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Synastry Horoscope Minor Planets Minor Aspects Minor Planets

Chiron Inconjunct Chiron
Chiron Inconjunct Ceres
Chiron Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Chiron Inconjunct Juno
Chiron Inconjunct Vesta
Chiron Inconjunct North Node
Chiron Inconjunct Lilith
Chiron Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Chiron Inconjunct Vertex

Chiron Semisextile Chiron
Chiron Semisextile Ceres
Chiron Semisextile Pallas Athena
Chiron Semisextile Juno
Chiron Semisextile Vesta
Chiron Semisextile North Node
Chiron Semisextile Lilith
Chiron Semisextile Part of Fortune
Chiron Semisextile Vertex

Chiron Semisquare Chiron
Chiron Semisquare Ceres
Chiron Semisquare Pallas Athena
Chiron Semisquare Juno
Chiron Semisquare Vesta
Chiron Semisquare North Node
Chiron Semisquare Lilith
Chiron Semisquare Part of Fortune
Chiron Semisquare Vertex

Chiron Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Chiron Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Chiron Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Chiron Sesquiquadrate Juno
Chiron Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Chiron Sesquiquadrate North Node
Chiron Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Chiron Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Chiron Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Chiron Quintile Chiron
Chiron Quintile Ceres
Chiron Quintile Pallas Athena
Chiron Quintile Juno
Chiron Quintile Vesta
Chiron Quintile North Node
Chiron Quintile Lilith
Chiron Quintile Part of Fortune
Chiron Quintile Vertex

Chiron Biquintile Chiron
Chiron Biquintile Ceres
Chiron Biquintile Pallas Athena
Chiron Biquintile Juno
Chiron Biquintile Vesta
Chiron Biquintile North Node
Chiron Biquintile Lilith
Chiron Biquintile Part of Fortune
Chiron Biquintile Vertex

Chiron Semiquintile Chiron
Chiron Semiquintile Ceres
Chiron Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Chiron Semiquintile Juno
Chiron Semiquintile Vesta
Chiron Semiquintile North Node
Chiron Semiquintile Lilith
Chiron Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Chiron Semiquintile Vertex

Chiron Septile Chiron
Chiron Septile Ceres
Chiron Septile Pallas Athena
Chiron Septile Juno
Chiron Septile Vesta
Chiron Septile North Node
Chiron Septile Lilith
Chiron Septile Part of Fortune
Chiron Septile Vertex

Chiron Novile Chiron
Chiron Novile Ceres
Chiron Novile Pallas Athena
Chiron Novile Juno
Chiron Novile Vesta
Chiron Novile North Node
Chiron Novile Lilith
Chiron Novile Part of Fortune
Chiron Novile Vertex

Chiron Binovile Chiron
Chiron Binovile Ceres
Chiron Binovile Pallas Athena
Chiron Binovile Juno
Chiron Binovile Vesta
Chiron Binovile North Node
Chiron Binovile Lilith
Chiron Binovile Part of Fortune
Chiron Binovile Vertex

Chiron Biseptile Chiron
Chiron Biseptile Ceres
Chiron Biseptile Pallas Athena
Chiron Biseptile Juno
Chiron Biseptile Vesta
Chiron Biseptile North Node
Chiron Biseptile Lilith
Chiron Biseptile Part of Fortune
Chiron Biseptile Vertex

Chiron Triseptile Chiron
Chiron Triseptile Ceres
Chiron Triseptile Pallas Athena
Chiron Triseptile Juno
Chiron Triseptile Vesta
Chiron Triseptile North Node
Chiron Triseptile Lilith
Chiron Triseptile Part of Fortune
Chiron Triseptile Vertex

Chiron Quatronovile Chiron
Chiron Quatronovile Ceres
Chiron Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Chiron Quatronovile Juno
Chiron Quatronovile Vesta
Chiron Quatronovile North Node
Chiron Quatronovile Lilith
Chiron Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Chiron Quatronovile Vertex

Ceres Inconjunct Chiron
Ceres Inconjunct Ceres
Ceres Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Ceres Inconjunct Juno
Ceres Inconjunct Vesta
Ceres Inconjunct North Node
Ceres Inconjunct Lilith
Ceres Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Ceres Inconjunct Vertex

