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Rory Gallagher, Natal Horoscope


Read for Rory Gallagher 02-03-1948 12:00 Ballyshannon Ireland Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

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Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

NameRory Gallagher
Birthday02 / 03 / 1948
Birth time12:00:00
Birth PlaceBallyshannon Ireland


The real purpose of Astrology is to serve as a guide to physical life. Astrology students are convinced that this is a perfect study system in which self-knowledge can be achieved. The author believes that the character is destiny and that we, in past lives, we weave the web of destiny with our own thought, and now, in a similar way we weave the fabric of our future horoscope. Every sin is the result of ignorance, so to know ourselves means to become wiser and thus to dominate the destiny. Every fate, good or bad, was originally made up of our own thoughts and actions and has its roots in our character. The horoscope is the indicator of the Divine Law in practice and therefore helps us to discover a great part of our destiny.

The following analysis of your horoscope is the best judgment you can get from the incomplete information you offer. Astrology is based on fixed laws, but you will quickly discover that it is not an easy thing to describe everything that concerns your person when your birth time is unknown. However, it was made possible to make the analysis as reliable as we could.

* * *


Sun at 11°49'25'' Pisces

You are sympathetic, compassionate, unassuming, idealistic, intuitive, congenial, adaptable, psychic, emotional, creative, secretive, versatile, imaginative and self-sacrificing. You can also be impressionable, indecisive, self-pitying, hypersensitive and changeable. You need to serve others. You are sentimental and romantic in love. At times you expect too much from others and then feel hurt if the other person doesn't come through for you. You have a strong tendency to place your loved one on a pedestal. This leads to disillusionment when you discover your loved one has faults, too. The symbol for Pisces is two fish going in opposite directions connected by a cord. One fish represents the personality and the other represents the spirit. These two opposing forces operate within you, causing insecurity and indecisiveness. Handling these forces in a positive manner is very difficult for you. Some will seek to escape these pressures through eating, alcohol, drugs or other excesses. That is what one of the fish represents. The other fish represents you rising to great heights through self-denial, sacrifice and then ultimate attainment. You learn through suffering and you need to learn perseverance. You tend to absorb the information and environment around you. Thus it is important that you surround yourselves with uplifting people and circumstances. You are creative, self-sufficient people whose minds are extremely active, due to your strong imagination, which you can sometimes get carried away with. You sense and feel things that others are not aware of. You generally do not possess strong willpower nor do you have a dynamic approach to life. Although you can appear to be very determined on the outside, underneath, inner doubts are brewing. This insecurity causes you to need reassurance from others. One of your greatest needs is to learn to understand your emotional ups and downs. Since you have a tendency to doubt your own conclusions, you need to learn to believe in yourselves. You are very generous with your time in helping other people. You always feel your best when you are serving others in some capacity. By using your compassion outwardly for others, you will not become as moody and introverted. Service to others is the safest, shortest road to God. Since you are reluctant to hurt others or to face any sort of confrontation, you can become involved in very difficult emotional situations which you find extremely difficult to break. You have a difficult time saying no sometimes and will stay in bad situations thinking that you can somehow change the other person and then all will be well. Some times you love to play the martyr, while others need to play the savior. You tend to think with your heart rather than your head and can be easily used by others. Many fall for any kind of sob story, much to your own detriment. Your heart are in the right place, it's just you need to be more realistic and down- to-earth. You can be highly secretive, but you make friends rather easily and are quite loyal to them. You do not particularly like verbal or combative fights, but will defend your friends in subtle ways. You sometimes lack vitality which often gives people the idea that you are lazy. Well, some times you are and in general do like to procrastinate. You needs sufficient time each day to be alone while you regain your fluctuating energies. Your innate desire to escape from physical living can be used constructively through creativity. Many forms of art, dance and music appeal to you. You instinctively seem to know your own capabilities and limitations. Unfortunately, though, your knowledge of your limitations can create an inferiority complex. You enjoy drama and acting because it gives you the opportunity of being someone else. This enables you to temporarily lose your inferiority complex. Because of your hypersensitivity, you can become instantly depressed over little things that are said to you. You can appear to be deceitful because of an inborn need to justify your words and actions. If in trouble, you may attempt to rationalize your way out rather than face the consequences of your behavior. You who have the Sun in Pisces are trusted, honest and compassionate with great sympathy for the animals. You feel deep and intense, although you express your feelings rarely. You also want to go well with everyone. You do not have great ambitions and somehow you lack confidence, although you sometimes show somewhat greater will and certainty. You may have a tendency toward the middle-low, and you are still social, good-natured, honest, and religious. Because you are very kind, you will always feel pleasure with occupations related to hospitality and sociability. Well, you do not pay too much attention to the details.

Aspects Sun

2.18 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Moon Square Sun

Your selfishness and interest in your own affairs keeps you from being sympathetic to the needs and feelings of others. You feel at cross- purposes with yourself because your conscious intentions and desires conflict with your subconscious emotional needs and drives. You feel pulled in two different directions. This is a major reason why you find it hard to be decisive. You vacillate on whether or not you should do this or that and this causes you a great deal of inner stress. You can't seem to make up your mind on anything. You try to do the right thing, but you aren't sure what the right thing is. You have problems with satisfying both your need to be an individual and your need for caring relationships and a sense of belonging. Because of the mixed messages you send out, people don't always know how to respond to you or know what you really want. This can cause confusion and conflict in relationships. You need to find the right balance between your emotions and your will. Come to an awareness that your energy flow fluctuates like the ebb and flow of the tides. When your energy is at a high, you should try to accomplish as much as possible during that time. When your energy is low, then you should pace yourself accordingly and not overtax your physical body. You often fluctuate from being extremely logical to being extremely sensitive. Many times you are unaware of other people's emotional needs and, thus, you fail to respond to them. This is not good because it brings obstacles to life and causes delays and difficulties in your hopes, desires and cravings. It is not conducive to vitality and health, which will sometimes suffer. Well, you will not want to be popular, because it will tend to somehow have a bad impact on you. Use every care to preserve your price, avoiding any act that could damage your credibility. In this regard, you should be careful and diplomatic in all your dealings with senior or those with authority. Take care of your vision. In other words, you are somewhat unstable and uncertain, your will can not distinguish and put a turn in your everyday occupations. This looks give somewhat unlucky social relationships, makes your mood available incompatible and this may be due to some inconsistency among parents. You experience internal conflicts and you are very difficult to adapt to the environment and you are also trying to constantly justify your actions. You want a busy life, with intense thrills.

* * *


Moon at 09°38'06'' Sagittarius

You are independent, outspoken, open, generous, enthusiastic, idealistic, inspired, and optimistic and these qualities attract many friends and acquaintances. You seem to thrive on travel, sociability, fellowship, and expressing your opinions to whomever will listen. In addition, you are adventurous, playful, freedom-loving, and always ready for a good time. You rarely allow difficulties to keep you down, for no matter how bleak the past or present, you always expect a better, brighter future. In fact, you are uncomfortable with your own or other people's problems and emotional pain. You often try to "cheer up" or offer philosophical advice to those who are hurting, but unwittingly you avoid or ignore the emotions involved. Friendship means a great deal to you, perhaps even more than love or romance. For you to be happy, your mate must be your best friend and encourage your aspirations and ideals. You also need a great deal of emotional freedom and mobility. On the negative side, you may be rather intolerant, closed-minded, dogmatic, arrogant, non-objective, risk- taking, or possess a holier-than-thou attitude. This creates a tendency for activity and impatient attitude, makes you fast and impulsive, you move quickly to anything you do, either at work or in the game. You are too lively and ambitious. Sometimes, due to this position, you may be harming your health from overwork, rush and impulsivity. You tend to be overly enthusiastic or anxious about what you do, be it social relationships, business or intellectual work. You are totally committed to what you are doing and have the same zeal for the interests of others as for yours. There is a possibility that you are traveling, maybe you can make a sea voyage and you can change residence several times. Also, a change of profession is possible. You have the potential to develop a psychic gift, such as clairvoyance, dreaminess, etc. You may have talent in music or painting or a natural attraction to religion.

