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Diego Maradona, Natal Horoscope (with Reversal Signs for South Latitude)


Read for Diego Maradona 30-10-1960 07:05 Buenos Aires Argentina Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

Natal Horoscope 2

Birthday: Diego Maradona 30-10-1960 07:05:00 Birth Place: Buenos Aires Argentina Lon: -58.22 Lat: -34.36 Time Zone: -3

First House Taurus 28°12'46'' * You Stability

The First House in Taurus makes you press your feet firmly and firmly on this earth. You have a tender and emotional nature - you like pleasure and you admire beauty in all things. The sign of Taurus often gives a love for music or art and a very good taste in colors, melody, clothes, jewelry and general elegance. You are cool, reserved, steadfast and persistent - you love peace, calm and harmony. You are also practical and want to put everything to the test of practice and experience. You value people, things and ideas, especially for the usefulness they can have. You have a lot of patience and calm stability - you are a bit conservative and self-centered and in some cases you can be very stubborn. You do not change easily and you somewhat lack adaptability. The course of your life tends to move every day and every year on the same channels with comparatively minimal changes. You are not easily influenced by others, but you are persistent and patient workers in your own way and according to your own ideas. You are slow to get angry, but you are capable of keeping hatred. You have firm views, strong feelings and desires and are capable of intense passions, but you are also kind-hearted and lovers of comfort and relaxation. Luck: You are Fit for a practical work life in the world: business, agriculture, property management, management, politics, etc. GOVERNOR VENUS - The planet Venus is the ruler of the signs of Taurus and Libra. It is the planet of love and beauty. It strengthens the sympathies and makes active and strong the social aspect of your nature. You have a warm heart and companionship, you like the company of friends and relatives - you have a tender and calm mood and you prefer everything that is harmonious and refined. You like comfort and convenience, pleasure and luxury and you may need to limit this aspect of your nature a bit. In general, Aphrodite, to those born under her, gives good taste and love for beauty, good environment, clothes, jewelry, decorations and appreciation of cleanliness and order. Probably, if you seek it, you have the ability to develop the aesthetic aspect of your nature in the direction of song, music, the art of poetry, etc. The influence of the planet can also be adapted to a business life, because it gives some financial ability and good luck. The mood is usually happy, optimistic and kind and gives popularity to many friends. Aphrodite is the main indicator of love and marriage. It also has some influence on financial matters and general well-being, as well as on acquiring a sense of beauty.

Venus First House * Joy You

Aphrodite Ascends at your birth, this is very favorable, because it gives good luck in your life and you will be loved and respected by all those with whom you will come in contact. You have a talent for music or singing and you love art and everything beautiful or sophisticated. You have success in matters that satisfy others - you should always look for very kind pursuits and take on those matters that contribute to the happiness of others, not only to gain success in life, but also because your happy influence will be beneficial. for them. When the planet Venus ascends, it offers one of the best behaviors.

Venus Gemini 10°36'49'' * Joy Contacts

This position gives some social reputation and increases the number of friends. You can make friends between writers, educated or traveling people. Sometimes it gives some inconsistency in love affairs or also two love adventures or two marriages. It is a bond between you and your brothers, sisters and cousins ​​and your relationship with them will be pleasant and harmonious. It favors travel for entertainment or business and is favorable for money from writing, books, literature, lectures, education and profession rather than business. It refines the mind and creates a certain tendency towards religion. It gives you a sense of order and method, not only in everyday matters, but also in the arrangement and expression of ideas, as well as attention to detail. You are also mobile, playful, crazy and like to flirt. Your feelings are directed more by the mind and logic, without this meaning that you are cold, because you are not. This position will help you especially if you decide to deal professionally with whatever art form you choose, or speech, or even journalism.

Venus Square Moon * Mood Problem Joy

This brings sadness and frustration, especially in family matters. Your feelings are affected and you run the risk of acting carelessly, so you should expect frustrations as well as disagreements with the opposite sex. Entertainment-related topics should be avoided, as it indicates minimal happiness or satisfaction. It is a good idea to exercise restraint, avoiding exaggeration of feelings, sadness or pain. Usually, this aspect causes some exaggeration or extremism in some way and also sometimes harms health. However, it is an influence that can be overcome with caution and generally by avoiding conflict with the female sex.

Venus Square Pluto * Joy Problem Wealth

This shows that you face many obstacles in your relationships because your emotions are blocked. You are sexual but you show passion with aggression. You underestimate yourself to such an extent that you never admit your virtues, as a result of which you envy others for talents that you often have.