Ceres Semisextile Chiron
Ceres Semisextile Ceres
Ceres Semisextile Pallas Athena
Ceres Semisextile Juno
Ceres Semisextile Vesta
Ceres Semisextile North Node
Ceres Semisextile Lilith
Ceres Semisextile Part of Fortune
Ceres Semisextile Vertex

Ceres Semisquare Chiron
Ceres Semisquare Ceres
Ceres Semisquare Pallas Athena
Ceres Semisquare Juno
Ceres Semisquare Vesta
Ceres Semisquare North Node
Ceres Semisquare Lilith
Ceres Semisquare Part of Fortune
Ceres Semisquare Vertex

Ceres Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Ceres Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Ceres Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Ceres Sesquiquadrate Juno
Ceres Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Ceres Sesquiquadrate North Node
Ceres Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Ceres Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Ceres Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Ceres Quintile Chiron
Ceres Quintile Ceres
Ceres Quintile Pallas Athena
Ceres Quintile Juno
Ceres Quintile Vesta
Ceres Quintile North Node
Ceres Quintile Lilith
Ceres Quintile Part of Fortune
Ceres Quintile Vertex

Ceres Biquintile Chiron
Ceres Biquintile Ceres
Ceres Biquintile Pallas Athena
Ceres Biquintile Juno
Ceres Biquintile Vesta
Ceres Biquintile North Node
Ceres Biquintile Lilith
Ceres Biquintile Part of Fortune
Ceres Biquintile Vertex

Ceres Semiquintile Chiron
Ceres Semiquintile Ceres
Ceres Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Ceres Semiquintile Juno
Ceres Semiquintile Vesta
Ceres Semiquintile North Node
Ceres Semiquintile Lilith
Ceres Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Ceres Semiquintile Vertex

Ceres Septile Chiron
Ceres Septile Ceres
Ceres Septile Pallas Athena
Ceres Septile Juno
Ceres Septile Vesta
Ceres Septile North Node
Ceres Septile Lilith
Ceres Septile Part of Fortune
Ceres Septile Vertex

Ceres Novile Chiron
Ceres Novile Ceres
Ceres Novile Pallas Athena
Ceres Novile Juno
Ceres Novile Vesta
Ceres Novile North Node
Ceres Novile Lilith
Ceres Novile Part of Fortune
Ceres Novile Vertex

Ceres Binovile Chiron
Ceres Binovile Ceres
Ceres Binovile Pallas Athena
Ceres Binovile Juno
Ceres Binovile Vesta
Ceres Binovile North Node
Ceres Binovile Lilith
Ceres Binovile Part of Fortune
Ceres Binovile Vertex

Ceres Biseptile Chiron
Ceres Biseptile Ceres
Ceres Biseptile Pallas Athena
Ceres Biseptile Juno
Ceres Biseptile Vesta
Ceres Biseptile North Node
Ceres Biseptile Lilith
Ceres Biseptile Part of Fortune
Ceres Biseptile Vertex

Ceres Triseptile Chiron
Ceres Triseptile Ceres
Ceres Triseptile Pallas Athena
Ceres Triseptile Juno
Ceres Triseptile Vesta
Ceres Triseptile North Node
Ceres Triseptile Lilith
Ceres Triseptile Part of Fortune
Ceres Triseptile Vertex

Ceres Quatronovile Chiron
Ceres Quatronovile Ceres
Ceres Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Ceres Quatronovile Juno
Ceres Quatronovile Vesta
Ceres Quatronovile North Node
Ceres Quatronovile Lilith
Ceres Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Ceres Quatronovile Vertex

Pallas Athena Inconjunct Chiron
Pallas Athena Inconjunct Ceres
Pallas Athena Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Inconjunct Juno
Pallas Athena Inconjunct Vesta
Pallas Athena Inconjunct North Node
Pallas Athena Inconjunct Lilith
Pallas Athena Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Inconjunct Vertex

Pallas Athena Semisextile Chiron
Pallas Athena Semisextile Ceres
Pallas Athena Semisextile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Semisextile Juno
Pallas Athena Semisextile Vesta
Pallas Athena Semisextile North Node
Pallas Athena Semisextile Lilith
Pallas Athena Semisextile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Semisextile Vertex

Pallas Athena Semisquare Chiron
Pallas Athena Semisquare Ceres
Pallas Athena Semisquare Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Semisquare Juno
Pallas Athena Semisquare Vesta
Pallas Athena Semisquare North Node
Pallas Athena Semisquare Lilith
Pallas Athena Semisquare Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Semisquare Vertex

Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Juno
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate North Node
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Pallas Athena Quintile Chiron
Pallas Athena Quintile Ceres
Pallas Athena Quintile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Quintile Juno
Pallas Athena Quintile Vesta
Pallas Athena Quintile North Node
Pallas Athena Quintile Lilith
Pallas Athena Quintile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Quintile Vertex

Pallas Athena Biquintile Chiron
Pallas Athena Biquintile Ceres
Pallas Athena Biquintile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Biquintile Juno
Pallas Athena Biquintile Vesta
Pallas Athena Biquintile North Node
Pallas Athena Biquintile Lilith
Pallas Athena Biquintile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Biquintile Vertex

Pallas Athena Semiquintile Chiron
Pallas Athena Semiquintile Ceres
Pallas Athena Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Semiquintile Juno
Pallas Athena Semiquintile Vesta
Pallas Athena Semiquintile North Node
Pallas Athena Semiquintile Lilith
Pallas Athena Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Semiquintile Vertex

Pallas Athena Septile Chiron
Pallas Athena Septile Ceres
Pallas Athena Septile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Septile Juno
Pallas Athena Septile Vesta
Pallas Athena Septile North Node
Pallas Athena Septile Lilith
Pallas Athena Septile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Septile Vertex

Pallas Athena Novile Chiron
Pallas Athena Novile Ceres
Pallas Athena Novile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Novile Juno
Pallas Athena Novile Vesta
Pallas Athena Novile North Node
Pallas Athena Novile Lilith
Pallas Athena Novile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Novile Vertex

Pallas Athena Binovile Chiron
Pallas Athena Binovile Ceres
Pallas Athena Binovile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Binovile Juno
Pallas Athena Binovile Vesta
Pallas Athena Binovile North Node
Pallas Athena Binovile Lilith
Pallas Athena Binovile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Binovile Vertex

Pallas Athena Biseptile Chiron
Pallas Athena Biseptile Ceres
Pallas Athena Biseptile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Biseptile Juno
Pallas Athena Biseptile Vesta
Pallas Athena Biseptile North Node
Pallas Athena Biseptile Lilith
Pallas Athena Biseptile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Biseptile Vertex

Pallas Athena Triseptile Chiron
Pallas Athena Triseptile Ceres
Pallas Athena Triseptile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Triseptile Juno
Pallas Athena Triseptile Vesta
Pallas Athena Triseptile North Node
Pallas Athena Triseptile Lilith
Pallas Athena Triseptile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Triseptile Vertex

Pallas Athena Quatronovile Chiron
Pallas Athena Quatronovile Ceres
Pallas Athena Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena Quatronovile Juno
Pallas Athena Quatronovile Vesta
Pallas Athena Quatronovile North Node
Pallas Athena Quatronovile Lilith
Pallas Athena Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Pallas Athena Quatronovile Vertex

Juno Inconjunct Chiron
Juno Inconjunct Ceres
Juno Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Juno Inconjunct Juno
Juno Inconjunct Vesta
Juno Inconjunct North Node
Juno Inconjunct Lilith
Juno Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Juno Inconjunct Vertex

Juno Semisextile Chiron
Juno Semisextile Ceres
Juno Semisextile Pallas Athena
Juno Semisextile Juno
Juno Semisextile Vesta
Juno Semisextile North Node
Juno Semisextile Lilith
Juno Semisextile Part of Fortune
Juno Semisextile Vertex

Juno Semisquare Chiron
Juno Semisquare Ceres
Juno Semisquare Pallas Athena
Juno Semisquare Juno
Juno Semisquare Vesta
Juno Semisquare North Node
Juno Semisquare Lilith
Juno Semisquare Part of Fortune
Juno Semisquare Vertex

Juno Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Juno Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Juno Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Juno Sesquiquadrate Juno
Juno Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Juno Sesquiquadrate North Node
Juno Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Juno Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Juno Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Juno Quintile Chiron
Juno Quintile Ceres
Juno Quintile Pallas Athena
Juno Quintile Juno
Juno Quintile Vesta
Juno Quintile North Node
Juno Quintile Lilith
Juno Quintile Part of Fortune
Juno Quintile Vertex

Juno Biquintile Chiron
Juno Biquintile Ceres
Juno Biquintile Pallas Athena
Juno Biquintile Juno
Juno Biquintile Vesta
Juno Biquintile North Node
Juno Biquintile Lilith
Juno Biquintile Part of Fortune
Juno Biquintile Vertex

