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Carlos Castaneda, Natal Horoscope


Read for Carlos Castaneda 25-12-1925 09:00 Cajamarca Peru Full Natal Horoscope Analysis

Natal Horoscope 2

Birthday: Carlos Castaneda 25-12-1925 09:00:00 Birth Place: Cajamarca Peru Lon: -78.30 Lat: -7.09 Time Zone: -5

First House Aquarius 14°43'06'' * You Progress

At the moment of your birth, the Aquarius, a sign that belongs to the element of air and the fixed property, was rising up. It gives you cognitive and analytical skills and you have talents that can be cultivated, both for science and for literature or art. You have a will, intense and shaped views and you do not change very easily. You are patient, patient, steady and calmly resolute. Your character is open, straight, honest, and damp, and although sometimes you are very silent and restrained, you are not usually seduced into melancholy, but you are well-placed, joyful and idle. Most likely, you will make many friends and you will be loyal and steadfast in your relationships. You will be greatly helped by your friends and acquaintances and will be very pleased with their company and companionship. You have good memory and you are able to accept, a good training, you have skills that can be cultivated in a variety of fields. You have a tendency towards the occult and the mysterious and you can easily succeed in this direction. You tend to be altruistic, friendly, yet detached, impersonal, humanitarian, sociable, intellectual, freedom- loving, rebellious, independent, and unusual. You are here to learn altruism, brotherhood, and working for the common good, to forget yourself and your needs for the sake of your friends, who can also be strangers. You have new and different ways of looking at things. You can be very original and inventive, perhaps eccentric or bohemian. You are prone to uncertain and sudden impulses. You tend to be very intuitive, possessing a good mind. You have organizing ability and are capable and practical. You are intelligent, but sometimes cold and calculating where feelings are concerned. There is a certain detachment about you. You cannot stand possessiveness and jealousy and you require plenty of freedom. Depending on the relative strengths of Saturn and Uranus in your chart, caution, coldness and selfishness may be exhibited (Saturn stronger) or there will be more altruism, freedom and free-flowingness (Uranus stronger). If Uranus is stronger, then the things of the spirit will be stronger than materialistic worldliness. Spiritual lesson to learn: Warmth (less head and more heart). Saturn and Uranus both rule Aquarius so Saturn and Uranus will be important in your chart. Luck: You are suitable for public affairs and responsible positions, appointment, place under a local leader or supervisor. You will have the benefits of marriage, friendships, dating and social status. Ruler: Saturn. The planet Saturn is the ruler of the zodiac of Capricorn and Aquarius. It tends to gives you a mood that is rigorous, serious and pensive. It is the planet which naturally governs old age and the best influences usually appear only when you pass the youth. Gives self control, containment and confinement, and a natural tendency to frugality, prudence and carefulness. You will also gain from this willpower and a stand patiently, calmly, strength and equanimity. Sometimes you might be missing the fun and pleasant disposition - can not open socially as easily as others or create mood, fun and frolic, and if you can appreciate when you meet. You have sufficient practical ability and can handle people and cases efficiently and economically. You are ambitious and you can make long-lasting projects and programs and spending enough time to carry them out. The best lesson that teaches Saturn is self-control, prudence, patience, frugality and prudent mind, as well as the ability to discern between true and worthy surface hypocrisy. Saturn is considered as unlucky planet, because of its power to limit and restrain and has a binding and inhibitory influence. It is the bridge between the mind and feelings and governs until it is self-control. Second Ruler: Uranus. Planet Uranus gives nature can, with confidence, where all sides are able to fully develop. Gives strong and original mind, thinking things alone and not copy others. It gives the ability for higher cognitive studies, scientific, literary or metaphysical. On the emotional side of the character gives strength and energy, enthusiasm and determination and great zeal towards any person or case you pull. It makes your will strong and dominant and gives capacity for hard work and energetic. You are very independent, dislike rules, constraints and conventions and often violate or ignore them. Generally come to the fore and you are more or less important people in every area of ​​life, since you can direct, control, administer and to take responsibility. The planet Uranus gives you also a trend towards the occult and the mysterious and sometimes causes strange and unusual experiences. Sudden changes happen in life and both the good and the bad, is likely to come unexpectedly. Uranus is the planet synthetic. Largely governs the will and is responsible for the magnetic changes in the body and nervous system. Bring about changes in consciousness and corresponding changes in life.

Venus First House * Joy You

This is very favorable because it gives good luck in your life and will love you and you will be respected by all those with whom you will come in contact. You have talent in music or singing and you love art and everything beautiful or sophisticated. Have success in the issues that give satisfaction to others - you must always look very politely engaged and take on those issues that contribute to the happiness of others not only to gain success in life but also because your joyful influence will be beneficial for them. When the planet Venus comes up, it gives one of the best behaviors. You are friendly and charming with a magnetic personality. You are the honey in life that draws the bees. You always seem to know what to say with regard to what people want to hear. Whether it is the truth or not is the problem. You have an uncanny ability to attract everything you need in life. People and things just come to you. But, you must guard against using people to get what you want. You enjoy and have an appreciation of beautiful and luxurious things. You can also be quite selfish and self-centered. Acting like the spoiled brat is also a danger.

Venus Aquarius 16°52'09'' * Joy Progress

Your affections are expressed in an open, unconventional and rather detached way. Socializing, bringing people together and having many friends and acquaintances very much appeal to you. Because you value friendship so highly, you may be more comfortable being a friend than a lover. One thing's for sure - you highly dislike possessive, clingy relationships. You want to be free to do whatever you want with whomever you like. You want an intellectual or spiritual connection with your partner and this may even be the preferred substitute over a very intimate or emotional bonding. You need a partner who will give you plenty of freedom, allowing you to be your own person, and not be too demanding emotionally. You are charming, happy and original, but also, cool, calm and detached. This detachment is beneficial because you, as a rule, are never possessive of people or things. The feelings you have tend to be filtered through your mind and intellectualized. You need to learn warmth and understanding. This influence will contribute to your popularity and social success and will give you many friends and acquaintances, some of whom can be successful in life and able to help you socially, if not professionally or financially. It is favorable to love and marriage, but it is also likely to cause delay or disappointment, especially when it is under bad directions and in such cases you may suffer because of unbelieving friends. This position also gives you faith and stability in your friendship and friendship and gives you affection for the children and their satisfaction. It refines the mind and gives some imagination and taste for music or the fine arts. You will have some ability in money and business and you can earn through investment or speculation. In short, you are friendly and charming. You like to have a common ideology with your mate, but you do not want to be particularly committed and you are somewhat impersonal and selfish with him. You are original and intelligent.

Venus Square Moon * Mood Problem Joy

Your habits may annoy others. You may have bad manners, bad breath or bad personal hygiene habits that irritate those around you. You can be lazy at times and you hate to get your hands dirty. You prefer other people doing the hard work while you sit around and reap the benefits or the glory. You know exactly how to tell people what they want to hear, regardless of whether it is really honest or not. You may have conflicting emotional desires and needs which complicate your personal life. Perhaps you are trying to please someone you care about so much so that you end up being some other person instead of yourself, becoming very unhappy in the process. You may have trouble figuring out just what you want in a relationship, a mother or a lover. If your needs for emotional satisfaction and love are not met, then overeating (especially sweets) can be a problem for you. You have a tendency anyway toward rich, sweet food and emotional imbalances set you to overeating as compensation for what you feel you are lacking. You are insecure and do not have a very high opinion of yourself. Perhaps you find yourself ugly or unattractive in some way, regardless of what the people around you tell you. You need to learn how to emotionally stand alone on your own two feet and to stand up for yourself and what you believe. You want and need the love of others in order to feel secure and if that love seems to be taken away, then you crumble. You are very warm and loving, but you must learn that you cannot possess anyone. We have all loved countless souls in all our previous incarnations here on earth and there is never a final farewell for love. You always are reunited with those you love. Anything to the contrary is an illusion. Money goes out as fast as it comes in, sometimes faster. You have a tendency to be self-indulgent, over-extravagant and too desiring of luxury. You have the tendency to take the easy way out of things and to not stand up for your rights and needs. You are sensitive about your personal popularity. You may have an inferiority complex. The challenge is for you to develop the courage and learn how to voice your convictions. You have such a strong emotional need to be liked and accepted that you avoid making waves. By standing up for your personal convictions, you will build strength of character and will be free to be yourself. And this will make you a much happier person. This brings sadness and frustration, especially in family affairs. Your feelings are being affected and you run the risk of acting carelessly, so you will have to wait for disappointments as well as disagreements with the opposite sex. The issues related to amusements should be avoided, as little happiness or satisfaction is suggested. It is advisable to exercise self-restraint, avoiding excess emotion, sadness or pain. Typically, this aspect causes some exaggeration or extreme in some way and also sometimes affects health. However, it is an influence that can be overcome with caution and generally by avoiding conflict with the female sex.

