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Power and Super Power of Planets in Signs

Costas Tolis

The standard zodiacal map below shows in detail what zodiac sign is governed by each planet.


In the outer circle are the signs.

In the next circle are the planets that govern these signs.

In the third circle there are the planets that have been excited in these signs and next to the exact fate of their maximum power.

The fourth circle is the after Saturn planets. The after Saturn planets govern the properties: Force, Stability and Volatility. That is, all impulsive, fixed and variable signs, respectively.

The penultimate inner circle represents the planets that govern the decans of the zodiac. For example the first decan of Aries ruled by Mars, the second of the sun and the third from Jupiter, skippers namely igneous signs starting from that governs the respective igneous sign. And the same applies to all other decans of the zodiac.

And the last inner circle represents the decans of the zodiac based on the order of Planetary Hours.

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