Juno Semiquintile Chiron
Juno Semiquintile Ceres
Juno Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Juno Semiquintile Juno
Juno Semiquintile Vesta
Juno Semiquintile North Node
Juno Semiquintile Lilith
Juno Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Juno Semiquintile Vertex

Juno Septile Chiron
Juno Septile Ceres
Juno Septile Pallas Athena
Juno Septile Juno
Juno Septile Vesta
Juno Septile North Node
Juno Septile Lilith
Juno Septile Part of Fortune
Juno Septile Vertex

Juno Novile Chiron
Juno Novile Ceres
Juno Novile Pallas Athena
Juno Novile Juno
Juno Novile Vesta
Juno Novile North Node
Juno Novile Lilith
Juno Novile Part of Fortune
Juno Novile Vertex

Juno Binovile Chiron
Juno Binovile Ceres
Juno Binovile Pallas Athena
Juno Binovile Juno
Juno Binovile Vesta
Juno Binovile North Node
Juno Binovile Lilith
Juno Binovile Part of Fortune
Juno Binovile Vertex

Juno Biseptile Chiron
Juno Biseptile Ceres
Juno Biseptile Pallas Athena
Juno Biseptile Juno
Juno Biseptile Vesta
Juno Biseptile North Node
Juno Biseptile Lilith
Juno Biseptile Part of Fortune
Juno Biseptile Vertex

Juno Triseptile Chiron
Juno Triseptile Ceres
Juno Triseptile Pallas Athena
Juno Triseptile Juno
Juno Triseptile Vesta
Juno Triseptile North Node
Juno Triseptile Lilith
Juno Triseptile Part of Fortune
Juno Triseptile Vertex

Juno Quatronovile Chiron
Juno Quatronovile Ceres
Juno Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Juno Quatronovile Juno
Juno Quatronovile Vesta
Juno Quatronovile North Node
Juno Quatronovile Lilith
Juno Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Juno Quatronovile Vertex

Vesta Inconjunct Chiron
Vesta Inconjunct Ceres
Vesta Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Vesta Inconjunct Juno
Vesta Inconjunct Vesta
Vesta Inconjunct North Node
Vesta Inconjunct Lilith
Vesta Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Vesta Inconjunct Vertex

Vesta Semisextile Chiron
Vesta Semisextile Ceres
Vesta Semisextile Pallas Athena
Vesta Semisextile Juno
Vesta Semisextile Vesta
Vesta Semisextile North Node
Vesta Semisextile Lilith
Vesta Semisextile Part of Fortune
Vesta Semisextile Vertex

Vesta Semisquare Chiron
Vesta Semisquare Ceres
Vesta Semisquare Pallas Athena
Vesta Semisquare Juno
Vesta Semisquare Vesta
Vesta Semisquare North Node
Vesta Semisquare Lilith
Vesta Semisquare Part of Fortune
Vesta Semisquare Vertex

Vesta Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Vesta Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Vesta Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Vesta Sesquiquadrate Juno
Vesta Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Vesta Sesquiquadrate North Node
Vesta Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Vesta Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Vesta Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Vesta Quintile Chiron
Vesta Quintile Ceres
Vesta Quintile Pallas Athena
Vesta Quintile Juno
Vesta Quintile Vesta
Vesta Quintile North Node
Vesta Quintile Lilith
Vesta Quintile Part of Fortune
Vesta Quintile Vertex

Vesta Biquintile Chiron
Vesta Biquintile Ceres
Vesta Biquintile Pallas Athena
Vesta Biquintile Juno
Vesta Biquintile Vesta
Vesta Biquintile North Node
Vesta Biquintile Lilith
Vesta Biquintile Part of Fortune
Vesta Biquintile Vertex

Vesta Semiquintile Chiron
Vesta Semiquintile Ceres
Vesta Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Vesta Semiquintile Juno
Vesta Semiquintile Vesta
Vesta Semiquintile North Node
Vesta Semiquintile Lilith
Vesta Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Vesta Semiquintile Vertex

Vesta Septile Chiron
Vesta Septile Ceres
Vesta Septile Pallas Athena
Vesta Septile Juno
Vesta Septile Vesta
Vesta Septile North Node
Vesta Septile Lilith
Vesta Septile Part of Fortune
Vesta Septile Vertex