Venus Sextile Mercury * Clarity Benefit Joy

You can appreciate the finer, more aesthetic things of life because you have a well-developed sense of form, proportion, design and beauty. With such skills you could perhaps be successful as an artist, sculptor, fashion designer, craftsmen, interior decorator, creative writer or jewelry designer. This aspect usually gives talent in the arts, whether it be writing, poetry, speaking or musical ability. You may possess a lovely singing voice. You have the ability to bring harmony to situations through your expert use of the spoken word. The way you think and speak tends to bring peace in difficult situations. You are a natural arbiter and diplomat. You may have success in sales of artistic or other beautiful objects. You have a natural eye for color and an ear for music. Your sense of humor, tact, and personal charm are of great benefit to you in any work with people on a one-to- one level. Your emotions are tied to your mental processes and it may be hard for you to express tour feelings without intellectualizing or rationalizing them. If you do not have artistic talent yourself, then you certainly have a fine appreciation of art, in all its many forms. You are a natural at settling arguments and soothing hurt feelings. This greatly improves the vibrations of Mercury, making the mind supple and polite, with a tendency towards good arts, reading and poetry. Your mind is happy and happy, and more or less freaky and free. You have the ability and the desire to become musicians, and you know how to enjoy others and give them pleasure. You do not like seeing the evil, and you will often regret rather than condemn yourself. But you are not interested in a lot of cognitive work, nor do you tend to take responsibility. Artistic skills are very developed. You have a strong spirit of friendship, developed sociability and your nature is lovable and pleasant.

Venus Square Saturn * Joy Problem Time

Your emotional development may have been delayed or it may simply be inadequate. You find it difficult to be warm and loving towards people because you have been hurt in the past and you fear it may happen again. You are stingy with material resources and with affection. You believe that everything must be earned and paid for - there are no free lunches. Because you find it difficult to express your feelings, you tend to show people how you feel by buying them gifts as a substitute for you and your feelings. If they reject your gift, then this is easier to take than if they reject you. Though you crave love and affection, intimacy is difficult for you. You have a shallow opinion of yourself and your own worth and talents. You do not understand why anyone could possibly love you. You feel that you are unlovable. This is something you need to strongly work on as your life will continue to be miserable if you do not learn to change your attitude. You are as worthy of love as anyone else, but you must come to realize that for yourself. Do not let past experiences govern your actions and feelings for the rest of your life. You are a serious and reserved person who appears to others as cold, aloof, unfeeling and uncaring. You are not necessarily these things, it's just that you are very cautious in letting anyone see the real you or in letting people get close to you. You want to love and be loved, but you find this very difficult. You need to remember that you first have to give love to get love. And you can't buy real love. It doesn't work that way. You find it difficult to enjoy yourself in a light-hearted, open and playful way. You understand work, duty and responsibility a lot better than you understand feelings, affection and love. Rarely do you do anything for pleasure. If something involves work or getting something done, then that is pleasure for you. Other people do not understand that about you. There are times, though, when you procrastinate and put off attending to necessities with the result that duties tend to pile up. You need to learn how to balance the seriousness with life and the enjoyment of life. You may become romantically involved with people who do not value you or treat you well. You need to learn to love and value yourself before you will find happiness in love. Security is very important to you, yet you do not know how to feel secure. Your fear of loss, of money, property, loved ones, etc., makes you very insecure. This negativity colors all your relationships for the worse. You must learn how to trust again. You must learn how to face your fears, even if it is painful. This is the only way you will ever overcome them. You have the tendency to lose your faith and your optimism when life presents problems with which you must cope. It's fine to have a well- developed sense of responsibility, but you must also learn to trust in divine wisdom which has attracted these difficulties to you to help you develop personal and soul growth. You better than most can understand that the purpose of life is not happiness, but experience. Yet that does not mean you have to live your entire life feeling miserable. You may feel lonely, but this is because you are unwilling or unable to see that people really do love you. As I have mentioned previously, the problem may lie in your own opinion of yourself. You must first become a loving person yourself in order to attract love. You may become defensive about expressing your real likes and dislikes for fear of being criticized or put down. You may have a jealous and possessive streak in you such that when you are in a relationship, you do anything and everything in your power to try to hold on to what you have. Of course this makes your partner feel as though they are in prison and they will try to escape the first chance they get, which is what you are fearful of in the first place. You must realize that you can never hold on to anything that doesn't want to be held on to. Love is free and there should be no contingencies placed upon it. You need to accept the difficulties you experience in life as spiritual lessons. These lessons are attempting to help you establish better values. This influence will bring great frustration and sorrow to your life. You will have some financial loss or difficulty in getting the money you need. It is not a favorable view of money in many respects and any expectations you have will not be fully fulfilled. Take care of business relationships with others and make sure your moral criterion is the best you can get. You never borrow money without sufficient collateral or sign legal documents. This aspect has an unfavorable influence on all issues related to love and sympathy, causing frustration, sadness and delay. It makes you "closed", so you refuse to show your feelings and you get cold. You are dependent on material goods and do what you can to get them. You do not like to spend and you get to the sting. You are forced to split often from your loved ones due to conditions.

Sign in beginning of House 1 Aquarius Ruler Saturn at House 2 * Profession

This suggests that you are ambitious, you have an appeal, you are risky, you want to have strength and gain recognition, and you can do it. You are likely to succeed in your life and gain respect, reputation or position, depending on the efforts you make. You will gain the appreciation of those who are higher or higher than yours, yours in the profession, business or social position and you will benefit and be satisfied with your relationship with them. You will be presented with opportunities for success and success, and if you take advantage of the opportunities you have, you will be able to do much. Sometimes this position indicates a close bond with the father or a similarity to him in appearance, character, or profession.

Sign in beginning of House 1 Aquarius Second Ruler Uranus at House 2 * Financially

This brings to the forefront the economic issues and everything related to money and acquisitions. You will be dealing with financial issues - whether you will be interested in financial matters, or will be forced by conditions. Generally speaking, this position is too lucky and implies ability to earn money through employment or people denoted by the planet and the sign in which it is located. This position of the governor increases to some extent the power of will and the emotional or thymic nature.

Second House Pisces 15°39'23'' * Financially Dreams

The 2nd House in Pisces: Petroleum-related activities. Destruction of property. Profits from photography, occultism, etc.

Uranus Second House * Change Financially

Uranus is influencing your horoscope's Second House, showing some very large sudden changes in your property. You will have some peculiar and remarkable experiences in your financial affairs, and you have to be very careful about speculative or dubious issues. It is a favorable place for those who are dealing with rarity, old furniture or ancient books and every odd subject, etc. It is also favorable and unfavorable in terms of railway stock and general public transport. That is why attention is essential to all the relevant issues because it promises sudden losses and sudden gains, with great uncertainty as to the effect, indeed, all economic affairs have an uncertainty. You can earn money in original and inventive ways. Money and possessions come and go in sudden, unexpected ways. There may be unusual and disruptive changes in your financial condition. You may value money for the freedom it gives you to pursue your inner talents, which may be rare and unique. You have the ability to get yourself out of financial difficulties.

Uranus Pisces 21°48'11'' * Change Dreams

The planet of genius in the sign of imagination. You are busy rebelling against prohibition. This influence gives momentum to associations that are related to the occult and original friends. It also gives you the ability to magnetize others. The negative influence of this position is that it occasionally causes accidents and especially tibia.

Uranus Trine Mars * Body Gain Change

You are dynamic, decisive, quick, impulsive, inventive and probably mechanically adept. You respond immediately to almost every situation, you prefer spontaneity rather than routine and you enjoy vigorous physical activities that require fast reflexes and a good sense of rhythm and timing. You have an abundance of nervous energy and vitality, along with a restless desire to see reform, progress and change. The status quo does not interest you much and you get bored easier than most. It is sometimes difficult for you to relax as you prefer being on the go. You are independent and do not like to feel tied down. Taking the lead on new projects and inspiring others to your cause are characteristics you possess. You find advice from others hard to follow as you feel the need to experience everything for yourself - right or wrong, good or bad. You have done reasonably well in past lives in balancing your impulsiveness and your anger. Keep up the good work here and now. You have good intuition and if you will only learn to listen to it more, then you would be better off. You like to push the envelope and rebel, but you also know when it is in your best interests to stop pushing and just go along. Although you like reform, you will not accept it at all costs. You have a personal magnetism and can become a leader, not for power, but because your foresight allows you to see how things will work themselves out. Unusual experiences tend to happen to you, but you take them all in stride because you enjoy a good challenge. This is a wonderful aspect for those who can respond to the vibrations of the mysterious planet Uranus. It gives great real energy, mental and physical. It stimulates original thoughts and therefore makes those who respond, geniuses in a field. It favors inventors and those who can devise and construct. It is a face that gives confidence and self-sufficiency, making those who are under the influence of the reformers, with love for all progress and advancement. You are in every respect open-minded, liberal and fearless towards public opinion - you can become an enthusiastic follower of metaphysics, philosophy or astrology. This aspect also shows that you are not unnoticed, but you are energetic and imposing. Your goals are "advanced" and you do not compromise with the social establishment, although it usually welcomes you and supports you. Head of leader, but also "warrior".

