposite end and becoming cold, skeptical and unacceptable, then you will become effective with feeling.

North Node at 4 House Base, Home, Seat

You tend to be cold, compassionate, cautious, skeptical, introverted, and very agitated about material affairs and goods, even the most insignificant, even when the situation is about your emotional Assumptions, you always measure how much you will ... feel ... You need to cultivate your emotional and emotional world and understand that some things are not bought or sold with money.

Lilith at 28°31'12'' Scorpio

Your instincts and your powerful passions will fill your life with complete sensuality. You present instinctive exaggerations, unbridled sexuality, situations that can even lead to sadism. Your sexual power can also be turned into artistic or mental spheres and can fertilize these areas positively.

Lilith at 3 House Communications, Short Journeys

Independence in the mental field and lack of need for commitment. Danger of destroying your relationships when they manifest a serious character. You do not really want to commit and you need freedom at all levels. You are good psychologists and your love relationships have fun. Lilith here holds and blocks emotions.

Part of Fortune at 20°18'56'' Leo

Business activities are your element. You can not work happily under bosses and bosses and you prefer to be yourself bosses of yourself, at whatever cost. You like to create and find great joy when your projects are recognized.

Part of Fortune at 12 House Occult

The share of your fortune is in the study of occultism, subconscious brain functions, in music and all forms of arts, in compassion and compassion towards Weak.

Vertex at 07°14'01'' Pisces

With the Pisces Summit, the need for a relationship is almost identical to the Christian compassion. There is a sense of pain for the other, but also for humanity in general. This feeling is not always discernible but inherent and coloring every individual's relationship. The carnal union with the other has the character of the Pisces, it has the intensity, the depth and the passion of the representative of the aquatic element but mixed with the indescribable pain for human nature.

Vertex at 6 House Diseases - Work

In the sixth house, the Summit faces sacrifice and service to others. The person is in danger of losing the meaning of the relationship within the need (desperate many times) to find the perfect companion. The person strives to prove to others that he is committed and needs support and acceptance.

* * *

The Degrees of the Zodiac that affect you

Ascendant at 22°17'20'' Virgo

"A boat with open sails." Fate of Tychodiocracy. Whimsical character drawn from the sea or colonies.

Midheaven at 21°18'47'' Gemini

"A young woman lying under a tree while eating food in the birds near her." Fate of Collaboration. Character charming, passionate about poetry and harmony.

Sun at 05°44'46'' Pisces

"A shipwreck that floats in a calm sea." Squadron of Rescue. The man disgusts in havoc and excesses. Protected by his foresight.

Moon at 07°44'26'' Aries

"A man surrounded by others asking for trouble." Squadron of Rush and Rampage. Trend to run to risk, character conflicts.

Mercury R at 14°21'24'' Aquarius

"A boat with open sails in a sea that swims in the sun." Fate of Abundance. Character business and adventurous, spirit cosmopolitan and unstable.

Venus at 21°10'04'' Capricorn

"A plow." The Squad of Determination. Hard and continuous labor, accuracy in goals. Faith and patience.

Mars at 29°05'01'' Aries

"A rider armed as if going to battle, while gazing at the moon in his loser." The Quest of Isolation. Independent character that can suffer for a woman.

Jupiter R at 20°30'16'' Cancer

"A falling moon between the clouds, illuminating in the ocean a ship completely abandoned." Fate of Instability. Typical tendencies, many abilities and easy changes.

Saturn at 21°09'27'' Scorpio

"A waterfall falling from rock to rock." Squadron of Restriction. Spirit is restless and impulsive, mature by fertility and research.

Uranus R at 24°08'02'' Cancer

"An armed man riding through the desert is heading for the forested heights." Squad of Trust to yourself. Independence of spirit, free profession, attraction for natural life.

Neptune R at 28°03'02'' Libra

"A dark meadow in the shadow of a dense foliage." Squad of Meditation. Life quiet, inspires and dispositions poetic or dreamers.

Pluto R at 25°19'12'' Leo

"A dense forest in the depth of a field where a man plows with a ox." Solidarity Squadron. The tendency to follow natural and moral, endurance and strength jobs.

Chiron at 02°19'34'' Aquarius

"A man walking with a bowed head, leaning on a cane." Squadron of Carteria. Great misfortunes, but the person is equipped for a long and painful journey.

Ceres at 08°40'47'' Capricorn

"A cross and a broken key." Squad of Disability. Spirit that sees the initiation, impetuosity and immodesty.

Pallas Athena at 19°50'44'' Sagittarius

"A garden with various flowers." The Squadron of Omonia. Life surrounded by elements of unity and friendship. Sociableness.