Vesta Novile Chiron
Vesta Novile Ceres
Vesta Novile Pallas Athena
Vesta Novile Juno
Vesta Novile Vesta
Vesta Novile North Node
Vesta Novile Lilith
Vesta Novile Part of Fortune
Vesta Novile Vertex

Vesta Binovile Chiron
Vesta Binovile Ceres
Vesta Binovile Pallas Athena
Vesta Binovile Juno
Vesta Binovile Vesta
Vesta Binovile North Node
Vesta Binovile Lilith
Vesta Binovile Part of Fortune
Vesta Binovile Vertex

Vesta Biseptile Chiron
Vesta Biseptile Ceres
Vesta Biseptile Pallas Athena
Vesta Biseptile Juno
Vesta Biseptile Vesta
Vesta Biseptile North Node
Vesta Biseptile Lilith
Vesta Biseptile Part of Fortune
Vesta Biseptile Vertex

Vesta Triseptile Chiron
Vesta Triseptile Ceres
Vesta Triseptile Pallas Athena
Vesta Triseptile Juno
Vesta Triseptile Vesta
Vesta Triseptile North Node
Vesta Triseptile Lilith
Vesta Triseptile Part of Fortune
Vesta Triseptile Vertex

Vesta Quatronovile Chiron
Vesta Quatronovile Ceres
Vesta Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Vesta Quatronovile Juno
Vesta Quatronovile Vesta
Vesta Quatronovile North Node
Vesta Quatronovile Lilith
Vesta Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Vesta Quatronovile Vertex

North Node Inconjunct Chiron
North Node Inconjunct Ceres
North Node Inconjunct Pallas Athena
North Node Inconjunct Juno
North Node Inconjunct Vesta
North Node Inconjunct North Node
North Node Inconjunct Lilith
North Node Inconjunct Part of Fortune
North Node Inconjunct Vertex

North Node Semisextile Chiron
North Node Semisextile Ceres
North Node Semisextile Pallas Athena
North Node Semisextile Juno
North Node Semisextile Vesta
North Node Semisextile North Node
North Node Semisextile Lilith
North Node Semisextile Part of Fortune
North Node Semisextile Vertex

North Node Semisquare Chiron
North Node Semisquare Ceres
North Node Semisquare Pallas Athena
North Node Semisquare Juno
North Node Semisquare Vesta
North Node Semisquare North Node
North Node Semisquare Lilith
North Node Semisquare Part of Fortune
North Node Semisquare Vertex

North Node Sesquiquadrate Chiron
North Node Sesquiquadrate Ceres
North Node Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
North Node Sesquiquadrate Juno
North Node Sesquiquadrate Vesta
North Node Sesquiquadrate North Node
North Node Sesquiquadrate Lilith
North Node Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
North Node Sesquiquadrate Vertex

North Node Quintile Chiron
North Node Quintile Ceres
North Node Quintile Pallas Athena
North Node Quintile Juno
North Node Quintile Vesta
North Node Quintile North Node
North Node Quintile Lilith
North Node Quintile Part of Fortune
North Node Quintile Vertex

North Node Biquintile Chiron
North Node Biquintile Ceres
North Node Biquintile Pallas Athena
North Node Biquintile Juno
North Node Biquintile Vesta
North Node Biquintile North Node
North Node Biquintile Lilith
North Node Biquintile Part of Fortune
North Node Biquintile Vertex

North Node Semiquintile Chiron
North Node Semiquintile Ceres
North Node Semiquintile Pallas Athena
North Node Semiquintile Juno
North Node Semiquintile Vesta
North Node Semiquintile North Node
North Node Semiquintile Lilith
North Node Semiquintile Part of Fortune
North Node Semiquintile Vertex

North Node Septile Chiron
North Node Septile Ceres
North Node Septile Pallas Athena
North Node Septile Juno
North Node Septile Vesta
North Node Septile North Node
North Node Septile Lilith
North Node Septile Part of Fortune
North Node Septile Vertex

North Node Novile Chiron
North Node Novile Ceres
North Node Novile Pallas Athena
North Node Novile Juno
North Node Novile Vesta
North Node Novile North Node
North Node Novile Lilith
North Node Novile Part of Fortune
North Node Novile Vertex

