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Analysis of 360 degrees until the end!

Costas Tolis

Pentans, Decans, Quarters, Sub-Houses, Sub-Zodiacs, Moon Houses!

Where is this additional information?

They are located under the Moires in the Forecast for All program. Go there, select "Advanced" and highlight "Pentans, Decans etc."

Because it's going to take a lot of space and spoil the appearance and functionality of the program, I simply put the Numbers that correspond to each field above. So when you move your mouse over one of these numbers, a window will appear indicating in which field each number is assigned. And when you click on it you will read the descriptions.

They are found in the "Library" in the last selection below, under the title Planets Families Zodiac Fourth Zodiac Persons or Pentagon Zodiacs In Zodiacs Inside Animals Decades of the Zodiac Moon Stations Moon Stations of India.

These descriptions are not, of course, like the usual ones you read in your predictions, birthdays, etc.

The description of the Decans comes from the work of Indian Astrology "Brihat Jakata".

The description of the Persons or the Pentanes is from Alan Lyo's Astrology Dictionary, which does not mention another source.

Sub-Zodiacs and Sub-Houses are our well-known signs and word-houses.

For Moon Houses there are four grades.

The 28 Moon Houses in the Western zodiac
The 28 Moon Houses in the Indian Zodiac
The 27 Moon Houses in the Western zodiac
The 27 Moon Houses in the Indian Zodiac

The interpretations of the 28 Homes come from Francis Barret's "The Magician" book.

Interpretations for the 27 Houses that Lio mentions in his Dictionary and come from Indian Astrology, I have not found, although he says they are the same as the 28 Homes, says that the Detached House is in Capricorn. So, in order not to drive you in unnecessary complications, for the moment I just wrote their Indian name and along the way when we find more information we will present them.

Regardless of the great utility that this information has for your Birthday Horoscope, these gradations of the zodiac can be used very helpful in predicting both Progresses and Transits or Daily Forecasts.

That is, you are reading today a look that says:

Saturn on Prosperity with Mars.

The good physical condition and vitality of the person during this period helps him to be very productive and efficient in his work. The results are very good and the steady upward course secured. Professional: Now you can work very hard and see your dreams come true. You are in a very productive period and the results of your efforts will be so good that you feel confident and confident.

The Fourth that corresponds to this aspect says:

4th Fourth

The planets in the fourth quarter of a sign express their relation to the world in terms of superiority, power, sovereignty, reputation, achievement, popularity, distinction.

The Fourth here rewards and makes more confident the main prediction for great works and accomplishments.

The Sub-House says:


Profession. Mother. Reputation. Prices. Successes.

And another confirmation from the Sub-House.

The Sub-Zodiac says:


Patient, tireless, flirtatious, cautious, secretive, condescending.

The Sub-Zodiac may refer to you as well as to the persons you will need to achieve your purposes. He tells you that they will be condescending to your wishes.

Pentan says:

Leo, from 20 ° to 25 °

This Person gives great understanding and reveals a loyal, sincere and nice person.

In other words, you will have all the help you need and possibly a person with the above characteristics: loyal, honest, v 3rd Decree of Leonta, from 20 ° to 30 °

Mars. A man with a bear head, with a long curled beard and mood like a monkey. He is armed with a bat and transports fruit and meat.

The Decan can simply describe this person more, perhaps, for example. to be a boss, but who knows how to reward hard and good work.

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