Sign in beginning of House 1 Taurus Ruler Venus at House 1 * You

This is a strong position and is conducive to both character and events. It means that the nature of the ruler, described above, will be very strong in your character and will work as much as possible with the least obstacles and difficulties. This gives strength and uniqueness to the character, making you stand out clearly from the other types. The influence of the ruler will also be clearly seen in the events of your life, both in what you cause yourself and in what happens to you, because of the actions of the people with whom you come in contact.

Second House Gemini 21°51'58'' * Financially Contacts

The 2nd House in Gemini: gains from literature, journalism, the mental abilities of the individual. Multiple profits from different sides.

Jupiter Second House * Luck Financially

Jupiter rules the Second House of your horoscope, bringing good luck in matters related to finances. You will never be poor and with the right action you can accumulate wealth. Because Jupiter is the most auspicious planet, it promises the best of luck, in relation to the matters in which it presides or governs, in this case economics. You can earn through business related to overseas or travel, as well as activities related to land, food, shelter, clothing and things needed for the comfort of others. Under any benevolent directions to the benefactor Jupiter you will have great success in life, gaining through inheritances or offerings and from people pleasant or rich or through them.

Jupiter Cancer 00°44'37'' * Luck Transactions

This strengthens the imagination and insight and gives you a tendency towards art. It is a favorable position for family life, it gives peace and harmony in the home, it suggests a bond between you and your parents and it gives happiness and prosperity. It may bring you some inheritance from your parents, possibly your mother or her own family. Maybe you make some trips, possibly by sea, or maybe you follow a profession that involves travel. You can benefit by acquiring houses or land, or by related occupations. You have a talent for choosing furniture and home decor and you like the beauty and subtlety of the home. You understand architecture and you may be proficient in it. It will draw you to the psychic or occult side of things or perhaps give you the ability to develop some psychic quality.

Jupiter Sextile Sun * Energy Benefit Luck

This will bring some good luck in your life and will probably elevate you to a higher position or greatly improve your social status as life progresses. You have a truly religious spirit and a genuine kindness, which makes you kind and compassionate to all those with whom you come in contact. You will find in life the success you deserve and almost all your aspirations will be successful. You have an optimistic and happy character, even under difficulties, and generally you always find a way to settle your situations quickly and comfortably. Under this favorable aspect, the affairs of health, money and love are strengthened. Also, you like progress and thirst for knowledge, for that and you will have the opportunities for studies and travel.

Jupiter Trine Uranus * Luck Gain Change

Jupiter and the planet Uranus are in auspicious aspect at your birth. This is an important aspect for those who are intellectually advanced and those who are original or have a tendency towards the metaphysical and the occult. In general, this aspect brings sudden and unexpected gains, by will or by inheritance. You may come up with something out of the ordinary, and then you have to re-think your position. Its tendency, however, is more towards originality in the sphere of thought and in overcoming the conventional and the orthodox. It adds great enthusiasm to all your endeavors. Simply put, you are very intelligent. You have absolutely right judgment and you know how to transform your wisdom into action. You are original and dynamic, fair, cheerful and good-natured. You care about the common good and you care about it as much as you can. You love traveling and thirst for knowledge.

Jupiter Trine Pluto * Luck Gain Wealth

Jupiter in auspicious aspect with Pluto, gives you a very powerful mind, with the ability to analyze everything in depth. You assimilate the philosophy and you can transmit it, so you can succeed as a teacher. Also, this aspect gives wealth in old age. You have occult gifts. You can comfortably break old contacts and old lifestyles if necessary, because you are willing to start over and you will benefit from it. A successful distinction is possible in your life.

Saturn Second House * Time Financially

Saturn exerts influence on the Second House of your natal horoscope, this is not a very auspicious sign, because it causes delays and obstacles to progress and economic growth. However, it promises profits from hard work, slow and steady perseverance and thanks to prudence, austerity and economy. Through pure motivation you can gain wealth over time and through careful investment, you may have some greater success than usual. It is not favorable for those who were not born in a good environment, because it suggests more hard work and really hard work than good luck in financial matters. However, you are very fair in your financial dealings.

Saturn Cancer 13°23'33'' * Time Transactions

Saturn was in Cancer at the time of your birth. This is not a favorable position for both acquiring acquisitions and for your professional position, success and recognition in life, because it creates problems in your business or in your profession (probably a drop in career), loss of your reputation and monetary damage (especially when Saturn strikes the Moon, Venus or Jupiter, both at the Nativity and on the Map of Progress or Transits). Contributes to some kind of psychicism or occultism. Beware of various ideas and impressions and separate the imagination from daydreaming. You are greatly influenced by others and may absorb your vitality, so be careful about who you meet. Strengthen your will and never encourage resentment or frustration. You are trying to avoid responsibility, which is probably not desirable at all. Your profession, too, may not be popular.