North Node Binovile Chiron
North Node Binovile Ceres
North Node Binovile Pallas Athena
North Node Binovile Juno
North Node Binovile Vesta
North Node Binovile North Node
North Node Binovile Lilith
North Node Binovile Part of Fortune
North Node Binovile Vertex

North Node Biseptile Chiron
North Node Biseptile Ceres
North Node Biseptile Pallas Athena
North Node Biseptile Juno
North Node Biseptile Vesta
North Node Biseptile North Node
North Node Biseptile Lilith
North Node Biseptile Part of Fortune
North Node Biseptile Vertex

North Node Triseptile Chiron
North Node Triseptile Ceres
North Node Triseptile Pallas Athena
North Node Triseptile Juno
North Node Triseptile Vesta
North Node Triseptile North Node
North Node Triseptile Lilith
North Node Triseptile Part of Fortune
North Node Triseptile Vertex

North Node Quatronovile Chiron
North Node Quatronovile Ceres
North Node Quatronovile Pallas Athena
North Node Quatronovile Juno
North Node Quatronovile Vesta
North Node Quatronovile North Node
North Node Quatronovile Lilith
North Node Quatronovile Part of Fortune
North Node Quatronovile Vertex

Lilith Inconjunct Chiron
Lilith Inconjunct Ceres
Lilith Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Lilith Inconjunct Juno
Lilith Inconjunct Vesta
Lilith Inconjunct North Node
Lilith Inconjunct Lilith
Lilith Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Lilith Inconjunct Vertex

Lilith Semisextile Chiron
Lilith Semisextile Ceres
Lilith Semisextile Pallas Athena
Lilith Semisextile Juno
Lilith Semisextile Vesta
Lilith Semisextile North Node
Lilith Semisextile Lilith
Lilith Semisextile Part of Fortune
Lilith Semisextile Vertex

Lilith Semisquare Chiron
Lilith Semisquare Ceres
Lilith Semisquare Pallas Athena
Lilith Semisquare Juno
Lilith Semisquare Vesta
Lilith Semisquare North Node
Lilith Semisquare Lilith
Lilith Semisquare Part of Fortune
Lilith Semisquare Vertex

Lilith Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Lilith Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Lilith Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Lilith Sesquiquadrate Juno
Lilith Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Lilith Sesquiquadrate North Node
Lilith Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Lilith Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Lilith Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Lilith Quintile Chiron
Lilith Quintile Ceres
Lilith Quintile Pallas Athena
Lilith Quintile Juno
Lilith Quintile Vesta
Lilith Quintile North Node
Lilith Quintile Lilith
Lilith Quintile Part of Fortune
Lilith Quintile Vertex

Lilith Biquintile Chiron
Lilith Biquintile Ceres
Lilith Biquintile Pallas Athena
Lilith Biquintile Juno
Lilith Biquintile Vesta
Lilith Biquintile North Node
Lilith Biquintile Lilith
Lilith Biquintile Part of Fortune
Lilith Biquintile Vertex

Lilith Semiquintile Chiron
Lilith Semiquintile Ceres
Lilith Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Lilith Semiquintile Juno
Lilith Semiquintile Vesta
Lilith Semiquintile North Node
Lilith Semiquintile Lilith
Lilith Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Lilith Semiquintile Vertex

Lilith Septile Chiron
Lilith Septile Ceres
Lilith Septile Pallas Athena
Lilith Septile Juno
Lilith Septile Vesta
Lilith Septile North Node
Lilith Septile Lilith
Lilith Septile Part of Fortune
Lilith Septile Vertex

Lilith Novile Chiron
Lilith Novile Ceres
Lilith Novile Pallas Athena
Lilith Novile Juno
Lilith Novile Vesta
Lilith Novile North Node
Lilith Novile Lilith
Lilith Novile Part of Fortune
Lilith Novile Vertex

Lilith Binovile Chiron
Lilith Binovile Ceres
Lilith Binovile Pallas Athena
Lilith Binovile Juno
Lilith Binovile Vesta
Lilith Binovile North Node
Lilith Binovile Lilith
Lilith Binovile Part of Fortune
Lilith Binovile Vertex

Lilith Biseptile Chiron
Lilith Biseptile Ceres
Lilith Biseptile Pallas Athena
Lilith Biseptile Juno
Lilith Biseptile Vesta
Lilith Biseptile North Node
Lilith Biseptile Lilith
Lilith Biseptile Part of Fortune
Lilith Biseptile Vertex

