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Joe Biden, Natal Horoscope


Read for Joe Biden 20-11-1942 08:30 Scranton US Pennsylvania Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

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Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

NameJoe Biden
Birthday20 / 11 / 1942
Birth time08:30:00
Birth PlaceScranton US Pennsylvania


The real purpose of Astrology is to serve as a guide to physical life. Astrology students are convinced that this is a perfect study system in which self-knowledge can be achieved. The author believes that the character is destiny and that we, in past lives, we weave the web of destiny with our own thought, and now, in a similar way we weave the fabric of our future horoscope. Every sin is the result of ignorance, so to know ourselves means to become wiser and thus to dominate the destiny. Every fate, good or bad, was originally made up of our own thoughts and actions and has its roots in our character. The horoscope is the indicator of the Divine Law in practice and therefore helps us to discover a great part of our destiny.

* * *

Rising Sign or Ascendant

Ascendant Sagittarius at 03°12'26''

At your birth Sagittarius was rising up, a sign of a fiery and varied sign. This gives you an honest and open-minded character, sincere and straight. You are generous, tender, sympathetic, honest and just. You have a strong sense of dignity and you like cleanliness, order, accuracy and correctness, both in individuals and in the environment. You also love the beauty of shape and appearance and you have preference for clothes, jewelery and decorations. You love freedom and independence - you are generally active and tireless, as well as happy and optimistic. You like sports and exercises and you can become competent in this field. You are somewhat impulsive and enthusiastic - sometimes too abrupt and violent, but usually only when they offend you. As a rule, you are typical of your behavior and do not like breaking the rules. You are generous, humanitarian and good-natured. You have a flexible mind and a natural ability to cultivate it in the direction of the higher and most difficult disciplines of learning such as philosophy, theology or law. You have a sense of respect and dedication, and you have a religious feeling, whether you cultivate it or not. You tend to be idealistic, aspiring, enthusiastic, religious or agnostic, interested in far away places and cultures or ideas, physically active, risk-taking, outgoing, breezy, extroverted, philosophical, perhaps dogmatic, prejudiced, superficial, looking for greener pastures, and on-the-go. Sagittarius, the Centaur, is half-human, half-horse and this is perhaps the way you are. You have great aspirations, yet may have a most unruly desire nature. You can shoot for the stars or wallow with the animals. There is love of animals, the outdoors, sports, gambling, adventure, and travel. You may lack concentration. You probably have many acquaintances, but few friends. You tend to have casual contacts rather than in-depth relationships. You have a great restlessness and a love to be on the move. You may always be looking for greener pastures, never stopping or slowing down to see where you really are and what's around you. You tend to be talkative and direct and to the point. You may be lacking in tact and diplomacy due to your frankness. Ideas are very important to you. You generally like working with the big picture and dislike all the little details. You may promise much and deliver less. You can rise to the heights or sink to the depths. Which will you choose? Spiritual lesson to learn: Restraint, of all that is given away (and stop procrastinating). Jupiter rules Sagittarius so Jupiter will be important in your chart. Luck: A flair for travel, sports and outdoor exercises - sometimes an inclination towards religion, philosophy, law, learning and working with people and aspirations about these things. Ruler: Jupiter. Planet Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Usually, gives an optimistic, cheerful and joyous mood, which will help you to become very popular and making many friends. You will gain social esteem and success and you'll be famous and generally liked. You are kind-hearted, generous and benevolent and you are always ready to help those in need and to support deserving cases. You value law, order and property, the rules and conventions of customs - dislike the anti-social, clumsiness or bad taste on opinions or conduct, as well as the ugliness and disharmony in the environment. You appreciate beauty both in external form and ideas. Like the beautiful surroundings, comfort and subtlety, in all things. You have energy, enthusiasm, zeal and faith. Feeling a natural respect for the law and religion, experience with typical courtesy, the ritual and formulas and have perhaps a tendency to be bound by the formalities. You have the ability to cultivate the superior qualities of mind towards the laws, religion or philosophy, if interested in something. Jupiter is a benefic planet, whether it is in a good position. Governs social and general welfare, religion, laws, charity and good will and gives an estimate for the beauty, harmony, imagination and idealism.

Aspects Ascendant

0.43 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Uranus Opposition Ascendant

You tend to give up everything and bother relatively easily. You can rely on others to spank, stimulate and keep you moving. You have a strong desire for the freedom to do what you want when you want it. There is no doubt that you like to have a lot of work at the same time, because you have very nervous energy. You like to be among unusual people and your relationships are probably a large number of such people. Your close relationships may face difficulties because you do not want to be bound or feel bound in any way. Your revolutionary nature can lead you to problems. Reduce speed and become patient. Spontaneity and impulsiveness can also get you into trouble.

1.69 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Neptune Sextile Ascendant

You have emotional comprehension and compassion for others. There is the possibility that you have cultivated your intuitive and mental abilities in past lives and these talents appear in this life. You are probably creative and surely sensitive to the needs of others.

4.01 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Trine Ascendant

You tend to be somewhat serious, separate with a pure amount of personal magnetism. You have an examining mind and try to be diplomatic in your relationships with others. You have leadership skills that can be cultivated if you put your mind and your will in this direction. You can be calmly emotional at times and this helps you by letting all the powerful energies that are absorbed within you explode. Tension is something that you feel comfortable with. The philosophy and reform of your society exert an irresistible attraction.

4.65 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Venus Conjunction Ascendant

You are charming and engage in an irresistible attraction to others who can not resist you even when you just pretend. You pull the people around you like a magnet and you have the mysterious gift of pulling out whoever you need. You know how to tell people exactly what they want to hear, which is not always right. Sometimes it's hard for you to say no because you do not want to hurt anyone. Also, you can not see that sometimes you simply use others and you do not even think about it. Remember that someday you will discover that you are spiraling.

5.65 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Sun Conjunction Ascendant

You have a happy mood and a nature proud and honest. You never go to indifferent activities. You have a strong, essential existence and you are actually transmitting it to your circle. You are a natural leader and you are doing well in positions of command or authority. You are willing to help those in need and give yourself in a polite way.

6.74 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Saturn Opposition Ascendant

You are serious and inclined towards introversion, perhaps because of a lack of self-confidence, sweet sentiments, or because you lack faith in yourself. You probably prefer relationships with older, more mature people than you. You are too capable of many things, but you can exercise a great deal of criticism of yourself and your abilities.

Ruler Jupiter at 8 House

This is a place that can harm your health during childhood and youth. If this period passes successfully, then it increases the energy and strength of the body as well as the activity and determination of your nature. You may be able to make money from working with other people, through a cooperative or otherwise. Also, if you're married, you might win by marriage. Money from legacy is possible. You may be related to wills or property of the dead. The death of a friend or relative may have a significant effect on you and you may be in contact with death in many ways. Sometimes this position is accompanied by a tendency towards psyche or occultism and you may experience unusual experiences of spirituality or death. It is a good place for surgeons, chemists, contractors, lawyers, or those involved in direct or indirect death.

Jupiter R at 25°08'00'' Cancer

You are loving, peaceful, friendly, sociable, sympathetic and probably very patriotic. You have a most vivid imagination and have many Utopian dreams. There is probably interest in mystical things. You have good financial judgment, especially in real estate, with the ability to accumulate money and possessions, especially after mid- life. Much help is received from the parents. You may have weight problems, especially later in life because you do enjoy the delicacies of the dinner table. Your full potential may not be reached until middle or later life. There may be a tendency towards stinginess, holding on too long to memories and possessions. You may be a pack- rat. Maudlin sentimentality and over-emotionalism may also be problems for you. This strengthens imagination and insight and gives you some tendency towards art. It is a favorable place for family life, it gives peace and harmony at home, it indicates a bond between you and your parents and gives happiness and prosperity. It can bring you some inheritance from parents, possibly the mother or her family. You may be making some trips, possibly by sea, or perhaps following a profession that involves travel. You can benefit by acquiring houses or land, or by professions related to them. You have talent in choosing furniture and decorating the home and you like the beauty and finesse at home. Understand the architecture and you may be able to do it. It will pull you to the mental or occult side of things or perhaps give you the ability to develop a mental attribute.

Aspects Jupiter

2.42 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Sun Trine Jupiter

Your optimism and cheerfulness win you many friends and help you succeed in life. You have a lot of self-confidence which attracts benefits in amazing ways. You want to expand yourself through some type of philosophy. This aspect helps protect you from danger and harm, even if just at the last moment. You are enthusiastic and have good-spirits, good luck and a desire to interact socially with others. A certain measure of material wealth is probable with this aspect. You have big aspirations but do not struggle much or labor hard to achieve them. You are generous, big-hearted, reliable, sincere, honest and idealistic with a strong sense of justice, fairness, ethics and morality. Mean acts of revenge towards others are beneath you and you will not jeopardize your character and your reputation by stooping to such levels. You are working on controlling your ego through some sort of religious or other philosophy. This aspect brings much of life's happiness to you because you have earned benefits in previous lives by being so kind and thoughtful to others. This will bring some good luck in your life and will probably lift you to a higher position or greatly improve your social position as life progresses. You have a true religious spirit and a genuine kindness that makes you kind and sympathetic to all those you come into contact with. You will find in life the success you deserve and almost all of your pursuits will be successful. You have an optimistic and cheerful character, even under difficult circumstances, and in general you always find the way to arrange your situations quickly and comfortably. Underneath this favorable view, the affairs of health, money and love are strengthened. You also enjoy the progress and thirst for knowledge, so you will have the opportunity to study and travel.

3.41 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Venus Trine Jupiter

You are a generous, warm-hearted and open-handed person who shares every resource with others. You give of both yourself and your possessions to those whom you favor, although you will rarely put yourself out too much in order to do so. You enjoy luxury and refinement and you desire to always be in comfortable, elegant surroundings. You hate having to get your hands dirty. You are charming, gracious and charitable and you are the model host or hostess. This aspect brings material good fortune, which has been earned from previous lives. If there is a negative here, then it is your tendency towards self-indulgence, over-extravagance and laziness. Sometimes things come to you so easily that you do not appreciate them. Things are most appreciated if one has to work hard for them. There may be a love of rich, sweet food as well as too much of it, hence a tendency to gain weight. You are a very gentle and social person who loves harmony, beauty and travel. Be careful not to take things too much for granted or take the easy way out. This aspect will bring you some profit, either through religious people or through covenant or inheritance. It is one of the most harmonious and peaceful aspects, which greatly improves the natal horoscope, because it holds other aspects of the opposite nature. Thanks to this look you will gain from travel and love affairs will roll calmly so that the marriage will be happy and good. Great sorrow that would otherwise happen to you would be hindered by this beneficial influence and there is the prospect of a certain philosophical tendency that will help you a lot.

3.59 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Mercury Trine Jupiter

You have an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. You are interested in learning and education is important to you. You have a knack for making long-range plans and you are blessed with good judgment. Travel is beneficial for you and you enjoy doing it as it broadens your outlook and increases your awareness and understanding. You like working with the big picture and you are not particularly good at or fond of detailed work. You'd rather leave that to someone else. You are a fine speaker and can sell almost anything to anyone. People instinctively trust you and know that you have their best interests at heart. You are an upstanding, moral and generous person who would not intentionally deceive or hurt anyone. You enjoy thinking about abstract subjects such as philosophy and religion. Occasionally you may embellish your stories and exaggerate your experiences to impress an audience. You know how to keep a conversation interesting because you have a wonderful sense of humor. You quickly and thoroughly learn any subject that interests you. You have the ability to see both sides of an argument and you are accomplished at compromise. You are tolerant of the faults of others and you rarely hold a grudge - life's too short, you figure. You love discussion and debate because it gives you a chance to exchange viewpoints and ideas. You would be well- suited to broadcasting work, sales, advertising, publishing, diplomacy, law, consulting, business or almost any professional career. This aspect helps to ensure success in life because you are always positive and will keep working hard regardless of obstacles. You are saved by your faith. This is one of the best aspects that can occur in a horoscope regarding the mind. You are gifted with an extraordinary crisis and you have a broad intellect, which is philosophical, insightful and harmonious. You are tolerant towards the opinions of others and you like everything that is pure and conscientious. You have a true spirit of devotion. All you need to widen it is the right environment and your imagination to bring you into the subjective or inner world because you have the ability to mentally perceive that: "The Kingdom of God within you is," as well as, That true peace comes from within. You are optimistic, but with a lack of sense of criticism, which means that your judgment is right, but you have to be careful about how to express it to others, because not all people stand, to the same extent the truth . You are always happy with your opinion and you have some lack of ambition. You will have success if you decide to become a teacher, or a writer, especially if you are dealing with philosophical issues, or if you are dealing with the judiciary. You are awesome and you have the ability to tackle your problems globally and you usually know from the beginning what you are going to do on every issue. You have travel opportunities and you can learn many foreign languages. You have a pleasant, humorous and spirited mind and you will have successes through its use.

