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Mars vs Sun

Costas Tolis

Read new informations derived from observation.

It concerns all the unfavorable aspects, Square, Opposition, Conjunction.


This aspect may cause vision problems, which will appear from childhood.

I think it's good to avoid any kind of upsetting and maybe, in some times of your life, you'll need to watch out for accidents. Before you undergo any surgery, you need to think about it very carefully and you should also watch out for fire and firearms. You are by nature prone to feverish illnesses and generally tend to be overly frivolous. You are wasting your energy and you can endanger your life through some of your overdue activities.

This aspect resembles a volcanic eruption and is dangerous, so you should never get upset too much. As there is a risk that your blood rises to your head and you may become faint. When you feel unbearably pressed and angry, take slow and deep breaths until you calm down completely.

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