Aspects Moon

2.76 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Neptune Sextile Moon

You have a wonderful imagination and are very sensitive and intuitive. You are gentle, kind-hearted, romantic, sympathetic and compassionate. You are always there to listen to other people's problems and you never judge them for what they have done. You are idealistic and inspirational and find great emotional fulfillment through the arts, whether it be painting, music, drama or dance. You may take an interest in photography or anything having to do with the sea. You are able to sacrifice your own needs if it will mean helping another. You are very creative and need to express yourself this way to stay emotionally balanced. You have interest in metaphysics or occult science, as well as ability, even if it is now only dormant. You are particularly attuned to the vibrations in your environment so you should pay attention to the people and situations with which you surround yourself. The beauty and harmony of your surroundings has a very powerful effect on your emotions. You will go out of your way to keep the peace, to avoid confrontation and to make everybody happy. You give unsparingly of your time to help others and in this respect are completely selfless. You have a great need to be of service to others. You may experience prophetic dreams. This enables you to accept some of the favorable rays of this distant planet and translate them into feelings and ideas through the natural brain. It is a beneficial influence that expands the likes, increases feelings and adds an artistic element to your nature along with some sort of inspired poetic talent. It undoubtedly brings character completeness and adds an increased charm to the personality, making the person a bit too pleasant for everyone, without removing the necessary reservation at all. Those who have difficulties or are mentally or physically challenged will always win your sympathy. You are attracted by the sensual appearance of art and have a strong sense of natural beauty.

3.50 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Pluto Trine Moon

You prefer emotional intensity and are attracted to the mysterious, the unknown, and to dangerous or challenging experiences which draw on all of your inner resources. You have the ability to handle emotional crises very well and you are interested in the deep roots of emotional problems and how to cure them. You insist on bringing feelings between people out into the open, for you want real closeness and intimacy with others, without barriers or secrets. You don't play games with people's emotions. You have great interest in scientific, religious or occult mysteries and you enjoy reading books on natural methods of healing, psychology, sex or science fiction. You are very sensitive psychically and use your sensitivity to understand others. You enjoy learning and absorb information easily. Your emotions have great depth that few are aware of. You are a hard and dedicated worker who has a great deal of endurance, inner strength and stamina. You have the ability to get right to the heart of the matter and figure out what is wrong or what is causing the difficulty. You love to analyze other people's problems and you make an effective counselor. You have a strong force of will and a never-say-die attitude. There may be interest in death or life after death. This gives you a creative imagination and the ability to judge and analyze others correctly, while you understand their motives very easily, so you may be inclined to choose psychoanalysis jobs. You are a sexual person, radiate wisdom and magnetize others.


Sun Pisces - Moon Sagittarius

The mixing of this influence suggests that you have a very active, restless nature, with a tendency to endlessness in all directions. You are internally upset and unkempt without much self-control. You have craftsmanship, a moment of art and a tendency to explore religious thought. You are very hardworking and maybe too active, and you are likely to harm your health. You have to be careful and wise in speaking and in practice and avoiding extremes in all things. When you motivate to revolt against annoying restrictions, remember that it is necessary to respect your health. Try to keep your secrets.

* * *

Mind Skills

Mercury R at 21°40'21'' Aquarius

Your thoughts tend to be unique, unusual, rapid and coming completely out of the blue, eccentric, unconventional, scientific, weird and perhaps a bit ahead of their time. You are a progressive and non- traditional thinker and are very open and receptive to new technologies and breakthroughs and the latest discoveries in any field. You believe that humanity can resolve their problems through creative intelligence using inventive minds and scientific principles. You are a bit impatient with those who are conservative and unimaginative and those who are afraid perhaps to think about and try new things and ideas. Keeping abreast of the latest developments and technologies is fun for you. Reading science fiction helps give you food for thought regarding radically new ways of looking at things. You have a strong humanitarian impulse, an aptitude for organization and you enjoy being involved in cooperative group efforts or businesses that are contemporary and innovative. You have a versatile, disciplined, practical and original mind. You are intuitive and resourceful, with the ability to correctly judge human character and penetrate the mask that others wear. You follow your own convictions regardless of what others think of you and you have the ability to express your ideas clearly so that others easily comprehend. On the negative side you can be eccentric, bohemian, radical, revolutionary and stubborn. This position adds power to your intellect, giving you good memory and a powerful and perceptual mind. It increases the trend towards mental culture or science, literature or religion, but you tend to have unchanging views, being opposed to change and not easily affected. You are capable of clear mental work, you can become original and with good training you can achieve great things. Mercury is very powerful in this sign, giving strength to concentration, which can be cultivated beneficial. It also enhances the clairvoyance and gives you some ability to study and judge human nature. You can have fun with others and you will have great social success if you turn to the fun or guidance of others.

Aspects Mercury

0.43 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Uranus Trine Mercury

You possess lightning-quick physical and mental responses to stimuli of all kinds. You have an electric nature about you that won't let you sit still. You love being involved with several projects at the same time because you do not like to be bored. You are open-minded, independent, original, eccentric, creative, unusual, a bit of a genius and a free-thinker. New ideas and concepts are important to you and you encourage everyone you come into contact with to experiment and try new things. You are intuitive and many insights come from your Higher Self. You like an unstructured environment free from rules and regulations where you can respond to the needs of the moment. Routine, repetitive work makes you nuts. Your mind functions in an intuitive, nonlinear fashion and sudden insights and flashes of inspiration often come to you "out of the blue". You hate being told what to do and how to do it. You need to discover your own truths and experience things for yourself first-hand. You are better suited to a fast-paced atmosphere where things happen and change all the time. You love science and new technology and you like keeping up with all the state- of-the-art inventions, products and ideas. You have an interest in occult subjects such as astrology. You have a talent for writing, speaking and communicating your ideas to others and are always ready to listen to new and unusual thoughts and concepts. This is one of the best aspects that Mercury can have for those who make mental and spiritual progress because it gives an occult and source mental tendency and makes the person fit for the study of astrology and deeper metaphysical issues. You are inventive, you have a broad understanding and as life progresses, you will be more and more interested in superior thinking. You have strong analytical ability, but you are insightful and possess an inner perception that makes you understand your environment quickly. It's a good look in terms of travel or new acquaintances. You are also brilliant, original and creative. Your abilities are too many, because you do so easily as both technocrats and theorists. You have an opinion on every subject and you always present it in evidence. The best look for inventors, researchers, electronics, psychoanalysts and astrologers.

1.06 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mars Opposition Mercury

You have the capacity to be very clever and cunning, trying to take advantage of anyone if you get the chance. Your mind is alert, quick and always ready for an argument. Your speech is sometimes too hasty and you lack tact. Your tongue is a sword you use to lash out at other people when they have upset you or done something you did not like. You have a temper that can explode into swearing, name-calling and general ranting and raving. You are a convincing and forceful speaker and you have a way of bringing people over to your way of thinking, but you are not especially receptive to the ideas and opinions of others. You need to better learn how to rationally and logically control your desires. Your mental energy should be directed into creative channels instead of wasted in conflicts with others. You are irritable and fault-finding at times and this turns friends and family against you. You are argumentative and rather critical and aggressive in discussions and you like turning any conversation into a debate or verbal war. Try to choose an occupation where this talent is a plus and not a minus. Perhaps you could be a spokesman for a righteous cause, a lawyer vigorously defending a client, an analyst or critic. You love to read and you may have literary talent. You are high-strung and have a lot of nervous energy, thus you find it hard to sit still for very long. You love working on several projects at the same time because it keeps you from getting bored, but you may have difficulty finishing the things you have started. You need to take time out occasionally and give your mind a break so that it does not become overstrained. Inner tension and hostility find their outlet in angry outbursts, sometimes making little sense to listeners. Your anger destroys your ability to think clearly and so you are unable to logically present the reasons for your anger. Since your nerves are also stretched taut, you must be careful or you may suffer from some type of nervous disorder, such as shingles or an ulcer. Anger is very detrimental to the heart, also. You have a tendency to overwork, which is very hard on both your physical body and your nerves. Your approach to life can be too much hustle and bustle, with a lot of running around and nothing being accomplished. Slow down once in a while and chill out. This is in no way a favorable aspect with regard to your mind and tends to make you impulsive and overactive. You have enough hidden and obvious sarcasm in your nature, a quick spirit and a very capable mind. You also have intellectual intelligence and the ability to pursue scientific work. You have great courage, but sometimes you are too foolhardy. In speaking, you tend to be careless and it is good to be discreet when you are writing or speaking, because you tend to say more than you want and express your opinions too freely. In short, you have a vulnerable nervous system and do that comes to your mind without thinking about the consequences of your actions. You talk a lot and you demand the attention of others while you are not good listeners. You become aggressive and stupid when you realize that someone does not care.