5.84 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Moon Square Jupiter

You are prone to overindulge yourself physically, emotionally and financially. You have a light, cheerful disposition and enjoy reaching out to others in a warm, open and friendly way. Your emotional generosity and lack of pettiness is appreciated by your friends and they often come to you seeking help, sympathy or advice. You overlook the faults in others and treat people in a very tolerant, non- judgmental way. You are a happy-go-lucky person who is not prone to worry. There are times when you overdo your charity. You try to do too much for people and this can sometimes be as bad as or worse than not doing enough. You need to learn how to control your intense emotions. You have a great deal of trouble in controlling your feelings in your relationships with others. You may be saddled with an erratic type of nervous energy that doesn't know when to stop until you have completely exhausted yourself physically and emotionally. Your life may seem to be one of constant, frantic haste. There is a tendency to put on weight through overindulgence of the appetite. Your philosophies or religious beliefs may be tested at some point in your life. Your optimism about finance allows overindulgence. There is a challenge presented here and that is in learning to dissolve your pride. You have an internal fear about facing any negative traits in your personality. This emotional fear can be overcome by developing a good philosophy of life and by recognizing that everyone has imperfections. There may be impaired reasoning ability, trouble through litigation, lack of forethought, indecision or dishonesty. You may be much too fond of ostentatious display, extravagant beyond your means and resources and prone to take wild chances in gambling or speculation. This aspect will not allow the beneficial planet Jupiter to give you his blessing for which he is known. It tends to lose some way and either through exaggeration or by inattention, you will have a financial loss or difficulty in getting as much money as you want. You must be very careful in all your dealings with others because you risk being felled or suffer from accusations by others. That's why you always deal with others in the most direct way, avoiding relationships with people you can not trust. Also, this look makes you somewhat lazy, you enjoy too much fun and you have a glory in gambling. Your mood changes easily, depending on the environment. You are too optimistic and you leave things to their fate, resulting in many mistakes. If you do not watch and do not cultivate self-control, you may experience legal problems, divorce and some liver disease. It is recommended that all things be tolerated.

6.37 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Neptune Sextile Jupiter

You have the opportunity and ability to use your creative imagination to help those around you. Your emotions can find constructive outlet through music, art, painting, poetry or perhaps dance. You have interest in metaphysical, spiritual or religious pursuits. Church music uplifts and comforts you and you seek to pass this peace to others in helping them to find the Way. Trust in your intuition and seek the guidance of your Higher Self, for you are probably in close contact with it. Your sensitivity and compassion towards people makes it easy for others to trust in you and to seek your wisdom. Your powers of visualization can help bring your dreams into reality. Strive to seek the Truth in all that you do. This is a lucky place, both for your material prosperity and for your spiritual progress, if you can use it in this direction. Beneficial influences will flow to you and you can use them as you wish: spiritually or cosmically. However, because of this influence, there is a tendency to exaggeration, and you must try to correct it by disciplining yourself with other lines of thought, such as science or mathematics, so that the sensual and emotional nature (which is likely to be Very strong) not to gain great dominance. Finance programs may be important in your life, either directly or indirectly. You must try to follow the so-called rigorous virtues, as well as simplicity and austerity. This aspect develops spirituality, fertility and occult powers. You have a kind soul, you are an idealist and you sympathize with your fellow human beings. You become dear to friends, you enjoy philosophical discussions and have artistic talents. Have good sleep with frequent dreams and react well to anesthetics.

Planets in House 1

Venus at 1 House

This is very favorable because it gives good luck in your life and will love you and you will be respected by all those with whom you will come in contact. You have talent in music or singing and you love art and everything beautiful or sophisticated. Have success in the issues that give satisfaction to others - you must always look very politely engaged and take on those issues that contribute to the happiness of others not only to gain success in life but also because your joyful influence will be beneficial for them. When the planet Venus comes up, it gives one of the best behaviors. You are friendly and charming with a magnetic personality. You are the honey in life that draws the bees. You always seem to know what to say with regard to what people want to hear. Whether it is the truth or not is the problem. You have an uncanny ability to attract everything you need in life. People and things just come to you. But, you must guard against using people to get what you want. You enjoy and have an appreciation of beautiful and luxurious things. You can also be quite selfish and self-centered. Acting like the spoiled brat is also a danger.

Venus at 28°32'58'' Scorpio

In matters of love, you desire and crave a deep, intense, and passionate relationship. The bonds you form are strongly emotional and may be described as possessive. You can get very jealous regarding loved ones. Uncontrolled jealousy and possessiveness may help destroy the relationships you are most intense about. You have a tendency to "marry" whatever or whoever captures your heart and it is difficult to let go of it or them for any reason. High demands are placed on your partners. You are somewhat suspicious of even platonic, friendly relationships your partner has. If you are ever betrayed, you are capable of hating with as much force and intensity as you once loved. You are attracted to people who have an aura of mystery about them. You have a sultry charm, a personal magnetism. Although your feelings run deep, you may have trouble expressing them. Once burned you never give another a second chance. It is all or nothing at all. There can be a deep religious devotion which can serve as an outlet for your overcharged emotions. You need to learn the value of self-control. Misuse of the creative force in previous lifetimes has forced you to again deal with issues surrounding sex, passion, desire, and regeneration. This position stimulates your creative ability and brings infatuations, misalliances, and love affairs. This is not a very favorable place for the planet. It tends to make feelings, desires, and emotion excessively active and impulsive, so they may need some restraint and fit. You like the pleasures, the luxury and sometimes the idiocy too. It gives a strong love affair and a strong attraction to the opposite sex. There is a risk of problems in love or marriage, hurried or misguided relationships, tendency to scandals, disharmony or jealousy in love or marriage and the separation or death of a loved one. If you can exercise self-control, the worst of these problems will not happen and you will display a generous, compassionate, practical nature that is very helpful to the world, powerful and capable of helping those who are weak. You will have some tendency to excessive and losing money, but these may be imposed on you by the circumstances and not your own fault. There is some possibility for money from marriage or inheritance, but you can also lose money from marriage or from an associate when you are in bad directions.

Aspects Venus

0.99 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Sun Conjunction Venus

The Sun in Synod with the beautiful planet Venus will awaken in you every joyous and blissful vibration, so that all other factions and positions of the opposite nature will be greatly modified. However, to fully awaken this influence, you must let your inner world and your mental gifts more manifest than the external shape and appearance or otherwise the external tendencies of your character. It is a place that touches the most momentous moments of life and brings into action issues related to satisfaction, joy or success. The artistic aspect of your character can be stimulated and cultivated advantageously, and you can work with other people with the utmost confidence that great joy and happiness will emerge. This aspect gives artistic talents, love for the harmonious environment and very good taste. You make friends very easily and you really love them. You are philosophers and good-natured, sensual and attractive, usually you have a good mood and you are very romantic. It is a very positive influence. You are lovable and you love others. You have charm and are kind, sympathetic, friendly and helpful. You are careful, prudent and discreet with the feelings of other people. You have artistic and creative skills and want to do everything in a harmonious, polite and pleasant way. Aesthetics are very important to you, as do your appearance and attractiveness. Good things happen to you because you attract them, as well as whatever else you may need. You want a comfortable, attractive and even luxurious environment. You want your home to be a place of beauty. The creators' comforts are indispensable for your well-being, at least for you. You do not like messing your hands. You have an appreciation of the arts. You have the ability to make friends easily because of your friendliness and courtesy. You are affectionate, but you may not show it unless you also get affection in return. You have the ability to tell others what they want to hear, be it good or bad.

2.95 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Neptune Sextile Venus

You are a sensitive person with a lot of artistic imagination and a flair for creating beautiful things or environments. You find peace in listening to good music and many times it will be the catalyst for your trips of fantasy. You are romantic and would like to have a story-book kind of life where you live in bliss with your one and only soulmate. These are indeed high ideals, but it's okay for you to dream because at the same time you are dreaming, you are able to keep your feet on the ground and not get carried away by it all. You are compassionate and seek to help others who are in need. You are a natural "giver" and it makes you happy to serve. You want what's best for all concerned and you do not have a problem with your ego getting in the way. You find it difficult to be too assertive as you like peace and harmony, without making waves. You are capable of great sacrifice for those you love and you do not necessarily need to be recognized for that or receive anything in return. You have a mystical side to you and you like being around artistic or mystical people. Church music stirs your soul and is as a breath of fresh air from your true home, the heaven worlds. You may have real talent with music or singing. You are devoted and devotional. You generally root for the underdog and can sometimes be a sucker for a sob story. You will attract people in this lifetime who will help you continue the soul growth you started in previous lives. This influence widens the likes and sophisticates your erotic nature, making you deeply sensitive to the beauty of nature while easily earning the superior ideals of life and behavior. But it will be much harder to live these ideals in practical life because you have a tendency to remain a dreamer of beautiful dreams. For this, you have to try to realize in some practical form the beautiful ideas with which you feel full of yourself. This may take the form of some decorative work, painting, music, theater or some more practical work, such as patient care, etc., depending on your general horoscope's general trends. This aspect shows that you have creative imagination, artistic abilities, emit harmony and you have very delicate ways. You become irritable when the harmony around you is disturbed. You create excellent relationships, with different types of people, and show understanding and sympathy to the problems of the world. You like the sea though you may not be good sailors.

4.22 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Uranus Opposition Venus

You are excitable, spontaneous, and easily aroused emotionally and sexually. You crave emotional excitement and you tend to fall in and out of love very quickly, having little self-restraint or concern for propriety when your feelings have been stirred. Relationships begin with sudden, electric attraction, but they often end abruptly. You are unique, a bit eccentric and unconventional in your tastes and you don't mind experimenting. You love adventure, especially in your emotional life. You enjoy the thrill of the chase and you split when things start to get boring. You tend to be faithless in love - your strong suit is not in hanging around for the long haul. You prefer non-traditional relationships, ones that give you plenty of freedom and independence as you do not like to feel tied down. You like playing the field and settling down in a permanent, one-to-one relationship may be asking too much from you. In fact, you may intentionally choose partners who are otherwise unavailable because it helps keep things from getting too close and involved. You don't like strings attached to relationships and you prefer to remain rather detached with it all. There is the possibility of clandestine relationships. You have a highly unusual and explosive emotional nature. You are temperamental and change emotionally as easily as the wind changes direction. You are troubled with the emotional ups and downs which you don't understand and you have the tendency to blame whoever is handy for your emotional lows. The crazy emotional tides which you feel are coming from within and they are because your creativity cannot find a decent outward expression. Use your wonderful creativity ability and your fine intuition in the pursuit of something artistically or musically creative. Then you won't be quite so at the mercy of your erratic emotions. You have a lot of personal magnetism and sex appeal. Others find you very alluring, exciting and interesting. Being restless by nature, travel would be good for you as it would give you an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and your wanderlust. Change is necessary for you and one way or another your life will be filled with it. In general, you do not care what people think of you or the ways in which you relate to the world and to others. You will do what you want. You need to exercise self-control over your sensual nature. You also need to discipline yourself so that your strange and unusual tastes and proclivities do not make it impossible for you to get along with your fellow man and woman. This is not a favorable influence on love affairs. You will be fascinated or influenced in some way by the magnetism of those of the opposite sex that will appeal to you. Sudden and unexpected disappointments threaten you - also sudden economic losses, against which you should be kept avoiding risky speculation. You can not be too careful in all your relationships with strangers, as in all affairs related to love and marriage. It threatens you with a danger because of jealousy and betrayal. This face causes splitting divorce and many alienations from friends and loved ones. In other words, this aspect makes you incompatible, you are not loyal and easily break your relationships. You are sexual, but with peculiar behavior in love, without limits. If you are looking for it, you may have success in fashion, cinema, etc.

* * *


Sun at 27°33'25'' Scorpio

Two animals are used to represent Scorpio, the eagle and the scorpion. The eagle is capable of reaching great heights because he has mastered his lower nature and overcome his passions and the temptations of the sensual sphere. The eagle has risen above the physical world because he has regenerated himself. The scorpion, however, represents those who have not regenerated their thoughts and actions and are still living degenerate lives. They use their cunning and strike when least expected. These are the ones who satisfy their passions regardless of consequences. You in general are ambitious, efficient, courageous, resourceful and intuitive. But, you can also be jealous, sarcastic, resentful, stubborn, possessive and vindictive. You enjoy impossible tasks. You like work that demands continued, determined effort and intense concentration. You are born detectives. You have a strong will and determination to accomplish anything undertaken. You possess an analytical mind, strong intuition, reasoning powers, perception, long range planning ability, magnetism and energy. You have very definite opinions. These opinions can be so rigid that no amount of persuasion will make you change your mind. You make friends easily and give unwaveringly to you. In these relationships, you like to know what others plans are, but, because of your secretiveness, you do not necessarily want others to know what you are planning. You are capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those you love. If any of your loved ones are threatened in any way, you feel that you, too, are being threatened. This causes you to instinctively strike out, either verbally or physically. Because your unconscious mind is more in control than your conscious mind, you lose all sense of judgment under criticism. Under attack, you make effective use of both silence and sarcasm. Unfortunately, your sarcasm can become vindictive. You can, and will, wait a long time in order to get even. You need to learn forgiveness. It is usually difficult to deceive you because your intuition enables you to understand the motives of other people. You receive very strong first impressions of others - experiencing either a liking or a dislike for the person involved. You need to learn flexibility, both in thought and action. Once your course of action is set, it is difficult for you to change. Trivial things bore you and you would rather go deep rather than broad. The more intense, the better. In whatever you do, you want to be completely engrossed. Half-hearted measures are not for you. You have the tendency to do things to extremes, either all or nothing. You have to get to the bottom of whatever it is that interests you. You have to know everything, yet you remain mysterious and secretive. Although it may not appear so, there are powerful emotions and desires at work within your underneath the surface. This power is one reason for your great endurance. Sometimes in your battles you trample on others in the process. This is why you are sometimes classified as great saints or great sinners. You regard yourselves as your own judge, jury, and executioner and punish yourselves unnecessarily at times. You are self- sufficient, but not necessarily self-assured. You rarely actively seek applause or the limelight. You are enerally healthy, but can be inclined to overindulgence in food, drugs, sex or alcohol. In matters of love, you are loyal, affectionate and demonstrative, and perhaps possessive and controlling. You are happiest and most fulfilled with one partner with whom you can combine emotional and sexual love. You who have the Sun in Scorpio, are steady, with inner power and occult tendencies. You have a magnetic ability, critical thinking, and the ability to judge with insight. But when you are not under full self-control, you become demanding, jealous and steep. You have intense appearances and resentments and you can become overly cautious and imposing, though when you are irritable you tend to be sharp and sarcastic, if not really raw. However, you have enough self-control, determination, stability and secrecy, and as life progresses, there will be a more intense desire to investigate the occult and the secret. Avoid pride, cultivate sympathy and try to see things from the perspective of both others and yours.