Uranus Sextile Jupiter * Luck Benefit Change

Unusual opportunities come to you in life, normally quite out of the blue. You have lofty goals and ideals and you are a bit of an eccentric. Others may see you as being slightly ahead of your time. You are optimistic with a pleasing personality and a warm sense of humor. You possess an ingenious, inventive and original mind along with a broad, humane, tolerant and benevolent disposition. There is a tendency to delve into the occult arts and sciences. You are kind, hospitable, sociable and gentle and give of yourself and your possessions with generosity. You are always there to help a friend. Being around unusual people and places gives you the opportunity to learn new things, which is why you do it in the first place. Your desire for new ideas causes you to continually question the whys of different situations. You like to be on the go and will probably move around a lot in the course of your life. Routine or repetitive jobs are extremely boring to you, and if you are forced to do them, you can become very discouraged. You need freedom and independence to pursue your own thing. The thought of being tied down frightens you because you do not know whether you can do that or not. Money and other financial resources come to you in unexpected and sudden ways. This aspect signifies that spiritual blessings and guardianship surround you because of good deeds done in past lives. This is an important aspect for those who move mentally and those who are prototype or tend to metaphysical and occult. In general, this face brings sudden and unexpected gains, through covenant or through inheritance. You may invent something or turn to a whole new direction and succeed, but anything you do to win will enter some unexpected element because of that aspect. But its tendency is more to originality in the sphere of thought and the overcoming of the conventional and the Orthodox. It adds great enthusiasm to all your ventures. In simple words, you are gentle. You have absolutely right judgment and you know how to change your wisdom into action. You are original and dynamic, fair, humble and well-being. You are interested in the public good and care as much as you can for it. You love traveling and thirst for knowledge.

Uranus Trine Saturn * Time Gain Change

Difficult tasks can be completed because of your persistence, endurance, patience and hard work. You combine the best qualities of idealism and practicality. The difficulties you experience in life give you a chance to show your ability to persevere when the going gets tough. Much learning and soul growth can come from these situations. Your ambitions take you on unique, unusual and perhaps even eccentric paths. Unusual people come into your environment to help you experience the things you need to experience to grow and mature. You have the ability to balance your need for personal freedom and your sense of responsibility. With this balance you can accomplish a great deal. Your organizational ability and your ability to work with details help you to succeed and to come through for others. You perhaps need to learn how to relax, though, as your ability to endure extra tension may be too much for your physical body or your nervous system to withstand. This is a vibration that you may not be able to reach during your life. It is a face that endows those who are able to respond to its superior note with clairvoyance or mental capacity known as intercession - but, as pure and sophisticated as your thoughts and feelings become, the more you will come to The awakening of your mental attributes. You can take advantage of concentration and you should also keep your mind free of the objective conditions that bind the soul if you want to do all that this great vibration implies. Whatever it is, this position gives you an amazing combination of originality and practical mind, resulting in a lot of business qualities. You are capable people, you can succeed in life and become very popular.

Sign in beginning of House 2 Pisces Ruler Jupiter * Luck Financially

Jupiter rules your horoscope's Second Home, bringing good luck to finance issues. You will never be poor and with the right action you can accumulate wealth. Because Jupiter is the most prosperous planet, he promises the best of luck in relation to the issues he is in charge of, in this case the economics. You can earn through businesses that are related to abroad or travel, also from occupations related to land, food, shelter, clothes and things they need for the comfort of others. Beneath any beneficial directions to the benefactor Jupiter you will have a great success in life, winning through heritage or offerings and by people pleasing or rich or through them. You have the ability to be financially successful. Money seems to come to you and you have probably never missed a meal in your life. You have confidence and optimism in your talents and abilities. Your visionary ideas and investments usually prosper due to your intuitive appraisal of situations. You enjoy material possessions and may be termed "lucky". You inspire trust in others and may benefit from receiving financial assistance from others in order to develop your visionary and idealistic ideas. You must guard against self- indulgence and over-extravagance. Curb your desire for rich, sweet food and desserts.

Sign in beginning of House 2 Pisces Second Ruler Neptune * Inspiration Financially

Neptune has an influence on the Second House, it tends to bring monetary losses, either because of deception by others or because of investments in companies or businesses that prove to be devastating. For this, it is good to be careful in your relationships with others. Be careful not to sign documents that are likely to cause you financial losses and difficulties. The financial opportunities that will happen to you will come in the most peculiar ways, either from a vision or a dream or through contact with strange people and you can win from a completely unexpected source and get money in the most odd and eccentric way or by following A profession of unusual nature. You have a strong imagination and psychic sensitivity which can be used to tap your inner talents. You receive intuitive hunches and are apt to have vivid dreams. You have an appreciation of beautiful objects. You seldom worry about money, which may be just as well, since your finances can be complicated and sometimes confusing. This placement can tend to make you extremely generous or extremely dishonest. If dishonesty is present, you will experience losses through theft, fraud and deception. Do everything on the up-and-up and money matters will go smoother. Avoid risky speculations and investments. Be completely honest with respect to money matters.

Third House Aries 16°35'39'' * Movements Confidence

You have fast perception and energy to help you act instantly. Though you are a little rushed in the written language and you tend to counter. You'll do quite active trips.

Moon Third House * Mood Movements

This light beacon controls travel, travel, and changes. You like to travel a lot, and you will move much either by your own choice or by impulse, and for many reasons there will be a tendency to move from city to town or from work to home, conveniently covering short and long distances. Many of your cognitive experiences in this life will come through travel and you prefer the change of movement rather than monotony. You will be in contact with the general public when traveling and you will be very receptive to the situations of others. You possess intellectual curiosity and may well express your true feelings through speech, poetry or writing. Intellectualizing your feelings is probable. There is a strong need for communication and for gathering information, which is later shared with people in general or women in particular. You have a fine sense of humor and like to joke and play around. Travel appeals to you because it affords new opportunities for learning. Routine of any kind probably bores you and you are constantly looking for variety. Your ideas change at a moment's notice and you are forever flexible and adaptable to any situation. Learning is perhaps better accomplished through listening rather than reading. Your mind can be quite emotional at times. Concerning vocation: the emphasis is on communication and information exchange. Your personality gathers, shares and reacts to information. This position represents the intermediary, the go-between, and the dissemination functions.

Moon Taurus 11°44'04'' * Mood Stability

Your emotional nature is steadied and others find this quality soothing in you. You are generally even-tempered and peace-loving and are not easily ruffled or given to emotional displays. You can be downright stubborn at times, especially when it comes to making changes that are emotional in nature or that require emotional adjustment. You seek security and often expect this security to come from materials possessions and resources. Hence, you desire to collect material goods and money. You cling to things from the past or things you are used to in order to find this security. A great deal of affection and closeness is needed by you and this helps to assuage feelings of insecurity. But sometimes you hold onto people much too closely so they feel they can't breathe. You expect loyalty in love and you are very devoted to those you care about. You have the tendency to indulge in sensual comforts and activities. Eating rich or sweet food seems to give you security. You may have a weight problem because of this. Food can become a substitute for emotional satisfaction and love. You are resourceful, determined, and persistent. You perhaps have a green thumb and are good at getting anything to grow and prosper. You are happiest when working with your hands, probably with the earth or things of the earth. You can be lead but never pushed into doing things. You hate and fear sickness and pain. Too great a comfort with the status quo can prevent you from making necessary changes. Don't be too rigid in thought or deed. This is a favorable position, because the Moon is in a flame in this sign. It gives you friends and acquaintances, from which you will feel great satisfaction and are likely to help you in your life. Your acquaintances will have an impact greater than usual on your career. It is within your ability to make and maintain long-term friendships. This position is particularly conducive to financial issues, especially for money earned from home, real estate or one of the parents. It gives you a social attitude in which obsession, patience and calm stability play a key role - but sometimes you tend to show jealousy, pride and undue stubbornness, and you can stay alone in this way. Your habits are rather steady and lack adaptability. In short, the Moon gives you strong courage and health, while your steady mood allows you to maintain your psyche and always feel good with others, and in this way you gain popularity and reputation in the crowd. You love the family and you are capable of creating a very homely home.

Moon Trine Sun * Energy Gain Mood

You are a creative person who can best satisfy your own personal goals by having the support of your family and others, which enables you to act with confidence. You have the ability to satisfy both your need to be an individual and your need to interrelate with others. You are independent, self-reliant and content with yourself. Your willpower has been used in previous lifetimes to bring your emotions into harmony. This, then, attracts to you general success in life, good home surroundings, faithful friends, esteem in the community, fair financial conditions and generally good health. You can rise in life through your own innate ability, which either gains for you the recognition of people in positions to help you, or which impels you to find your own niche and make it happen for yourself. The objective and subjective sides in your nature are in harmony and work well together. This brings peace and contentment amongst the various trials in life. This brings you success in many ways and helps you achieve many of your desires and cravings. You have a healthy ambition, while prosperity follows every effort you make to succeed in life. You will gain recognition and appreciation in the sphere you are moving, depending on the use of your skills. This influence also greatly improves your behavior and adds to your vitality. You have success in all heart-related affairs, because you are overly sympathetic and sincere in feelings. In short, you are confident and you can take advantage of your vitality and achieve both socially and personally. You have a good family environment and your life is easy and comfortable.