Saturn Sextile Sun * Energy Benefit Time

The Sun in auspicious aspect with the planet Saturn is a lucky influence. It will make you stable, patient, persistent, prudent and honest and with such qualities in your character you will gain respect and you will be able to hold some very responsible positions in your life, if you take care to pursue them. You have organizational and administrative skills, method and internal strength and you will gain social recognition. You are consistent, serious, fair and reliable, knowledgeable and have philosophical abilities. People older than you will help you and those who hold very important positions in life will come to you, if you need their help. Your moral aspect will be strengthened more and more as you move forward in life and you will become more and more conscious. Also, your health will improve as the years go by and if you are restrained, you will probably live to a very old age.

Saturn Sextile Moon * Mood Benefit Time

The Crones virtues are truth, purity and sincerity, this aspect therefore helps you to become prudent, austere, faithful and positive. You have the ability to organize and you can hold positions of responsibility in life. You will be successful in dealing with older people and all your actions will be properly organized, systematic and regular. This aspect gives you a lot of patience and contemplation and by practicing meditation you can achieve great things. You have good behavior and foresight and I think you will become very serious and consistent. In short, you are careful and methodical, you take care and take care of your home and you keep the traditions. You are a housekeeper and you can manage your assets well. You succeed in your job, but you have many requirements from your partners.

Saturn Opposition Mars * Body Opposition Time

Mars is in opposition to Saturn at birth - a very unfortunate aspect for those who have not learned to exercise complete self-control. Sometimes this aspect makes you express more than you should and not only use sarcastic and very bitter speech, but you will tend to use words that are not correct, especially if you are very annoyed. You have enough courage, but you are rather reckless about the risk. You have the quality of "Hero" in you, but I'm afraid that you will tend to risk your life for the momentum when you are under great excitement. You have a very strong desire nature and when you get angry you are violent. Also, you may be expressing insecurity and not believing in yourself, you are closed and you are not expressing your feelings because you think you will not be able to reach the top. You claim that you are not trying and that it is your conscious choice not to reach high, but in reality you are jealous of the successful ones.

Saturn Sextile Neptune * Time Benefit Inspiration

This indicates the ability to concentrate your efforts in a certain direction with great persistence. In fact, this aspect gives an extraordinary power of perseverance, despite obstacles and defeats, if its influence is fully used. You will always have a taste for the strange and the unusual and you will be able to follow your path satisfactorily, whether it is applauded by others or not. It creates in the character a tendency for cruelty and you should try to expand your sympathies and develop your love for others in order to compensate. This aspect is very good, because it allows you to use your imagination creatively. You can profitably practice the profession of decorator, director, journalist, etc. Music has a strange effect on your inner nature.

Saturn Trine Pluto * Time Gain Wealth

Saturn in auspicious aspect with Pluto, give you the ability to earn as much as you can from life. You have a business mind and you can manage a lot of capital. This aspect makes you excellent stockbrokers and promises you real estate.

Sign in beginning of House 2 Gemini Ruler Mercury * Clarity Financially

This position promises you profits through literary pursuits, agencies, publications, etc., in other words, through any sedentary job in which the mind is more concerned than the body. You have a lot of business skills and you are imaginative and possessive about money, but you need to beware of fraud and theft and be careful when signing financial documents. You do well in all matters where a quick move is required and journalism or business and activities related to printing, shipping, agency etc. will offer you the most efficient ways of income.

Third House Cancer 15°31'10'' * Movements Transactions

You like the family environment and you make a lot of trips to be with your family again. You have a mind and imagination, memory and historical sense. You feel the need to change environment frequently and have the ability to dream as well as mental abilities.

Sign in beginning of House 3 Cancer Ruler Moon * Mood Movements

This illuminator controls movement, travel and change. You love to travel, and you will move a lot either by your own choice or by impulse and for many reasons there will be a tendency to move from city to city or from work to home, comfortably covering short and long distances. Many of your mental experiences in this life will come through travel and you prefer change to movement rather than monotony. You will get in touch with the general public when you travel and you will be very receptive to the situations of others.

Fourth House Leo 09°10'21'' * Home Creativity

You have the skills to decorate. You feel pleasure and love for your home. The last part of your life will be enjoyable. A love and a child will play an important role during this period.