Aspects Sun

3.95 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Neptune Sextile Sun

You are imaginative and quite sensitive to the conditions with which you surround yourself. You love the colorful, the beautiful, the musical and the magical. You are attracted to metaphysics and want to understand the deeper truths of life. You feel connected to the whole universe and feel rapport with all living creatures. You are sympathetic, compassionate and caring and will always go out of your way to help someone in need. In order to be fulfilled you need to express yourself through some creative pursuit, either art, music, photography, dance or drama. You tend to be very idealistic, a bit romantic, and at times somewhat impractical. You are filled with many ideas and much inspiration and with a little effort you could bring all your dreams and fantasies into reality. In previous lifetimes you have started the work of developing your psychic potential into concrete abilities and you may continue that work in this life by serving those around you who need your help. You are able to contact your Higher Self for wisdom, truth and guidance. You have a love of art, music and painting and you appreciate refinement and high ideals. You may have visions and dreams that you do not understand. Because of your extreme sensitivity, you tend to avoid direct confrontation with others. You are blessed with a certain ethereal charm and magnetism. This shows that the effect of this mysterious planet is conducive to your spiritual development, and you may see that greater conscious enlargement comes from experiences that you have too much difficulty in describing to others. The real paradoxes of life will appear more or less in your consciousness, and some truths that can be expressed in the form of paradox will have a special significance and reality for you if you can get to the upper face of this influence. You are lucky, with the general meaning of the term (although you may not think of yourself as such) and as a rule you will be liked by others. You must, however, be careful that the sensual aspect of life does not dominate you. You also have creative imagination, artistic abilities, inspiration and courtesy, delicacy and romance. Pay attention to the weaknesses of your fellow human beings and you like to join groups that are involved in raising the standard of living.

5.21 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Uranus Opposition Sun

You are independent, liberal, eccentric, unorthodox and rebellious. This aspect brings pride, selfishness, alienation from others, erratic temperament and lack of self-control and self-discipline. You tend to get involved with too many things which scatters your energies. You jump from one thing to another so quickly that you either never get really good at anything or you never finish anything. People can't count on you because you are erratic and don't follow through on your promises. You are impulsive, restless, nervous and undisciplined. You are subject to accidents because of your rashness, impatience and carelessness. Your life is unstable and full of sudden changes in order to promote soul growth. You may have interest in electronics, astrology, motorcycles or the occult, but don't have the necessary persistence to stick with any of them. You want your freedom at all costs and you crave excitement, adventure, risk and discovery. You have an outrageous nature whereby you simply do things just for the sake of shocking others, perhaps to shake them out of their antiquated attitudes. You want to change and reform everything, even if you don't have a better plan with which to replace the existing situation or condition. People think you are odd and perhaps from another planet. But this bothers you little. In fact, you get a kick out of it. You need to develop an awareness of the needs of others. You have a tendency to think of your own desires first. You should learn to listen to the ideas of others with an open mind before making any decisions. You are easily bored and need excitement in your life. It is for this reason that you love a good challenge. Your intellectual development may be far ahead of your emotional development. You believe that you are right and the world is wrong. You must learn to control your impulsive behavior. This is a look unfortunate and devastating. You will have some very strange experiences and you can alienate or lose those you love, feeling great sorrow. You should try as long as you can think carefully before you act and never let yourself drift by impulse or sympathy for others. Try to get to know your friends before trusting them and never allow strangers to influence you. Unexpected and unpredictable events will happen in your life that will upset your plans and programs. You express the need for independence that you have aggressively and you turn it into fanaticism and rejection of society and the "established". This face makes your character "marginal," with a vulnerable nervous system, and explosions are expected at any time. It also makes you strong, persistent, subversive, awkward, abusive and violent. It confuses your judgment and can cause nervous and heart disorders. Sometimes it shows a divorce risk.

6.02 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Mercury Conjunction Sun

This is a dubious place, and only those who live more as individuality than as a personality can respond to her vibration. In this case it gives great mental capacity, with a clear upper-class thought. But when the personal aspect of the character is dominated, this position has no dramatic effect. In order for this position to become active and favorable, every personal tendency must disappear and allow the wisdom of the soul to transcend the intellect. Because this is a position that favors more the subjective consciousness or intellect than the specific or objective demonstration of knowledge. For most people this position remains a hidden possibility until the soul develops. In other words, you are smart, but selfish, because you think you are always right. You refuse to listen to the opinions of others or if you ever hear them, you do not take them seriously. On the other hand, you help those who do not have enthusiasm, but are not able to maintain your own enthusiasm. You are prone to boredom. You have the tendency to see things from time to time. Occasionally you have a problem being objective because you can be quite self-absorbed. You love talking about yourself, your ideas and opinions, but you do not care to listen to others when they do the same thing. You enjoy a clean mind with a quick spirit, and you have a love to learn and engage in new experiences. You need constant spiritual stimulation and activity because you are otherwise bored. You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to make them hear your point of view, but you have to keep track of and coordinate with what other people are saying. This is because instead of listening to what they say to you, you are thinking about what you will say later, but you have not heard what your interlocutors have said in the meantime. You are quite unkempt and you may have the habit of biting your nails, shaking your joints or some other habit. Start a hobby that requires the use of your hands so that you are not so anxious and annoying to others with your little temper. And work a little less self-centered.

* * *


Moon at 00°58'57'' Taurus

Your emotional nature is steadied and others find this quality soothing in you. You are generally even-tempered and peace-loving and are not easily ruffled or given to emotional displays. You can be downright stubborn at times, especially when it comes to making changes that are emotional in nature or that require emotional adjustment. You seek security and often expect this security to come from materials possessions and resources. Hence, you desire to collect material goods and money. You cling to things from the past or things you are used to in order to find this security. A great deal of affection and closeness is needed by you and this helps to assuage feelings of insecurity. But sometimes you hold onto people much too closely so they feel they can't breathe. You expect loyalty in love and you are very devoted to those you care about. You have the tendency to indulge in sensual comforts and activities. Eating rich or sweet food seems to give you security. You may have a weight problem because of this. Food can become a substitute for emotional satisfaction and love. You are resourceful, determined, and persistent. You perhaps have a green thumb and are good at getting anything to grow and prosper. You are happiest when working with your hands, probably with the earth or things of the earth. You can be lead but never pushed into doing things. You hate and fear sickness and pain. Too great a comfort with the status quo can prevent you from making necessary changes. Don't be too rigid in thought or deed. This is a favorable position, because the Moon is in a flame in this sign. It gives you friends and acquaintances, from which you will feel great satisfaction and are likely to help you in your life. Your acquaintances will have an impact greater than usual on your career. It is within your ability to make and maintain long-term friendships. This position is particularly conducive to financial issues, especially for money earned from home, real estate or one of the parents. It gives you a social attitude in which obsession, patience and calm stability play a key role - but sometimes you tend to show jealousy, pride and undue stubbornness, and you can stay alone in this way. Your habits are rather steady and lack adaptability. In short, the Moon gives you strong courage and health, while your steady mood allows you to maintain your psyche and always feel good with others, and in this way you gain popularity and reputation in the crowd. You love the family and you are capable of creating a very homely home.

Moon at 5 House

The Moon in the Fifth House shows that you will experience experiences related to pleasures or senses, and besides sensual issues directly connected with feelings, there will be a special experience that is likely You need it to get rid of the trap of the senses. You have luck in terms of schools or children's issues, entertainment, etc. And sometimes on issues related to speculative affairs. It makes you wholehearted about all the issues of the heart, because you put a lot of feeling in everything that gives satisfaction to you and to others. But there is a tendency to be unsteady in love affairs and you will come in contact with people who are not so stable in their feelings. It gives you a lot of romance.

Aspects Moon

6.23 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Pluto Square Moon

You have intense desires, emotions and feelings and your personal relationships are deeply emotional, passionate, and often stormy and painful as well. You have a magnetic personality that draws people to you. Your relationships with others tend to be obsessive and compulsive. There is much jealousy and possessiveness and each of you tries to control the other in as many different ways as possible. You are manipulative and not just in subtle ways. You resort to guilt, innuendo and outright false accusations in order to keep your hold on others. Your feelings can be so compelling at times that you do things that are not at all rational. You undergo periodic upheaval where you must break all ties to people and things and begin everything new from the start. You are likely to be very set in your ways, opinionated and inflexible. You have difficulty listening to the ideas and suggestions of others. You feel a need to be right all the time. You find it hard to forgive and forget. You need to develop an awareness so that you see others as they really are and not as you wish them to be. Your emotions are especially strong and difficult for you to control. You may become obsessed over security or money. Your challenge here is to learn how to control the emotional turmoil that is inside you. It is difficult for you to totally trust those you love, because you fear you will eventually be rejected due to your supposed unworthiness. Because of this, you are constantly tested in your relationships in order to bring about an inner growth. These lessons are designed to teach you to trust those you love and care for. This makes you insecure, so you can not recognize the love that others give you because you think you do not deserve to love you. The result is that you become aggressive, possessive, and are envious too when you feel that your mate can feel beautiful and without your presence. You have intense sexuality, but you express it aggressively and want to depend on your mate.


Sun Scorpio - Moon Taurus

The mixing of this influence shows that you like the study of nature and you will love the class, the rhythm, the dance, the music and everything that causes harmony. When all things are smooth, this position gives you the ability and the ingenuity that make you fit for the study of medicine. You have a thoughtful mind. This polarity tends to bring Scorpio's nature under the rule of law and customs. You do not like to blame yourself and you are keen to approve of those you love. You have great companionship and the ability to love very loud and deep. You are very stable and immovable when you decide something. You look forward to offering the necessary for the well-being of those to whom you are attached, and you are careful and wise about the feelings of others.

* * *

Mind Skills

Mercury at 21°32'05'' Scorpio

You have excellent mental concentration and the ability to become completely immersed in your work. You love ferreting things out and are a natural detective. Your mind may dwell on the sensual side of life and may think about sex or death often. You seem to know things at an instinctive, nonverbal level and prefer learning through direct experience or apprenticeship rather than vicariously via books or lectures. You have mechanical ability and work well with your hands. You may develop healing ability through your hands. You are quick- witted, resourceful, shrewd, direct, sharp-tongued, and will readily say what is on your mind, in a most stinging manner. You enjoy satire and other forms of critical humor. You want to know everything while at the same time disclosing nothing to no one. You have the ability to penetrate beneath the surface of problems and people and really understand them. You have abundant manual dexterity with the ability to repair anything. On the negative side, you can be stubborn, quarrelsome, skeptical, cynical, headstrong, and always holding the opposite views to others. There is interest in the occult. This will create a tendency to be somewhat positive, stubborn and unreliable. But, you may be overwhelmed by exaggerated enthusiasm for any assumption you take and with great reservations or hatred for some real or fantastic injustice. You are smart and active in the mind, somewhat sarcastic, and you may have a readiness to speak. You like secrecy and you will never miss tact and diplomacy, because you have a mind capable of understanding the mysteries. This position gives you some physical skill and makes you original and fertile in concepts, capable of inventing or discovering. You should follow a training of thought with great concentration.

Mercury at 12 House

Mercury in the Twelfth House tends to keep you alive and not allow you to use your mind in its fullness. You may suffer some secret hostility or slander, fair or unfair. You may pass a temporary risk of a mental attack at some point in your life and it is good not to allow yourself to be swept away in any unreasonable case, especially on writing matters. Be careful not to take a lot of papers in your hands and never let your mind be overloaded or worried too much because it can affect the brain. You can easily overcome hostility if you are careful in speech and action.

* * *

Money, Property

Venus in 1 Corner House

The Venus's Angular Position on your horoscope will always be favorable to your financial affairs, and you will never be in real need or poverty unless "directions" to birth horoscope You are extremely unfavorable; but this is no reason not to have luck and success in your life on economic prosperity. Venus in corner positions, gives money through marriage or through friends, as well as through the profession and female sex in general. This influence makes people who have it in their horoscope be the so-called "lucky people." So you will have success in all economic affairs and money in general.