1.63 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Venus Sextile Mercury

You can appreciate the finer, more aesthetic things of life because you have a well-developed sense of form, proportion, design and beauty. With such skills you could perhaps be successful as an artist, sculptor, fashion designer, craftsmen, interior decorator, creative writer or jewelry designer. This aspect usually gives talent in the arts, whether it be writing, poetry, speaking or musical ability. You may possess a lovely singing voice. You have the ability to bring harmony to situations through your expert use of the spoken word. The way you think and speak tends to bring peace in difficult situations. You are a natural arbiter and diplomat. You may have success in sales of artistic or other beautiful objects. You have a natural eye for color and an ear for music. Your sense of humor, tact, and personal charm are of great benefit to you in any work with people on a one-to- one level. Your emotions are tied to your mental processes and it may be hard for you to express tour feelings without intellectualizing or rationalizing them. If you do not have artistic talent yourself, then you certainly have a fine appreciation of art, in all its many forms. You are a natural at settling arguments and soothing hurt feelings. This greatly improves the vibrations of Mercury, making the mind supple and polite, with a tendency towards good arts, reading and poetry. Your mind is happy and happy, and more or less freaky and free. You have the ability and the desire to become musicians, and you know how to enjoy others and give them pleasure. You do not like seeing the evil, and you will often regret rather than condemn yourself. But you are not interested in a lot of cognitive work, nor do you tend to take responsibility. Artistic skills are very developed. You have a strong spirit of friendship, developed sociability and your nature is lovable and pleasant.

4.17 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Saturn Opposition Mercury

Your mind is scientific, serious, deep and capable of great concentration. You are a relatively slow thinker, but you are very thorough. You enjoy studying or thinking in solitude and you rarely offer an opinion on any matter until you have thoroughly considered it. You are subject to periodic bouts of depression and melancholy and are cautious and reserved by nature. Conservatism is your natural mode of operation. You are something of a skeptic and may be narrow-minded and closed to new ideas, especially if you have no concrete proof or scientific evidence as to their validity and correctness. You have an aptitude for research or doing mental work which requires precise, organized thinking, attention to detail, and a methodical approach. Socially, you tend to be reserved, serious, uncommunicative and uncomfortable with light, frivolous conversation. Anything that doesn't accomplish something practical and productive is considered more or less a waste of time and energy. People who listen to you talk know that you speak with the confidence of authority. You have wonderful organizing ability and executive capacity. You are practical and deliberate and you have difficulty expressing your affection for others. You have a tendency toward tooth decay. Mental cruelty is possible. You tend to have fears and worries that are unreasonable. Instead of planning you focus on worry. You are distrustful or fearful of anything you cannot understand with your rational mind. You should develop more awareness so that you do not interpret what others say to you in a negative manner. You may have difficulties in verbally communicating what you mean to say to others, so that misunderstandings occur on both sides. You are such a conservative in your thinking that you prefer to stay with ideas that work for you rather than adopting new ones. It would at times, though, be to your advantage and listen to new concepts and to try them occasionally. Be careful that you do not get into the habit of rationalizing everything such that any means to an end is acceptable as long as you believe it. You have a tendency to go to extremes with details. Some of the details are not important. There is a tendency to strain on the nervous system through stress or overwork. This makes life rather unfortunate, especially if you are worried. It is a face that causes obstacles and delays, as well as the opposition of others towards you, especially those who are bigger. You will experience disappointments in life, so do not seek to be in responsible positions, because you can receive strong criticism, lose your credibility, etc. Because of misconceptions about yourself. You must be very careful about the documents you are signing, as well as your speech. You are somewhat monumental and you tend to be strict with those who have done bad. Also, you are rather stiff and absolute, you are not interested in the opinion of others and you try to impose in any way your own. You are lonely and lock yourself up and you do not like companions. Avoid worry.

4.40 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Jupiter Sextile Mercury

You have an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. You are interested in learning and education is important to you. You have a knack for making long-range plans and you are blessed with good judgment. Travel is beneficial for you and you enjoy doing it as it broadens your outlook and increases your awareness and understanding. You like working with the big picture and you are not particularly good at or fond of detailed work. You'd rather leave that to someone else. You are a fine speaker and can sell almost anything to anyone. People instinctively trust you and know that you have their best interests at heart. You are an upstanding, moral and generous person who would not intentionally deceive or hurt anyone. You enjoy thinking about abstract subjects such as philosophy and religion. Occasionally you may embellish your stories and exaggerate your experiences to impress an audience. You know how to keep a conversation interesting because you have a wonderful sense of humor. You quickly and thoroughly learn any subject that interests you. You have the ability to see both sides of an argument and you are accomplished at compromise. You are tolerant of the faults of others and you rarely hold a grudge - life's too short, you figure. You love discussion and debate because it gives you a chance to exchange viewpoints and ideas. You would be well- suited to broadcasting work, sales, advertising, publishing, diplomacy, law, consulting, business or almost any professional career. This aspect helps to ensure success in life because you are always positive and will keep working hard regardless of obstacles. You are saved by your faith. This is one of the best aspects that can occur in a horoscope regarding the mind. You are gifted with an extraordinary crisis and you have a broad intellect, which is philosophical, insightful and harmonious. You are tolerant towards the opinions of others and you like everything that is pure and conscientious. You have a true spirit of devotion. All you need to widen it is the right environment and your imagination to bring you into the subjective or inner world because you have the ability to mentally perceive that: "The Kingdom of God within you is," as well as, That true peace comes from within. You are optimistic, but with a lack of sense of criticism, which means that your judgment is right, but you have to be careful about how to express it to others, because not all people stand, to the same extent the truth . You are always happy with your opinion and you have some lack of ambition. You will have success if you decide to become a teacher, or a writer, especially if you are dealing with philosophical issues, or if you are dealing with the judiciary. You are awesome and you have the ability to tackle your problems globally and you usually know from the beginning what you are going to do on every issue. You have travel opportunities and you can learn many foreign languages. You have a pleasant, humorous and spirited mind and you will have successes through its use.

Venus at 23°18'22'' Aries

Venus desires relationships, sociality, and affection. Aries is forthright, demanding and wants to take the lead. Therefore, you may be very ardent and pursuing in relationships. Your feelings and passions are easily aroused and you usually try to take the lead in social matters and affairs of the heart. You go out and get what you think you want. Trouble is, once gotten, you may get tired of having. The thrill of the chase is more important to you than the final catch. Thus your romances may start off in a blaze of excitement and glory only to end in boredom and monotony. There are always fresh fields to conquer and you go after them. It's almost a crusade for you. Venus worst qualities are trying too hard to please others and taking the line of least resistance. In relationships, then, you may choose partners who tend to dominate you and want you to do things their way at the expense of your own wishes. Venus in Aries calls for you to be assertive, yet not dominating, pleasing, yet not a dishrag. You are independent and have an impulsive approach to love. You like competitiveness and perhaps pick fights just for the action and excitement. You can be very inconsiderate of others because you sometimes do not think about your actions and they effects they have on those closest to you. Impatience and selfishness can be a problem for you. This position gives you the ability to easily make friends and increases the number of friends and acquaintances. It gives the gift of popularity, cordiality, the ability to please and to gain the acceptance of others. The sympathies are lively and intense, love is easy to see, and feelings and emotions are profound and mighty, so in some cases it is not easy to hold back or restrain, and perhaps because of it, it can be reckless. There is a good luck in financial matters and this position is good for success in general, but it does not necessarily mean that you will have financial talent. There is some degree of exaggeration, unreasonable expense, generosity or waste, which can either arise from your own character, so it will need control, or it may be imposed on you by the circumstances. You will have a bent towards music or painting and you will love jewelry and fine things.