Lilith Triseptile Chiron
Lilith Triseptile Ceres
Lilith Triseptile Pallas Athena
Lilith Triseptile Juno
Lilith Triseptile Vesta
Lilith Triseptile North Node
Lilith Triseptile Lilith
Lilith Triseptile Part of Fortune
Lilith Triseptile Vertex

Lilith Quatronovile Chiron
Lilith Quatronovile Ceres
Lilith Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Lilith Quatronovile Juno
Lilith Quatronovile Vesta
Lilith Quatronovile North Node
Lilith Quatronovile Lilith
Lilith Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Lilith Quatronovile Vertex

Part of Fortune Inconjunct Chiron
Part of Fortune Inconjunct Ceres
Part of Fortune Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Inconjunct Juno
Part of Fortune Inconjunct Vesta
Part of Fortune Inconjunct North Node
Part of Fortune Inconjunct Lilith
Part of Fortune Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Inconjunct Vertex

Part of Fortune Semisextile Chiron
Part of Fortune Semisextile Ceres
Part of Fortune Semisextile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Semisextile Juno
Part of Fortune Semisextile Vesta
Part of Fortune Semisextile North Node
Part of Fortune Semisextile Lilith
Part of Fortune Semisextile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Semisextile Vertex

Part of Fortune Semisquare Chiron
Part of Fortune Semisquare Ceres
Part of Fortune Semisquare Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Semisquare Juno
Part of Fortune Semisquare Vesta
Part of Fortune Semisquare North Node
Part of Fortune Semisquare Lilith
Part of Fortune Semisquare Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Semisquare Vertex

Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Juno
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate North Node
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Part of Fortune Quintile Chiron
Part of Fortune Quintile Ceres
Part of Fortune Quintile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Quintile Juno
Part of Fortune Quintile Vesta
Part of Fortune Quintile North Node
Part of Fortune Quintile Lilith
Part of Fortune Quintile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Quintile Vertex

Part of Fortune Biquintile Chiron
Part of Fortune Biquintile Ceres
Part of Fortune Biquintile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Biquintile Juno
Part of Fortune Biquintile Vesta
Part of Fortune Biquintile North Node
Part of Fortune Biquintile Lilith
Part of Fortune Biquintile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Biquintile Vertex

Part of Fortune Semiquintile Chiron
Part of Fortune Semiquintile Ceres
Part of Fortune Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Semiquintile Juno
Part of Fortune Semiquintile Vesta
Part of Fortune Semiquintile North Node
Part of Fortune Semiquintile Lilith
Part of Fortune Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Semiquintile Vertex

Part of Fortune Septile Chiron
Part of Fortune Septile Ceres
Part of Fortune Septile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Septile Juno
Part of Fortune Septile Vesta
Part of Fortune Septile North Node
Part of Fortune Septile Lilith
Part of Fortune Septile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Septile Vertex

Part of Fortune Novile Chiron
Part of Fortune Novile Ceres
Part of Fortune Novile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Novile Juno
Part of Fortune Novile Vesta
Part of Fortune Novile North Node
Part of Fortune Novile Lilith
Part of Fortune Novile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Novile Vertex

Part of Fortune Binovile Chiron
Part of Fortune Binovile Ceres
Part of Fortune Binovile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Binovile Juno
Part of Fortune Binovile Vesta
Part of Fortune Binovile North Node
Part of Fortune Binovile Lilith
Part of Fortune Binovile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Binovile Vertex

Part of Fortune Biseptile Chiron
Part of Fortune Biseptile Ceres
Part of Fortune Biseptile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Biseptile Juno
Part of Fortune Biseptile Vesta
Part of Fortune Biseptile North Node
Part of Fortune Biseptile Lilith
Part of Fortune Biseptile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Biseptile Vertex

Part of Fortune Triseptile Chiron
Part of Fortune Triseptile Ceres
Part of Fortune Triseptile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Triseptile Juno
Part of Fortune Triseptile Vesta
Part of Fortune Triseptile North Node
Part of Fortune Triseptile Lilith
Part of Fortune Triseptile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Triseptile Vertex

Part of Fortune Quatronovile Chiron
Part of Fortune Quatronovile Ceres
Part of Fortune Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Part of Fortune Quatronovile Juno
Part of Fortune Quatronovile Vesta
Part of Fortune Quatronovile North Node
Part of Fortune Quatronovile Lilith
Part of Fortune Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Part of Fortune Quatronovile Vertex