Sign in beginning of House 4 Leo Ruler Sun * Energy Home

It promises a glorious end to your career. You may come in contact with strong people who will help you or your life will be more useless, due to circumstances that you set yourself in motion. However, the end of life seems to be better than the first part and from the point of view of individuality, you will benefit and reap the fruits of what you sowed in your first years. This influence of the Sun manifests itself, depending on the sign through which its ray passed at your birth, more at the end of what you are attempting than at the beginning and shows that your aspirations will have a satisfactory end.

Fifth House Virgo 15°31'10'' * Emotionally Details

You like purity, you are cautious and you have a sense of criticism that you apply to love. Your selfishness and criticism are linked to your romantic life and this can cause coldness in your relationships. You are interested in scientific and mental pleasures and whether or not you will have children does not particularly excite you.

Moon Fifth House * Mood Emotionally

This position suggests a great entrepreneurial spirit, but it has a somewhat fluctuating character. In all investments and issues that are of a for-profit and business nature, deal with those that affect the general public or be interested in the good of the world. This influence is likely to favor gambling and those risky or so-called "luck" issues where the element of uncertainty prevails, so that many of your businesses may have a fluctuating nature, with little or no permanence. At some point in your life you will be very interested in children. LOVE You have many chances to get involved in emotional commitments. You are not particularly romantic, but you feel the need to reaffirm your ability to attract the opposite sex and thus boost your self-confidence through temporary flirtations, which show that you do not go unnoticed. You are the person who does not feel good without a romantic relationship and you are able to live a unique story with the one you think is the man of your life, but it is not at all unlikely, after a while, to find the next "unique" person of your life and move his house. You are a person who can not "close" and cover his sensibilities, but, on the contrary, a person who confronts his sensibilities in his love affairs and constantly asks for confirmations from the other half and sometimes - when the map shows a person very dependent on others, for example with the Sun in Libra - if he does not take them, he reacts so spasmodically that he loses all his charm and mystery. However you are "magnetic" with the opposite sex and rarely without conquests. You do not need to do your best to attract a partner, because you are the magnet. You know how to seduce and many times, you do it to see your power, without seeking any form of relationship with your "victim".

Moon Virgo 16°57'10'' * Mood Details

This increases your mental capacity, the practical aspect of the mind and makes you suitable for any position where you require adaptability and an understanding of the method and details. In this regard, you will be more efficient as a worker than as a boss, although you can be very successful, especially if you work with others or work under a manager. You may gain friends and popularity, but you will not be overly ambitious or impatient to climb, because you prefer to live calmly and not come to the fore too much. You will adapt to the circumstances and will not seek to subjugate them to your will. You probably travel a lot. You have a tendency to worry and be overly anxious, so you need to cultivate optimism and calmness. In short, you are a person who cares a lot about their health, to the point that they are, sometimes, imaginary patients. Extremely clean, regular and tidy, practical, with a detailed mind and meticulous. This position gives many changes at work. The related tasks are: working in relation to the public, trade, political writing career, booksellers, etc. You have highly developed mental abilities, excellent memory, inventive skills in science or occultism (for those always, whose logic allows them to count on their unconscious abilities). At the same time you show great caution and a lot of increased observation, love for the humble, contemplation and wisdom.

Moon Trine Mercury * Mood Gain Clarity

The Moon and the planet Mercury in auspicious aspect at your birth. This aspect gives you wonderful mental abilities and makes your brain precise and active. You will succeed in life thanks to the spirit and speed of your perception. You have the ability to make money and you do well with print and writing. This aspect enables you to value life and make the most of it, because you are intelligent and can think for yourself. You need to cultivate clairvoyance as well as your memory, which is a characteristic of this aspect when it is active and not latent. You have a talent for speaking or writing and you can very easily express your thoughts and ideas. Simply put, you have a great ability to convey ideas and feelings, a gift that allows for good relationships with others and employment in professions that require persuasion and public relations. You are immovable and inspire confidence, because you are smart and fair.

Moon Trine Mars * Mood Gain Body

The Moon and the planet Mars in auspicious aspect at the moment of your birth. This look will make you fearless, bold and courageous. You can show great courage and perseverance, being determined and with that confidence which enables you to trade successfully with others. You are perfectly capable of undertaking whatever you think. It is a very favorable aspect, provided that you will not be overly open-handed and generous, because then you may have a tendency to become rather wasteful or excessive. This aspect strengthens and stimulates your body, enabling you to resist disease. It also makes you bright and happy, improving your behavior.