Aspects Venus

0.57 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Mars Trine Venus

You are warmly romantic and openly express your affection, appreciation and love of the opposite sex, though rarely in a crude or insensitive manner. You seem to be a magnet to the opposite sex, regardless of whether most people would classify you as beautiful or attractive, although you may well be. You are simply fun and pleasant to be around and that is why you attract so much attention. You have sex appeal and others like and appreciate your easy-going emotional nature. You like getting people together and if it were up to you, you would have the whole world paired off, living happily ever after. You have a strong desire for love and beauty and involving yourself in some type of creative activity, whether it be art, music, sculpture or poetry, would help to satisfy this inner craving. This aspect brings a certain charisma and you seem to naturally draw people around you. You like to socialize and are happiest when surrounded by others. You have a great need to give and receive affection from others. You are warm and demonstrative in your affection for others. You are very much alive and others find this very appealing. Fulfillment and harmony in love is likely for you because you know what you want and need in a romantic sense and you express those desires honestly and openly. You have no hidden agendas. You are a non-combative individual who likes peace and serenity. You put a lot of energy into your emotions. This is a lucky look in many ways, especially for emotional affairs and all emotional-related events. You are fervent in your sympathy and you are likely to win through those to whom you can cling. You tend to be unrestrained and free with your money, and in general your social affairs attract a lot. You are rather fortunate in financial matters and you will win either through covenant or inheritance or through co-operation with others. It favors erotic affairs and is generally favorable with regard to marriage, associations or cooperatives.

1.19 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Uranus Sextile Venus

You are very creative, intuitive, original, outspoken, and open in thought and emotion. You have a magnetic charm and sex appeal that attracts others to you. You enjoy surprises and anything that provides excitement to your life, including your relationships. You are independent and want a good deal of personal freedom in your involvements with others. Your ideas about love and romance are open and progressive and you are willing to try almost anything. You make and are drawn into unusual friendships with unusual sorts of people. Many people come and go into and out of your life and they are all there to test or challenge your values and your ability to change and to be flexible. They somehow fill unique needs within you. Same with friends - they come, but they go out of your life when they no longer fulfill a need. You have quite unusual ways of looking at things and you always seem to come up with clever solutions to the problems that are presented to you. Things happen to you quite suddenly, very much out of the blue. You cannot anticipate these events, you can only merely react to them. This is particularly true with love relationships. You will constantly receive exciting, unusual and unexpected events in your life which are of considerable assistance in your achieving both personal and soul growth. This influence is very favorable for all aspects of life that are in any way original and unconditional. You have some rather advanced opinions and especially about everything that is related to heart and feelings. There is a romantic trend within you that will manifest itself when you come across those who have enough magnetism to play with your feelings and influence the vibrations associated with erotic life. You will have sudden economic gains and maybe some unexpected travels, removals or changes may also happen in your life. In short, you are attractive and beautiful, you love art, you are original and social. Also, emotional, but free and tend to create relationships with different kinds of people.

2.77 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Jupiter Trine Venus

You are a generous, warm-hearted and open-handed person who shares every resource with others. You give of both yourself and your possessions to those whom you favor, although you will rarely put yourself out too much in order to do so. You enjoy luxury and refinement and you desire to always be in comfortable, elegant surroundings. You hate having to get your hands dirty. You are charming, gracious and charitable and you are the model host or hostess. This aspect brings material good fortune, which has been earned from previous lives. If there is a negative here, then it is your tendency towards self-indulgence, over-extravagance and laziness. Sometimes things come to you so easily that you do not appreciate them. Things are most appreciated if one has to work hard for them. There may be a love of rich, sweet food as well as too much of it, hence a tendency to gain weight. You are a very gentle and social person who loves harmony, beauty and travel. Be careful not to take things too much for granted or take the easy way out. This aspect will bring you some profit, either through religious people or through covenant or inheritance. It is one of the most harmonious and peaceful aspects, which greatly improves the natal horoscope, because it holds other aspects of the opposite nature. Thanks to this look you will gain from travel and love affairs will roll calmly so that the marriage will be happy and good. Great sorrow that would otherwise happen to you would be hindered by this beneficial influence and there is the prospect of a certain philosophical tendency that will help you a lot.

5.80 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Saturn Trine Venus

You are loyal and steadfast in matters of love and affection. The feelings of others are a serious matter to you and you don't play games with people's affections. Fidelity is highly valued and you don't want to settle for less. Security plays an important part in your life and you have a fine enough opinion about yourself and your own self-worth that problems with insecurity don't cause you much aggravation or upset. Still, you are somewhat reserved in showing your affections as you want to be sure you can trust whomever you are involved with. Your tastes and needs are simple and although you appreciate beauty and luxury, you do not need every luxury and convenience in the world in order to be happy. A person's character and inner nature matter more to you than their appearance. Casual or superficial relationships are not what you want and you aren't looking for them. You understand that the best kind of love takes time to develop and real love only gets better, deeper and more satisfying with age. The friendships you form are generally solid and long- lasting. Stability of emotions is one of your hallmarks. You have an innate sense of duty and responsibility towards your loved ones. Self- control is relatively easy for you to practice. You wouldn't be considered a party animal as your outlook on life is a little more serious and reserved than that. Still, others appreciate the fine qualities you have spent lifetimes developing. You have an inborn strength and courage to face life's difficulties. This is a much higher vibration for Planet Venus, as the purifying and stabilizing influence it receives from Saturn tends to establish many of the harmonic qualities implied by it. It makes you a steady character, giving you a love of austerity and wise economy, allowing you to accumulate wealth if you ever want it. You have tactics and good abilities, and also the power to hold back your energies. You are a very loyal friend and very sincere in all your relationships, attracting in this way those whom you can honestly love and who will respond to your love.

Mars R at 22°44'05'' Leo

You are proud and probably have a big ego. You want to excel, to stand out and be recognized for who and what you are. You like to be Number One. It is difficult for you to take orders or to stay in the background. You like to be noticed and will do things in a dramatic manner just to get attention and be seen. You hate being wrong and may insist that you are always right. You are forceful, strong, energetic, artistically creative, determined, and highly competitive. You play hard, you play to win, and you do not give up easily. In fact, you see life as a competitive sport, game or performance. You love admiration and applause, and you have a strong sense of personal honor and integrity. You tend to be very self-confident, even arrogant. But you may become self-conscious, defensive, and rather belligerent if your self-confidence is shaken. You tend to be enthusiastic, rather impulsive, full of energy, and ambitious. You are very ardent in matters of love and will pursue your love interest with great fervor and passion, letting nothing get in the way of your desires. You don't beat around the bush, but say exactly what you feel, often in an embarrassing direct way. On the negative side, there may be a love of taking risks or of gambling. You can be quarrelsome, argumentative and jealous. There may be heart trouble if physical activity is overdone when you are not in shape or if anger is allowed to vent destructively. Energy and passion both need to be disciplined. You need to be admired for your actions. This is a strong position for Mars, which gives some success to the issues governed by this planet. It makes you energetic, active and independent - it contributes to the power of will and character. It implies that you are honest, honest, open, noble and generous. It makes you fit for a position of responsibility where you will control, manipulate, direct and command others. It gives you recognition and respect from the sovereigns and those who have the power and may bring you to life and give you honor or promotion. It is likely to make you excessively strict or rigid in behavior, so that when you are in bad directions, you can get enemies and come across opposition and disagreement. It increases the warmth and vitality of the body, but gives a slight tendency to fevers and accidents. You may suffer because of social opposition or family disputes. There is a risk of excessive impulsivity or recklessness in erotic matters. The heart or the waist may be affected, but there is no fear of serious danger, because Mars is strong here. In short, it gives you excitement, ambitions and lots of energy reserves. You are passionate and prosperous, but many times you are jealous of those who have more axioms. You ask for admiration and do everything for social recognition, but always with the right means for your growth.

