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Astrology Evolves (Time Was)

In the last month, I "racked" the horoscopy issue for people who are born or are in the South Geographic Latitudes, and I have almost concluded that the way this issue has been dealt with so far is basically wrong.

As far as I know, no distinction is made and the horoscope is constructed as in North G. Latitude, whether it is a Reversal of Houses with only common denominator Midheaven, as I have shown in the programs I have on this site.

But while Zodiacs are still mysterious and unexplored for so many thousands of years, they are firmly seen in the sky. But the zodiac signs have taken their names from the northern hemisphere peoples that Spring is starting on March 21, while in Australia let's say Spring begins on September 23rd. So, basically, Houses is not the problem in the South Latitudes, but the name (and the sequential characteristics) of the signs. To make it more understandable, one born in Northern Aries on April 1st if born in the Southern Hemisphere on the same date is Libra! With the same logic and the signs in the Heels of Houses, they just have to be reversed, not the Houses themselves!

I imagine many will be confused and will react with the "stirrup" that brings about such a statement (which may also end up in discovery), but what to do? Here, we have not yet solved the House issue for a few hundred years ...

In a short time, when I leave the reflection period and go into the period of practical applications of these reflections, I will add to all of my programs the above possibility, as well as the choice of Ptolemy's Equal Systems (I have it only in one or two programs but not at all).

Colleagues but simply southern dwellers, if they want to express their point of view, they can do so in the form of communication and if they want their opinion to be published, write this too.

Costas Tolis, Astrologer

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