Moon Sextile Pluto * Mood Benefit Wealth

You prefer emotional intensity and are attracted to the mysterious, the unknown, and to dangerous or challenging experiences which draw on all of your inner resources. You have the ability to handle emotional crises very well and you are interested in the deep roots of emotional problems and how to cure them. You insist on bringing feelings between people out into the open, for you want real closeness and intimacy with others, without barriers or secrets. You don't play games with people's emotions. You have great interest in scientific, religious or occult mysteries and you enjoy reading books on natural methods of healing, psychology, sex or science fiction. You are very sensitive psychically and use your sensitivity to understand others. You enjoy learning and absorb information easily. Your emotions have great depth that few are aware of. You are a hard and dedicated worker who has a great deal of endurance, inner strength and stamina. You have the ability to get right to the heart of the matter and figure out what is wrong or what is causing the difficulty. You love to analyze other people's problems and you make an effective counselor. You have a strong force of will and a never-say-die attitude. There may be interest in death or life after death. This gives you a creative imagination and the ability to judge and analyze others correctly, while you understand their motives very easily, so you may be inclined to choose psychoanalysis jobs. You are a sexual person, radiate wisdom and magnetize others.

Sign in beginning of House 3 Aries Ruler Mars * Body Movements

Mars exerts influence on the Third House and this is not good for trips made for business or entertainment. It threatens with accidents or serious trials, due to circumstances that arise during the trip. In the general sense, this planet does not have a good influence because it causes the mind to be sometimes too inattentive and impulsive, so it is possible that you yourself can cause the accidents either directly or indirectly. This influence also implies problems from relatives or through them, the siblings will cause you annoyance and create disagreements. You should always keep an eye on your speech and correspondence. This position will give you plenty of mental courage when you need to use it. You are restless, perhaps high-strung, and probably have an abundance of nervous energy. You have an intense belief in your own ideas. You are alert, determined, and enthusiastic. You possess an abundance of mental energy. Developing analytical thinking is important, as impulsive thinking will bring difficulties. There can be problems with siblings or neighbors. There will be many short journeys. Energy is expended in neighborhood activities.

Fourth House Taurus 17°31'56'' * Home Stability

You may come from a family of peasants and have a healthy heredity. Your parents may have played a beneficial role in your financial situation. Perhaps you inherit plots or fields from them and a cottage is very likely.

Sign in beginning of House 4 Taurus Ruler Venus * Joy Home

Venus has an influence on the Fourth House, promises you a very harmonious and happy period towards the end of your life in terms of cosmic goods and comfort. Towards the end of your life you will find yourself in better conditions and in a more harmonious environment than before and perhaps you will be surrounded by people who are very dedicated and willing to make your life as you would like it to end. This influence also leads to a very satisfactory outcome for all the issues you may be interested in, especially when the planet Venus has good aspects of "directions" or meets good aspects of other planets. You desire beautiful things and a nice, rather luxurious home. You have an artistic nature with a talent for making people welcome in your home. Entertaining at home gives you real pleasure. There is a love of family and children. The latter part of life may be pleasant and comfortable, although you may find a tendency to add weight in later life.

Fifth House Gemini 16°35'39'' * Emotionally Contacts

This place gives mental pleasures and lots of love, but mostly spiritual curiosity, resulting in a lot of flirting and lack of honest loyalty, infidelity and instability. Children, however, are many and probably twins.

Pluto R Fifth House * Wealth Emotionally

Pluto in the Fifth House shows links based on sex and can be hidden. A bond may be the basis of your career development and career. You have unusual talents and hobbies. Great creativity and self- expression is possible. Your children may be unique and it may be difficult for you to understand them or for them to understand you. There may be too much emphasis on sex in romantic relationships and issues of power and control can surface therein. There is an inner drive to be creative and it would be best if this creativity were not channeled through sex. Find a creative hobby instead. Love: Pluto in the fifth house is traditionally associated with the "death" of the relationship, meaning that the relationship dissolves when the person does not expect it and in a very bad way. It makes the individual with this planetary position very dependent on his relationship, jealous, oppressing and - very often - "testing" his partner to check his stamina. Pluto in the fifth house is linked to transformation through love relations. People with Pluto in the Fifth House have to face the weaknesses, not only of their lover, but also of theirs, which are mirrored in their partner. However, this person is a fiery lover or a warm lover. If Pluto is in an ugly position within the horoscope, then it can lead the person into violent tendencies, even to those he loves a lot. In fact, the more he loves, the more he "fights". If your mate has Pluto in the fifth house, you have to make a decision that he is very possessive, that you will have many scenes of jealousy even without giving any reason and that he will constantly try to challenge your love in order to force you To show more and more your interest in this. Pluto's influence on the fifth house becomes softer when - in any way - Jupiter or Venus are positively involved in matters of the fifth house.

Pluto Cancer 13°52'59'' R * Wealth Transactions

You have obsession with home and homeland. This position gives you strong sexuality that you do not waste anywhere, but only to your mate. Also develop your inherent intuitive tendencies and occultism. He also tells us that you are creative in your hours in the home and do not get hurt.

Sign in beginning of House 5 Gemini Ruler Mercury * Clarity Emotionally

This position implies great intellectual entrepreneurship. It favors quick and light action on speculative issues but warns you against signing or accepting documents and items that you do not fully know. You will have frequent mail about erotic affairs and some romance will be on your way, either through books or through the mind. Better to live purely and avoid those speculation that can change into gambling. All of your investments should be made in businesses that have rapid changes. You will have a lot to do with young children. You have a need to prove your intelligence and to use that intelligence in creating things of a mental nature - mental children, as it were. You desire to pass on your knowledge to others and to learn from them as well. Teaching children or young adults may provide quite a lift for you. Games of strategy and skill challenge your intellect. You desire to communicate your thoughts in a clever, inspiring and dramatic manner. You may have acting, writing, or speaking ability. As a teacher, you enjoy stimulating the minds of others and encouraging your students to greater things. Romances probably need to involve someone with whom you can communicate intelligently and relate to mentally. For you, sexiness is in the brain. Love: You have charm that you use as your strongest weapon for the opposite sex. You are creature smart and ambitious. You may be a charismatic or even a writer, because you have your way of handling speech. You like to feel and feel like a teenager and this has the effect of creating relationships with much younger people. Even if you are married or even if you have found the "love of your life," you will still look slanted at young people, but you go to the point of admiration usually. The sure thing is that your mate will never bore you and make him believe he lives in a fairy tale. That's because you will talk to him constantly, you will tell him a question mark and the best of all is that what you will tell him will not be cartoon or copies, but your own words full of admiration and love. So you will save yourself from many scenes of jealousy that may be caused by your tendency that we described above to look at.

Sixth House Cancer 15°39'23'' * Duty Transactions

Your job is more about the public: trade, hotels, restaurants, etc. Or work that has to do with the past: antiques, etc. The diseases you may be experiencing will probably have to do with stomach weakness.

Sign in beginning of House 6 Cancer Ruler Moon * Mood Duty

The Moon rules the disease house and suggests problems rather than functional rather than organic diseases. You have to be very careful about the diet because many of your problems will come from dyspepsia or stomach diseases. Never drink plenty of liquids, or get drunk in many bathrooms - especially avoiding the many starchy foods and ghastly substances. It may cause illnesses due to travel or excessive changes, but especially due to unclear magnetism and unhealthy environment. Therefore, make sure you have the fresh air and those you relate to, have a pure magnetism. When the Moon rules the sixth house, it tends to create tumors, etc. You are considerate of fellow workers and desire to nurture them in a productive work environment. Service to others is a fine outlet for your personality. Moodiness and sensitivity can be a problem, though. Fluctuations in health are possible, perhaps mostly due to worry and feelings of insecurity. Emotional tension along with digestive troubles indicate the need to relax. Stop worrying. You should not eat when overworked, overtired, or when you are upset. Take care of your health and watch your diet. Concerning vocation: You are probably totally absorbed within your work situation. You can be a workaholic. Many job changes are possible and working with the public or with women is indicated.

Seventh House Leo 14°43'06'' * Familiar Creativity

The other half at your wedding will be of noble origin.