Aspects Mars

0.62 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Uranus Sextile Mars

You are dynamic, decisive, quick, impulsive, inventive and probably mechanically adept. You respond immediately to almost every situation, you prefer spontaneity rather than routine and you enjoy vigorous physical activities that require fast reflexes and a good sense of rhythm and timing. You have an abundance of nervous energy and vitality, along with a restless desire to see reform, progress and change. The status quo does not interest you much and you get bored easier than most. It is sometimes difficult for you to relax as you prefer being on the go. You are independent and do not like to feel tied down. Taking the lead on new projects and inspiring others to your cause are characteristics you possess. You find advice from others hard to follow as you feel the need to experience everything for yourself - right or wrong, good or bad. You have done reasonably well in past lives in balancing your impulsiveness and your anger. Keep up the good work here and now. You have good intuition and if you will only learn to listen to it more, then you would be better off. You like to push the envelope and rebel, but you also know when it is in your best interests to stop pushing and just go along. Although you like reform, you will not accept it at all costs. You have a personal magnetism and can become a leader, not for power, but because your foresight allows you to see how things will work themselves out. Unusual experiences tend to happen to you, but you take them all in stride because you enjoy a good challenge. This is a wonderful aspect for those who can respond to the vibrations of the mysterious planet Uranus. It gives great real energy, mental and physical. It stimulates original thoughts and therefore makes those who respond, geniuses in a field. It favors inventors and those who can devise and construct. It is a face that gives confidence and self-sufficiency, making those who are under the influence of the reformers, with love for all progress and advancement. You are in every respect open-minded, liberal and fearless towards public opinion - you can become an enthusiastic follower of metaphysics, philosophy or astrology. This aspect also shows that you are not unnoticed, but you are energetic and imposing. Your goals are "advanced" and you do not compromise with the social establishment, although it usually welcomes you and supports you. Head of leader, but also "warrior".

3.34 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Jupiter Trine Mars

You have a lot of self-confidence, enthusiasm and vitality. You believe that you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. Your sense of timing is good and you have the ability to foresee what will work and what won't. You enjoy competition and you have a mostly playful, good-humored attitude about it. You mostly compete with yourself to see how far you can go or how much you can accomplish. You don't hold onto grudges and you don't resort to mean acts to get even with people for real or imagined slights. You enjoy anything that will help stretch your limits - traveling, education, philosophy, religion. You enjoy adventure, taking risks, sports and outdoor activities. You may be good in sports but may not exercise the appropriate discipline to really excel. You are usually very optimistic and enthusiastic and pretty much always retain a positive attitude towards life. This aspect may help bring you wealth, but at the same time it may also bring a free-spending attitude with it. You tend to be lucky in speculation and you are generous with all you have. You have faith in the future and usually do not worry about what you need for tomorrow. You are recognized for your integrity, sincerity and honesty. Even when angry, your anger quickly fades as you have an inborn knowledge that getting angry is a waste of your energy. Even during difficult times, you remain positive and never lower yourself by stepping on anyone's toes to satisfy your own desires. This position causes some exaggeration, with a tendency towards supernaturalness and simplicity, which is why it is not always beneficial for you in terms of money. You have pride and dignity in character, as well as self-confidence. In many ways you are a pioneer and you put a lot of energy and enthusiasm in everything you do. You are courageous, courageous and lucky in many ways, thanks to your strong and adventurous spirit, but recklessness and excessive liberty should also be avoided. You love freedom, independence, power and justice, and you will never allow yourself to be deceived.

5.23 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Saturn Conjunction Mars

You are serious about your ambitions and your goals and you know that hard work and dedication is the best way of assuring that you will succeed. You understand that anything valuable takes time to build and you are more than willing to put in the time and effort for whatever is required. You are capable of great self-denial until the job is finished. You don't mind applying lots of elbow grease and keeping your nose to the grindstone for as long as the job takes. You are self-controlled, dedicated, organized, systematic, thorough, disciplined and patient in the way you go about things. You are a born leader who has executive ability and great powers of concentration. People may see you as a bit of a stuffed-shirt, but they know they can count on you as you take your duties and responsibilities very seriously. They trust you to come through for them, regardless. You meet obstacles and life without emotion and you will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. Most of the time you feel that you must rely on yourself alone, that it's all on your shoulders. You can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much from yourself and others. There are times when you doubt your own power and ability. You fear failure and that is why you will do anything in order to keep it from happening. There are times when it seems that every roadblock in the world is thrown at you, keeping you from initiating the things you have planned. Your solution is to dig down deep and work longer and harder. Your powers of determination and endurance are what make you succeed. You have great drive, ambition, vitality and strategy. You desire to build and leave lasting structure. There is focus upon power and leadership. At times you may be too conservative and unwilling to take the risks that are sometimes necessary for success. Do not let fear keep you from making calculated, educated risks. Develop confidence in your own abilities. You may not be a genius but remember what Thomas Edison said, "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration". Remember that you do have an extraordinary capacity to sustain your concentration until your projects are completely finished. When you are frustrated, you may have difficulty controlling your anger, which can be quite explosive since you tend to hold in your hostilities. You should learn to verbally express your resentments before you become so uncontrollable. If you find it impossible to talk about your resentments, then you should write them down and then reread them. If your anger goes away upon re-reading your notes, then you can destroy them. If not, then you should deliver them to whomever has caused your frustration, with the idea of talking about the frustrations when the paper has been read. You need to remember that bottling anger up inside you is one of the primary causes of gall and kidney stones. Controlling passionate desires may also need doing as unruly desires can get you in a lot of trouble if left unchecked. The Conjunction of the two so-called unfavorable planets, Saturn and Mars, is generally considered to be a very bad position. But since true Astrology teaches that there is no real harm but relative, it is within your ability to make this look good - and you will succeed if you let your ambition dominate your senses. Be careful, however, not to get away from the danger of falling into someone else, because the mind is much more difficult to deal with than the senses. It gives you a mighty and powerful will and an assurance that will be beneficial only if the self-interest has been removed. You are capable of holding unique and very responsible positions where courage and skill are needed, but do not become overly ambitious.

Jupiter at 26°04'35'' Sagittarius

You are big-hearted, idealistic, loyal, generous, humane, broad- minded, philosophical and tolerant. There may be interest in religion, law, higher education or anything abstract. You may be prophetic and inspirational and you can inspire trust in other people. They are attracted to your sense of honor and integrity. You have a strong desire to help others and you have an ability to inspire them to help themselves. You may be in a position of power and prestige or work in the professions. You tend to be conservative because of a desire for people to like you. You must watch a tendency to justify yourself by rationalization. On the negative side, you may be too fond of sport or gambling, fond of cheap or extravagant display, self- righteous, narrow-minded, intolerant, dogmatic and atheistic. This position is strong and favorable to Jupiter and is beneficial to all its energetic features. It is favorable for the superior aspect of both intellect and feelings, for religion, philosophy, law, medicine, and for charity and social feeling, giving kindness, compassion, generosity, logic and humor. You love beauty and harmony, which can be expressed through music and art. You have a sense of personal dignity and you prefer to be reconciled with the ways and customs of good society, but you also have great tolerance and good character and you can easily forgive those who have insulted you. This position is favorable for land and sea travel. It also tends to give peace to home and family life. It contributes to vitality and physical health.

Aspects Jupiter

3.96 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Uranus Opposition Jupiter

Perhaps your most problematic tendency with this aspect is that you tend to jump from one thing to another so quickly that you never learn much about anything. You can certainly become a sort of Jack-of-all- trades with this aspect, but is that going to get you anywhere? To be successful at life requires concentration of some sort. Continually hopping from this to that doesn't get the job done. In addition, you should watch that you do not become so enveloped, rigid or self- righteous about your goals and philosophies that you try to force everyone into believing what you believe. Develop an open and tolerant mind and you will find that the Universe sends less antagonizing situations your way. Faithfully following whatever philosophy seems like Truth to you is fine, just don't inflict your beliefs on those who are not ready or able to accept them. Avoid religious fanaticism, rebellion and anarchy and respect other people's right to believe in their truths also. You tend to be independent, expansive and creative, with strong willpower and great determination. These characteristics are of immeasurable help to you in succeeding in life. Pursue the inspiration and avoid the unrealistic gamble. Be tolerant of slower-thinking individuals. You have a very keen and sharp mind with lightning reflexes and you must remember that not everyone can keep up with you and your fast pace. You have much to teach others, but only if you are willing to work at their speed rather than your own. One last thing, since you reserve the right to think as you please, you must grant others that same right. This is not at all favorable vibration, because it spoils the good that Jupiter promises and steals the joy and bliss of its benevolence. You will have sudden and unexpected losses in your life and there is the danger of some judicial struggle or inexorable conflict. It is advisable to avoid strangers and to have little relationship with public companies or organizations and associations. You will have a sudden change of opinion, which will affect you subjectively or objectively. Unnecessary travel should be avoided, otherwise, be careful, to avoid accidents.