Vertex Inconjunct Chiron
Vertex Inconjunct Ceres
Vertex Inconjunct Pallas Athena
Vertex Inconjunct Juno
Vertex Inconjunct Vesta
Vertex Inconjunct North Node
Vertex Inconjunct Lilith
Vertex Inconjunct Part of Fortune
Vertex Inconjunct Vertex

Vertex Semisextile Chiron
Vertex Semisextile Ceres
Vertex Semisextile Pallas Athena
Vertex Semisextile Juno
Vertex Semisextile Vesta
Vertex Semisextile North Node
Vertex Semisextile Lilith
Vertex Semisextile Part of Fortune
Vertex Semisextile Vertex

Vertex Semisquare Chiron
Vertex Semisquare Ceres
Vertex Semisquare Pallas Athena
Vertex Semisquare Juno
Vertex Semisquare Vesta
Vertex Semisquare North Node
Vertex Semisquare Lilith
Vertex Semisquare Part of Fortune
Vertex Semisquare Vertex

Vertex Sesquiquadrate Chiron
Vertex Sesquiquadrate Ceres
Vertex Sesquiquadrate Pallas Athena
Vertex Sesquiquadrate Juno
Vertex Sesquiquadrate Vesta
Vertex Sesquiquadrate North Node
Vertex Sesquiquadrate Lilith
Vertex Sesquiquadrate Part of Fortune
Vertex Sesquiquadrate Vertex

Vertex Quintile Chiron
Vertex Quintile Ceres
Vertex Quintile Pallas Athena
Vertex Quintile Juno
Vertex Quintile Vesta
Vertex Quintile North Node
Vertex Quintile Lilith
Vertex Quintile Part of Fortune
Vertex Quintile Vertex

Vertex Biquintile Chiron
Vertex Biquintile Ceres
Vertex Biquintile Pallas Athena
Vertex Biquintile Juno
Vertex Biquintile Vesta
Vertex Biquintile North Node
Vertex Biquintile Lilith
Vertex Biquintile Part of Fortune
Vertex Biquintile Vertex

Vertex Semiquintile Chiron
Vertex Semiquintile Ceres
Vertex Semiquintile Pallas Athena
Vertex Semiquintile Juno
Vertex Semiquintile Vesta
Vertex Semiquintile North Node
Vertex Semiquintile Lilith
Vertex Semiquintile Part of Fortune
Vertex Semiquintile Vertex

Vertex Septile Chiron
Vertex Septile Ceres
Vertex Septile Pallas Athena
Vertex Septile Juno
Vertex Septile Vesta
Vertex Septile North Node
Vertex Septile Lilith
Vertex Septile Part of Fortune
Vertex Septile Vertex

Vertex Novile Chiron
Vertex Novile Ceres
Vertex Novile Pallas Athena
Vertex Novile Juno
Vertex Novile Vesta
Vertex Novile North Node
Vertex Novile Lilith
Vertex Novile Part of Fortune
Vertex Novile Vertex

Vertex Binovile Chiron
Vertex Binovile Ceres
Vertex Binovile Pallas Athena
Vertex Binovile Juno
Vertex Binovile Vesta
Vertex Binovile North Node
Vertex Binovile Lilith
Vertex Binovile Part of Fortune
Vertex Binovile Vertex

Vertex Biseptile Chiron
Vertex Biseptile Ceres
Vertex Biseptile Pallas Athena
Vertex Biseptile Juno
Vertex Biseptile Vesta
Vertex Biseptile North Node
Vertex Biseptile Lilith
Vertex Biseptile Part of Fortune
Vertex Biseptile Vertex

Vertex Triseptile Chiron
Vertex Triseptile Ceres
Vertex Triseptile Pallas Athena
Vertex Triseptile Juno
Vertex Triseptile Vesta
Vertex Triseptile North Node
Vertex Triseptile Lilith
Vertex Triseptile Part of Fortune
Vertex Triseptile Vertex

Vertex Quatronovile Chiron
Vertex Quatronovile Ceres
Vertex Quatronovile Pallas Athena
Vertex Quatronovile Juno
Vertex Quatronovile Vesta
Vertex Quatronovile North Node
Vertex Quatronovile Lilith
Vertex Quatronovile Part of Fortune
Vertex Quatronovile Vertex