Sign in beginning of House 5 Virgo Ruler Mercury * Clarity Emotionally

This position suggests great intellectual entrepreneurship. It favors quick and lightning action on speculative issues, but warns you against signing or accepting documents and information that you are not fully aware of. You will have frequent correspondence about love affairs and some romance will be found in your way, either through books or through the mind. Better to live pure and avoid those speculations that can be turned into gambling. All your investments should be made in companies that have rapid changes. You will have a great relationship with young children. EROTAS: You have a charm that you use as your most powerful weapon for the opposite sex. You are a smart and ambitious creature. You can be a charismatic orator or even a writer, because you have your own way of handling speech. You like to feel and act like a teenager and this has the effect of creating relationships with much younger people. Even if you are married or even if you have found the "love of your life", you will still look sideways at young people, but you usually go to the point of admiration. What is certain is that your partner will never get bored and you will make him believe that he lives in a fairy tale. This is because you will talk to him constantly, you will tell him erotologically and the best of all is that what you will tell him will not be misprints or copies, but your own words full of admiration and love. This will save you from many scenes of jealousy that may be caused by your tendency described above to look away.

Sixth House Libra 21°51'58'' * Duty Sociability

You can engage in art trade, aesthetics and generally a pleasant work. The diseases you may experience will probably have to do with renal excretion.

Sign in beginning of House 6 Libra Ruler Venus * Joy Duty

Venus exerts influence in the Sixth House, showing a tendency for the genital system to suffer due to exaggeration or carelessness regarding your diet and life habits. Therefore, it is good to show restraint in all things and if you ever get carried away in any way in exaggeration, remember that you can attribute your illness to this fact. When health is lost, the kidneys, throat and genitals are likely to be affected.

Seventh House Scorpio 28°12'46'' * Familiar Passion

Passion and sexuality lead to marriage and these elements will be maintained after marriage.

Sign in beginning of House 7 Scorpio Ruler Mars * Body Familiar

Mars is influential in the Seventh House of your horoscope, the House of Marriage. This is not a very auspicious planet in terms of marriage, because Mars is more related to passion, etc. rather than with love. It is good to avoid a hasty marriage or to fall in love at first sight. As a rule, it promises an early marriage and sometimes more than one. You are likely to marry a person who has insane feelings and sympathies and who would like to hold the reins and command. However, the Aryan type is compassionate, although sometimes he is drawn to anger and dogmatism. The people who are likely to like you are the bold and fearless and full of courage. MARRIAGE: Mars in the seventh house gives a marriage based on love, but the "other half" every now and then throw strong quarrels. If Mars is weak, especially from Saturn, human happiness is limited in marriage. He tries to find happiness, even through a completely failed previous relationship. Usually, this guy is unable to take responsibility for a failed marriage and prefers to blame his partner. If Mars is weak from Uranus it can divorce or lead to divorce much faster than he thinks and divorce more than once. If Mars is weaker than Pluto, violence can be part of his daily behavior in his married life.

Sign in beginning of House 7 Scorpio Second Ruler Pluto * Wealth Familiar

Pluto in the Seventh House shows a companion marked by Pluto. It often foretells a nervous marriage that is corrected if the tension becomes an occasion to awaken your hidden sexuality. Otherwise, this position shows that there are hidden animosities, but also that you can become known to others through your power to create. MARRIAGE: Pluto in the seventh house shows the transformation of the individual through marriage. The person desperately wants to get married, but it is very difficult, because he is very demanding of his partner, he can not accept that every man has flaws and is very selfish in his relationships. As a result, he removes the gentle people who want to coexist in a marriage and can not land in a relationship. In order for a person to marry Pluto in the seventh, he must learn that he also has flaws and try to treat others equally. To limit his demands and not turn his phobias and insecurities into aggression.

Eighth House Sagittarius 21°51'58'' * Others Horizons

Avoid abuse and take care of the proper functioning of your stomach and liver. Possibility of inheritance with possible disputes.

Sign in beginning of House 8 Sagittarius Ruler Jupiter * Luck Others

Jupiter exerts a significant influence on the Eighth House, the House associated with wills, bequests and end-of-life issues, you will gain from inheritances, or through a good marriage, or through partners and associates. This influence brings you good luck through other people and either through insurance or in some direct or indirect way, you will benefit. Your life will have a very peaceful end, because you will meet a natural and easy death. There is no better influence than the one that comes from the planet Jupiter and all the issues it governs come to a good end. SEX: Shows a healthy and enthusiastic approach to sex. This person feels free and very comfortable in externalizing his sexual behavior. He is also very patient and tolerant of the sexual behavior of others, even if they have a problem with his own. A man with Jupiter in his eighth house and in a hard corner with Aphrodite tends to become indiscreet and still tends to fall in love with anything that may be ... desirable. Jupiter in a hard corner with Uranus shows success in the sexual affairs of the individual that usually begin and end abruptly. If he has an angle with Saturn, he shows sexual faith and devotion.