Saturn R at 17°30'07'' Leo

You possess diplomatic, organizing, executive, and leadership ability along with a strong will. You tend to be self-reliant, conservative, and are extremely efficient. You may have difficulty expressing your emotions and your affections, which may make you appear cold and unloving. You need love, but may not know how to go about giving or receiving it, thus you may isolate yourself from others. Your love is motivated by strong feelings of duty and responsibility and you show your love by taking care of business and doing what is required or by giving material things to loved ones instead of yourself, which is what they really want. On the negative side, you may be cruel and quick-tempered, jealous, and may resort to underhanded means to satisfy your ambitions. Heart trouble is possible with this position. You need to be admired for your ability to get things done efficiently and effectively. This will help you in life, giving you strength, authority or responsibility and, to a certain extent, you will stand out from the crowd. It slightly reduces circulation and vitality and may affect the heart. It will give you the favor of the superiors and those who are in a superior social class. You are rather steady and self-sufficient. Problems may arise due to overwork, erotic affairs or misfortunes, unless you can exercise self-restraint without getting cold. Your basic experiences will come through your feelings and if you can control passion and kill the lion of anger, you will avoid many of the problems of your destiny.

Aspects Saturn

4.36 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Conjunction Saturn

You are quite capable of much self-discipline and self-denial. Life in your eyes is serious, so serious at times that you may occasionally suffer from depression. Your great stamina allows you to work as hard as needed in order to accomplish whatever you have set your Will upon. Just be sure you do not use wrongs means to accomplish your goals. People are not here for you to walk on or over so that you can make it to the top. The more people you wrongly use to get yourself ahead only increases your chance of falling from grace. This aspect is telling you to keep your nose clean and do everything above board and by the book. There are no shortcuts to success and if you think otherwise, then life will eventually show you the error of your thinking. Do not get into the habit of fearing change. Embrace change because it gives you a chance to grow, reform and regenerate yourself. If you do not try to regenerate yourself willing, then life will put the people in your way that will force you to do so, on their terms, not yours. Change is your teacher so do not fight against it, even though it may be difficult. Whatever failure you meet in life, resist any bitter feelings you have. Defeats are actually spiritual aids that will help you to evolve. The only failure in life is in giving up. This position makes you oppress yourself because you are never satisfied, even when you have conquered the top. You can not express your feelings and never ask for help from anyone.

4.60 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Uranus Sextile Saturn

Difficult tasks can be completed because of your persistence, endurance, patience and hard work. You combine the best qualities of idealism and practicality. The difficulties you experience in life give you a chance to show your ability to persevere when the going gets tough. Much learning and soul growth can come from these situations. Your ambitions take you on unique, unusual and perhaps even eccentric paths. Unusual people come into your environment to help you experience the things you need to experience to grow and mature. You have the ability to balance your need for personal freedom and your sense of responsibility. With this balance you can accomplish a great deal. Your organizational ability and your ability to work with details help you to succeed and to come through for others. You perhaps need to learn how to relax, though, as your ability to endure extra tension may be too much for your physical body or your nervous system to withstand. This is a vibration that you may not be able to reach during your life. It is a face that endows those who are able to respond to its superior note with clairvoyance or mental capacity known as intercession - but, as pure and sophisticated as your thoughts and feelings become, the more you will come to The awakening of your mental attributes. You can take advantage of concentration and you should also keep your mind free of the objective conditions that bind the soul if you want to do all that this great vibration implies. Whatever it is, this position gives you an amazing combination of originality and practical mind, resulting in a lot of business qualities. You are capable people, you can succeed in life and become very popular.

5.09 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Neptune Sextile Saturn

You have the opportunity to reach a high spiritual purpose in this life by serving others through hard work and sacrifice. You can set aside your own needs for the needs of others you trust and you gladly work in doing so. You blend well the qualities of practicality and idealism. You are capable of detaching yourself emotionally from situations and this allows you to see things through to the end. Whatever your hopes and dreams, you will work hard to achieve them. You can make do with very little if you believe it necessary in order for you to accomplish your goal. Practical creativity is your talent. Spiritual protection has been earned in previous lives by your willingness to help and serve others. This suggests the ability to concentrate your efforts in a certain direction with great persistence. In fact, this aspect gives an extraordinary power of persistence, despite the obstacles and defeats, if its influence is fully utilized. You will always have a liking for strange and unusual and you will be able to follow your path satisfactorily, whether it is welcomed by others or not. It creates a tendency for hardness in the character, and you should try to widen your sympathy and develop your love for others to compensate for it. This aspect is very good because it allows you to take advantage of your imagination creatively. You can take advantage of the profession of decorator, director, journalist, etc. Music has a strange effect on your inner nature.

Uranus at 22°06'25'' Gemini

This gives originality, intuition and love for the rhythm. You like traveling by modern means of transport. You have somewhat irritable nature, inventive abilities, and during teenage years, you will have some original opportunities. Uranus in Gemini will tend to shock people by expressing weird, socially unacceptable ideas.

Neptune R at 12°24'07'' Libra

You are conformist, a company person. The illusion of this may makes you to think that if you don't rock the boat, everything will be alright. There is a love of fairness and justice. This influence enables you to shape new artistic ideals because you have an intuitive temperament, very poetic or spiritual. You have great mercy. It gives you a tendency to have somewhat cloudy political views and also has the tendency to decide your marriage under strange and cloudy situations.

Aspects Neptune

0.73 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Pluto Sextile Neptune

Like all your generation, you have the opportunity to help others for the good of humanity. Use any physical or spiritual power to help those around you.

Pluto R at 13°08'23'' Leo

You are obsessed with self-expression. Your motto is "Do your own thing". You are never going to grow old. You may become fanatic about trying to stay young, hence the proliferation of health clubs. You would splurge on the things most important to you and skimp on everything else. You always defy authority, unless, of course, you are the authority. This position gives you the ability to undertake some important and refreshing work and to be honored for it.

* * *

Personal Color - Aura

Moon at 09°38'06'' Sagittarius

This moon position will color your personal aura with a radius of Indian color. Regarding the extent to which this Indian shade will be affected, much will depend on the influences coming from the other planets because it is one of the deepest and strongest shades of any other sign that the Moon can find. Therefore, much will depend on Jupiter's position as to how this influence will affect you. But if you overcome any tendency to rebel against the law and order of your being, you will be more capable of purifying this hue and perceiving its spiritual influence. It makes you feel more or less all the religious vibration and love everything that has to do with religious life, and if that is not the case, know that you have not come under the true Indian radius, which is predominantly governed by Jupiter . Your past lives are very relevant to your current situation, so try not to ever rebel against the conditions, trying to harmonize them.

* * *


Results of Aspects

Conjunction 2 x Power = 5
Sextile 8 x Power = 39
Square 1 x Power = 5
Trine 6 x Power = 29
Opposition 3 x Power = 13

In your horoscope we found these aspects:

14 Positives with sum Power 68
4 Negatives with sum Power 18
2 Conjunctions and Inconjunct with sum Power 5

With these facts we can say that,

You have a favorable horoscope and you will find opportunities to develop your character and wisely use your cognitive abilities. You will gain by studying your horoscope because you have the ability to benefit from the good influences that were working at your birth, and your planetary positions give some power to the world, which is no less powerful because it may not be obvious or public . The judgment was made as clear as possible and you should study well what has been said, so that you can grasp the inner meaning that may exist in each paragraph, remembering that the whole analysis is given in order to help you in your progress. (The following is a brief judgment of all the combinations suggested by the horoscope).