Neptune R Seventh House * Inspiration Familiar

Neptune rules your Seventh House of Horoscope. This planet is one of the newly discovered and therefore we are not yet fully familiar with its influence. It is supposed to emit a much higher and more spiritual vibration than other planets and in this respect it is said to favor those kinds of marriage that are more likely to arise from a mental union than from the senses. However, it has also been found that the Neptune planet is associated with inferior states as well as with the higher ones, and can cause some very strange and unusual associations, suggesting marriage to individuals who are either disabled or physically, mentally or morally. There may be a tendency to idealize marriage or the marriage partner. Many sacrifices may be made for the spouse. The marriage partner can be spiritually minded, artistic or just plain confusing. Communication may be a problem due to your concepts and ideals not coinciding. There is the tendency to attract a partner whereby you or they play the role of martyr or savior. The feeling may be that your partner "needs" saving and that you're the only one who can "save" (change) them. Because of this your partner may be an alcoholic or a drug (ab)user. Your imagination and your idealization of your partner may be more real to you than what your partner is in reality. If this is so, then there will come the day when your blinders are removed and you will see their true nature. This then may lead to great disappointment and discouragement when you find out that they or you have been living a lie and that things are not as they have appeared. With this position you must make absolutely sure you are dealing with the hard, cold facts of your relationship and not the romantic notions dreamed up from storybook tales. You are likely to seek a marriage partner who can provide a source of inspiration and bring out your capacity for compassion and loving understanding. There can be a tendency to see a prospective partner through rose-colored glasses or to weave imaginative fantasies about new contacts or hoped-for encounters. Consequently there is a possibility that the partner may not be the type of person conjured up by your imagination. There is some tendency to form partnerships based on admiration or pity. If your natal Neptune is afflicted, such admiration may have resulted from your having been dazzled by glamorous externals, while an over-active sense of pity may be exploited by a prospective partner so that you marry out of sentiment or misplaced sympathy. Possibilities exist that the partner is very sensitive and may need to be treated with kid gloves. The partner may be artistic or musically inclined or have some connection with drama or the stage. The material side of life may not concern them. Your relationship may be quite spiritual and above the sordid things of this life, hence it may be more platonic than sexual. The other side of the coin is that you may become involved with unreliable, inconstant and somewhat shiftless types whose sympathies may be largely focused upon themselves, or they may be underprivileged in some way, or neurotic or invalids suffering from chronic ill health. An unconscious willingness on your part to indulge in self-deception regarding your partner is possible. This may keep you in a bad relationship because you refuse to see the truth or you falsely believe that only you can change things. In order to get the best results from the marriage relationship you must learn to overcome vague desires for an unattainable ideal, to control any tendency to get carried away by shallow romanticism and to be as clear-headed and practical as possible when assessing the virtues and attractions of prospective mates. Stay well-grounded. Marriage: Neptune in the seventh house makes the person believe that marriage is very important, not only for its function but also for its social purpose. Can this man believe so much in the power of marriage as a few at this time in the world. If Neptune is in a strong position in the horoscope, this person will surely be rewarded for his beliefs through his relationships. If Neptune is in a weakness, it will prove utopia and probably this person will be permanently associated with wrong comrades.

Neptune Leo 24°34'19'' R * Inspiration Creativity

Leo is an aggressive, idealistic sign. Neptune is dreams and imagination. This placement of Neptune makes you to fight for ideals, literally. This influence makes you utopian and utterly utopian of the heart. You are blind in the face of your emotional encounters and you tend to idealize them. There is a chance to love a person who is away. You have a torment towards a dreamer love, or religious, or platonic, or all that together.

Neptune Square Mars * Body Problem Inspiration

The danger with this aspect is that you tend to want to escape from reality and avoid your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. If this escapism tendency is carried too far, you may seek outlet through drugs or alcohol, both of which will eventually ruin your life. Ordinary life seems dull and drab to you and you feel a need for something that stirs your imagination, some vision or ideal or cause that motivates you. Without such an impetus you tend to procrastinate doing the things in your life that you need to be doing. People count on you and you let them down in any manner of ways. People then lose their respect for you and eventually avoid having anything whatsoever to do with you. You may have difficulty separating truth from fiction or fantasy from reality. You need to stay grounded and disciplined so that you can remain functional. Yes, it's true that your real home is in the spiritual worlds, yet you must live your earth life here and learn as much as you can from your experiences in concrete existence. That is what we are all here for. So stop thinking about skipping out on the school of life and get back to business. It is possible, though, that you can really pursue your dreams and bring them into reality. You have the ability to do this if you approach it the right way. The right way is in staying focused, centered and disciplined. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplished without discipline and you need to realize that if you do not already. You are an artist at heart, whether your medium is song, dance, drama, poetry, music, art or painting. Any of these allow you to express the feelings you have inside and that gives your emotions release from the day-to-day tribulations of living. Your imagination is capable of quite a great deal if you will simply keep it in check and not allow it to run away from you. Work that serves only your own narrow personal interests does not satisfy you. You need something more in your life than just living for yourself. You may lack the competitive edge, the fighting spirit, the me-first attitude that is often required for material advancement and success. Of course you simply may not have much earthly ambition. You also have the tendency to either overestimate or underestimate your own power and abilities. There is deception and self-delusion present, either on your part or on the part of others that you come into contact with. You are an easy target for swindlers and con-men because you are a sucker for a sob story. You must realize that most people have to learn to help themselves. You cannot save the world, as much as you might like to do so. The only one you can save is yourself. And that is no easy task for any of us. There is the tendency here to get involved in co-dependent relationships. Either you or your partner or both knowingly or unknowingly play the role of martyr, victim or savior. You must realize that any relationship that isn't based on equality is eventually doomed to failure. This aspect may make your nature coarse and sensual, impulsive and irascible, militant and extravagant in speech and action, self- indulgent to a degree in whatever direction your passions may lead you and unable to exercise restraint over yourself in any direction. It tends to give a fanatical spirit which may express itself in either religion or atheism. There can be tendencies toward lawlessness. Self- control is the saving grace that you need to develop. You do have talent, even though it is easier for you to doubt your abilities and to question your own worth. Your lack of self-esteem is distorting the truth and you must work your way through the illusion. The challenge is to conquer discouragement. You see failure as an indication of your unworthiness to merit rewards or success. To dissipate your feelings of unworthiness, you may resort to placing the blame for your failure upon others until your gossiping even convinces you it is the truth. Eventually, when the real truth is revealed, you suffer greatly, for you have made yourself unbelievable to others. You could save yourself much inner distress if you would recognize that failures are simply spiritual stumbling blocks which test everyone's courage in picking themselves up again without emotional turmoil. Any suffering you experience will, in the long run, teach you obedience and that is one of the roads that leads to God. Self-forgetting service to others is another road that is safe and sure. Be careful of the people and situations you associate with as not everyone is really whom they say they are. Some may be secret enemies from past lives who are conscious or unconscious agents of God acting so that you may reap what you have sown previously. Stay away from negative psychic influences such as Ouija boards, seances, hypnotism and mediums. There is an urgent need for you to be totally honest with yourself and others. This influence is certainly disadvantageous because it makes you prone to unbridled enthusiasm of various kinds and sometimes drives you to companions that you'd better avoid. You must try to avoid any exaggeration in any direction, mentally, emotionally or in your material habits - in short, all forms of exaggeration must be avoided. Some moments in your life will tend to come into violent conflict with the lower classes and you should be careful not to feed a bias against them. If the stresses of exaggeration mentioned are tested, this aspect becomes a good benefactor because it adds a lot to your physical energy and makes you able to meet the great demands of your ability. Avoid all drugs and do not engage in sensual experiments. In summary, this aspect is difficult because it creates self-destructive tendencies. You are violent and impulsive, you do not think about the consequences of your actions and you are in very bad situations. You are easily dragged and let others control you. You have a propensity for drugs, and if you get involved, it's hard to get away.

Neptune Square Saturn * Time Problem Inspiration

There is a tendency to run away from your fears and responsibilities. This tendency may manifest in using drugs or in some other activity that allows you to escape reality. There may be fear of the unknown, fear of death or fear of God. You must understand that the only way to overcome fear is by facing it squarely. Remember that Achilles was only harmed when he turned away from his enemy. That is the only way he could get hit in the heel with the arrow. Face your problems head- on and do not ignore them, hoping they will go away. In time you may learn that suffering brings obedience and obedience brings relief and salvation. You may put too great an emphasis on accumulating money, power or material goods. This may cause you to lose sight of what is really important. Think upon the story of the man who gained the whole world yet lost his own soul. Examine your priorities and rearrange them if necessary. Material wealth cannot bring happiness and you may have to learn this the hard way. You may have difficulty trusting people. This may have come about because in a past life you were forced to lose all material possessions and community standing because you trusted or loved someone too well. Things like this are allowed to happen in order to teach us the unimportance of amassing large amounts of money or property and, instead, concentrate on accumulating treasure in heaven by doing good deeds without thought of reward. Build up treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroy. Learn to enjoy and appreciate your material possessions and your achievements in society, but be willing to release them tomorrow. Detach! This aspect can also breed confusion, delusion, pride of intellect and fraud. You may lose your ambition for unknown reasons. Your desire to get away from the responsibilities of life may also have this effect on you. In a past life you perhaps misused your powers of leadership when you had very little compassion, sympathy or understanding. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you". This is an unusual and strange position and is likely to lead you to remarkable situations at some point in your life. It is a much higher vibration, in the true nature of which today's humanity can not hope to respond fully and much of its influence may pass over your head somehow without touching you. It is not at all favorable and seems to indicate that there are some "hocks", we would say, in the inner nature, that time and circumstances will appear - or, perhaps, never bear fruit in this life and remain completely unnoticed. You should always pay attention to the most subtle forms of selfishness, which are particularly likely to be tortured. In relation to this position, there is always a tendency to melancholy. In other words, you have insecurities. Your thoughts and ideas are excellent, but you are afraid to implement them and hang on from others to help. Draw from dynamic people but get as easily as you can.