Basic Sign in beginning of 2 House

A fundamental zodiac governs your horoscope's financial house. This means you will show ambition about economic success in life, you will spend great energy in gaining wealth, and you will accumulate more through your own action and diligence than through other means. So you are able to get to higher places in life when there is an economic incentive to continue. The changes are good for your financial situation and there is enough speculative spirit within you that enables you to quickly see where you can earn the most money and the type of investments and ventures that are likely to prove profitable. Your possessiveness is quite developed.

2 House Capricorn at 08°46'47''

The 2nd House in Capricorn: the tendency to tighten the cords in the pouch. Mining and related activities.

Saturn Ruler of Capricorn

Saturn exerts influence on the Second House of your birth horoscope, this is not a very good indication because it causes delays and obstacles to progress and economic growth. However, it promises profits from industriousness, slow and steady persistence and thanks to caution, austerity and the economy. Through pure incentives you can gain wealth over time and through careful investments, you may have some success greater than usual. It is not conducive to those who have not been born in a good environment because it implies more labor and truly hard work than good fortune in economic matters. However, you are very fair in your financial transactions. You tend to be thrifty, practical and responsible, especially with money and possessions. This placement does not deny money, but you must work hard for it. Sometimes you are so busy squirreling away money that you forget to enjoy it. Having money set aside for a rainy day is fine, but you probably don't need as much as you tend to want to have set aside. Poverty is possible with this placement due to a lack of understanding of the true value of money and possessions. There is a tendency to become depressed over material matters. Your possessions are apt to bring worries rather than happiness because you may need to learn to share with others. There may have been too much emphasis on materialism in past lives. You may need to re-evaluate your values. Attitudes of possessiveness toward others must be changed. Feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and unappreciated occur with this position. You must value yourself before others can value you. Love yourself first.

* * *

Communications, Short Journeys

Stable Sign in beginning of 3 House

Steady Zodiacs rule the House of Trips at your birth and this is an indication that, or you will experience fewer trips in your life, or that you do not like to move away from the place of birth your. Therefore, all trips will be more or less necessarily or as a result of circumstances that you can not control; which can be seen by studying that part of the horoscope that is related to the future and called "directions". There are times when it is better for you to avoid traveling or traveling deliberately because it is obvious that your experience will earn it from a steady and static position. Of course, there will be times when the journey will be absolutely necessary and this will be seen from the "directions".

3 House Aquarius at 14°21'08''

Have gifts for TV, radio, telecommunications, etc. Make fast travel by airplane, helicopter, car, etc. Maybe you're dealing with journalism and radio reporting. Your intellect is turning to progress, science and invention in general.

Saturn Ruler of Aquarius

Saturn exerts influence on your horoscope's Third House, will cause obstacles and delays in traveling and traveling. Better be prepared for frustration in relation to travel. You will gain many experiences, which will come through grief or distress about traveling. This position is opposed to your agreement with relatives or siblings and you may be estranged from them or suffer from their actions because their attitude towards you will sometimes be cold and distant. You like the occult and the mystic and you will seek to immerse yourself in those matters that favor psychic things. It gives you the ability to study in depth astrology and related topics. Your mind is serious, exacting, patient and orderly plus you have the ability to concentrate on deep subject matter. With this ability comes a tendency to depression, pessimism, loneliness or despondency. You have organizational ability and are probably conservative and traditional in your thinking. Mathematics and strategy games may appeal to you. Time consuming projects do not bother you. You may feel a bit isolated from siblings and neighbors or they may give you trouble. There may be issues of communication with either. Try to stay optimistic in your thinking and in the meantime simply keep working hard. Your lungs need plenty of oxygen, so try to sleep in a well-ventilated room.

Uranus Second Ruler of Aquarius

Uranus in the Third House is not at all favorable to travel, as it is a sign of sudden and unexpected travels in your life. You like to travel around and have difficulty living permanently in one place for long. Your mind is very original and not at all conventional. It shows that there will be friction with your relatives or someone with whom you associate family ties, will be an eccentric and unusual person. You really like astrology and metaphysical issues. It is advisable to pay attention to accidents when traveling or walking. Your mind is independent, original, creative, unconventional, curious, perhaps somewhat eccentric, and unusual. People around you sometimes cannot understand how you think or why you express yourself in the ways you do. You may be ahead of your time. Mental restlessness causes you to always be on the search for new information and knowledge. You have unique ways of passing this new information along to others. Frequent changes of mind are likely as new data filters through you. Relationships with siblings and neighbors are likely to be unusual and perhaps somewhat high-strung and tense at times. Boredom is seldom a problem. The desire for fresh experience may cause you to travel extensively. Intellectual freedom is important to you.

* * *

Base, Home, Seat

4 House Pisces at 19°55'28''

You probably stay near the sea. There is a risk of frustration at a sufficiently mature age. It may be due to the environment that seems to be somewhat dreamlike or deceptive, with the possible effect of some adultery.

Jupiter Ruler of Pisces

Jupiter affects your horoscope's Fourth House and promises a good environment at the end of your life. Indeed, the end of your life will be better and clearly implies a good end of your existence. It is much better for you to stay in your own country and at home or near it, rather than staying in a foreign country or traveling away in search of success. You will gain through all those activities that are related to social or domestic affairs and generally to family life. This look better shows some good that comes from the parents and promises you a heritage. Every time of your life will be more and more prosperous and comfort is guaranteed in the end. You are generous, self-confident, hospitable and patriotic. Prosperity usually increases in later years. You desire a home that is spacious and comfortable. Parental influence is strong in shaping your character. Perhaps your parents shared a strong faith with you. Usually, considerable help and or an inheritance is received from the parents. With Jupiter well-aspected, it is better to stay where you were born rather than move away from your birthplace. Guard against becoming ostentatious and watch out for self-indulgence.

Neptune Second Ruler of Pisces

Neptune influences the Fourth House of your horoscope, this is a sign of some strange experience towards the end of life. It is difficult to talk with confidence or clarity about this planet, because little is known about its vibration. But, in the general sense, you may experience some experiential or spiritualistic nature, and maybe you live in a haunted house or where some strange phenomena happen, or to attract places where unusual influences occur. That's why it will not be bad to change somewhere in a place of residence. You may experience a sense of inner uncertainty, insecurity and confusion. Unexplainable fears and anxieties may cause you to withdraw from living. You idealize the home environment and it may be, in reality, more in your imagination rather than in fact. A spiritual tie with one or both parents is likely. A desire to live by the sea is not uncommon with this position. You may have vague recollections regarding your true roots and this uncertainty may cause difficulties. Remember, with Neptune, things are not as they appear and you need to face reality in your home environment and with respect to your parents rather than what may be in your imagination and sub- conscious.

* * *


Moon at 5 House

This position indicates a great entrepreneurial spirit, but it is somewhat fluctuating. In all investments and issues that are speculative and entrepreneurial in nature, deal with those that affect the general public or be interested in the good of the world. This influence is likely to favor gambling and those issues that have a risk or what is called "luck" and where the element of uncertainty dominates, so that many of your business may have a fluctuating character with little or no permanence. At some point in your life you will be very interested in children. Romances and attachments to children can be decidedly emotional. There is a constant search for pleasure and emotional self-expression. Activities concerning children are pronounced. Too much emphasis may be placed upon having a good time and being the center of attention. There are mood swings and fickleness in love affairs. A heightened desire to feel loved and important may need to be controlled. You are a pleasure-seeking person with a lot of charm. Fluctuating emotions may interfere with your creativity. Concerning vocation: The theatrical, exhibitionist, creative dimensions of the work needs are increased. Teaching and taking care of children are emphasized. Speculation and the dramatizing of all experiences are possible. Love: You have a lot of chances to get involved in emotional commitments. You are not particularly romantic, but you feel the need to confirm your ability to attract the opposite sex and thus to strengthen your self-confidence, through temporary flirting, to show you that you do not go unnoticed. You are the person you do not feel beautiful without a romantic relationship and you are able to live a unique story with the one you think is the man of your life, but it is not unlikely, after a while, to find the next "unique" man Of your life and move home. You are a person who can not "close" and cover his sensitivities, but, instead, a person who confronts his sensitivities in his love affairs and constantly requests confirmations from the other half and sometimes - when the map shows a person very dependent on Others, for example, with the Sun at Libra - if it does not, it reacts so spastically that it loses all its charm and mystery. However, you are "magnetic" with the opposite sex and rarely without conquests. You do not need to do your best to make a match because you are the magnet. You know how to seduce and many times, do it to see your power, without seeking any form of relationship with your "victim".

5 House Aries at 14°21'08''

You have a temperament that easily takes responsibility and you are honest but impulsive. Love is usually passive and tends to keep only one Spring.

Mars Ruler of Aries

Mars rules your Fifth House of your horoscope, it suggests great energy and entrepreneurship, and if you avoid impulsivity about speculation, and with some investments you can use your energy advantageously on speculative issues. But be careful, avoid betting or risky business, where you have to rely on the honesty of others. You are somewhat free of issues related to delights and fervor in your sympathy, with a tendency to get into trouble with the opposite sex if you are not careful in your relationships with him. This influence implies some sorrows or some problems due to children and warns you against any careless behavior in your ventures. There is a desire to be creative and you will expend much energy in that direction. You may be a gambler, a risk-taker, or a speculator. You are sports-loving and enterprising and like to have a good time. There may be some friction through children due to selfishness in past lives. Attraction to and from the opposite sex is fairly certain. Much energy will probably be directed toward dating and romance.

* * *

Diseases - Work

6 House Taurus at 08°46'47''

Your work may have to do with banks, credit institutions, etc. You are patient and strong on your job. Finally, the illnesses you may experience will be sore or related to nourishment.

Venus Ruler of Taurus

Venus has an influence on the Sixth House, showing a tendency to suffer from the genitals because of excessive or carelessness about your diet and habits. For this, it is a good thing to show restraint in all things and if you are never in any way overwhelmed with excesses, remember that you can render yourself sick in this event. When health is lost, the kidneys, the throat and the genital system are likely to be affected. You are diplomatic, well liked by employees and or fellow workers and you have a desire to bring about better working conditions for them so that working will be enjoyable. This is a fairly good position for health unless you abuse your body through self-indulgence and rich, sweet food. An excess of sugar and starches should be avoided. You can be the mediator when differences of opinion occur on the job or in the office. You can bring peace and understanding.

* * *

Marriage - Partnerships

Saturn at 7 House

Saturn ruled the Seventh House in your horoscope, the House of Marriage. This planet tends to delay or hinder the prospects of marriage. But if the marriage is done, he promises a stable and faithful companion, who may be rather tough and serious, he is also very hardworking, persistent, cautious, tame and unhappy. Your partner is likely to be bigger than you, with a tendency to like responsibility. It is not a good indication of prosperity, but it is a faithfulness to marriage, although caution must be exercised so that you do not let the cold go between you, because your partner will not be very manifest in his feelings and he will prefer The acts of words and the practical love of the many sweethearts. There may be the tendency to attract older, more serious partners. Partnerships may involve much duty, responsibility and hard work. There may be a karmic tie from the past to the partners in this life. Whatever the case, there may be a feeling of restriction, bondage, depression and anxiety in your relationships. They certainly can be enduring, though. Saturn here indicates you need to learn to cooperate with and to develop empathy for others. You are perhaps cautious about marriage, but, when committed, may find it very difficult to leave your marriage partner, even if you are unhappy. You may marry for security rather than love. Discipline is needed in relationships. There may be a very self-controlled and sometimes calculating attitude towards all forms of partnership. You are inclined to seek a partner who will awaken your sense of responsibility and give you a greater sense of purpose and will to succeed. For a woman there may be a subconscious desire to marry a "father figure" and the partner may well feel an urge to organize your life on a more effective basis. The responsibilities of marriage or the fear of marriage may delay marriage. If Saturn is well aspected in your natal chart, then this position usually indicates that one loyally abides by marriage vows and faithfully carries out marital duties. With a well placed and well aspected natal Saturn, the partner is likely to be a person of integrity, faithful, steady, reliable, industrious, persevering and economical, perhaps not over-demonstrative and preferring deeds to words, and providing a real anchor for the partnership. If natal Saturn is badly aspected, then there is a tendency to endure an unhappy marriage rather than to lose face by breaking up. If you neglect to make your partner happy, your own happiness will be affected in the same proportion. This position can also mean a second choice marriage, which endures in spite of boredom, unhappiness and a lack of love. In other words you may have wanted to marry someone else but settled on a second choice instead. The partner may act in such a way as to become a burden, and may be uncommunicative, narrow in outlook, cold, and over-critical. In some cases the spouse may be much loved, but prone to ill health. Marriage to a widow or widower is possible. Marriage: Saturn in the seventh house does not exclude marriage but creates a tendency for the person to postpone it for much later in his life. It can attract people who are much older and much more mature than that. If Saturn is in good shape, the person can hope for a very good marriage. A marriage with the prospect of lasting all his life. If Saturn is in a weakness, this man has a lot to learn about marriage and relationships, and he will probably go through very difficult situations in his relationships with others. If your match belongs to this guy, you will spend hard times in your relationship.