Ninth House Capricorn 15°31'10'' * Organizer Industriousness

You have ambition, courage and depth for superior arrests. Possible reputation abroad and rise through philosophy and mind.

Mars Ninth House * Body Organizer

Mars rules the Ninth House, the House of Subjects under the title "Philosophy", is not very conducive to peace and tranquility, as one would expect, if another part of the horoscope ruled this planet. But, it shows that you are enthusiastic about everything to which you turn your mind and heart - and you will clash or disagree with any system of thought that does not have your absolute approval. You are very independent in thought and feeling, in terms of religion or philosophy. Avoid litigation or disputes and do not become overly expressive or overly honest on matters related to religion, because otherwise you will suffer.

Mars Capricorn 15°47'11'' * Body Industriousness

This position gives you ambition, determination and the ability to open your way to the world and shape your career. You have great practical executive ability, you can work hard and you are able to achieve a lot. You have a sense of authority, you can control and direct others and you are fit for a position of responsibility. This position can elevate you in the world, give you some distinction or dominance over others, albeit in a limited way. But there is also a tendency to isolate you and make others fear or respect you rather than love you. Mars is strong in Capricorn and offers suitability for the professions that characterize this planet, such as military, navy, surgeon, chemist, engineer, as well as the ability for a position of government, state or municipal authority. When you are in the wrong direction, you may encounter hostility, criticism, competition, especially from superiors or public figures. There is a tendency for rheumatic or related diseases.

Mars Trine Neptune * Body Gain Inspiration

Mars and the planet Poseidon are in auspicious appearance at birth - a favorable influence that adds to your overall executive ability and makes you sought after in your company, because the personal magnetism it offers is abundant and pleasing. This aspect gives a great deal of action to the ambitions and makes you capable of planning big things. Whether you will be able to fully realize the great plans depends mainly on the faces of the Sun, the Moon and Mercury and also on your natural determination and stability. Because there is a certain variability in this aspect. Gives a strong perception of colors and in good combination with good aspects of the Moon or Mercury, gives a special talent in painting. You have the ability to use your imagination to realize your plans. You are honest, smart and idealistic and watch your behavior, which is very polite.

Sign in beginning of House 9 Capricorn Ruler Saturn * Time Organizer

Saturn rules the Ninth House of your horoscope, the House of religion and philosophy, because Saturn is the planet of stability and concentration, this position shows a serious enthusiasm in all the religious issues that will occupy your mind. You are a philosopher and you will support advanced views on all matters relating to the higher mind and all matters of an occult nature will prove to be of deep interest to you. This position of the planet Saturn, however, is unfavorable for legal cases or for trips related to long-distance travel and foreign affairs. Truth is the best way to awaken the attributes of this Ninth House.

Tenth House Aquarius 09°10'21'' * Profession Progress

Do you have skills for public professions, collective organizations such as Insurance, etc. and you also have the ability to turn situations around and innovate.

Uranus Tenth House * Change Profession

Uranus exerts influence on the Tenth House of your horoscope, suggesting that the occupations for which you are fit and competent are among those professions that have an original character, such as advertising or those related to inventions or that require all of its activities. higher mind. This influence of Uranus, however, will upset many of your plans until you reach the right groove. Eventually, you will discover that you have to shape your career yourself, because after many ups and downs you will realize that you have an original talent and so on, or you will either adopt an unusual profession or you will become an inventive person with an original job.

Uranus Aquarius 25°20'15'' * Change Progress

Uranus in Aquarius. This position gives good friends and strong political ties. You will also create sudden goals, at a time unpredictable for your environment. You will have significant and favorable changes in your lifetime. You have altruism and you are a person who fights for moral causes and for liberation.

Uranus Square Mercury * Clarity Problem Change

This makes your mind critical and sometimes unstable. You need to be careful about which one you go with, as well as the documents you sign. You will be criticized and confronted with the opposition of others when you least expect it, but this may also be due to your own attitude, because you have a tendency to be sarcastic and misunderstood. This results from the condition of your nervous system, which will occasionally be out of tune. You have a strong spirit of reform, but you will do well not to be too reckless in the methods you adopt. In short, you are nervous, you talk constantly and most of the time you say things unrelated to each other. You are attracted to marginalized people, you refuse compromises, but you do not adopt a specific way of life. Your relationships do not last, because you are easily bored and constantly in need of change.