Juno at 18°07'19'' Scorpio

"A dagger." Fate of Greed. Spirit ready for defense, full of power and vitality.

Vesta at 17°57'15'' Gemini

"A flying arrow." Fate of Execution. High ambitions, ability to perform.

North Node R at 02°30'09'' Capricorn

"A snake crowded around a tall lighthouse." The Silence of the Light. Spirit sharp and deep. Medical or Occupational Skills. Conversation.

Lilith at 28°31'12'' Scorpio

"A man with a pen in his hand sitting in an office. In front of him, on a sheet of paper there are some pebbles." The Talent's Squadron. Property and celebration from literary or scientific work.

Part of Fortune at 20°18'56'' Leo

"A man's face that overcomes a coiled snake and a raised hand on his side." Squadron of Penetration. A keen mind to reveal the secrets of nature.

Vertex at 07°14'01'' Pisces

"A man with his arms raised, stinking in the water, and falling rain." Squad of Lack of Competence. Restraints of fortune, inspiration, but minimal sense of practicality.

East Point at 19°42'42'' Virgo

"Two men who swing around. A man in black looks at them." The Fate of the Struggle. Predisposition to quarrels or quarrels. Life fighter.

Part of Spirit at 24°15'44'' Libra

"A tall cape, illuminated by the midday sun and crowned with many flowers of all colors." Squadron of Lifting. Grace, all kinds of charm and popularity - artist character.

Part of Love at 18°20'32'' Cancer

"A coat of arms with a harp and a glove on it." Fate of Execution. Person destined for music or army. Many opportunities.

Part of Destiny at 19°20'24'' Taurus

"A crane or a crow, standing up, on a pot of water." Fate of the Fryon. Character killer and crafty who may be an intermediary or a counselor.

Cupido R at 01°33'19'' Libra

"A man wearing a doctor's clothes of a monastic order." Squadron of Research. Scientific research, intelligence and spirituality.

Hades at 02°19'12'' Taurus

"A woman gathers grapes and fills them with lots of beans." The squadron of cattle and harvest. Benefits and benefits in maturity. Late destiny.

Zeus R at 28°19'26'' Leo

"Two golden circles united with a blue ribbon on a double knot." The squadron of the Union. Probability of double marriage, dear character and friend of the unicorn.

Kronos at 25°42'02'' Taurus

"A woman holding a child by the hand." The Squadron of Omonia. Protection during youth. Social capabilities.

Apollon R at 22°45'04'' Virgo

"A boat with open sails." Fate of Tychodiocracy. Whimsical character drawn from the sea or colonies.

Admetos at 22°57'33'' Aries

"A man standing upright, with a cane covered in his hand ready to drink. Two others, beside him, are discussing by turning their eyes on him." Fate of Weakness. Kaka coming from jealousy and intrigue of friends. A tendency to let yourself drift.

Vulkanus R at 25°13'08'' Gemini

"A market located in a square where many young people brawl and support their opinions using bats." Battle of the Battle. Character that very little pulls the sympathies, strong and volitional.

Poseidon R at 12°38'21'' Libra

"A column of black marble made in a rock unsteadily." The Quest of Isolation. The man will oppose the contrasts of fortune. Character strong and strong.

* * *


As the time passes, you have to awaken opportunities that are latent within your horoscope, and depending on your sincerity and ability, you will be able to experience all that your planets imply. You may not recognize all of the previous features, but if your birth time and time are right, each word will match you. Astrologers believe that the Character is Destiny and that during this lifetime we must work to develop our character. In the distant future, we are destined to take an active part in promoting the evolution of the world and for this purpose we must make ourselves fit, for in the end we must become perfect.