Saturn R at 09°57'03'' Gemini

Your thinking is deliberate and serious and you possess organization skills, concentration and mental stability. You can focus on deep and difficult matters and come up with practical solutions to problems. You enjoy learning. But there may also be tendencies towards cynicism, depression, and pessimism. Nervous tension can be a problem and the intake of air into the lungs or the oxygenation of the blood can be restricted. Your lungs need plenty of oxygen. It is best for you to sleep in a well-ventilated room. Saturn here steadies your mind and helps control the natural flightiness of Gemini. This is a good position for Saturn, but you may need to develop faith in the future. It will be important for you to discipline your mind and learn to think and act methodically if you are to be successful in anything. This Saturn position threatens you with problems in the early years of life, as well as with difficulties related to education, ecclesiastical or philological work, your brothers and short trips. But through perseverance and diligence you can gain great mental capacity. The power of character and the superiority of purpose, the depth of thought and the ability for scientific research can be cultivated considerably. At some point in your life, when Saturn is in good direction, you will gain success in matters of intellectual or family life, but when Saturn is offended, you will have problems from these sources. Avoid irritability and feelings of bitterness. Simply put, you are somewhat frivolous and sophisticated, and you often change positions and values ​​depending on the environment in which you are. But you are also adaptive and you can live and spend well anywhere.

Aspects Saturn

2.72 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Pluto Sextile Saturn

Personal growth, reform and regeneration is possible if you put your Will into it. Many changes are possible in your life, all designed to teach you needed lessons to help you evolve and mature. You have the self-discipline and the ability to endure difficult times. You instinctively know they will not last and that things will eventually improve if you just give time a chance to do its magic. The ambition you seem to have involves the public or the masses in some way. Their destiny and yours are somehow intertwined. You have the ability to control your thoughts and emotions and are seldom carried away by emotional outbursts. People see leadership qualities in you because of your skill at disciplining yourself and your honesty, common sense, good judgment and reliability. You feel that whatever you receive must be earned and for this reason, you feel comfortable in slowly climbing the ladder of success through hard work and patience. You occasionally like to be alone because interacting with others sometimes scares or confuses you. It is not easy to teach you because you prefer to learn from your own experiences rather than through the second-handed experiences of others. This gives you the ability to gain from life as much as you can. You have a business mind and you can manage many chapters. This look makes you excellent brokers and promises you real estate.

Uranus at 7 House

Uranus rules your Seventh House of Horoscope. This mysterious planet will give some very strange experiences to your marriage status and is likely to bring you frustration or alienation. It always threatens to be separated from those you love and this can happen either before or after marriage. Suddenly and very unexpected events occur in all the regions that Uranus rules and under his dominance there are more divorces than on any other planet, so make sure your partner is original and like metaphysical issues. Then you will know that you have known the right person that Uranus suggests, who favors mystics, etc. Your partnerships are unique or unusual, usually possessing a wonderful rapport or a total lack of understanding. You and or your partner are generally unconventional and you do things for their shock appeal. Plenty of freedom is desired in the relationship and there may be a lack of desire for commitment. In fact, maybe you search out special situations in your relationships that ensure little commitment. Perhaps you are most attracted to those who are already in relationships or who are otherwise "unavailable". Because of the uniqueness that exists within your partnerships, it is likely that others will not understand them. You may not understand them yourself. You meet the most interesting and unconventional people in your life. Any need to control the other person in your relationships will probably lead to disaster. Partner and you will have to find your own comfort level regarding time and attention spent on the other. A lot of elbow room may be required. A relationship in which you feel you are free to grow is one that makes it possible for you to do so. Any limits or constraints placed on the relationship are likely to be met with a certain "hit the road" attitude. Sudden and unexpected turns are likely. Perhaps one person is required to be away from the other for long periods of time. This position may give many long distance, "casual" types of relationships. You probably seek a partner who provides the thrills and spills for you in your life. A partner who challenges you mentally and emotionally is desired. Your relationships may be lab experiments where you hope to learn who-knows-what. Someone who is inventive, individualistic, creative, original, out-going, eccentric or radical appeals to you. Your partner may possess considerable personal magnetism and occasionally a degree of genius, but eccentricities, erratic tendencies and even fanaticism may be present. Your approach to marriage may be highly idealistic or utopian and there may be an inclination to favor platonic unions. You want and need your partner to be your friend. Most of your relationships probably started as friendships. On the other hand, there may be a tendency to seek excitement in partnerships and a marked interest in romantic adventures may result in passing infatuations that can cause a rift with the marriage partner. The greatest threat to marriage may occur when one partner's capacity for self-development expands at a rate greatly in excess of the other's, so that one spouse may no longer be recognizable as the person they were when the marriage took place. For a successful partnership, you and your partner will need to develop the qualities of tolerance, cooperation, detachment and freedom. Marriage: Uranus in the seventh house shows separation tendencies. These people still feel attracted to their former comrades in a strange way. Many times they manage to create amazing friendships and nostalgia for most of their affections. If you have Uranus in the seventh house, or if you have become involved with such a man, you have to be ready to accept a relationship that has nothing to do with the conservative relationships you have so far known. You have to be psychologically prepared because Uranus in the seventh seeks a relationship based on unlimited freedom. Addiction and jealousy have no place in life in these people's lives. Many times these people maintain a long-lasting relationship when and only when they do not live with their partner.

Uranus R at 02°46'14'' Gemini

This gives originality, intuition and love for the rhythm. You like traveling by modern means of transport. You have somewhat irritable nature, inventive abilities, and during teenage years, you will have some original opportunities. Uranus in Gemini will tend to shock people by expressing weird, socially unacceptable ideas.

Aspects Uranus

1.26 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Neptune Trine Uranus

You have the power, either dormant or active, to raise your consciousness through spiritual training, exercises or aspirations. You are idealistic and enjoy learning and hearing about all types of philosophies. You are tolerant towards others' beliefs. You are probably very intuitive and imaginative, possessing psychic potential. This is an influence, which will have little real effect on your external life, as its effects are directed more towards inner nature or character. It implies that the subjective and objective elements of your character are in a harmonious balance, and therefore, external life is not likely to be disturbed by sudden energy outflows coming from within. Although it can be considered as a very favorable position, you should not over-estimate it with regard to the usual notion of "favorable" because its influence is far removed from physical life so that it has some direct effect on it And therefore the views of other planets in your birth horoscope will be comparatively much more powerful.

4.45 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 3 at 7 *** Weak.

Pluto Sextile Uranus

There is opportunity and ability here to use your creative and innovative mind to do good for society. Many changes may be experienced in life as part of a regeneration process that is designed to help you and others evolve. But you instinctively know that this is for your ultimate benefit so you take all these changes in stride. You want to reform what's wrong in the world, but you can do so without being violent, disruptive or rebellious. This position gives strange originality to love and strange contemporary scientific thought around the subject: what does matter mean.

Venus Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio promises significant secret or strange relationships with the opposite sex. In erotic issues, you will never be as discreet as you can with others, because you are overly attracted to people who have very intense desires and the tendency to make secret relationships with you. There is also the possibility of betrayal or frustration, which will regret your feelings. No matter who you get married, you will live longer than your partner because you are meant to have some remarkable experience with love affairs. Avoid any illegal relationship and hasty associations. You have a great self-control, but do not always exercise it. Marriage: Sexuality and magnetism drive you all to you. For those interested you show passion, faith and dedication. If your mate returns to your feelings, then everything goes well. But if your mate is not able to repay, then you become sovereign, you want to impose your own and you do not mind the other's mood. You tend to marry at a fairly old age and want your absolute attention or partner. You are vengeful and stubborn. Your absolute and dominant character often leads you to find yourself abandoned by your mate.

Venus at 1 House

The people you relate to are generously giving their love. You are able to make a very quick decision for a wedding without thinking about the extensions of your impulsivity. You are very selfish in your relationship and your attitude is unshakable and not fellow. You must understand that relations are built when both sides are willing to do so. Do not expect everything from your mate.

7 House Gemini at 03°12'26''

Your marriage can be based on a mental relationship. The other half will be flexible and smart.

Mercury Ruler of Gemini

Mercury as a marker of marriage shows that your partner will be very smart and intelligent, capable of speaking and tended to be very honest sometimes, but critic and nervous. This influence implies some anxiety and uncertainty and favors a marriage with a companion younger than you. There is likely to be frequent correspondence with your marriage, and it is advisable to be careful about the letters, as there may be problems with documents or authorship. Your relationships tend to gravitate towards people who are intelligent, thought-provoking, witty and learned. You desire your spouse or business partner to be sharp, curious, clever and alert. You need to communicate and exchange ideas and information with your partner. Promotion of ideas to and from others appeals to you and you are always up for a good debate, discussion or argument. You may spend much time thinking about your relationship or relationships in general. Marriage may be quite often on your mind. You desire a marriage or business partner that provides you with mental satisfaction and challenge. A partner who challenges you mentally and one who helps you function on more of an intellectual level is what you are looking for and need. Their value is enhanced if they help you better adapt and more effectively communicate with others. The person who gives you a lively flow of ideas, ideas that challenge and test your own mental processes, one who brings out your best mentally, stimulates you in a way that others may not understand. Yet that is what you seek in a partner. Your partner may be quick-witted, fluent, volatile, restless, high- strung as well as outspoken, argumentative, wordy and critical. Nervousness or mental imbalance may be present. Your partner may possibly be connected with education, writing, traveling, sales, language interpretation or clerical, secretarial, typing or computer work. In order to achieve the most positive results from any partnership you should learn to control your argumentativeness and your desire to criticize. Marriage: The person who has Mercury in the seventh house marries someone or someone younger. It is usually very interesting to find those people who are intelligent and precise and whose relationships, in the first stage, rely on spiritual communication. This type of person feels very much among the crowd and has the gift to magnetize with the speech of all the other people who surround him. Nevertheless, his partner should not be afraid and consider his sociality a threat. If you have relationships with such a person, you have to realize that your partner just has fun with the fact that he is in contact with different types without having a bad and cunning purpose. Its essential need is communication.

* * *

Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

Jupiter at 8 House

Jupiter exerts a significant influence on the Eighth House, the House related to wills, bequests, and end-of-life matters, you will gain by inheritance, or through a good marriage, or through partners and associates. This influence brings you good luck through other people and either through collateral or in some direct or indirect way, you will benefit. Your life will have a very peaceful end because you will encounter a natural and easy death. There is no better influence than what comes from the planet Jupiter and all the issues that govern it are reaching a good end. You are optimistic and you have faith in your fellowman. There may be financial gain through marriage, partnerships or inheritances. You are strongly emotional and should use your emotional energies to tap your psychic abilities so you can benefit, uplift, and heal mankind. Gain, opportunity and expansion through the use of other people's money is possible. SEX: It shows a healthy and enthusiastic treatment of sex. This person feels free and great comfort in externalizing his sexual behavior. He is also very patient and tolerant of the sexual behavior of others, even if they have a problem with his own. A man with Jupiter in his eighth house and a tough corner with Venus tends to become indiscriminate and still tends to fall in love with anything that can be ... desirable. Jupiter at a harsh angle with Uranus shows success in the person's sexual affairs that usually start and end abruptly. If he has an angle with Saturn, he shows sexual faith and devotion.

Pluto at 8 House

Pluto in the Eighth House always gives an inheritance. Either from your family or your spouse's family. Another effect is that it gives excessive sexuality and as a result many children. You possess strong intuition and good business sense. You have an analytical mind, with courage, fortitude and an interest in the metaphysical world. You may have clairvoyant abilities. There is a possibility of an inheritance. There may be concern or difficulty over money through marriage or through a business partner. There can be financial upheavals and transformation may come through this means. You search for the meaning to life and may develop a fascination or interest in death and the afterlife. You want to know how the Universe ticks. This position develops insight, self-awareness, independence and regeneration. Any tendency to dominate, control, or possess others must be dealt with in a positive manner. A strong desire nature will need to be overcome if regeneration is to occur. SEX: The presence of Pluto in the eighth, shows a very sexual person, dominated by passion. But his characteristic is that he has dominant attitudes towards his partner. In cases where Pluto is in conjunction with the Moon or Venus, it can give a sexuality that is slightly competitive. The person who has Pluto in the eighth is warm-hearted in love, has no inhibitions, and is sincerely happy to feel happy with his erotic partner. There is a possibility that the one who has Pluto in the eighth house to leave behind the victims of his sexuality and everyone has to say about his performance in love and his ability, while at other times this same person does years to come to Erotic contact. If Pluto has bad influences, violence may occur.

Pluto R at 07°13'20'' Leo

You are obsessed with self-expression. Your motto is "Do your own thing". You are never going to grow old. You may become fanatic about trying to stay young, hence the proliferation of health clubs. You would splurge on the things most important to you and skimp on everything else. You always defy authority, unless, of course, you are the authority. This position gives you the ability to undertake some important and refreshing work and to be honored for it.