Sign in beginning of House 7 Leo Ruler Sun * Energy Familiar

This suggests a lucky and ambitious companion and someone whose influence will be beneficial in your life. Somehow, you will win through marriage, financially as well as socially. Your partner will be very independent, but with moral integrity, a person who is abhorring to do anything petty or not straight. It is not the best sign of harmony, but there are all opportunities for sympathy to grow, as well as for happiness coming from success. This aspect sometimes delays marriage, or makes it very difficult because of pride or social status. You want a partner that you can be proud of. In some way your sense of pride is involved in the choosing of a marriage partner. There may be a wish to gain social prestige and to marry someone who can be admired and respected or someone who is higher on the social ladder. Your partner must be one who encourages you to be your real self and one who wants you to fully develop your powers of inspiration, creativity and will. Your partner may be in a position of authority and this may help give you more confidence in yourself or more security within the framework of the relationship. You may be challenged to display a greater degree of confidence and to exercise authority more effectively and with greater magnanimity. You must seek a relationship where both people are equal. A partnership in which one is "superior" and the other "inferior" is not likely to be successful. That "always me-first" attitude is not conducive to a rewarding partnership. A need to feel part of a family is present. With this position marriage and partnerships are likely to assume a paramount and key role in your life. There may be a tendency to look for a "father figure" and, as you may be inclined to surrender the initiative to your partner, you are rather more likely to react than act first yourself, so that your partner may assume a dominant role. If your natal Sun is badly aspected, then the partners you attract may be egotistical, domineering, vain and ostentatious. If your natal Sun is well aspected, then partners are likely to be proud, firm-minded, self-confident, ambitious, honorable, frank and generous. Selfish pride and too much desire to have your own way may be the greatest challenges in your relationships. Marriage: People with the Sun in the seventh house usually do not work well without a co-operation. Almost always, their professional agreements are simultaneous, and partnership. In friendships they make the other believe he can become a real friend, their own person, part of their lives. These people do not feel happy on their own, and although they can divorce in a marriage, they do not allow them to stay for long periods of time. Most people who have the sun in the seventh house are married or separated if they are left alone for a very long time. They are the guys who are usually looking for the best companion even when they are committed. If you get involved with such a formula, you have to find out how to reconcile it with its versatility.

Eighth House Virgo 15°39'23'' * Others Details

Watch out for accidents at work and your bowel condition. Little chance of inheritance.

Sign in beginning of House 8 Virgo Ruler Mercury * Clarity Others

There is a slight indication of profit from a will or beast at some point in your life. This position favors profits through associates or associates, but nothing definitive can be said of a horoscope when Mercury rules the eighth house in terms of the goods of the dead because of the overly variable nature of this planet. You may be dealing with money that has left you or act as an agent, performer or manager of another at some point in your life and make money from it. You have talent for analysis, research, insight, tax preparation, insurance and perhaps detective work. You want to get to the bottom of who, what, where and why. You are a born investigator. You may tend to worry over fluctuating finances. Watch a tendency to gossip about others. Your mind may be preoccupied with death, sex, healing, magic or psychic phenomena. SEX: You show a spiritual approach to sex or a mood for speech that will extend too much on this subject. You love to talk "dirty" during love. Mercury is a spiritual but also a communicative planet and is not an indicator of emotionality.

Ninth House Libra 16°35'39'' * Organizer Sociability

You are likely to get married abroad and you may also get married twice. You have pacific ideals.

Sign in beginning of House 9 Libra Ruler Venus * Joy Organizer

Venus has an influence on the Ninth House, the House of Philosophy and the Supreme Mind, will bring you peace, either through religion or through a deep inner knowledge of the soul and the post-mortem conditions, which will ultimately give you happiness and calm. You have a very intense philosophical tendency and you have a clairvoyance that will help you with the problems you may encounter on the journey of life. You have the right spirit and the right attitude towards all the issues related to the superior mind and you will make great, true and lasting progress in your mental achievements. You will get good relatives through marriage and you might earn from them in a way because this is a good influence. You probably have a love of travel and the ability to benefit from these travels. You may move far away from your place of birth. You possess the ability to promote understanding between different cultural or aesthetic groups. Beauty, art and music from foreign cultures appeals to you. You can be fair in legal dealings. There may be love of and attraction to religion or ceremony, philosophy, law or higher learning.

Tenth House Scorpio 17°31'56'' * Profession Passion

You have skills for a judge, a policeman, a surgeon, an occultist, an astrologer. You have strategic gifts and the ability to judge correctly. There may be some business-related disruptions.

Mercury Tenth House * Clarity Profession

All hermetic professions such as literary work, writing and the secretary's profession are the best for you. It is not a very favorable influence on the permanence in the profession, and you may try changes in your life. A relaxing job is the most suitable for you and you will be in your element where travel or travel is required. There are many professions under Mercury sovereignty, such as publishing, writing, selling books, stationery etc. - but, all of those mind-occupying activities such as: factoring, interpretation, teaching, etc. will be more suited to you. Perhaps you will write or speak as a career. The teaching profession may hold promise for you. You have the ability to communicate your ideas to others and to be recognized for them. Your manual dexterity and mental alertness may lead you to a field where this is a real necessity. You may have several jobs, as you have a variety of talents. There is a possibility of travel in your profession.

Mercury Sagittarius 12°01'30'' * Clarity Horizons

You possess idealism, vision, and foresight, and your mind is often occupied with big ideas, plans, and goals for the future. You are interested in what is possible and what is on the horizon, rather than what has already been done. Subjects like philosophy, religion, politics, or education interest you, and you are more concerned with theories, abstractions and concepts than with specific applications. You are not inclined to focus on any one practical, concrete area. You don't particularly like details and may find it difficult to concentrate long enough to carry your ideas through to completion. You seek mental freedom, yet your thoughts are usually along traditional lines. Having a gambling instinct, you may enjoy gambling, speculative enterprises and new ventures. You are forward, blunt and direct in speech and you always speak your mind. People who know you know that you don't beat around the bush. You are apt to say the first thing that pops into your head. Thus, you have to learn to control your tongue, develop tact, and to think before speaking. Business, advertising, and promotion might be good career areas for you. You have a keen mind and are impulsive and versatile. You have a tendency to study several similar subjects, to have more than one job and to have several projects going all at the same time. You tend to want to keep on the move, traveling, in order to gain experience, knowledge and wisdom. This gives you a fair, straight and generous mind. You really like religion or philosophy, although sometimes you are prone to change. You are able to study many topics at a time, but you do not have stability. Religion, philosophy and science are always of interest to you and you like studying or writing about profound and serious issues. You always talk about the subject and your words often have a prophetic significance. This Mercury position gives you diplomacy, but your discretion will be more useful in any inferior place in life than when you have full responsibility.

Mars Tenth House * Body Profession

Mars is headed to the part of your horoscope related to the profession. Mars is the planet that rules the controversy and all external issues, as well as everything that requires great energy. You will have some skill in your hands and you may be successful in all matters that require manufacturing skills and entrepreneurship. You will also be successful as chemists or doctors and in any occupation that you use fire during execution. There are too many professions under Mars, so it is impossible to list them all, but you can judge for which one you are most suitable, observing the positions and aspects of the planet Mars. You have an ambitious, enthusiastic nature with lots of energy. You have good executive ability and organizational powers. You want to lead and show the way, taking the initiative in your career. Success comes through your own enterprise. You do best in an occupation with variety. Your self-reliance is strong and you are practical and results oriented. There may be some difficulty or friction with one of your parents or with superiors at work.

Mars Scorpio 28°19'24'' * Body Passion

You are extremely strong-willed and you pursue your goals and desires with passionate dedication and determination. You are capable of total concentration and tremendous discipline, and you are very difficult to influence once your mind is made up. When you want something, you can be very one-sided and almost obsessed with it. You tend to be secretive and you do not want others to know what your plans are. You tend to be instinctive, perceptive, determined, strong-willed, stubborn and magnetic. You have deep emotions and may occasionally show a primitive side. You need to learn self-discipline or your desire nature will rule your life, probably causing great sorrow in the end. You must learn to control your jealousy and possessiveness in matters of love. A certain amount of detachment in relationships would probably be good and this, of course, would include your tendency to treat loved ones as possessions. You are very forceful in a quiet and subtle way and others may have difficulty in seeing or understanding your motives. You can manipulate people in a way that is not obvious to them or others. Direct confrontation with others is not your preferred style. You like operating behind the scenes. In any case, you are a formidable opponent when riled. In matters of health, there may be a tendency towards hemorrhoids. This is a very strong place for Mars and makes you positive, stable, determined and strong will. You are ambitious - your mind adheres to every subject that appeals to you or to any idea you like and temporarily give your entire life in pursuit of the acquisition of the object or the search for the idea. You can show great dedication to a person or a case and make great sacrifices. You are attracted to the satisfaction, feelings and moods, but you can also be quite stable, rigid and unchanging. You have great practical executive capacity and when you want, you can work hard - you are fit for any Mars nature employment such as military, surgeon, chemist, engineer, etc. This position increases vital energies but gives rise to a trend towards accidents, fever and infectious diseases. You have a strong sense of dignity and a pride, and you may have a tendency to offend people or offend, rather easily, and suffer because of hostility, jealousy and opposition. You may earn money through inheritance, marriage, co-operation, or partnership with others, but there is some tendency of exaggeration.