* * *


Houses PorphyrySign
122°17'20'' Virgo
221°57'49'' Libra
321°38'18'' Scorpio
421°18'47'' Sagittarius
521°38'18'' Capricorn
621°57'49'' Aquarius
722°17'20'' Pisces
821°57'49'' Aries
921°38'18'' Taurus
1021°18'47'' Gemini
1121°38'18'' Cancer
1221°57'49'' Leo
Planets Sign House
Sun 05°44'46'' Pisces6
Moon 07°44'26'' Aries7
Mercury R 14°21'24'' Aquarius5
Venus 21°10'04'' Capricorn5
Mars 29°05'01'' Aries8
Jupiter R 20°30'16'' Cancer11
Saturn 21°09'27'' Scorpio3
Uranus R 24°08'02'' Cancer11
Neptune R 28°03'02'' Libra2
Pluto R 25°19'12'' Leo12
Asteroids Sign House
Chiron 02°19'34'' Aquarius5
Ceres 08°40'47'' Capricorn4
Pallas Athena 19°50'44'' Sagittarius4
Juno 18°07'19'' Scorpio3
Vesta 17°57'15'' Gemini10
Minor Objects Sign House
North Node R 02°30'09'' Capricorn4
Lilith 28°31'12'' Scorpio3
Part of Fortune 20°18'56'' Leo12
Vertex 07°14'01'' Pisces6
East Point 19°42'42'' Virgo1
Ascendant 22°17'20'' Virgo1
Midheaven 21°18'47'' Gemini10
Part of Spirit 24°15'44'' Libra2
Part of Love 18°20'32'' Cancer11
Part of Destiny 19°20'24'' Taurus9
Uranian Sign House
Cupido R 01°33'19'' Libra1
Hades 02°19'12'' Taurus8
Zeus R 28°19'26'' Leo12
Kronos 25°42'02'' Taurus9
Apollon R 22°45'04'' Virgo1
Admetos 22°57'33'' Aries8
Vulkanus R 25°13'08'' Gemini10
Poseidon R 12°38'21'' Libra1
Fixed Stars Sign House
ACHERNAR 14°40'03'' Pisces6
POLARIS 27°57'00'' Gemini10
ZETA RETICULI 23°11'09'' Pisces7
PLEIADES 29°45'16'' Taurus9
ALDEBERAN 09°10'01'' Gemini9
CAPELLA 21°14'09'' Gemini10
RIGEL 16°12'19'' Gemini9
BELLATRIX 20°19'21'' Gemini10
ALNATH 21°57'10'' Gemini10
ORION 22°50'22'' Gemini10
BETELGEUSE 28°08'04'' Gemini10
MENKALINAN 29°17'18'' Gemini10
MURZIM 06°34'10'' Cancer10
CANOPUS 14°21'24'' Cancer10
ALHENA 08°29'06'' Cancer10
SIRIUS 13°28'13'' Cancer10
ADARA 20°09'02'' Cancer11
WEZEN 22°47'01'' Cancer11
CASTOR 19°37'16'' Cancer11
PROCYON 25°10'20'' Cancer11
POLLUX 22°36'12'' Cancer11
SUHAIL 10°35'04'' Virgo12
AVIOR 22°32'27'' Virgo1
MIAPLACIDUS 01°22'24'' Scorpio2
ALPHARD 26°39'35'' Leo12
REGULUS 29°12'34'' Leo12
DUBHE 14°34'30'' Leo11
ACRUX 11°15'16'' Scorpio2
GACRUX 06°07'15'' Scorpio2
BECRUX 11°01'35'' Scorpio2
ALIOTH 08°18'25'' Virgo12
SPICA 23°13'16'' Libra2
ALKAID 26°18'31'' Virgo1
AGENA 23°10'19'' Scorpio3
ARCTURUS 23°37'00'' Libra2
RIGEL KENTAURUS 28°55'10'' Scorpio3
ANTARES 09°08'15'' Sagittarius3
SHAULA 23°57'26'' Sagittarius4
SARGAS 24°58'19'' Sagittarius4
KAUS AUSTRALIS 04°27'09'' Capricorn4
VEGA 14°41'03'' Capricorn4
ALTAIR 01°08'20'' Aquarius5
PEACOCK 23°11'12'' Capricorn5
DENEB 04°42'12'' Pisces6
ALNAIR 15°16'18'' Aquarius5
FORMALHAUT 03°13'22'' Pisces6
ANDROMEDA 27°13'22'' Aries8

Retrograde Planets


The Mercury retrograde might make it hard for you to express your thoughts correctly and afraid you misunderstand others. It is good to listen carefully to others to build some kind of trust and so do not be afraid to talk to them.


The retrograde Jupiter shows that you may be somewhat pessimistic and lacking imagination.


The retrograde Uranus shows that while externally there seem unconventional or different person, internally feel you, but take care not to show it. There is a possibility that the areas seen by the house, sign and aspects of Uranus on your map may be subject to continuous or extreme sudden changes. By positively using this retrograde motion of Uranus, you can become someone who is unique and true and can lead the projects he will undertake to positive change and development.


The retrograde Neptune might make you think about your fault for whatever that go wrong, both you, and the whole world. You are easily wounded and in your attempt to hide it, you become hard with others. You are looking to find a way to escape and especially to the subjects shown by Neptune's house, sign and faces in your horoscope.


The retrograde Pluto shows that you tend to hide from others the great difficulties that can pass on some phases of your life. The positive thing about this is that your enemies will not learn about your problems and will not hurt you anymore. The negative thing is that your friends will not know it and they could help you. If you are confident about your friends and you know they can help you, then it's good not to hide them too.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.

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