Aspects Pluto

5.36 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Mars Square Pluto

This shows that you are pessimistic and doctrinal. You consume energy without reason and your power is expressed with aggression. You are capable of becoming very violent when you have insults or when one understands your weaknesses and fears. You are very sexual and you depend on your mate, who is pleased with you. You have a most powerful will and influence on others. People feel threatened by you and some may seek to stop you before you stop them. Powerful people may be brought into your life in order to teach you the proper use of power and leadership. You have strong desires and passions and when you want something, you pursue it obsessively and relentlessly until you achieve or obtain it. You may be so driven by your desire that you lose all objectivity. Compulsive, obsessive behavior is possible with this aspect and you need to control your fanatical tendencies. Your desire for power and control over others is probably quite developed and you need to watch this as no one likes feeling controlled. You should know that as you hate restraint and dislike taking orders. You have a secret side to you and will not reveal your intentions to others until it best suits your purpose. You want to know everything about others, yet at the same time you do not want to tell them anything. You always try to keep the upper hand, no matter what the subject or situation. You love intensity and whether the outcome is good or bad does not matter half as much as long as the experience you gained was intense. Power struggles and relationships with a strong dominance - submissiveness motif are also likely. You have enormous energy reserves, stamina and endurance and you need to remember that those around you do not as a rule share this same characteristic. Don't drive the people around you too hard for they probably do not have the ability to withstand all the stress, hard work and pressure that you are able to endure. You don't want to be known as a slave-driver, do you? Don't laugh. Learn to control and properly channel your energies. With all that has been said, it should be obvious to you that you are capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement if you will direct your energies along positive lines. You can be a great force for good or ill, it all depends on how you direct your mind, your will and your desires. Try to better learn how to work more in harmony with others. Cooperation will truly get you further ahead than competition. You don't want to make enemies on your way the ladder because you will meet those same enemies on the way down. And you will go down if you use under-handed or illegal methods to carry out your plans. Listen to other people's ideas and consider them for you may hear something you hadn't thought about before and learn from it. Even though you think you are mostly right, you can still learn a thing or two by listening and keeping an open mind. Give people a chance to express themselves and don't give them all the answers even if you know them. That way you will be serving them and building up treasure for yourself at the same time. One last point, it might be wise for you to remember that being excessively stubborn can easily turn friends into enemies.

5.71 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Like all your generation, you have the opportunity to help others for the good of humanity. Use any physical or spiritual power to help those around you.

8 House Cancer at 08°46'47''

Watch out for your diet. Probability of inheritance of real estate.

Moon Ruler of Cancer

There is a slight chance of gaining some inheritance and perhaps someone not directly associated with you, or otherwise, you will gain something from a public donation or through affairs that involve the general public and which will want to reward you for a service or For some public good you did. It also favors profit from affiliates, partners, or those associated with you in public enterprises. You desire security and perhaps look for it through other people's possessions or resources. You have self-doubt and worry. You may be subject to jealousy, envy and possessiveness. Psychic sensitivity is noticeable and psychic abilities can be developed, hopefully along positive lines. There may be financial gain through a partnership, business or through marriage. You are intrigued by what motivates others. Preoccupation with sex or death can exist for you. Concerning vocation: A work situation dependent upon others' resources is noted. Work involving reform, transformation, rehabilitation, mystery, psychology, playing detective, or research work appeals to you. SEX: This position shows that sex is an expression to show your deep and pure feelings towards your erotic partner. You are a very sexual person and you can fully satisfy the other half, but be careful not to try to "imprison" it through sex, instead speak freely and express it to your needs. Be sure to understand it.

* * *

Religion - Philosophy - Long Trips

9 House Leo at 14°21'08''

You have superior idealistic arrests. Probability of success or teaching abroad. Or even a religious or diplomatic mission. The birth of a child abroad is likely.

Sun Ruler of Leo

Promises success in philosophical themes. You have very deep feelings about religion and your spiritual issues and your thoughts are superior and polite. You may have a very broad view of life in general and you are not constrained by compatibility. This influence brings success to all the affairs of the Ninth House, such as legal issues, foreign affairs, as well as great trips to other countries and things related to the superior mind. There is a good spiritual influence behind you and as your faith grows, you will learn to come into contact with the upper part of your true self. You may wish to find, understand, live and accept a higher ideal or philosophy. But, then again, you may be one who insists upon scientific proof before anything can be believed. You can be the far- sighted thinker, one of high ideals and tolerance of other people's views or the dogmatic fanatic who just parrots what others have told you. Generally, there is a quest for truth and wisdom and a love of travel, not necessarily physical. You may have an aptitude for foreign languages and a love of foreign culture.

* * *

Career - Public Image

Neptune at 10 House

Neptune is related to the profession (10th House) and your occupation, in life, implies that you have to follow those things that are rare, unique and unusual. In the general sense, this planet governs all things that are inspirational and psychic. Below this planet we find psychic and all the unusual people in the professional world. It gives some literary talent as well as artistic tendencies of strange nature. It is difficult, if not impossible, to indicate with certainty a special or permanent profession, because so little is actually known about Neptune, so that most of our ideas around this mysterious planet are, for the time being, Very hypothetical nature. Strange and confusing things can happen with respect to your career and your drive to be successful within it. Strong idealism attends this position so keep your eyes open with your feet on the ground. Your career may involve something artistic, inspirational, humanitarian, dramatic, promotional or psychic. The theater, chemistry, psychic activities, photography or dealings with drugs are possible career outlets. Your public image may have its ups and downs due to forces beyond your control. A feeling of rejection by one or both parents is possible.

Neptune at 01°30'32'' Libra

You are conformist, a company person. The illusion of this may makes you to think that if you don't rock the boat, everything will be alright. There is a love of fairness and justice. This influence enables you to shape new artistic ideals because you have an intuitive temperament, very poetic or spiritual. You have great mercy. It gives you a tendency to have somewhat cloudy political views and also has the tendency to decide your marriage under strange and cloudy situations.

Mutable Sign in beginning of 10 House

Variable signs are influential in your profession and show a tendency to engage in more or less ordinary habits, but this does not give you any great opportunity for reputation or success in business matters. You may be more successful when working for others than on your behalf. But, if you ever assume this responsibility, it will be better to deal with jobs that have the support of the majority and with which the general public is concerned, rather than individuals. Probably two or more occupations may concern you at the same time because this position implies duality.

10 House Virgo at 19°55'28''

Have skills for medicine, aviation, car, retail, mechanical engineering, catering, pharmacy, chemistry. You are intelligent, but you miss the ambition and you are sufficient in a simple position as an employee.

Aspects Midheaven

1.61 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mercury Sextile Midheaven

This aspect strengthens your writing skills. Good place for salespeople or anything to do with public speaking. Also for travel agents, flight attendants, pilots, even taxi drivers. One of the two parents was probably very talkative or moving frequently from place to place.

5.20 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Jupiter Sextile Midheaven

Perfect aspect for careers that have to do with the show, as actor, musician, etc.

Mercury Ruler of Virgo

All hermetic professions such as literary work, writing and the secretary's profession are the best for you. It is not a very favorable influence on the permanence in the profession, and you may try changes in your life. A relaxing job is the most suitable for you and you will be in your element where travel or travel is required. There are many professions under Mercury sovereignty, such as publishing, writing, selling books, stationery etc. - but, all of those mind-occupying activities such as: factoring, interpretation, teaching, etc. will be more suited to you. Perhaps you will write or speak as a career. The teaching profession may hold promise for you. You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to be recognized for them. Your manual dexterity and mental alertness may lead you to a field where this is a real necessity. You may have several jobs, as you have a variety of talents. There is a possibility of travel in your profession.

* * *

Friends - Hopes

Air Sign in beginning of 11 House

Aerial Triplet has a major influence on your horoscope's Eleventh House, giving you intelligent and highly refined friendships, from which you will gain and benefit greatly because they tend to improve Mind you and stimulate you in more active thought, thus awakening a deeper interest in life and the environment. You will never rely too much on your friends because, along with Lord Wakon, you can say, "The best way to prove the multiple uses of friendship in life is to sit down to think and see how many things you can not do To do for himself ". Your somewhat independent nature will give you the admiration of those who are mentally capable of appreciating the value of true friendship and so, although you may have opposing but beneficial experiences through friends, your friends and acquaintances will More good than bad in your life.

11 House Libra at 14°21'08''

This place favors marriage. You have cosmic friendships, and develop a harmonious atmosphere with your friends.

Venus Ruler of Libra

Venus governs the Eleventh House, the House of Friends, promising a happy group of friends and acquaintances, and collaborating with people who are lucky. You may be promoting or winning financially and socially through your friends, who will do a lot to help you when you may need their help. You will do well to trust the people born under the zodiac signs of Venus or their Ascendant is a sign of Venus. Bulls will be attracted to you and Libra will be able to help you in many ways. It is a very positive influence for friendships, companions, etc. And promises to fulfill your hopes and wishes. You are sociable, tactful and friendly. You have many helpful friends. Be careful, though, that these friends do not encourage you to over-indulge yourself for that will have a detrimental effect on you and your health. Be careful also of pleasing your friends at a cost to yourself. You have the ability to put people at ease. You enjoy cultural and group pursuits. You have a strong desire to relax with congenial companions, though you can be imposed upon by friends because of your desire to do everything possible for their comfort and pleasure.

* * *


Sun at 12 House

It is a good influence on all aspects of occult nature and gives you a rather deep interest in things that are psychic, or beyond the material world. But at the same time, you are somewhat restrained or limited and you can not fully express yourself because of situations surrounding your birth or your environment, which are not favorable nor contribute to secular well-being. For this, let your life be devoted more to the interior than to the outside, because then you will come in contact with those who will be willing to help you in the right direction. The Sun in this House is rising and therefore promises you a great improvement in worldly affairs as life progresses. There is the desire or the need to serve others in this lifetime. At times this is in direct conflict with a desire to seek seclusion from the world and or wallow in self-pity seeking sympathy and service from others. This life may be a contemplative life due to the need to reshape negative character traits from past lives. You have an awareness of the oneness of life. You may lack confidence in your abilities. You have an empathy with sick or mentally disturbed people. You may develop or have clairvoyant powers and an interest in occult subjects and psychic phenomena. You may enjoy playing the martyr.

Mercury at 12 House

You deal very much with the occult phenomena and with issues related to other worlds. Indeed, you have some ability to research spiritualism and occultism in general, because you are capable of turning your mind to these issues. At the same time, you have to be careful not to let yourself be too overwhelmed with the seeming side of these things. You should be very careful in your speech because you risk suffering from betrayal, so you may be stripped of freedom because this influence is very opposed to material assumptions but very good for the occult. You have a perceptive, intuitive and subtle mind with an interest in the metaphysical world. You can absorb knowledge intuitively and you understand more than you wish to divulge. You are secretive and have the ability to understand the deeper meanings of tones of voice and hand gestures. Secret enemies may try to undo you or speak evil of you. You may lack confidence in yourself. You may find yourself limited or incapacitated if you allow your nerves to become too frayed. Be careful of your ears and your hearing, which may be weak.

Mars at 12 House

Mars ruled your 12th Horoscope's House, is not at all favorable to matters of occult nature. It warns you to pay close attention to your concerns with issues that you do not fully possess, and it will be better for you never to have a lot of relationships with phenomena or unseen situations. This influence threatens you with a limitation at some point in your life, due to an accident, unjust imprisonment, or some thing that will deprive you of your freedom for a while. So be very straightforward in all your actions, avoiding the problems. Watch out for spirituality. You may have intense emotional reactions and perhaps repressed desires and paranoia. People may sense this and cause problems for you. There can be trouble through slander or with secret enemies. You may have need to overcome deep, hidden, inner resentments. You may be subject to false accusations by hidden enemies. You feel an aloneness. Your energy should be directed toward gaining an understanding of the meaning of life and for the development of harmony and oneness with humanity. A love of working in secret or behind the scenes can make you effective in getting the job done.

Mars at 12°35'11'' Scorpio

You are extremely strong-willed and you pursue your goals and desires with passionate dedication and determination. You are capable of total concentration and tremendous discipline, and you are very difficult to influence once your mind is made up. When you want something, you can be very one-sided and almost obsessed with it. You tend to be secretive and you do not want others to know what your plans are. You tend to be instinctive, perceptive, determined, strong-willed, stubborn and magnetic. You have deep emotions and may occasionally show a primitive side. You need to learn self-discipline or your desire nature will rule your life, probably causing great sorrow in the end. You must learn to control your jealousy and possessiveness in matters of love. A certain amount of detachment in relationships would probably be good and this, of course, would include your tendency to treat loved ones as possessions. You are very forceful in a quiet and subtle way and others may have difficulty in seeing or understanding your motives. You can manipulate people in a way that is not obvious to them or others. Direct confrontation with others is not your preferred style. You like operating behind the scenes. In any case, you are a formidable opponent when riled. In matters of health, there may be a tendency towards hemorrhoids. This is a very strong place for Mars and makes you positive, stable, determined and strong will. You are ambitious - your mind adheres to every subject that appeals to you or to any idea you like and temporarily give your entire life in pursuit of the acquisition of the object or the search for the idea. You can show great dedication to a person or a case and make great sacrifices. You are attracted to the satisfaction, feelings and moods, but you can also be quite stable, rigid and unchanging. You have great practical executive capacity and when you want, you can work hard - you are fit for any Mars nature employment such as military, surgeon, chemist, engineer, etc. This position increases vital energies but gives rise to a trend towards accidents, fever and infectious diseases. You have a strong sense of dignity and a pride, and you may have a tendency to offend people or offend, rather easily, and suffer because of hostility, jealousy and opposition. You may earn money through inheritance, marriage, co-operation, or partnership with others, but there is some tendency of exaggeration.