Mars Sextile Jupiter * Body Benefit Luck

You have a lot of self-confidence, enthusiasm and vitality. You believe that you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. Your sense of timing is good and you have the ability to foresee what will work and what won't. You enjoy competition and you have a mostly playful, good-humored attitude about it. You mostly compete with yourself to see how far you can go or how much you can accomplish. You don't hold onto grudges and you don't resort to mean acts to get even with people for real or imagined slights. You enjoy anything that will help stretch your limits - traveling, education, philosophy, religion. You enjoy adventure, taking risks, sports and outdoor activities. You may be good in sports but may not exercise the appropriate discipline to really excel. You are usually very optimistic and enthusiastic and pretty much always retain a positive attitude towards life. This aspect may help bring you wealth, but at the same time it may also bring a free-spending attitude with it. You tend to be lucky in speculation and you are generous with all you have. You have faith in the future and usually do not worry about what you need for tomorrow. You are recognized for your integrity, sincerity and honesty. Even when angry, your anger quickly fades as you have an inborn knowledge that getting angry is a waste of your energy. Even during difficult times, you remain positive and never lower yourself by stepping on anyone's toes to satisfy your own desires. This position causes some exaggeration, with a tendency towards supernaturalness and simplicity, which is why it is not always beneficial for you in terms of money. You have pride and dignity in character, as well as self-confidence. In many ways you are a pioneer and you put a lot of energy and enthusiasm in everything you do. You are courageous, courageous and lucky in many ways, thanks to your strong and adventurous spirit, but recklessness and excessive liberty should also be avoided. You love freedom, independence, power and justice, and you will never allow yourself to be deceived.

Mars Conjunction Saturn * Body Meeting Time

You are serious about your ambitions and your goals and you know that hard work and dedication is the best way of assuring that you will succeed. You understand that anything valuable takes time to build and you are more than willing to put in the time and effort for whatever is required. You are capable of great self-denial until the job is finished. You don't mind applying lots of elbow grease and keeping your nose to the grindstone for as long as the job takes. You are self-controlled, dedicated, organized, systematic, thorough, disciplined and patient in the way you go about things. You are a born leader who has executive ability and great powers of concentration. People may see you as a bit of a stuffed-shirt, but they know they can count on you as you take your duties and responsibilities very seriously. They trust you to come through for them, regardless. You meet obstacles and life without emotion and you will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. Most of the time you feel that you must rely on yourself alone, that it's all on your shoulders. You can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much from yourself and others. There are times when you doubt your own power and ability. You fear failure and that is why you will do anything in order to keep it from happening. There are times when it seems that every roadblock in the world is thrown at you, keeping you from initiating the things you have planned. Your solution is to dig down deep and work longer and harder. Your powers of determination and endurance are what make you succeed. You have great drive, ambition, vitality and strategy. You desire to build and leave lasting structure. There is focus upon power and leadership. At times you may be too conservative and unwilling to take the risks that are sometimes necessary for success. Do not let fear keep you from making calculated, educated risks. Develop confidence in your own abilities. You may not be a genius but remember what Thomas Edison said, "Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration". Remember that you do have an extraordinary capacity to sustain your concentration until your projects are completely finished. When you are frustrated, you may have difficulty controlling your anger, which can be quite explosive since you tend to hold in your hostilities. You should learn to verbally express your resentments before you become so uncontrollable. If you find it impossible to talk about your resentments, then you should write them down and then reread them. If your anger goes away upon re-reading your notes, then you can destroy them. If not, then you should deliver them to whomever has caused your frustration, with the idea of talking about the frustrations when the paper has been read. You need to remember that bottling anger up inside you is one of the primary causes of gall and kidney stones. Controlling passionate desires may also need doing as unruly desires can get you in a lot of trouble if left unchecked. The Conjunction of the two so-called unfavorable planets, Saturn and Mars, is generally considered to be a very bad position. But since true Astrology teaches that there is no real harm but relative, it is within your ability to make this look good - and you will succeed if you let your ambition dominate your senses. Be careful, however, not to get away from the danger of falling into someone else, because the mind is much more difficult to deal with than the senses. It gives you a mighty and powerful will and an assurance that will be beneficial only if the self-interest has been removed. You are capable of holding unique and very responsible positions where courage and skill are needed, but do not become overly ambitious.

Saturn Tenth House * Time Profession

Saturn rules your occupation or occupation (10th House), it shows strength and power in some way, but it gives more luck and success through diligence and persistence. You may have a leading position, or have assigned you some responsibility. This clutter of influence is not good for business issues, because there is always the threat of danger because of harm from others or because of failure to bring to good results the programs you have at hand. Saturn favors profit more through toil than through good luck. The issues that require patience, tact, and attention are better than any other methods, so you should seek the jobs that require these qualities. You are self-reliant and independent with good business and organizing ability. Success for you comes slowly, through perseverance and hard work. You must accept your responsibilities, otherwise life will be a series of setbacks and failures. Chasing power and using others to get what you want will cause your downfall. You need to control your ambitions. Be careful of bridges you burn - you may need to cross back over them. There may be difficulties with either parent because of their discipline, strictness or a need to control your life.

Saturn Scorpio 22°10'34'' * Time Passion

You can be very self-disciplined. You have executive ability and are perceptive and extremely capable. You may have psychic ability. People may find you difficult to understand because of your reserved exterior and secretiveness. Your mind may be mechanically oriented and you are resourceful, even under the most adverse circumstances, patient and persistent. The action and energy of Mars is combined with the forethought of Saturn in a most wonderful combination. Whatever you do is done with intensity. On the negative side, though, there is danger of stubbornness, revenge, lack of forgiveness, resentment, and ruthlessness. Tendencies to grub for money and prestige can cause harm. There can be health problems with constipation or hemorrhoids. There is a need to transform your desires. You need to learn when and how to let go. This also applies to eliminative bodily functions. Holding onto anger can cause stones to develop in the gall bladder or kidneys. This will increase the will and power of the character, as well as the love for you for strength and power, creating within you an indulgence towards opposition and limitation. It gives you a character violent, strong and hectic, unless it is offset by good influences. Your tendency is rather critical. It damages your honor and reputation and may create a bad reputation. Sometimes there is the threat of falling and collapse. It is not conducive to occultism, but it will give you some power in all things that are secret, hidden, occult and mystical. You will tend to become overly cautious and restrained, and you should avoid pride and jealousy because these are the two greatest dangers of your life.

Saturn Sextile Jupiter * Luck Benefit Time

Your goals are achieved through the application of patience, persistence, endurance, organization, good planning, forethought, good judgment and sometimes just plain old good luck. You are reliable and people know they can count on you. Your word is your bond and you don't make promises you do not intend to keep. This endears you to people because they know that they can trust you. You have the habit of always being able to get what you need, even if it's just in the nick of time. You possess good balance between idealism and practicality and your sense of duty and responsibility is highly polished. Although you may prefer to work alone because of your self- motivation, you are nevertheless very capable of working with others as well. You will stick to any task, no matter how long it takes to accomplish, since you feel the results of your work are well worth your efforts. This is a very favorable position for these so important planets and the nature of their vibration is such that they will help you in any difficult situation you will need to spend. It favors your financial well-being, mitigates any other influence that is not favorable in this respect, and makes your life path much more comfortable. Deep within you you hide a true devotional spirit, and a respect for what you know is your superior. You can be original, also very pleasant and good-natured, and you will never be in need or suffer from great poverty. As life progresses, you will experience happiness. You are also serious, respectable, honest, moral and you know justice, so you could become a good judge. You know exactly what your capabilities are and you set goals that you can conquer. Your success is certain.

Sign in beginning of House 10 Scorpio Ruler Mars * Body Profession

Mars is headed to the part of your horoscope related to the profession. Mars is the planet that rules the controversy and all external issues, as well as everything that requires great energy. You will have some skill in your hands and you may be successful in all matters that require manufacturing skills and entrepreneurship. You will also be successful as chemists or doctors and in any occupation that you use fire during execution. There are too many professions under Mars, so it is impossible to list them all, but you can judge for which one you are most suitable, observing the positions and aspects of the planet Mars. You have an ambitious, enthusiastic nature with lots of energy. You have good executive ability and organizational powers. You want to lead and show the way, taking the initiative in your career. Success comes through your own enterprise. You do best in an occupation with variety. Your self-reliance is strong and you are practical and results oriented. There may be some difficulty or friction with one of your parents or with superiors at work.

Sign in beginning of House 10 Scorpio Second Ruler Pluto * Wealth Profession

It shows that your aspirations and goals will have a revolutionary character. You will seek to change and overturn the existing treaties. You may be dealing with some secret activities and possibly also with some periods of judgment, your aspirations and goals. Unforeseen activities can affect your career. Elements of the world society can directly influence your job or your status in the world. You are self-assertive and need to incorporate diplomacy and patience into your personality, especially when dealing with the world at large. This position can give a desire for power, a desire to retreat from society or a desire to be of benefit and service to society. Using power and force to get your way will bring your downfall. Use your skills to uplift society and the masses. You enjoy working behind the scenes to accomplish your goals. You have an instinct for knowing why people do the things they do.