Pluto Tenth House * Wealth Profession

Pluto in the Tenth House. It shows that your ambitions and goals will be revolutionary. You will seek to change and overthrow the existing conditions. You may be involved in some secret activities and there may also be periods of crisis in your ambitions and goals.

Pluto Pisces 07°42'12'' * Wealth Dreams

Pluto in Pisces, makes you idealists and gives you occult gifts.

Pluto Sextile Sun * Energy Benefit Wealth

This shows that your will is in harmony with your sexuality, which simply means that you are good at love and especially in the sexual act. It also gives you remarkable creative talents and abilities. You tend to break free from bonds and boundaries and easily lose what you do not want. There is a possibility that you will play a higher role in a rebellion. Also, this aspect gives you good health and the ability to "recover quickly", both in psychological and physical diseases. You have an impressive personality, which never goes unnoticed, because you radiate eroticism and self-confidence.

Pluto Sextile Neptune * Inspiration Benefit Wealth

Like everyone in your generation, you have the opportunity to help others for the good of humanity. Use every physical or spiritual force to help those around you.

Sign in beginning of House 10 Aquarius Ruler Saturn * Time Profession

Saturn rules your profession or occupation (10th House), it shows strength and power in a way, but it gives more luck and success through hard work and perseverance. You may hold a leadership position, or you may have been given some responsibility. This strong influence is not good for business, because there is always the threat of danger, due to harm from others or due to failure to bring to a happy end the programs you have on hand. Saturn favors profit more through hard work than through good luck. Subjects that require patience, tact and attention, succeed better than any other methods, for this, you should pursue activities that require these qualities.

Sign in beginning of House 10 Aquarius Second Ruler Uranus * Change Profession

Uranus exerts influence on the Tenth House of your horoscope, suggesting that the occupations for which you are fit and competent are among those professions that have an original character, such as advertising or those related to inventions or that require all of its activities. higher mind. This influence of Uranus, however, will upset many of your plans until you reach the right groove. Eventually, you will discover that you have to shape your career yourself, because after many ups and downs you will realize that you have an original talent and so on, or you will either adopt an unusual profession or you will become an inventive person with an original job.

Eleventh House Pisces 15°31'10'' * Friends Dreams

You are rather unstable in your friendships, which sometimes tend to betrayal or deceit. There is a case that some of your friends come from the religious area.

Sign in beginning of House 11 Pisces Ruler Jupiter * Luck Friends

Jupiter rules the House of Friends (11th), it is very good and a good sign that, you will never miss a friend in your life and friends will not only be very willing, but will be able to help you any once you need their help. You will have friends or acquaintances, people who are involved in religion or who have a philosophical tendency, with a very good position and willing to do what they can for others. Your friends will be among those born under the planet Jupiter or, generally speaking, from November 21 to December 21. You will realize many of your hopes and desires in your lifetime if you think clearly.

Sign in beginning of House 11 Pisces Second Ruler Neptune * Inspiration Friends

Poseidon exerts influence on the Eleventh House of your horoscope, the House of Friends, he will bring you many peculiar and strange acquaintances and many strange or remarkable experiences will happen to you through them. It will be good to know the people you work with and socialize with, because it will be rather difficult for you to understand them in any way. This position usually brings those under its influence into contact with people who are physically or mentally deformed. It will draw you to the mental and spiritual aspect of life and your friends or acquaintances will influence you in that direction. You should avoid hypnosis, mesmerism, etc. This position suggests a somewhat mystical mental attitude and shows the fulfillment of your hopes in a way that will be completely different from your expectations.

Twelfth House Aries 21°51'58'' * Occult Confidence

Watch out for head accidents. The enemies you face are tough, but the enemies are short-lived.

Sun Twelfth House * Energy Occult

It is a good influence on all matters of an occult nature and gives you a rather deep interest in things that are mental, or beyond the material world. But at the same time, you are somehow restrained or limited and you can not fully express yourself, because of the circumstances surrounding your birth or environment, which are not favorable, nor do they contribute to worldly prosperity. Therefore, let your life be more devoted to the interior than to the exterior, because then you will come in contact with those who will be willing to help you in the right direction. The Sun in this House is rising and therefore promises you great improvement in worldly affairs as life progresses.