12 House Scorpio at 08°46'47''

Maybe you have secret and occult hostility. Some sexual ailments are also possible.

Mars Ruler of Scorpio

Mars ruled your 12th Horoscope's House, is not at all favorable to matters of occult nature. It warns you to pay close attention to your concerns with issues that you do not fully possess, and it will be better for you never to have a lot of relationships with phenomena or unseen situations. This influence threatens you with a limitation at some point in your life, due to an accident, unjust imprisonment, or some thing that will deprive you of your freedom for a while. So be very straightforward in all your actions, avoiding the problems. Watch out for spirituality. You may have intense emotional reactions and perhaps repressed desires and paranoia. People may sense this and cause problems for you. There can be trouble through slander or with secret enemies. You may have need to overcome deep, hidden, inner resentments. You may be subject to false accusations by hidden enemies. You feel an aloneness. Your energy should be directed toward gaining an understanding of the meaning of life and for the development of harmony and oneness with humanity. A love of working in secret or behind the scenes can make you effective in getting the job done.

Pluto Second Ruler of Scorpio

It gives some testing in the sexual field, as well as secret enemies. You feel a need to search for truth and wisdom so that you can understand life. Perhaps life has enslaved you in some way and you are searching for transformation or regeneration. Occasional upheavals in your life come about in order to bring you back to the correct path. There is a desire to retreat from society in order to re-analyze your life. You can become a champion of the downtrodden masses. Serving others in this life may be important for you. You enjoy working behind the scenes.

* * *

Personal Color - Aura

Moon at 00°58'57'' Taurus

Your personal aura is painted with a light blue that will make you look at the world through colored glasses. This speeds up the emotional aspect of your nature and gives you the stability and sympathy that make you see the world from a more optimistic and superior viewpoint than you would have if there was no such a blue hue in your aura. It makes you social, pleasant and willing to give satisfaction to others, stimulating your feelings and making you more pro-active, kind and heartfelt and compassionate than those who do not have a large amount of blue in their aura. Of course, all the other influences on your horoscope may significantly alter this element, while Venus's faces will reinforce it. So, try to find out about Venus's status in your horoscope, and how it works on you from this point of view.

* * *


Results of Aspects

Conjunction 4 X Power = 13
Sextile 9 X Power = 34
Square 3 X Power = 5
Trine 5 X Power = 22
Opposition 4 X Power = 13

In your horoscope we found these aspects:

14 Positives with sum Power 56
7 Negatives with sum Power 18
4 Conjunctions and Inconjunct with sum Power 13

With these facts we can say that,

You have a favorable horoscope and you will find opportunities to develop your character and wisely use your cognitive abilities. You will gain by studying your horoscope because you have the ability to benefit from the good influences that were working at your birth, and your planetary positions give some power to the world, which is no less powerful because it may not be obvious or public . The judgment was made as clear as possible and you should study well what has been said, so that you can grasp the inner meaning that may exist in each paragraph, remembering that the whole analysis is given in order to help you in your progress. (The following is a brief judgment of all the combinations suggested by the horoscope).


Planets Positions

Majority of Planets Above the Horizon

You will find success in life and you will advance in many ways, beyond your birth cycle. You have a certain ambition and the ability to stand alone, and you are self-sufficient, ambitious, energetic and persistent. You will have some very lucky times and you will meet success every time you try and decide to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you as best as you can.

Majority of Planets in Water Signs

You have emotional as well as mental nature. Your instinctive and sensitive tendencies are very intense and so you are receptive, and, to a certain extent, sensitive. Much will depend on your circumstances, your circle and your environment, in terms of how much you will enjoy and appreciate life, because you have a discerning and active perception and you feel things in a peculiar way through your feelings. You are subliminal and very often influenced by feelings and thoughts coming from others who are in this or the other world. Live purely to be happy.

Majority of Planets in Fixed Signs

You have stability, reliability and patience. Sometimes you are very stable and rigid, and if that goes to exaggeration, you will become dogmatic or even pessimistic. But in the general sense, you have confidence and some independence, because on the basis of your character there is pride and dignity, because, although you may not be ready to admit it, you can be strict and in some ways authoritarian. However, thanks to your feelings, of which you have abundantly, you are polite, persistent, sure and trustworthy.

Sun in Water Sign - Moon in Earth Sign

Your personality is objective, practical, persistent and inclined towards science, but internally, you have a tendency towards daydreaming and worry rather than practicality. That is why in life you will be given the opportunity to make more of the internal conditions more stable. You are always receptive and never too positive, but you tend more towards the outside than it would be good for your progress. You will learn a lot by studying the laws of hygiene as well as scientific issues. There is a complexity inside you and it makes it difficult for you to know yourself.

Sun in Fixed Sign - Moon in Fixed Sign

There is no difference between your inner self and your external attitude. What you are showing to others is exactly what you are. What you say, believe them.


Here ends the first and most important part of the basic analysis of your natal horoscope. In the preceding paragraphs, I managed to offer you a purely scientific analysis of your horoscope. Up to the point where the general knowledge of Contemporary Astrology has brought us to date, you have on the pages that preceded the experience of a great spirit of astrology, Alan Lios, combined with my many years of experience, research and quest. The judgment given to you is based solely on the laws of astrology as it has been taught us since antiquity to this day.

Here is a description of the secondary elements of your natal horoscope and it is a collection of various ancient and new sources of astrology. Their role and their relationship with you are presented to you here more as a trigger for more deepening when you first understand all the above and the main elements that make up your birth horoscope and would like to be deeply involved in astrology.

* * *

More Informations

Positions and Aspects of Asteroids

Chiron at 28°52'34'' Leo

You like to help others create. You may be or become a master of fine arts. It is also possible that when you were children, you were prevented by your parents from following your artistic anxieties. But now you can do creative work for your fun and who knows?

Chiron at 9 House Religion - Philosophy - Long Trips

Ideal place for a travel agent who sends everyone else to fantastic travel while he is stuck in the office to close the tickets, or for a publisher, teacher or translator who first reads the books Which is to be published before the public and within him has a great desire to publish his own writings. Your parents may have been pushing you too hard to follow a high education because they did not have a similar opportunity in their time. But this may have prompted you to pursue a training that they wanted to follow, not the one you wanted. It may finally put obstacles in your path to higher education because of jealousy. Because the 9th house also governs religion, it can lead you to the search for that imaginative pursuit of finding the religion that will heal all your inner anxieties. As a result, a tortuous uninterrupted journey or study in search of this chimaeric goal.

Aspects Chiron

0.32 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Venus Square Chiron

Try to get some pleasure for you and your relationship instead of always helping your partner to enjoy. This aspect can make a great art teacher who can teach their students to create art better than you trying alone forever. You are also able to give good financial advice to those who are unable to manage their own finances.

1.31 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Sun Square Chiron

You have a heightened sensitivity when someone criticizes any kind for you. Learn to take things as they are, without feeling that they are attacking you or hate you all.

2.10 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Moon Trine Chiron

You have the ability to listen to the emotional problems of others and helping them to overcome whenever needed. Take care with love and affection your kids without you become oppressive and burdensome and make them feel your feelings for them.

3.89 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Uranus Square Chiron

Love and peace for you abstract ideas rather than objective. Can you give battles such abstract topics, but when courting practice will find it very difficult to apply. You are from those who can produce brilliant work requiring genius, while at the same time you feel that you are doing something stupid. You shook your views or the other may be opposed to anything new or innovative. If you manage and you are down to earth with reality and your own feelings your true genius will spring free.

Ceres at 20°05'21'' Pisces

Are you happy with anything fantastic. Being near the sea, listening to the surf sound and smelling the salt will have the same effect. You are the right person to listen to the problems of others with sympathy and to understand them.

Ceres at 4 House Base, Home, Seat

Being home, you like it very much and you tend to care whoever you are at home. But you also like to care for others in all homes in general, so this is a good place for a real estate broker.

Aspects Ceres

1.44 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mercury Trine Ceres

This is a good look for a therapist because you take care of others with your words. It is also good for a seller or someone who writes ads.

5.04 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Jupiter Trine Ceres

This aspect shows that have excessive affection and care of your parents when you were young, whether you like it or not. You can join or start organizations to assert their rights of various categories of people who believe wronged in any way.

Pallas Athena at 12°36'47'' Aquarius

You are able to solve the most difficult problems in unusual ways that often scare others. Your designs can be extremely crazy or may be genius. They can all agree on how to resolve or design something in a well-accepted way, except for you to present them with a completely different solution or plan.

Pallas Athena at 3 House Communications, Short Journeys

You have the ability to solve any problems in your neighborhood. Also, any problems occur during short trips. Or finally problems with any kind of communication. Most of these problems you solve are those that require immediate solution and concern everyday life.

Aspects Pallas Athena

0.02 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Mars Square Pallas Athena

Good place for a military commander or a sports coach. In skirmishes you know how to win battles. Coping well in whatever activity requires great energy, physical activity, or willpower. The difficulties that face shown because you tend to press punish those who believe that crime was in a field and bicker when your solutions are not readily accepted by others.

2.66 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Saturn Trine Pallas Athena

Focuses on large-scale problems and projects. But we need enough time to read any solutions and that's because you tend to think in advance of the event failure and afraid of making mistakes in some of your options. Whatever you do with care and always thinking about the practical results of your action.

5.39 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 2 at 7 ** Very weak.

Pluto Opposition Pallas Athena

You are from those who can distinguish things and situations that others can not. Good look for a doctor, therapist, or spy. The only problem is that you are hidden situations you discover you become obsessions.

Juno at 09°39'36'' Sagittarius

Your mate may come from a completely different social stratum than yours and may be from another state. He can deal with high education or often travel long trips, and he may want to talk a long way and listen to a little if not at all.

Juno at 1 House Character, Outward Appearance

Your mate will represent the central part of your life. This position will also give you the air of innocence, something like the innocence we see in newborns.

Aspects Juno

0.29 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 7 at 7 ******* Very Powerful.

Saturn Opposition Juno

People comes out liking for relationship tend to be older than you at least in spirit if not in years. This aspect shows that the marriage can be done in old age or not done at all. Maybe it is better for you not to get married before 28 to 30, why an early marriage may be just a bad marriage made for practical - in your opinion or your greatest - reasons, like safety say. Also you may have a tendency to keep a bad marriage to keep your social image abroad, or because your mate your just feeding. If this is the case you should get the judgment and dissolve the bad marriage and look to make a fresh start.

2.43 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 5 at 7 ***** Strong.

Pluto Trine Juno

The match will be intense and fierce. Sex with him would be like the eruption of a volcano. Your relationship will be extreme. One of you will be transformed in some way. With him will discover a courage that never thought you had.

6.88 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Uranus Opposition Juno

Tend to comes out liking people for relationship, highly eccentric to say the least ... The result is many marriages and many divorces. Make sure also you and your mate to feel independent enough to be able to continue together.

Vesta at 13°56'29'' Aquarius

Focus on your friends or groups of people. You are good for any job that is new and "different", even a little shocking.

Vesta at 3 House Communications, Short Journeys

To renew you need to stop talking and communicating for a while. If you have siblings or sisters, you should not be constantly on top of them because they will absorb all of your energy. You have to go away. Neighbors can also have the same effect.

Aspects Vesta

1.35 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 6 at 7 ****** Very Strong.

Mars Square Vesta

Maybe you tend to overwork to compensate you some sexual problems or problems caused by an oppressive anger you may feel. It may also all your external behavior is an anger or aggression toward others to cover up some weaknesses.

3.99 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 4 at 7 **** Mediocre.

Saturn Trine Vesta

Your attention is particularly focused on discipline in an organization that you belong to and may be at work.

6.71 degrees distance from the exact point have the next aspect. Power: 1 at 7 * Too much weak.

Pluto Opposition Vesta

This aspect deserves attention, because it shows trends destruction and self-destruction. You need to cultivate a rather different point of view about life, more enthusiastic and less macabre.

North Node R at 29°42'19'' Leo

This position brings you to the fore, to the celebrity, if not as a movie or television star, at least in your circle. But to do this, you have to get rid of some of your friends and acquaintances, they seem to play an important role in your life and you tend to rely heavily on them. Cultivate your own creativity and self-confidence and pursue the perfection of what you do because you have the ability to succeed.

North Node at 9 House Religion - Philosophy - Long Trips

You really like to deal with large-scale works and situations rather than ephemeral insignificant issues and problems. Be careful not to let go of it for nothing. There is also the risk of luring and following the various currents of fashion, being "in" we say and losing your own real identity of being. And this may be because you care too much about becoming "acceptable". The North Node in 9th wants to make you what you are and you really believe, not the ephemeral "in" and "out" of the train. It is preferable to make long trips, say walking around in the neighborhood, displaying your latest fashionable outfit. Put a little adventure in your life. From reading and parading the latest news in the newspapers, try to understand what you are hiding behind what you learn and say and believe without judgment.

Lilith at 09°28'19'' Cancer

You may find pleasure too early. You have a rich erotic imagination, but there are also tendencies of infidelity.

Lilith at 8 House Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

The real nature. Sexual attraction is the weapon and you demand the power to an absolute degree. With this position, there is the danger of misuse of power, your occupation, death and accidents, and you inwardly like the danger. You believe in mental regeneration.