Planets Positions

Majority of Planets in Fire Signs

You have a very lively and idealistic - with great reserves of power and energy, integrated, rich and generous nature, full of vitality and enthusiasm, as well as optimistic and energetic. You have deep feelings, you can love warmly, show great passion and you never miss the spirit. Love of heroic acts and intensity of purpose is one of the most prominent features of your character and attitude. You always give a great deal of yourself to everything you do and feel, but you should avoid impulse or recklessness and always think carefully before you talk or do.

Sun in Water Sign - Moon in Fire Sign

These are not quite related elements to mix. It is an indication that your personality will be ahead of your individual situation and, with the general experiences of life, you will try to elevate your feelings and emotions to a higher field. Often feelings will be drawn to you and your dangers will be due to uncontrollable impulses that often lead you beyond the safe place in terms of feelings. You are internally mentally and externally positive, that is, exactly the opposite of what you would like to be. Often this makes you behave in a way that is contrary to your inner desires, causing discontent.

Sun in Mutable Sign - Moon in Mutable Sign

There is no difference between your inner self and your external attitude. What you are showing to others is exactly what you are. What you say, believe them.


Here ends the first and most important part of the basic analysis of your natal horoscope. In the preceding paragraphs, I managed to offer you a purely scientific analysis of your horoscope. Up to the point where the general knowledge of Contemporary Astrology has brought us to date, you have on the pages that preceded the experience of a great spirit of astrology, Alan Lios, combined with my many years of experience, research and quest. The judgment given to you is based solely on the laws of astrology as it has been taught us since antiquity to this day.

Here is a description of the secondary elements of your natal horoscope and it is a collection of various ancient and new sources of astrology. Their role and their relationship with you are presented to you here more as a trigger for more deepening when you first understand all the above and the main elements that make up your birth horoscope and would like to be deeply involved in astrology.

* * *

More Informations

Positions and Aspects of Asteroids

Chiron at 24°42'10'' Scorpio

The issue here is power. You may be afraid of your power and try to take it for granted. Otherwise, you may feel weak and try to cover it by acting in a loud voice. Sex is just one way to get that out and yes, making sex is a possibility. Another possibility is to avoid sex because it is "very dangerous" and think that anyone who has sex with you wants to dominate you. It's a good place for a sexologist who can help everyone else about their sexual problems but can not help himself. Inheritance issues can also be a source of pain for you. Problems and reversals accompany these issues.

Aspects Chiron

1.96 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mars Square Chiron

Present excessive aggression as a cover for some feelings of inadequacy you feel, or can behave passively and hide your inner rage and hostility. You must ask yourself honestly what is it that makes you feel inadequate and try to bring it to the surface, to troubleshoot and to neutralize or to clear completely.

3.03 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Mercury Square Chiron

The face is somewhat confusing. Can you believe that we clear as you like someone, when in fact the other does not have the same opinion. Or you may feel that you are not right colluded with each other, while the other believes the opposite.

Ceres at 10°29'30'' Taurus

You like food very much. Also massage your shoulders and the back of your neck. Hard and for long.

Aspects Ceres

1.33 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Sun Sextile Ceres

To care for others is part of your character. You had probably a father that cared enough and was compatible with you and your needs.

2.64 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Pluto Square Ceres

Probably in your childhood your parents, you were asked to do something first for them to look after you and show you affection. So too in your turn ask others, even your children if you have to do something for you, before dealing with them. But this is not the right way. He is selfish and compulsive way.

Pallas Athena at 27°23'03'' Pisces

The Pallas Athena shows the quality and good taste and skills in designing. Pisces is emotional, unstable, sensitive, adaptable, receptive, not easily expressed and appreciates the elusive, often confused.

Aspects Pallas Athena

1.30 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Jupiter Square Pallas Athena

Jupiter shows luck. The Pallas Athena shows the quality and good taste and skills in designing. In these matters you are prejudiced, agitated, opposed to the conditions, and because of this attitude of yours, you will face many critical situations. Many times you feel remorse, worry, anxiety and despair. Forced separations and moving from place to place are likely to occur due to a karmic debt that must be met. The attitude of the spirit of the mind and the senses is usually such that it tends to create a crisis. Any situation or event caused by this aspect is critical and directs the flow of luck in one direction or another permanently, with more or less permanent results.

5.27 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Uranus Square Pallas Athena

Uranus indicates sudden and unexpected changes. The Pallas Athena shows the quality and good taste and skills in designing. In these matters you are prejudiced, agitated, opposed to the conditions, and because of this attitude of yours, you will face many critical situations. Many times you feel remorse, worry, anxiety and despair. Forced separations and moving from place to place are likely to occur due to a karmic debt that must be met. The attitude of the spirit of the mind and the senses is usually such that it tends to create a crisis. Any situation or event caused by this aspect is critical and directs the flow of luck in one direction or another permanently, with more or less permanent results.

Juno at 19°04'20'' Aquarius

You want your mate to be different. It can be eccentric, genius, or sell madness. You will both want independence, a marriage in which, due to circumstances, you will be forced to be away from each other, it is the best for you.

Aspects Juno

1.57 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Saturn Opposition Juno

People comes out liking for relationship tend to be older than you at least in spirit if not in years. This aspect shows that the marriage can be done in old age or not done at all. Maybe it is better for you not to get married before 28 to 30, why an early marriage may be just a bad marriage made for practical - in your opinion or your greatest - reasons, like safety say. Also you may have a tendency to keep a bad marriage to keep your social image abroad, or because your mate your just feeding. If this is the case you should get the judgment and dissolve the bad marriage and look to make a fresh start.

2.60 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Mercury Conjunction Juno

The match will not be silent. When you marry you should like to discuss with you constantly. And you will make good discussions between you. The communication skills grow with your communication with your mate.

3.03 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Uranus Trine Juno

Tend to comes out liking people for relationship to be independent, or radiation, which is a bit quirky and lonely. The link will be open in each State to make its own activities and make his life. Make sure you and your mate to feel independent enough to be able to continue together.

3.66 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Mars Opposition Juno

Marriage and companionship will awaken to action. In fact, you may need a partner to do business generally. Individuals who comes out liking tend to be energetic, positive and aggressive. Or maybe having a partner, you may experience these symptoms. Anyway there are indications that it may regularly disagree with your mate. One of you has for leadership trends and want to dominate the other.

4.23 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Venus Sextile Juno

You elxete a cute companion with good artistic skills and sense of art.

5.93 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Pluto Opposition Juno

The match will be intense and fierce. Sex with him would be like the eruption of a volcano. Your relationship will be extreme. One of you will be transformed in some way. Through the relationship you will discover that you have much more courage than heretofore thought you had, but such that it is characterized by dictatorial tendencies and possible trends for strength and power. One of the two will try to dominate over the other. The moods will rotate faster than I love to hate. Even if you split once, this will be the match that will never forget either for good or for bad moments spent together.

6.67 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Neptune Trine Juno

The match will be sensitive, emotional and powerful imagination. The marriage or relationship can also bring these results to you. In any case there will be a tendency to over idealize your mate, watch what you want to see.

Vesta at 14°12'27'' Cancer

Your attention is focused on home and domestic issues. Good place for any job that requires intuition and focus on the sensitive or emotional side of each situation.

Aspects Vesta

1.80 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Neptune Square Vesta

You may experience difficulties when you concentrate on your normal daily chores.

2.38 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Sun Trine Vesta

Your ability to focus and concentrate on your somewhere is natural for you.

North Node R at 17°33'26'' Taurus

You tend to rely heavily on the goods and property of others. You also tend to induce turmoil and turmoil. You have to concentrate your efforts on your rebirth, not to let your life be taken from below. The most important thing for you is to build your own property and cultivate your own value system. Although this is something that everyone has to do, it is especially important for you to grow further.

Lilith at 14°14'19'' Aquarius

Your sensuality tends to be expressed in an anarchic way. You can propagate or teach new ideas on gender relations, sexual education, etc.