Sun Taurus 06°59'16'' * Energy Stability

You who have the Sun in Taurus, are determined, persistent, patient and resilient. You are still practical, rather conservative and sometimes a bit dogmatic and stubborn. You have a tendency to become somewhat authoritarian and rigid as the years go by, but also calm, reserved and stable. Underneath your outward stability, you hide a warm heart and are always kind and generous, as well as compassionate, kind and aching. You have dignity, you are cautious and careful in all your actions and although you are slow to make decisions, your judgment is practical and you do not change it easily.

Sun Conjunction Neptune * Energy Meeting Inspiration

At your birth the Sun was in Synod with the strange and unknown planet Poseidon. This will make your life different in many ways from the lives of others and bring you many strange experiences, the nature of which will depend on the degree to which you respond to the Spirit of Universal Love that this mighty planet represents. You are immersed in high daydreams and you hide secret plans, either for your own good or for the good of others. The conjunction of the planet Poseidon with the Sun often gives those born under it a peculiar and subtle charm in behavior, which makes them exert a strange attraction to others. You must be careful not to be left to others and you must avoid all dubious experiments with drugs, anesthetics or hypnosis. You are sensitive and imaginative and are attracted by artistic and creative pursuits, by mysticism, by photography or from drama and theater. You are impressive and receptive and you need to pay attention to the people, environments and situations you are associated with, as you tend to absorb the vibrations around you, for better or for worse. The power of proposition works more easily with you because of this aspect than with others. There may be strange and mysterious things happening to you that seemingly defy the rational mind. You have many dreams, visions and desires, but you may not have the concentrated will and endurance to do anything with them or realize them. You are kind, helpful, sympathetic and compassionate towards others, but you can benefit from someone with a good history. You like to help people in need, but you have to discriminate against them. You need to express yourself creatively, most likely through the arts or music. You do not like the hard side of life and you try to avoid difficulties whenever you can. This tendency to hide can lead to turning to drugs or alcohol if you do not exercise the right amount of self-control. Running away will not help solve any problems you have. You are prone to procrastination. There are times when you can be completely self-deceived about what is going on around you. You may encounter delusions of grandeur because there are times when you cannot separate truth from fiction or reality from fantasy. You are emotional, emotional, romantic and psychologically attuned. Avoid any negative mental practices, such as Ouija paintings, hypnosis and psychics. You must not allow your daydreaming to interfere with your responsibilities in life. People find it a little difficult to understand you, but that makes sense, since you see you do not really understand yourself.

Mercury R Twelfth House * Clarity Occult

You are very much concerned with occult phenomena and issues related to other worlds. Indeed, you have some ability to research spiritualism and occultism in general, because you are able to focus your mind on these issues. At the same time, be careful not to let yourself get too caught up in the apparent side of things. You have to be very careful in your speech, because there is a risk of suffering because of betrayal, so, you can be deprived of your freedom because this influence is very opposite, in terms of material matters, but very good for occultism.

Mercury Taurus 23°26'23'' R * Clarity Stability

This shows that you are slow in your decisions, but from the moment you make them you are immobile. But you can show great patience and perseverance in all mental quests and it makes you social, friendly and tender. It also creates a tendency towards religion and gives you some talent in art, music or poetry. You can show great endurance in everything you do mentally and I think you have a good memory. This position makes you fair, stable, unchanging, hardworking, strict, honest and uncompromising, but you must beware of the risk of becoming mentally stubborn.

Neptune Twelfth House * Inspiration Occult

Poseidon has a major influence on the Twelfth House of your horoscope, it will bring you in contact with peculiar and bizarre experiences, in terms of what is called occultism. You may come in contact with psychics or study spiritualism and you may also meet very quirky people who will have strange views in the occult field. It warns you, however, to be careful in your dealings with psychic matters, for you will come in contact with various stages of psychic phenomena at different times in your life, but all these influences can work in the higher state when you follow a pure life and there is a tendency towards higher thinking and purity of motivation.

Neptune Taurus 08°48'05'' * Inspiration Stability

This influence makes you flirtatious and inspiring. Do you like art and music? The downside of this position is that it can cause instability in earnings and capital flight.

Sign in beginning of House 12 Aries Ruler Mars * Body Occult

Mars rules the Twelfth House of your horoscope, it is not at all favorable for matters of an occult nature. It warns you to be very careful in dealing with issues that you do not fully understand and it will be better for you to never have a lot of relationships with phenomena or invisible situations. This influence threatens to confine you to a certain period of your life, due to an accident, unjust imprisonment, or something that will deprive you of your freedom for a while. Therefore, be very direct in all your actions, thus avoiding problems. Watch out for spiritualism.

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