Part of Fortune at 06°37'50'' Taurus

Your good fortune depends mainly on your financial situation and how much you manage your inventory. It is most likely that you were born in a rather well-preserved but conservative environment and you have probably learned and fully assimilated conservative principles in terms of material possessions and property, but that does not mean that you are spanked or stingy. You just do not waste it, so you have to do it, but when someone asks for your help and you are at that moment you have the power, you give it, because above all you are powerful people and you like to help whenever you weak.

Part of Fortune at 6 House Diseases - Work

Your luck will bloom better in the background than the headlamp lights, in a role may not be a leading but key throughout the project. You may not be the great surgeon, but the humble anesthetist next to the great surgeon, the simple nurse who gives it to his hand just when the tool wants to do the surgery and so on. In being useful and accurate in whatever way you can, you find your luck and your joy.

Vertex at 17°06'16'' Cancer

The Top here makes people feel separated from the outside world and thinks they live in their own dream environment. The person has a deep desire for family and protection. These people desperately want to create deep relationships away from the real world where they feel protected, otherwise they will constantly defend themselves.

Vertex at 8 House Bequests - Sex - Rebirth

The Top in the Eighth House is the inner need for an absolute union with the other person. Here the person will do everything to have his own at any price. If this is not achieved then he closes himself for fear of being hurt and constructing with his mind the ideal relationship.

* * *

The Degrees of the Zodiac that affect you

Ascendant at 03°12'26'' Sagittarius

"A soldier with an arc in the hand, standing behind a window's window." The Silence of Wisdom. Wisdom and caution in social life. Strong sense of justice.

Midheaven at 19°55'28'' Virgo

"Two men who swing around. A man in black looks at them." The Fate of the Struggle. Predisposition to quarrels or quarrels. Life fighter.

Sun at 27°33'25'' Scorpio

"A rocky hill engraved inside a cross that stands up against the sun rising." Squadron of Security. Shiny character. Religious or spiritual moods.

Moon at 00°58'57'' Taurus

"A woman with a cute walk, well dressed, standing in front of a house with the nose down, her head surrounded by the midday sun and the light. " Personal Defense Squadron Spirit that will defeat thanks to his power and his inherent diplomacy.

Mercury at 21°32'05'' Scorpio

"A waterfall falling from rock to rock." Squadron of Restriction. Spirit is restless and impulsive, mature by fertility and research.

Venus at 28°32'58'' Scorpio

"A man with a pen in his hand sitting in an office. In front of him, on a sheet of paper there are some pebbles." The Talent's Squadron. Property and celebration from literary or scientific work.

Mars at 12°35'11'' Scorpio

"A large deserted tower built high on a rock." Stability Squadron. Character strong and independent. The person will be an example for many. High position.

Jupiter R at 25°08'00'' Cancer

"A meteorite or a piercing star." Squad of Uncertainty. Nature artistic, position subject to change. Mind scrupulous.

Saturn R at 09°57'03'' Gemini

"A cute, fair woman who offers a glass of liquid to a child." The squadron of Iasi. Character of mercy, attraction for science or the medical arts.

Uranus R at 02°46'14'' Gemini

"A troubadour who leans his foot on the edge of a rock while beside him has his instrument - he listens to music coming out of the water of a waterfall." Squadron of Harmony. Bohemian and dreamer habits. Great imagination, love for the admirable.

Neptune at 01°30'32'' Libra

"A man wearing a doctor's clothes of a monastic order." Squadron of Research. Scientific research, intelligence and spirituality.

Pluto R at 07°13'20'' Leo

"A halo of clouds in the middle of which appears a bright triangle - inside this triangle one eye is written." Squad of Zesis. Mental and religious forces, intellectual abilities and ambition.

Chiron at 28°52'34'' Leo

"Two golden circles united with a blue ribbon on a double knot." The squadron of the Union. Probability of double marriage, dear character and friend of the unicorn.

Ceres at 20°05'21'' Pisces

"A moon in his loom emerging from a cloud and striking a lightning." The Fate of the Explosion. Higher mental arrests, inspiration and insightful ideas.

Pallas Athena at 12°36'47'' Aquarius

"An armed knight." Squad of Confirmation. Careful character always on the lookout. Career Warrior or Military.

Juno at 09°39'36'' Sagittarius

"A full moon shining on a clear sky." Squadron of the Impersonation. Comfort and grace. Around the person will be expressed talents and abilities.

Vesta at 13°56'29'' Aquarius

"A bridge over a river." The Fate of the Collapse. Unforeseeable risks - risk of bankruptcy or other.

North Node R at 29°42'19'' Leo

"A dog lying in a deplorable condition, crying and creeping." Squadron of Annecy. Character of slavery crying instead of acting.

Lilith at 09°28'19'' Cancer

"A very wide oak - around the roots of the young shoots - the birds are singing in its branches." Squadron of Euphoria. Protection from others, rich old age, benefits from the family.

Part of Fortune at 06°37'50'' Taurus

"A beautiful cow grazing in a park under the shade of two trees." Squadron of Body Wealth. Pleasant character. For a woman, beauty and chances of luxury.

Vertex at 17°06'16'' Cancer

"A bouquet of withered exotic plants that their scent has altered." Fate of Saturation. Life of luxury - such is about the middle of the character.

East Point at 21°29'39'' Sagittarius

"Two crossed arrows." Fate of Wrestling. Spirit challenging. Threat of competition or trial.

Part of Spirit at 29°47'02'' Gemini

"A wolf who follows a sheep on an isolated path." The Fate of Deception. Misfortunes, frauds, the chance to live at the expense of others.

Part of Love at 26°21'39'' Capricorn

"An abnormal plain and the edge of a forest." The Land of the Village. Character ghastly and rough, steep in expressions. Life degraded.

Part of Destiny at 23°20'52'' Aquarius

"A bent stalk that hangs on it a heavy wheat." The Squad of the Bend. Notable mental abilities but less physical strength.

Cupido at 15°21'24'' Virgo

"Many men chatting wearing festive clothes." Collegium Squad. Success that joins individuals who will be useful to one another.

Hades R at 20°09'00'' Aries

"A strong, erect man, with a happy look, with his hands outstretched and holding a mug full of wine." Squadron of Rare Consciousness Character hospitable, eager, unassuming and generous. Many friends.

Zeus R at 19°32'26'' Leo

"A falling moon with a bright star." The Squadron of Success. Many changes some of which are due to women. Shiny spirit.

Kronos R at 17°49'21'' Taurus

"Two bulls hit." Fate of Wrestling. Character fighter.

Apollon at 15°36'11'' Virgo

"Many men chatting wearing festive clothes." Collegium Squad. Success that joins individuals who will be useful to one another.

Admetos R at 15°51'20'' Aries

"A man with a book in his hand, wandering in a forest clearing. The sun shining between the foliage illuminates his face." Passive Beauty Squadron Love for Nature and the Study of Its Laws.

Vulkanus R at 19°30'17'' Gemini

"Two men well-dressed, one holding a horse from the bridle." The Squadron of the Bison. Spiritual abilities, dreams and visions. Preference in science.

Poseidon at 06°48'09'' Libra

"A naked man falling from a rock into a lake." Fate of the Fall. Nature impossible. The person must be kept not deceived.

* * *


As the time passes, you have to awaken opportunities that are latent within your horoscope, and depending on your sincerity and ability, you will be able to experience all that your planets imply. You may not recognize all of the previous features, but if your birth time and time are right, each word will match you. Astrologers believe that the Character is Destiny and that during this lifetime we must work to develop our character. In the distant future, we are destined to take an active part in promoting the evolution of the world and for this purpose we must make ourselves fit, for in the end we must become perfect.

* * *


Houses PorphyrySign
103°12'26'' Sagittarius
208°46'47'' Capricorn
314°21'08'' Aquarius
419°55'28'' Pisces
514°21'08'' Aries
608°46'47'' Taurus
703°12'26'' Gemini
808°46'47'' Cancer
914°21'08'' Leo
1019°55'28'' Virgo
1114°21'08'' Libra
1208°46'47'' Scorpio
Planets Sign House
Sun 27°33'25'' Scorpio12
Moon 00°58'57'' Taurus5
Mercury 21°32'05'' Scorpio12
Venus 28°32'58'' Scorpio1
Mars 12°35'11'' Scorpio12
Jupiter R 25°08'00'' Cancer8
Saturn R 09°57'03'' Gemini7
Uranus R 02°46'14'' Gemini7
Neptune 01°30'32'' Libra10
Pluto R 07°13'20'' Leo8
Asteroids Sign House
Chiron 28°52'34'' Leo9
Ceres 20°05'21'' Pisces4
Pallas Athena 12°36'47'' Aquarius3
Juno 09°39'36'' Sagittarius1
Vesta 13°56'29'' Aquarius3
Minor Objects Sign House
North Node R 29°42'19'' Leo9
Lilith 09°28'19'' Cancer8
Part of Fortune 06°37'50'' Taurus6
Vertex 17°06'16'' Cancer8
East Point 21°29'39'' Sagittarius1
Ascendant 03°12'26'' Sagittarius1
Midheaven 19°55'28'' Virgo10
Part of Spirit 29°47'02'' Gemini7
Part of Love 26°21'39'' Capricorn2
Part of Destiny 23°20'52'' Aquarius3
Uranian Sign House
Cupido 15°21'24'' Virgo10
Hades R 20°09'00'' Aries5
Zeus R 19°32'26'' Leo9
Kronos R 17°49'21'' Taurus6
Apollon 15°36'11'' Virgo10
Admetos R 15°51'20'' Aries5
Vulkanus R 19°30'17'' Gemini7
Poseidon 06°48'09'' Libra10
Fixed Stars Sign House
ACHERNAR 14°30'00'' Pisces3
POLARIS 27°46'23'' Gemini7
ZETA RETICULI 23°00'33'' Pisces4
PLEIADES 29°35'02'' Taurus7
ALDEBERAN 08°59'21'' Gemini7
CAPELLA 21°03'27'' Gemini7
RIGEL 16°02'03'' Gemini7
BELLATRIX 20°09'03'' Gemini7
ALNATH 21°46'27'' Gemini7
ORION 22°40'04'' Gemini7
BETELGEUSE 27°57'19'' Gemini7
MENKALINAN 29°06'33'' Gemini7
MURZIM 06°23'24'' Cancer8
CANOPUS 14°11'04'' Cancer8
ALHENA 08°18'18'' Cancer8
SIRIUS 13°17'29'' Cancer8
ADARA 19°58'11'' Cancer8
WEZEN 22°36'09'' Cancer8
CASTOR 19°26'25'' Cancer8
PROCYON 24°59'31'' Cancer8
POLLUX 22°25'24'' Cancer8
SUHAIL 10°23'27'' Virgo9
AVIOR 22°20'27'' Virgo10
MIAPLACIDUS 01°10'22'' Scorpio11
ALPHARD 26°28'33'' Leo9
REGULUS 29°01'33'' Leo9
DUBHE 14°23'23'' Leo9
ACRUX 11°04'01'' Scorpio12
GACRUX 05°55'34'' Scorpio12
BECRUX 10°50'21'' Scorpio12
ALIOTH 08°07'04'' Virgo9
SPICA 23°02'07'' Libra11
ALKAID 26°07'06'' Virgo10
AGENA 22°59'09'' Scorpio12
ARCTURUS 23°25'24'' Libra11
RIGEL KENTAURUS 28°45'01'' Scorpio1
ANTARES 08°57'13'' Sagittarius1
SHAULA 23°46'28'' Sagittarius1
SARGAS 24°47'21'' Sagittarius1
KAUS AUSTRALIS 04°16'15'' Capricorn2
VEGA 14°30'09'' Capricorn2
ALTAIR 00°57'30'' Aquarius2
PEACOCK 23°00'22'' Capricorn2
DENEB 04°32'18'' Pisces3
ALNAIR 15°06'00'' Aquarius3
FORMALHAUT 03°03'07'' Pisces3
ANDROMEDA 27°03'19'' Aries5

Retrograde Planets


The retrograde Jupiter shows that you may be somewhat pessimistic and lacking imagination.


The retrograde Saturn may make you unsafe and believe you are not worthy of anything. Of course, you can keep your fears for yourself by wanting to look loud, perhaps because someone with power exercises great power and influence over you. You need to be patient and work hard to get what you want, but you may not have the will or the desire to devote yourself to this goal, which is mainly seen by the house, the sign and the faces of Saturn On your map. Yet you restrict yourself if you lazily.


The retrograde Uranus shows that while externally there seem unconventional or different person, internally feel you, but take care not to show it. There is a possibility that the areas seen by the house, sign and aspects of Uranus on your map may be subject to continuous or extreme sudden changes. By positively using this retrograde motion of Uranus, you can become someone who is unique and true and can lead the projects he will undertake to positive change and development.


The retrograde Pluto shows that you tend to hide from others the great difficulties that can pass on some phases of your life. The positive thing about this is that your enemies will not learn about your problems and will not hurt you anymore. The negative thing is that your friends will not know it and they could help you. If you are confident about your friends and you know they can help you, then it's good not to hide them too.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.


According to some astrologers, the power of planets that move retrograde to the zodiac significantly weakens their influence, positive or negative.

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