* * *

The Degrees of the Zodiac that affect you

Sun at 11°49'25'' Pisces

"A truncated cone." Fate of Decrease. The person can occupy a high position, but in the middle of his career there is a danger.

Moon at 09°38'06'' Sagittarius

"A full moon shining on a clear sky." Squadron of the Impersonation. Comfort and grace. Around the person will be expressed talents and abilities.

Mercury R at 21°40'21'' Aquarius

"An angry bull tyrannizing a dog's body." The Fate of Violence. Passions that reach up to exaggeration, fear of the consequences of his actions.

Venus at 23°18'22'' Aries

"A man playing with colored balls. A woman shameless, standing upright behind him." The Silence of the Anomaly. The person will experience difficulties with the opposite sex, minimal ambition.

Mars R at 22°44'05'' Leo

"A bright star, pale blue, shining over a lake." The Fate of Contemplation. Spirit intuitive, diplomatic gifts. The person will shine within the sphere of his existence.

Jupiter at 26°04'35'' Sagittarius

"A man under the foot of a lion." Squad of Disability. Nature struggling with powerful enemies.

Saturn R at 17°30'07'' Leo

"A sparkling mirror that reflects the rays of the sun." Glowing fate. Shining mind, capable of inventing. Greatness.

Uranus at 22°06'25'' Gemini

"An old oak, without leaves and wrists, crushed by the storms, alone, right in a desolate swamp." The Quake of Abandonment. Abandonment by parents. Nature prone to loneliness or celibacy.

Neptune R at 12°24'07'' Libra

"A column of black marble made in a rock unsteadily." The Quest of Isolation. The man will oppose the contrasts of fortune. Character strong and strong.

Pluto R at 13°08'23'' Leo

"A broken wheel and a horse that grazes beside." Destroyed Squadron. Character left to be swept away, many orientation changes.

Chiron at 24°42'10'' Scorpio

"A wolf standing on a horse's skeleton." Fate of Salvation. Mind panicked and greedy.

Ceres at 10°29'30'' Taurus

"A dead man who sits on a throne and holds his scepter while there are specimens of wealth around him." Fate of Occupation through your own actions. Many benefits from your own actions.

Pallas Athena at 27°23'03'' Pisces

"A snake standing in a circle of light." Fate of Knowledge. Rare intelligence, study of the secrets of nature. Medical gifts.

Juno at 19°04'20'' Aquarius

"A great turtle." The Fate of Providence. Spirit wise and desperate, endowed with great resilience.

Vesta at 14°12'27'' Cancer

"A dome on which a throne is placed on it and a dog sleeps on this throne." Squadron Squadron. More luck than value. Unexpected rise.

North Node R at 17°33'26'' Taurus

"Two bulls hit." Fate of Wrestling. Character fighter.

Lilith at 14°14'19'' Aquarius

"A boat with open sails in a sea that swims in the sun." Fate of Abundance. Character business and adventurous, spirit cosmopolitan and unstable.

* * *


As the time passes, you have to awaken opportunities that are latent within your horoscope, and depending on your sincerity and ability, you will be able to experience all that your planets imply. You may not recognize all of the previous features, but if your birth time and time are right, each word will match you. Astrologers believe that the Character is Destiny and that during this lifetime we must work to develop our character. In the distant future, we are destined to take an active part in promoting the evolution of the world and for this purpose we must make ourselves fit, for in the end we must become perfect.

* * *


Planets Sign
Sun 11°49'25'' Pisces
Moon 09°38'06'' Sagittarius
Mercury R 21°40'21'' Aquarius
Venus 23°18'22'' Aries
Mars R 22°44'05'' Leo
Jupiter 26°04'35'' Sagittarius
Saturn R 17°30'07'' Leo
Uranus 22°06'25'' Gemini
Neptune R 12°24'07'' Libra
Pluto R 13°08'23'' Leo
Asteroids Sign
Chiron 24°42'10'' Scorpio
Ceres 10°29'30'' Taurus
Pallas Athena 27°23'03'' Pisces
Juno 19°04'20'' Aquarius
Vesta 14°12'27'' Cancer
Minor Objects Sign
North Node R 17°33'26'' Taurus
Lilith 14°14'19'' Aquarius
Uranian Sign
Cupido R 21°33'24'' Virgo
Hades 25°24'00'' Aries
Zeus R 22°31'16'' Leo
Kronos 20°50'28'' Taurus
Apollon R 18°14'05'' Virgo
Admetos 18°58'27'' Aries
Vulkanus R 21°22'25'' Gemini
Poseidon R 09°09'18'' Libra
Fixed Stars Sign
ACHERNAR 14°33'22'' Pisces
POLARIS 27°50'20'' Gemini
ZETA RETICULI 23°04'07'' Pisces
PLEIADES 29°39'02'' Taurus
ALDEBERAN 09°03'23'' Gemini
CAPELLA 21°07'31'' Gemini
RIGEL 16°06'04'' Gemini
BELLATRIX 20°13'07'' Gemini
ALNATH 21°50'33'' Gemini
ORION 22°44'08'' Gemini
BETELGEUSE 28°01'25'' Gemini
MENKALINAN 29°11'04'' Gemini
MURZIM 06°27'33'' Cancer
CANOPUS 14°15'08'' Cancer
ALHENA 08°22'28'' Cancer
SIRIUS 13°22'02'' Cancer
ADARA 20°02'25'' Cancer
WEZEN 22°40'24'' Cancer
CASTOR 19°31'03'' Cancer
PROCYON 25°04'09'' Cancer
POLLUX 22°30'01'' Cancer
SUHAIL 10°28'30'' Virgo
AVIOR 22°26'22'' Virgo
MIAPLACIDUS 01°16'22'' Scorpio
ALPHARD 26°33'23'' Leo
REGULUS 29°06'23'' Leo
DUBHE 14°28'15'' Leo
ACRUX 11°09'08'' Scorpio
GACRUX 06°01'04'' Scorpio
BECRUX 10°55'26'' Scorpio
ALIOTH 08°12'10'' Virgo
SPICA 23°07'04'' Libra
ALKAID 26°12'17'' Virgo
AGENA 23°04'09'' Scorpio
ARCTURUS 23°30'25'' Libra
RIGEL KENTAURUS 28°49'20'' Scorpio
ANTARES 09°02'04'' Sagittarius
SHAULA 23°51'15'' Sagittarius
SARGAS 24°52'08'' Sagittarius
KAUS AUSTRALIS 04°20'34'' Capricorn
VEGA 14°34'27'' Capricorn
ALTAIR 01°02'06'' Aquarius
PEACOCK 23°04'59'' Capricorn
DENEB 04°36'02'' Pisces
ALNAIR 15°10'05'' Aquarius
FORMALHAUT 03°07'09'' Pisces
ANDROMEDA 27°07'10'' Aries

Retrograde Planets


The Mercury retrograde might make it hard for you to express your thoughts correctly and afraid you misunderstand others. It is good to listen carefully to others to build some kind of trust and so do not be afraid to talk to them.


The retrograde Mars suggests that you can spend a lot of time angry and oppressing whoever you can, so you lose the way and the help of others when you need to accomplish something. You have to learn to be positive and that your actions show who you are.


The retrograde Saturn may make you unsafe and believe you are not worthy of anything. Of course, you can keep your fears for yourself by wanting to look loud, perhaps because someone with power exercises great power and influence over you. You need to be patient and work hard to get what you want, but you may not have the will or the desire to devote yourself to this goal, which is mainly seen by the house, the sign and the faces of Saturn On your map. Yet you restrict yourself if you lazily.


The retrograde Neptune might make you think about your fault for whatever that go wrong, both you, and the whole world. You are easily wounded and in your attempt to hide it, you become hard with others. You are looking to find a way to escape and especially to the subjects shown by Neptune's house, sign and faces in your horoscope.


The retrograde Pluto shows that you tend to hide from others the great difficulties that can pass on some phases of your life. The positive thing about this is that your enemies will not learn about your problems and will not hurt you anymore. The negative thing is that your friends will not know it and they could help you. If you are confident about your friends and you know they can help you, then it's good not to hide them too.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.

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