Eleventh House Sagittarius 16°35'39'' * Friends Horizons

You have friendships with strangers and you are making success with your protections.

Sun Eleventh House * Energy Friends

The Sun has the basic dominance over the Eleventh House of your horoscope, the House of friends and acquaintances, hopes and desires. This is a very positive place in the general sense with regard to friends and will allow you to realize many of your desires and cravings throughout life. You are able to make some very stable friends in good places and they will be willing to help you in many ways. You will meet many friends during your lifetime, from the help, advice or favor of which you will be benefited. Relationships and associations with others are one of the many ways in which you can win success. This position will help you cultivate hope and general goodwill for everyone. You probably possess a desire to raise goals to a higher level and to seek ideas which would be of benefit for the group. Or you may desire to place your own goals and desires above the wishes of the group. You have the ability to make friends, many who are influential and wield power. You enjoy your work with groups. You are responsible, liberal and broad-minded. You are a humanitarian who would rather be popular than powerful. You have organizing ability and probably take the leadership role in group activities or friendly get-togethers.

Sun Capricorn 03°17'03'' * Energy Industriousness

You have the desire to climb whatever mountains are necessary and to stand on your own two feet in order to work out your ambitions and your salvation. You are conservative, organized, methodical, traditional, responsible, honest, efficient, patient, practical, authoritative, disciplined, serious and goal-oriented. On the negative side you can be worried, pessimistic, retaliatory, suspicious, stubborn and intolerant. You are happiest in careers calling for organizing ability, integrity and perseverance. You have a fear of failure. Your quiet exterior makes you appear to be loners. You build a wall of reserve around you in order to protect yourselves from the ill winds of the world around you. Nothing gets in the way of your plans and ambitions. You strive for security by holding fast to duty and responsibility. Work is very important to you and you do not take it lightly. You have an inferiority complex and this sometimes is what drives you so hard to succeed. You want to look good in front of the world. You like to plan your every move, weighing all the pros and cons of any issue in advance. You are dependable, particularly in a crisis. When asked, you give sound, practical advice. You are, as a rule, not aggressive people, and only express hostility as a defense when attacked. At times you can be very sensitive to hurts and feel alone as if no one understands you. A negative of you is that sometimes you will seek retribution for wrongs done to you. You need people, but you have a tendency to isolate yourselves from people due to your reserve and fear of being hurt. You can be very loyal to close friends and people you care about. Respect and recognition is important to you. Encouragement and praise are essential for motivating you. A fear of being without material things makes it mandatory that you have a regular income. Your attainments in life are accomplished through steady progress rather than through speculation or get-rich-quick schemes. You have strong self-discipline and nothing turns them from your course if your mind is made up. You will give up many pleasures in order to reach your goals. Hard work invigorates you. You are thrifty and like to collect things. You abhor waste. This includes wasting a lot of talk in idle chatter. You speak when you have something to say. You can be creative but you must at times learn to overcome your own self-doubts and lack of confidence. Pessimism in your own abilities can hold you back. You must learn to believe in yourselves and become optimistic. There is no mountain you cannot climb if that is what you desire to do. You have a lot of patience, which is good, because many of your plans meet with delays, setbacks and obstacles. This teaches you obedience, which is thus helping you to strive for spiritual attainment rather than material attainment. For you, work is therapeutic and is probably the best medicine for whatever ails you, except overwork, which you are prone to do. It is difficult for you to really relax. You are happiest when busy, even in your spare time. You are thoughtful, self-contained people. Lacking, perhaps, some of the personal magnetism of some of the other zodiac signs, you are nevertheless quite tactful, compassionate and warmhearted. Your own personal sufferings help you identify with the sufferings of others. In love, you are as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but usually you feel inhibited in expressing your emotions. You are cautious in making a total commitment until you know that the traits and lifestyle of the possible partner are compatible with yours. Once married, you seldom divorce because you feel that any situation can be worked out, if only worked at hard enough. You who have the Sun in Capricorn are ambitious, persistent, hardworking and patient. You have independence, self-confidence, determination, cunning and prudence, as well as the ability to gain wealth and acquisitions, and you are a special housekeeper in this field. You respect age and ancient customs, you have a strong, stable and complete character and you like the mystery. You are idealists and you are feeding a particular love for beauty, justice, purity and perfection, and of course you will succeed in life, thanks to the extraordinary elements of your character. You have the ability and power to take responsibility, because you are trustworthy and positive.

Sign in beginning of House 11 Sagittarius Ruler Jupiter * Luck Friends

Jupiter ruled the House of Friends (11th), it is very good and a good indication that you will never miss a friend in your life and your friends will not only be very willing but will also be able to help you When you need their help. You will have friends or acquaintances, people who are engaged in religion or who have a philosophical inclination, in a very good position and willing to do what they can for others. Your friends will be among those born under the planet Jupiter or, generally speaking, from November 21 to December 21. You will realize many of your hopes and cravings during your life if you are thinking clearly. You probably have lots of friends who are willing to do almost anything for you, and you for them. These friends are knowledgeable, idealistic and may be of foreign culture or descent. The social life appeals to you and this may be the cause of over-indulgence or over- extravagance on your part which could get you into trouble. You are popular, with faithful and influential friends. You have a natural ability to organize and plan large group activities. You are a strong supporter of groups, foundations and philanthropies.

Twelfth House Capricorn 15°39'23'' * Occult Industriousness

You may be experiencing enemy seniors, and chronic conditions.

Jupiter Twelfth House * Luck Occult

Jupiter is the planet associated with occult subjects (12th House) in your horoscope, so you will make great progress during your lifetime on all issues related to occult thought and study. Somehow there is a hereditary connection between you and the occult and indifferent how far you can wander from subjective life, the inner worlds will exert some charm on you. In a way, you will gain through your connection with psychic issues and little harm will happen to you from self-destructive tendencies. You will take life in your hands and you will try to understand much of your inner nature because you have faith in mystical affairs. You tend to be philanthropic and have great faith in the future. You may have an "angel" to watch over you and assist you through any reversals. There is a love of humanity and a great desire to help others, especially those who cannot fend for themselves. Work in a hospital or jail is possible. Success comes in a quiet, unassuming manner in middle life. You can be unrealistic, though. It is important to think all ideas carefully through before carrying them out.

Jupiter Capricorn 27°22'21'' * Luck Industriousness

Your positive qualities are honesty, sincerity, faithfulness, ingenuity, resourcefulness and some degree of mechanical ability. Your attempts at growth, expansion, meeting new opportunities and getting ahead in the world are met with reserve, discipline, caution, system, practicality and organization. You have a desire for material success, yet this may not bring satisfaction or happiness if gained. There may be a tendency toward miserliness and withholding yourself from the rest of the world, financially and emotionally. You hate waste, are self-reliant and self-controlled, and possess a desire to have authority over others. You can rise to great heights if you stay honest, truthful, respectful, and keep your nose clean doing everything above-board. This increases the power of will and also the ability for practical work in the world. You probably have a great ambition and you like the power, in small or bigger things. To a certain extent, you are capable of handling, arranging and organizing affairs and individuals, possessing a prominent or responsible position, and being the head of things. It has enough ability in economic and commercial matters - adaptability to business life and some good luck. You may also gain through professional research or travel - it is good for those holding a public or semi-public post or office - for money earned through these channels or for money or legacy from the father or siblings and for work In relation to them. You are likely to travel. This position creates a tendency towards thoughtfulness and seriousness, as well as austerity and economy. You have remarkable political intellect and high goals. You are distinguished for your maturity and do not hesitate to take responsibility, and that is why you accept the favor of important people. You are serious with classic taste, but sometimes, quite impetuous and tedious. You have the ability to become a good businessman or broker and you are trusted.

Sign in beginning of House 12 Capricorn Ruler Saturn * Time Occult

Saturn is so positioned to have a major influence on all the occult issues in your horoscope, and you may be the cause of your self-destruction and perhaps enter into occult life through perseverance, patience, and foresight. But you can also experience sorrow, difficulty and delay with regard to occult life. However, whatever you achieve will be permanent, so the difficulties will simply make you build for the future on a very solid and solid basis. In many ways, you are drawn to the secret and the occult, and you are able to undertake the study of astrology and related topics, but use caution in the occult subjects. You have the potential to develop strong inner discipline and sensitivity. There can be feelings of fear, doubt and a lack of confidence in yourself. There may be an unconscious desire to make restitution for wrongs committed in previous lives. Thus, you may feel fated and desire to retreat from society. A strong inner discipline gives you the ability to repay your past life debts, though. Your present path may involve serving mankind in some manner. Chronic health problems can be experienced if subconscious fears are not brought out into the open. There is a love of solitude. Work may be behind the scenes or it may involve an occupation where you do not come into contact with the general public.

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